Easter weekend

If there has been one thing I’ve learned over the past 14+ months of Rory’s life, its that this child never ceases to amaze me.

Sure we’ve had a really hard time since Christmas with all these ear infections simply because she didn’t sleep because of the pain… but she really is the easiest going and most wonderful girl on earth.

You would never know she had ever had anything done yesterday. She’s been going nonstop and playing HARD. She’s also been talking our heads off! Its like she can hear herself for the first time! We have had the best weekend so far with her. I am so thankful for my easy going Rory girl.

Yesterday we took stinker down to this pond by our house. They have ducks that live there and Rory was obsessed! She chased them and they weren’t phased by it one bit.

Its not easy… actually its nearly impossible to get her picture these days. She does not want to sit still or even look at the camera. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

Today we went downtown to the farmer’s market. They had live chicks and a bunny and had a professional photographer taking pictures. We waited forever in line and she did great.

When it was our turn she ran right up to that bunny and started loving on it. She was so obsessed! Andy took a couple of pictures while I was trying to make sure she didn’t strangle the bunny. We didn’t want to get in the way of the photographer and she said she got some really cute shots of her. When I get them in I will post them on here.

As we were leaving, Rory grabbed one of the chicks with both hands and started running as fast as she could toward the car. Stinker was trying to steal herself a chick! It was so cute, I wish so bad I could have gotten it on camera. Poor chick probably thought his time was up! ha!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

I can’t wait to go celebrate our RISEN Savior tomorrow!


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