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chair makeovers

So, since moving into the new house, I’ve been racking up quite a few projects. I have six large pieces to paint and have six more chairs to recover left to do on this project list.

The past two days I have been working on my breakfast nook table and my barstools.

My neighbor, Jenilyn, was wanting a new table so she asked if I wanted her old one. I LOVE the table and the color she used to distress it. The only thing I needed to do was recover the chairs.

As for the barstools, I just got the cheapest ones I could find, which happened to be for $20 a piece at Walmart. Hint: Barstools are EXPENSIVE. They looked fine as they were but I wanted them to look better and to be more unique.

Here is the before of the breakfast table chairs:




Barstools- Before:




All I did on this project was unscrew the seat of the chairs and take off the old fabric. Then I put one thin layer of batting over the cushion. Then I got my fabric and started stapling! I am no expert on such things and my chairs are FAR FROM perfect, but just pull it tight and make your way around the cushion and it’ll work out… even if you have to pull some staples and try again!

I can’t believe what a difference these two small changes have made to the living areas. I’m going to do our “formal” dining table chairs in the yellow and white fabric. I have leftover fabric for each materials so I’m going to my mom is going to make some throw pillows for the living room.

While I was trying to do all of these projects, which the bulk got done while the girls were at school, I had two little heifers constantly getting into things and making a mess.

Basically, they know how to take advantage of their momma when she is doing things around the house or has a project for once.


Why, yes, Ryder DID unroll an entire NEW roll of toilet paper while I put a load of laundry on. Rory actually had nothing to do with this mess, but decided she might as well go potty and take advantage of the toilet paper.

Also. That is, OF COURSE, our last roll so now I’m having to use that mess for the rest of the day.

‘Tis my life.

Rory has been working hard on tracing her name. She’s such a little smarty pants.


She can spell her name too, which she can thank her momma for pretty much giving her the easiest name EVER to spell! ha! I’m so proud of my big girl!

Happy Wednesday!

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