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Day 14 (?): Letting Go

K. So I fell off the wagon a bit on the posting thing. We were just so insanely busy this weekend and I struggled with a migraine so it just wasn’t happening. That’s life.

Andy worked nights all last week so it was an interesting week that threw us all off our game. On Friday he had the day off and his parents offered to watch the kids so we could go on a date and we were so appreciative. Times like that make me thankful we made the move back here.

Last week was also a HUGE… like MEGA HUGE, like OHHHH MYYYY WOOORRRDD HUGE… milestone for us. Rory slept the entire week in her bed all by herself ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I told you it was huge! So as part of her reward for being such a big girl we went to a pumpkin patch/farm in Jackson. We met our friends, Sam, Katie and little man Brooks, there which made it much more fun. The girls were completely and totally obsessed with all the animals. It was the cutest thing! Here are pictures from Saturday (PS: I tried oh-so-hard to get a picture of my girls together and actually looking at me but no such luck.):

This is how most of my pictures looked.

This one is the best one. The utter placement there is quite unfortunate.

Brooks, Ryder and Rory- three little stinkers!

They had this giant sandbox with corn in it which was genius. Of course, my child ate it. Can you say stinker?

Sorry for the picture overload, I just couldn’t get them down more than that and I know the family that reads this will be glad to see pictures for a change since I haven’t posted any lately.

I’ve been thinking a lot about letting go and what that is meaning for me and I will tell you, I truly have been feeling a weight lifted on some of these things. Today I committed to really playing with the girls and we just had the best day. They were both so well behaved and played sweetly with each other. I love days like these just soaking them up for what they are, precious time with my precious children. Rory asked me so many questions today about so many things and that was so fun to me, getting to answer her questions and see that light in her eyes when she gains knowledge. Ryder is just a joy and I had a great time just loving on her and giggling with her.

I just wanted to say all of that to tell y’all that I appreciate your encouragement and for reading this “series”. I’m thankful for God bringing me to this place in my life when I really need it so much.

This is my 12th post in the series of Letting Go. You can start at the beginning here.

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