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Don’t worry, I got this.

First I would like to say that my kids are apparently against me blogging. Maybe they have figured out that I say things on here that will embarrass them in the long run? Neither will nap today and everytime I think I’ve got a handle on the situation someone runs in butt naked or someone else starts crying to be held.

Which is our normal life so why do I expect anything different?

Andy, the girls and I had a wonderful weekend at home. We cleaned some, napped some, went on a date to see The Hunger Games (!), read a lot, watched a lot of tv and movies, and played outside.

Oh! And Rory caught her first fish! She had THE BEST TIME EVER fishing with her Daddy. It was precious.

Of course I forgot my real camera, so phone pictures will have to do.

Speaking of “real” pictures….

I’ll have you know my children are also ganging up against me to make sure I don’t get a single picture of them acting like sweet, precious girls.

Which would actually be lying to all of you because clearly they are little butts.

Okay, act as silly as possible!

Quick! Look confused!

Now, pretend to be cooperating and look off right before she pushes the button!

See? They are totally conspiring against me.

Today is gorgeous so I took the girls outside to play.

Which is not an easy task, friends. But being that I’m super mom, I obviously have a handle on it.

Case in point. Rory would never eat anything like dirt and therefore have a dirt mustache/goatee in every.single.picture I take when we go outside.

And Ryder would never decide to play Angry Birds while I push Rory on the swing.

Please dear Lord tell me I won’t have another eater-of-every-object-known-to-man?

Nope. Just a put-everything-in-my-nose child. No biggie.

Ryder still loves to read, by the way.

And yes, I still worry about her eyesight.

On a serious note, I must go now.

Rory just ran in naked again declaring she “pee pee potty mommy! yay! pee pee potty!”.

Unfortunately she “pee pee pottied” in a play bowl from her play kitchen.

Don’t worry, I got this. I’m supermom, remember?!


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7 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I got this.

  1. You are too funny!! No wander your girls are such a mess. Love the pictures, the grass in the nose kept me laughing. Love ya.

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