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Day 8: Letting Go of the Seriousness

So, here’s the deal: my brain and heart hurts from all this seriousness going on at the ole blog.

Therefore, today I will “let go” of the seriousness.

How about a Stinker story?

Prepare yourself. This one is a doozy but one I need to record so that next time I have baby fever I can refer back to it.

As I’ve said before, I’m in the midst of sorta potty training Rory. So many things have gotten in the way, mainly our busyness of late, so that is why I haven’t gone hardcore yet.


Rory knows that she is to go #2 in the potty. So lately if she goes in her pants she will run to the bathroom very quietly and dump it into the toilet and then sit down and yell, “Yayyyyy! Rory went poop in the potty!”. Then upon further review I see there is evidence in her diaper that is stuffed into the trash can.

Sneaky, that one.

So last night I am in our room doing something while the girls were playing in their playroom when all of a sudden I hear Rory on the monitor saying, “Ohhhhhh gooooorsh oh gorsh oh gorsh!”. Then I hear Ryder laughing and Rory laughing and then more “oh gosh” as I’m trying to run to see what is happening.

As I round the corner into the bathroom I already know that this is going to be bad.

There Rory sits on the pot, Ryder in front of her laughing, saying “ohhhh gorsh” as she is wiping poop everywhere and on every surface. When she sees me she says, “Oh! Look mommy I pooped in the potty!”. I said, “Rory are you sure? Why is there poop everywhere and in your diaper then?”. She says, “I not know Mommy, I not know.” Sigh.

So I stick them both in the tub and hose them off and then bathe them properly and clean the bathroom and wonder WHYYYYYY ME LORD?! WHYYYY ME?! over and over and over again.

But, this is my lot in life and my burden to bare.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by the blog today?! Isn’t your life now complete????

You are so very welcome.

Rory is on fall break tomorrow and I think I’m going to send Ryder to school and have a Rory Fun Day. Andy is working a later shift so I think she will enjoy being with just us two for most of the day.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of “letting go”. HA!

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