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Day17: Letting Go of Responsibilities

I don’t have much time today because I’m frantically trying to get everything prepared for this weekend.

Oh, did I not tell you?! I’m going on a GIRL’S TRIP! Oh, yes I am. I’m meeting some of my most favorite people in the entire world (aka friends from Texas) in Hot Springs! Y’all can even begin to know how excited I am to see my friends and have some no responsibility fun! Oh, and also, sleep. I can’t wait to sleep through the night and maybe even sleep in on Saturday????

I got two little videos last night of the girls that I thought were really cute.


Today I am just letting go and getting giddy about this weekend. I’m so excited to see these friends of mine who really are some of my dearest friends. These are the friends I saw on an almost daily basis this past year. They were there for me through Ryder’s stuff, they came to my rescue when I was losing my mind, they drank coffee/cokes with me more than once a week, and they truly were my sanity savers during the hardest times of my life last year.

You better believe I’ll be tweeting and Instagraming (tmcharris) like crazy!

(PS- As I am packing up the stuff for the girls this weekend I got a panicky feeling about going away … it’ll all go away as soon as I see my friends, I’m sure, but I sure am going to miss those stinkers!)


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