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For quite sometime our house has been just utter chaos. This is not news to any of you that read this here blog. Between all the craziness because of Ryder’s situation and bad habits that were created (by us mostly) before Ryder came along, its been NUTS. I feel like everything since Ryder has been born has been completely out of control.

Especially sleep.

Rory’s sleep issues started a really long time ago. Actually, it was about this time last year. And honestly she’s probably slept through the night three or so times since then. Its been… well, exhausting.

So this week we decided to take control, finally. First, we took down her baby bed because she HATED it. This has been key to our success! She loves her toddler bed so much! The other new thing is we are doing a set bedtime routine and time. And it sounds extremely early, but it has worked wonderfully- 7:00! The first night I was so worried she’d wake up at 4 ready to go because this is not abnormal for her anyways, but she has slept past six every day this week! HALLELUJAH!

The first night was awful and she screamed for hours even when I tried to lay in that tiny bed with her.The next night was much better and last night was awesome. She stays in her bed great and all I have to do is go in her room, tuck her in real snug, and sit next to the bed for maybe 5 minutes.

I feel like a new woman!

Yesterday I went and got Rory some Halloween cookies. They have a ton of icing on top and it was hilarious watching her for literally 20 minutes just look at it and touch it before eating any.



She’s always telling the dogs to “shh!”.

Then she realized she could paint with the icing.

This made her very, very happy.

Dang. That’s one cute kid.

So is this one:

And when you put them together its almost too much cuteness to handle!

Apparently my kids prefer to be pant-less….???

Speaking of cute, how precious is this picture of Andy and Rory?!!!

Ok! Happy Halloween Weekend!

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