Cheesy Jalapeño Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken (You’re welcome.)

Good news, people! I will have all of you know that I survived the week with no more major crazy episodes from the stinkers! It is as if they knew I couldn’t take anymore!

The girls finally got to go to school yesterday and therefore, I finally got to join a gym!

And today I can barely move! But I feel good!

At the beginning of the week, I got on the scale and it said a number a good bit more than I expected.


Like, tears were about to flow and I was about to throw something.

And then Ryder stepped on the scale and it said that she weighed 32 lbs and I started praising the good Lord for that moment because we all know that girl is not even 20 lbs yet.

So, next thing to purchase is a new scale.

I’ve done good on the eating front and since joining the gym I feel like I can finally get in my groove with the exercise thing since I’ve eliminated my excuses.

I’ve just decided that this whole process is just going to have to be my new full-time job. If I’m not on top of myself, next thing I know it I’m eating something I shouldn’t. The key is tracking every single thing I eat and I have to make sure I’m on top of that.

Last night I cooked a new recipe that was SO good and I promised some people I would post the recipe so I will.


I got the original recipe from Pinterest and it is found here. She has the breakdown of calories and weight watcher points on there!

I changed it up a bit just because of what I had on hand and it was still so good.

Cheesy Jalapeño Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken

What you need:

  • thin cut chicken breasts 
  • 3 oz 1/3 fat cream cheese (softened)
  • bacon bits (I used the Real Bacon Bits Recipe Pieces kind and it worked great.)
  • 4 oz of shredded cheese (I used both cheddar and pepper jack because I like pepper jack the best)
  • jalapeños (I had canned so just chopped up a handful into very small pieces, wish I would have added more though! Cheese makes it milder!)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of Italian Season Planko bread crumbs
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat oven to 450 degrees. Lightly spray a pan to put chicken in.
  • Combine cream cheese, cheddar and jack cheese, bacon bits, and jalapeño pieces together in a bowl.
  • Lay chicken out on a cutting board or “working surface” and spread 2 tbsp of cream cheese mixture onto the chicken pieces. Roll them up and secure with toothpick. (This part was much easier than I expected!)
  • Place breadcrumbs in one bowl and olive oil in another.
  • Dip chicken rolls into olive oil and lightly coat with oil, then dip into the bowl of bread crumbs. Roll around until coated. Repeat with the rest of the chicken.
  • Bake 22-25 minutes. (I baked mine for 27 because my oven is slowwww.)
  • Serve immediately! I served mine with a small amount of rice and green beans. Delish!

Yesterday was pajama day at Rory’s school and she was so excited she couldn’t handle it! She looked so precious in her PJs and pigtails. She is just all of a sudden so big to me. Less than a month until she is 3! How did it happen?


And can I just say- THANK YOU KROGER!!!!- for the car grocery carts!

They make my life about 10930xs easier.


Have a great weekend!

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