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Easter 2015

For the first time in probably our entire marriage, Andy got off for Good Friday. He so rarely has a long weekend and we were just so excited about it.

Friday we decided to head to IKEA in Atlanta to look for/measure/price furniture for the new house. I mean, who really needs an excuse to go to IKEA though? I would have gone whether we needed a few things for the house or not. Traffic was pretty insane and it took us about double the time to get there but whatever. I had a goal in sight.

The girls thought all the faux rooms were the best thing ever in the history of ever. They touched every single thing and jumped on every chair, bed, and couch.

Then we realized that they had a children’s area where they could go for 45 minutes and play while we shopped. HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF THIS?!

We are lucky because there are two of them and they have no qualms about us leaving them so they were so excited when we showed them the play room. And then Andy and I walked around and actually shopped for 45 minutes AND IT WAS ABSOLUTE BLISS. Like I can’t even tell you how fun that was for us. The girls cried when we picked them up and we thought we had won the lottery discovering this mini-daycare in the IKEA. I mean. As if I couldn’t love the store more, now they go and throw this at me and I’m all LET US GO TO IKEA EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

On our way back from Atlanta we stopped at an outlet mall because, NEWSFLASH: Rory has grown approximately 2 feet in the last 6 months. No joke, girlfriend woke up bigger one day I swear it. Seeing as Rory is extremely hot natured, we figured she needed some shorts in her life since it seems that spring is finally here to stay. *knock on wood*

If there is ever a time in my life where I realize men don’t grasp real life it is when clothes shopping for the children.

After getting two pairs of shorts and two short-sleeved shirts, Andy deemed Rory’s spring wardrobe complete…..

This is not a joke.

He literally said, “Well she should be good for a while now.”

And I’m over there looking at him with the ultimate Chloe face like, “whaaaaaaaaa?! how do you even figure? did Dave Ramsey put you up to this?!”

So, if you see Rory in the same two outfits on repeat this spring, you now know why.


Saturday we went to an Egg Hunt with the SS class we have been going to at church. We had a blast!

IMG_4939 11129258_10101640123576266_1220770204113256907_n

After dinner Saturday night we made Rice Krispie Eggs and Crosses which the girls thought was the best thing ever. I love this stage they are in where we get to do so much more and they can help with all the fun.


After the girls were in bed, the Easter bunny hopped on by and left the girls a few goodies. We got the chairs at IKEA for their new rooms so we just went ahead and threw those in there too.

IMG_4945FullSizeRender 3The girls love their chairs and little animals they got.

I also decided that from now on one of their Easter gifts is going to be their new Easter dresses. Both girls were so excited when they saw them. Ryder probably more than Rory which was a shocking turn of events. The entire morning she walked around curtseying and pretending like she was Princess Sophia.

After church Sunday morning (which was packed and so good!) we took them to get some pictures. My real camera died about 3 minutes into the whole thing and the girls pretty much have decided they don’t want their picture taken ever. So it was fun! I’m glad I waited until being refreshed at church to attempt this. ha!

IMG_0351IMG_0359IMG_0363IMG_0364IMG_036811136742_10101642860172106_6517580226289659467_neasterMy favorite pictures are the ones where the girls aren’t even trying to smile though. They got so tickled over something together and couldn’t stop giggling. Their friendship and love for each other is the greatest thing I’ve ever been able to witness in my life. I pray it never changes.

IMG_0371 IMG_0372There is just absolutely nothing like a sister.

My friend Amber invited us to have Easter with her family so we drove to Chattanooga to have a feast. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’m so thankful for Amber’s friendship and for her family who has invited us so many times to come to their get togethers. IMG_5049The kids hunted eggs and played in the mud. Or maybe actually only Rory played in the mud…

Then we played kickball and I don’t want to brag or anything, but our team won. Andy’s didn’t. Just putting that out there.

Rory was ALL ABOUT kickball. She ran all over trying to get the ball.

You should also know that she now refers to herself as “Rory the Rocket” because she runs so fast.

She’s so humble.

But in the most shocking, miraculous news of all- Ryder played kickball.



In case you are as shocked as we were, let me say it one more time…..




If people don’t believe in miracles after that statement, I don’t think they will ever be convinced.

And guess what mom failed to document Ryder’s venture into an unknown world called sports related fun….. SIGH. I’m so mad at myself. It is the price you pay when you’re trying to win.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I’m so thankful to have the Hope of Jesus every single day. I cannot imagine my life without that comfort and peace.



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  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic Easter, filled with fun and love. I had totally forgotten about the ikea babysitting. I definitely need to use it! Too bad ikeas are always so far away.

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