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My First Easter!

Mommy once again made me do a crazy “photo shoot”. She, of course, had a dressy outfit and a casual one for me to model in. The first set of pictures are of me in my Easter dress. I didn’t care for it too much- too much itchy tulle for me! I tolerated it long enough to get a couple of good shots for you guys though! 🙂

I’m SO over this dress.

I loved my casual outfit though! It was much more comfy and soft. Too bad Mommy put this on me last because I got so tired and a little grumpy. Just a little though. My outfit says “Baby’s First Easter” and so do my socks… just in case y’all forgot why Mommy was taking pictures AGAIN.

I love my bunny!

Mommy thinks my grumpy face is SO FUNNY. She just laughs and laughs at my cry. She says its a fake cry, guess I can’t fool her! But I fool my Daddy and thats all that matters! 🙂

(not-so) Wordless Wednesday: 7 Years Ago ;)

Okay, sorry, I just can’t do this “Wordless Wednesday” without words!

Seven years ago this week (someone had to remind me, I’m not that good, ha!) my senior class went to Maui and the trip ended up changing my life forever. For those of you who don’t know, Andy and I started talking (literally… we’d never talked before hardly, haha!) and dating on this trip. So here are some pictures of the beginning of our life together. Funny how we had NO IDEA it would be a “forever” type of thing 😉

This picture is our first night in Maui, and the first time Andy and I ever sat next to eachother (we’re on the right). HA HA! Look how nervous we were. So cute.

Our first couple-y picture- on the beautiful beach. (He asked me to prom on this same beach!)

Snorkeling and getting a little more comfortable with eachother. This picture is pretty cute/hilarious to me!

We went on a dinner cruise one night… it was so fun and Andy was so cute to want to be with me even if it meant being with these OTHER crazies. HAHA!

(and wait are we HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE???!!!! hehe)

Definitely a couple now… look how happy we look! (and yes I’m wearing a dress…)

Sometimes it feels good to just be all out sappy doesn’t it?! I just can’t believe it was seven years ago. I’m dying to go back to Maui to relive it all there again. Maybe 10 year anniversary??!!