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I’m ELEVEN months old today and I’m just giddy about it, can’t you tell?!

In just ONE month I will be a whole year old. I’m getting so big!

This month has been a really fun month for me because I’m able to get around wherever I want to go now. I’m a scootin’ fool, y’all! Mommy and Daddy don’t think I will ever really crawl because I am so fast at scooting on my bottom. I’m also starting to try to pull up some too.

Another big new change this month is that I FINALLY have a tooth! I have one tooth all the way out on the bottom but Mommy thinks I have a couple of more coming in right now too. Everyone is so excited that I’m getting teeth and I am too, but MAN do they hurt! I’ve been pretty grumpy about the whole tooth thing!

Daddy and Mommy are always laughing at me because I’m so sneaky. And I am always trying to get in and OUT of trouble. I scoot away as fast as I can if I have something I’m not supposed to. And if they start coming at me to take something away I throw it as hard as I can. Mom and Dad say that I’m going to be a worse stinker than Rory, can you believe that?!

I love to reach and grab people. I pretend like I’m hugging but really I’m kind of mean about it. I pull Mommy’s hair and Rory’s hair all the time. And I pinch Daddy’s face. Mommy has started really having to start getting onto me about it, but it hasn’t slowed me down at all.

Here’s my stats at 11 months:

– I weigh over 17 lbs!!! I’ve jumped up to the 10th percentile! Woohoo!

– I eat 5 oz bottles (well, I’m supposed to but I don’t always eat my bottles)

– I wear 3-6 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

– I’m eating table food like crazy! Once mommy gave up trying to feed me baby food I have really taken off with my eating and love to feed myself! I love veggies, cereal bars, beans, meat, etc. She will pretty much eat anything you give her.

– Saying “mamamamama”, “daddY” (so stinkin’ cute), “dawww” (dog), “uh ohhhh”

Here is a little video of me and Rory playing. Its a little long (5 min or so), but Mommy wanted to catch me playing like usual so everyone could see!

See y’all next month when I’m ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!

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