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Could it be?!!!

Wait, could it be? Could that be a SMILE I see???

Oh my word, it IS a smile!

Yesterday I had to go all out and make girlfriend laugh her butt off to take a picture. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening.

Rory is by far the cutest kid I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I’m totally partial to her, but dang… kid is CUTE. ha!

She started two weeks ago at a new MDO type program called Kiddie Kollege. The classroom size is much smaller and its very structured. Rory is loving it. She goes right in without a single hesitation or tear and says, “bye bye Mommy, loooove you” and turns her back on me. Where is my baby?!!!

Yesterday the director of the school/art teacher and the music teacher stopped to talk to me about Rory. I was a bit nervous about what they were going to say because, let’s face it, she can be a handful. But they told me that her vocabulary is way more “advanced” for her age group and that she is so smart. Who doesn’t want to hear that?!

Then the director told me that they were watching a video to distract the kids while they were doing a craft that was more one on one and Rory was really into it. She said she was pointing and telling all the kids what everthing was on the screen.

And then she named all her shapes and colors.

Which, of course, I am quite proud of…


she is a heifer. I try 20 times a day to get her to say shapes and colors to me and we usually don’t get past “purple circle”. Well I guess she’s retained it and decides to show off her skills to someone else! What in the world?! She still won’t do it for me, by the way. Stinker.

Its hard to believe that she’s 21 months, almost TWO! How? Why? When?

But she is getting more and more fun each day. We are still going to be every night laughing at the things she says and does.

And thanks to Ryder’s new eating habits (meaning she’s actually eating!) things have all of a sudden gotten easier around here. Andy and I were talking about how this week its all of a sudden manageable again. Finally!

Mommy loves you Stinker!

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