Easter 2013

Well after much crisis, I finally got the ol’ blog working again. I’m having technical issues of late that are getting on my last nerve.


Last weekend the girls had an Easter egg hunt at church! They had a blast and were so cute running around trying to get eggs. At first, Rory would go get one, open it and eat the candy, then go on to the next. Well that was taking FOREVER so we finally convinced her that the candy would still be in there at the end, ha! After that she was a speed demon getting those eggs! Ryder was hilarious because she could have cared less about picking up the eggs- all she wanted to do was carry her little basket/bucket around like a purse. ha!

IMG_7235 IMG_7230 IMG_7254 IMG_7257 IMG_7269

IMG_7290 IMG_7299 This was the most precious moment- Ryder saw all of Rory’s eggs and started saying, “Yayyyyy Woah-wee! Yayyyy!!!!!”, and was just giggling she was so proud of her. Such sweet sisters.


This weekend we headed to Jackson for some time with family. It is really rare that all of us are together with all the kids at the same time, so it was a fun weekend getting to spend time with everyone.

Obviously, we had to get a sister picture. It only takes us 130945304923 tries to get one we can all agree on.

603903_10100615278573866_1485133890_n 579624_10100615221792656_478256196_n

My nephew, Clayton, and Ryder are only two months apart and this time was so much fun because they really played together. They had the best time together (and Rory too!).


We came home from Jackson and I realized I had forgotten Rory’s sleeping medicine. I thought since she didn’t have much of a nap she would do okay without it and I was just going to drive to Jackson Sunday or today to get it.

Well, poor girl was up 2-5 and around 4 she started crying and said, “Rory girl, just close your eyes and go to sleep please.” I can’t tell you how bad that broke my heart. I just laid there and cried too because I felt so bad for her. She doesn’t want to be awake at all but can’t help it. So thankful for my doctor who is helping her sleep and feel better. Added bonus, I get a little more sleep too! ha!

So on Easter we got all dressed up and ready for church. The girls LOVED their dresses and were so so so cute in them. It was so nasty outside so we had to take pictures inside. Between them not wanting to take pictures and the bad lighting, I really didn’t get a good one but oh well.


Church was really good…. I guess.

Honestly, I know for sure that the youth girls did AMAZING on their creative movement (whatever you call it?) to Arise My Love. It was so so good. I am so proud of them. Everyone was cheering and teary eyed. It was just wonderful- can’t say it enough!

After choir I had gotten settled in my seat and got a little whisper that Rory had an accident. So off I go to get her. Well, she didn’t have a true accident, just didn’t pull her pants down enough when she went potty, so I changed her underwear and brought her in church with us.

I guess I haven’t told you about the church dilemma. Apparently around here it is normal to NOT have children’s church and to bring your kid into church with you starting at age 3.


Last week was Rory’s last Sunday and it was a doozy. I sing in the choir so she SCREAMED the entire time I was in the choir because she wanted me. So much so that I had to come down out of choir and take her to the bathroom to discipline her for pitching a HUGE fit.

On the way out, she yells, “BUT I DON’T WANT THE PADDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


After our trip to the bathroom she was a perfect little angel the whole time.


She was actually really good this Sunday too after I had to bring her in. At the end someone said something out loud and she goes, “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I got so tickled so she of course did it like three more times while giggling.

So in other words, I haven’t heard a single word that has been said by the preacher for two weeks now because I’m so busy trying to keep her quiet and entertained.


I don’t even want to know what it’ll be like when both girls have to come into the service. Lord, have mercy!

One day, in several years, I will be able to listen again.

After church we got a couple of family pictures which were kind of a bust, but whatever. We will take what we can get!


I decided to put some pictures together of us on Easter since having kids. My how time flies and things change!

PicMonkey Collage

(We didn’t get a group picture at church last year apparently! ha!)

Here are the girls last year- I can’t believe how much things have changed in just one year!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


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