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class Christmas party

Today was another first in the life of Rory! She had her first ever school Christmas party!

I didn’t get many pictures because they were shoving their faces with pizza and cookies the entire time, but it was so fun to see Rory at school with her friends.

I got a babysitter for Ryder so that Rory could have my undivided attention for her first school party. I loved having that time with her, and realized how desperately we need to have alone time more often than we do now. In the process of figuring out how and when and what to do together….. suggestions????

Santa came to Rory’s school before the party and her teacher, Miss Karie, said that she loved him. She marched right over and started talking to him from what I hear. I guess I need to make a trip to see Santa with the girls!

Notice that in most of the pictures Rory is either eating or very sneakily trying to steal her friends’ food or drink. Stinker.

Her class had an ornament exchange and Rory got this cute sock monkey ornament. And y’all, she is OBSESSED with it. In fact, she is sleeping with it right now.

Now, what the heck am I supposed to do without MDO the next two weeks?!!!!!!!! HA!

PS: Rory looks super cute in her shirt made my Amanda!

PPS: Did you enter the giveaway?! It ends tomorrow at 5pm!

PPPS: I started planning Rory’s birthday party and am so depressed that I have to acknowledge that she’s going to be two in just two months! Doesn’t she look like such a big girl now?!

PPPPS: Ryder is rolling over! Got a video!

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