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Since having children, I have realized just how creepy they can be.

Case in point:

Today I put the girls down for nap. I immediately came downstairs and started my shower and was getting my fresh clothes and getting ready to get in the shower, etc.

I strip down and turn around to get into my shower and BAM! there is a child staring at me.

I screamed bloody murder and almost fell on the ground buck naked.

Oh, yes, I did.

Rory had apparently not really been asleep so she very quietly/ABSOLUTELY SILENTLY snuck down to our room, opened the bathroom door, and thought it would be nice to just stare creepily at me.


Rory was startled by my severe reaction to her creepiness and then she laughed and laughed and laughed. “Mommy! I scare you bad!” *gigglegigglegigglegiggle*

I’m standing there praising the Lord I didn’t pee myself and was completely confused as to whether I should cry or laugh with her.

I laughed.

This happens to me more than I’d like to admit. At least once a week a kid sneaks up on me and gives me a good shriek-inducing scare.

Ryder is quite the creepster these days too.

Except she creeps on you when food is present.



Here you see Ryder waiting, not-so-patiently, on her sister to give her a bite from her plate. Ryder had eaten every bite of her food and Rory refused to eat so was sitting until she took X amount of bites.

Instead, every time we turned our back, Ryder was being fed.

Who needs a dog to feed under the table when you just have Ryder??

This happens every time any of us want to get a bite of ANYTHING. Ryder just appears out of NOWHERE and puts that open mouth as close to your food as possible.

It is cute.

For now.


Am I the only one with creepy kids?!



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