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Daddy! I found you!

Well it is Friday, do you know what that means?!

Just ONE day until the big beauty pageant!

And good news people!

My eyebrows are waxed and ready to arch in approval and/or disapproval, depending on the scenario.

Now. I will let y’all know that my friend Haley is a tad worried that if I blog about the whole ordeal that we will be hunted down. So I’m going to be really careful to not name names or show faces.

Because that would be a terrible thing to be hunted down and hurt by some protective pageant parents.

But… at least I’d have perfectly waxed eyebrows for the picture in the paper of my assault.

Which reminds me actually.

I had a dream that I forgot to wax my brows before the event and Haley yelled at me and plucked them while driving to the town in which this is being held.

And I cried. A lot.

Moving on…

So this morning the girls woke up especially early for who knows what reason, and I decided to hit up Walmart at about 7am.

I grabbed a donut for each child as soon as we got there to ensure that my trip would be much more pleasant. It works every single time.

Then Rory gets done with her donut and decides she is hilarious.

Not unusual. She is her mother’s kid, of course. Hilariousness comes naturally.


So next thing I know she starts yelling, with her arms out I my add, “DADDY! I FOUND YOU!”, to every single male in the Walmarts.

And then she’d giggle and giggle.

And I’d die and die.

OH and you should have SEEN the looks on those dudes faces like, “OH HOLY CRAP PLEASE TELL ME THiS ISN’T TRUE”. That made it all the more comical.

And of course, as per usual, Ryder picked up on the game after the first guy and so she chimed in on every other dude in there.

Then we hit up the bread aisle for a moment and there was a large gathering on Mennonite ladies and three bread guys stocking the bread.

The game continued and the girls gave those guys a heart attack as they yelled “IT’S MY DADDY! I FOUND YOU DADDY! I LOVE YOU DADDY!”. The Mennonite ladies at first looked down right appalled, but quickly dissolved into laughter when they realized I had wedding rings on.

Like, for real, they very noticeably looked. Ha!

So score for the Harris girls- 2 for 2 on making the Mennonites giggle!

Now, I would like to tell you our Walmarts drama was over, but alas that would be too easy, no?

We get loaded all up in the car when I realize I can’t find Ryder’s shoes. And these particular shoes are her very favorite. They are worn at all times. Yes, she even has been known to take a nap or two in them.

Well, she starts saying, “Flops go? Momma! Flopssss gooooo????”. So I tear through the car looking for them with no luck.

She then informs me that she put them on a shelf. So we go back into Walmart and look everywhere for the dang shoes with no luck.

I had a talk with her on the way to the car about how we don’t put things that belong to us on the shelves and that they were gone and I was so sorry, yada yada.

Well, she didn’t shed a tear which I thought was odd.

We get to the car and she grabbed her very own Walmart bag that the cashier gave her, opened it up and said, “SAHHH-PRISE MOMMA! Flops no gone! Yay!”.


At least I got my exercise in for the day.



Happy Pageant Weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Daddy! I found you!

  1. Bahahahaha! I am literally cackling about the flops! I would have KILLED her. And Rory for hollering… I don’t know how your children have survived this long! Ha!! Please, PLEASE, PUH-LEASE take notes on any wackado pageant moms. I NEED to hear about any shenanigans.

    Oh, and here’s an English lesson. I think it should be hilarity, not hilariousness. Bahaha!;)

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