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Not-So-Wordless Wednesday



I had a fabulous idea to do a “Wordless Wednesday” post then decided I couldn’t really do that since I’m a blogger who doesn’t blog much. Therefore, I shall tell you some random things.

First of all, I just want to say that life is good around these parts.

Except that my children won’t sleep and I feel terribly PSYCHOTIC today because I got the no sleep syndrome going on.

In fact, I have threatened several dear ones of mine today that I would SLIT THEIR WRISTS or CUT THEIR THROATS… and this is unlike me, but nevertheless, I did say those things.

Maybe everyone should just stay clear of me until I get a nap. PS: A nap is a brief time of sleep- and that is what I get every single night. I do not “get a night of sleep” I get naps every single night.


So as you can see, nothing new is going on around these parts.

Secondly, I want to show you some awesome pictures my friend Emily from Grasshopper Studios took of us for our Christmas cards. I cannot express to y’all how awesome she was with the girls. They absolutely loved her and she had fun things to make them giggle and captured the sweetest pictures ever. The black and white one was a candid shot- we didn’t prompt them to do it- and it is a picture I will treasure forever. I literally cried when I saw it. She captured my girls’ personality and relationship with each other so well. Unfortunately, I can’t buy everyone a Christmas card and this year I really went light on it because the ol’ budget is a little tighter. Also, I haven’t even gotten my cards in yet so who knows when the people will get them… maybe next year sometime. HA! So I decided to go ahead and post the pictures because I can’t stand it anymore! Go look up Emily and her work at the following link – – sorry my stupid “link” thing won’t work! grrr!

Happy Wednesday!









First Halloween!

Let me tell y’all something…

yes, I’m talking to you.

You better not read any further


I’m going to try and scare you!

That didn’t work?!

How about I act like a zombie…

Did that scare you?!

Well I hope so, because its (almost) Halloween!

And as usual, I am SO happy about it.

So happy that it makes me want to dance!

Happy (first!) Halloween!

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Okay so I can’t post this picture without telling the traumatic story so that all of you can feel sorry for me.

It was a cold, dreary morning in September…. (ok, I lied. Its hot and sunny, but its more dramatic the first way.) Jackson had been outside all morning without coming and scratching on the window/door to be let in. I knew something was going on out in the backyard and I had a feeling what had happened. I was right. Jackson had caught his 12894th squirrel. (Probably his 5th to be exact). He’s running around the yard with it in his mouth filled with utter joy and pride. Well, I realize that the noise I thought was Jackson’s delight is actually the squirrel squeaking/squealing/shrieking. It was not yet dead. Paralyzed, broken, dying, but not yet dead. So Jackson drops it at my feet (for me to throw it, of course) and it starts writhing around. I almost peed myself out of fright, by the way. I realize I have to do something about this because Jackson cannot play with a squirrel/eat the squirrel.

So. I had to kill it. With a shovel. It was awful. Awful!

Then I had to get it on the shovel- while Jackson is freaking out and barking at me for taking his new toy- and get rid of it. So since we have a ditch area behind our fence between our yard and the neighbor’s yard, I decided it was logical to throw it over the fence into the ditch. But… I overshot and am 99.999999% sure its now in the neighbor’s yard. Sorry about that dear neighbor I have never met. Truly, I am.

So, who feels sorry for me?! Anyone?!