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Two and a half years after moving, two separate moves, two realtors, and one person who screwed us out of thousands of dollars later… WE FINALLY SOLD OUR HOUSE IN TEXAS.


I can’t even express to you what it feels like to have this weight lifted. It feels like approximately 117,000 lbs lighter. Having two house payments for 2 1/2 years has been beyond stressful. I am so beyond thankful to finally have this chapter closed.
And yet.
I couldn’t help but shed a few sad tears along with the tears of joy (and believe me, when we signed those papers I cried with relief like a baby).
This beautiful house that we lived in at one of the best times of our life sold and officially ended our time in Texas.
We closed on the house January 31, 2010 after living in two hotels in Oklahoma and Texas for two weeks after moving from Louisiana. We moved in the first week of February. Rory was born February 12. To say that time was crazy would be an understatement.
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We brought our precious Rory home to that house and oh, how I wish I could spend one more day just me and baby Rory. She was the best baby on earth. So easy, so perfect.
Around 10 months she started not sleeping. I remember those long nights and days. That house saw all the hours with me.
It was there that “the bish” happened and I realized just how much of a stinker Rory was going to be.
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Then just 15 months later we brought our precious Ryder home to this house.
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I don’t think I slept more than an hour a night for so long. And that isn’t an exaggeration. I’d be up with Rory and Ryder all night. I have no idea how I made it through that.
And it was in this house that we had so many phone calls with cardiologists after we discovered Ryder’s heart defects. I remember vividly being in that cold doctor’s office and hearing her describe all the many defects and procedures we would have or hopefully not have. All I could think on the way home was how I could not wait to get into my house with the girls. This house was safe and I needed that safety to comfort me.
That home saw a lot of heartache and tears as we fought hard for our Ryder to grow and try to avoid open heart surgery. Those walls could tell you of prayers that last hours and of prayers that were simply pleading with God to miraculously heal her heart so she wouldn’t have to endure that surgery. It could also tell you the peace we felt when we realized maybe there was just never going to be another way and that surgery would save her life and hopefully the lives of others.
That house was with us through ear infections, sleepless nights, open heart surgery recovery, etc. It was our comfort zone for many battlefields.
It also held more joy than any house could possibly hold. So much laughter over milestones and funny things our beautiful, perfect children did every day. It saw many firsts: smiling, rolling over, crawling, first teeth, pulling up, walking. I will never forget how Rory pulled up on the couch one night and then literally just ran across the room. There was no typical toddling from her- she just straight up ran. And I will never forget Ryder and her hilarious “scoot”. She would scoot all over that house on her bottom, it was the cutest thing.
That house saw lots of monthly photo shoots for Rory and Ryder, our very first “sister pics”, and two first birthdays.
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It held a lot of Sunday school get togethers with amazing friends. They were our rocks, our prayer warriors, our extended family.
That house also invited friends over for play dates for tired mamas to drink coffee and have adult conversation. (This picture is actually from Kayla’s house but its the only one with all the kids.)
It was in Texas that I learned the most what true friendship was and that house helped nurture those friendships through fellowship.
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caroline julie
Andy and I grew more in our marriage than ever in that house. We fought and made up, our poor sleep-deprived selves were sometimes too quick to anger, but luckily we learned to forgive and show grace in that house.
We will always cherish our time there and will never forget bringing our babies home and enjoying them so much in that home. I’m so thankful for our time there, it was the most growth in every aspect of my life that I’ve ever had.
I hope it brings the next owners as much joy as it did us.
(And maybe one day I will tell the tales of the other occupant of that house…. oh yes, we think it may have had a ghostly visitor.)

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