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Just one more month until I’m ONE YEAR OLD!

Can you even believe it?!

Mommy says this time last year I was in her belly getting ready to move to Texas!

I was ready to celebrate my 11 month birthday today- I woke up at 4:00 this morning ready to go!

But I did NOT want to take my pictures at all. Mommy tried and tried but I just kept throwing myself down on the bed saying “no no no no”. All I wanted to do is take down that stinking sign!

I think she got the point real quick! She got a couple of cute pictures of me though, of course! Mommy says they really show off my personality.

These are Mommy’s favorites because they show what a stinker I am…

So what am I up to this month?!

– No more bottles for me! I drink three sippy cups of formula a day and two things of water/juice.

– No more pacifier for me either! I decided I just don’t like that thing!

-I wear mostly size 6-9 month clothes and some 12 months. I wear a size 3 diaper. I also wear a size 3 shoe (but I’m about to go up a size!).

-I love to eat! My favorite foods are: mac and cheese, fruit, veggies, turkey, goldfish, cheerios.

-Mommy counted my teeth this morning and found SEVEN in there! (She didn’t know I cut another one!)

-I’m walking up to 12 steps. Sometimes I just let go of the couch and walk to the middle of the room. But when I realize I’m walking, I sit down and clap for myself! I’m so proud of my new skill!

-I say “Dada”, “Mama”, “dog”, “bye bye”, “no no”, “Papa”. I also say something that sounds just like “yeah” but we still aren’t sure if thats actually what I’m saying. Oh and I also say “huh?” when you talk to me sometimes. Mommy and Daddy think its so funny. I do it over and over and over.

Can’t wait to see you next month when I turn ONE!

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7 thoughts on “ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!

  1. She is so adorable!!!! At one year you should do a post with a picture from each months so we can see the growth progression!!!

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