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diaper jeans and haircuts

Today has been just a great day. I decided that we needed to get out of the house and do something different today, so off to Sherman we went! Rory talked and laughed and watched her FAVORITE movie, Tangled, the whole way there. She was so funny laughing at the movie and talking back to it. We went to Target and Old Navy. I bought some matching shirts for the girls and bought both of them several little outfits. It really is fun to have girls!… but maybe not so fun on Andy’s wallet, ha!

Rory did so good. She waved and talked to everyone in both stores. Her favorite part though was seeing the mannequins at Old Navy. She is obsessed! Especially with the little dog mannequin. She loves all over it and talks to it every single time we go into an Old Navy.

After we shopped a little we went and had lunch at Chick Fil A. (WHY CAN’T WE GET ONE HERE IN PARIS?!!!!) Girlfriend LOVES Chick Fil A. I let her play for a while and it was a serious fight when we had to leave. She was worn out when we were done and slept the entire way home from Sherman.

I had a bunch of coupons for the “diaper jeans” or whatever that Huggies makes. I ended up getting a box for about $3 so I went ahead and got some. I’ve always made fun of them and thought, what’s the point?!

Well, friends, my daughter LOVES to be a nudey booty. She refuses to wear pants while at home.

Case in point- this is what I find on the living room floor daily:

So now I get it. She can be nudey and still look cute! Genius!

This is what happens after I take my camera out…

she runs. Fast.

I decided to take her shirt off so I could get better pictures of her in her new fashion accessory.

Well she promptly decided she’d put on her little hat to add to the look. I’m raising a redneck baby for sure.

She thinks that she is so funny.

Oh, just talking to my BFF on the phone…

Now for news in the world of these crazy dogs we have…

Jersey got her first ever haircut. She is traumatized for life but man she looks so cute!



The funny part is I weighed her before and after and the dog lost 3 lbs all from a haircut!

Tomorrow Rory and I both have doctor appointments, so I will let you know how they go! I’m just a month away from d-day. Scary!






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