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17 Months Old!

Today Rory is 17 months old!

(and its also my due date! Thank goodness I went early, its so hot out today!)

Rory is at school so I didn’t get any new pictures for this post. I will post some tomorrow and post some old favorites here today!

Little Stinker loves her monkey backpack that Mimi and Papa got her. I always made fun of parents who had these and said it was child abuse. Oh how little did I know!

She thinks its hilarious when you hold the leash part. She can barely walk from laughing.

Rory is doing so well with Ryder. That is, of course, the biggest change this month. Her new role as “big sister”.

(ok seriously… I crack up everytime I see that picture!)

Rory LOVES to swim. Its her favorite thing to do.

Its only fitting that today on her 17 month bday that they had a splash day at school! Hopefully my friend got some pics for me!

She’s really starting to thicken out, as Andy and I say. She’s gotten to be so solid. I know that’s probably exaggerated to us since we now have a teeny one to hold. But honestly, she seems to be getting so muscular from all her running and climbing and playing.

(emphasis on the climbing)

Rory is such a sweetheart and I can’t say enough how good she’s doing with Ryder. She kisses her nonstop and wants to love on her all the time.

We are having the best time with her right now. She is at such a fun age!

Rory’s really starting to talk now too. She can say things so clear when she wants to, and otherwise she will look at you and point her little finger in the air and tell an entire story and walk away. Who knows what she is saying but its serious business for sure!

Happy 17 Months, Rory! You are such a blessing and joy to my life! Your sweet smile and kisses make all the sleepless nights and climbing escapades seem like no big deal. I wouldn’t know what to do without your little charm and wonderful laughter. I can’t wait to see what you will do this next month!



our first week

Ryder is one week old today!

Its been such a fun, exhausting week. But we have survived and things are getting better and easier with every day.

Ryder, of course, has done a lot of sleeping.

Luckily though, she is starting to get better about her nights and days.

Last night Rory slept through the night and Ryder only woke up twice. It probably won’t happen again that way for a while, but I am just so thankful for one better night of sleep. I went to bed at 9 last night (and I’m a night owl!) and told Andy I just was about to break. God knows just how to sustain us, doesn’t He?!

Ryder is so much like Rory was as a baby. She’s sweet and calm, only cries when she’s hungry. Even sponge baths don’t phase her! She hasn’t shed a tear during bath time. I didn’t think I’d ever end up with another baby as sweet and calm as Rory was (which is funny since she is now a wild woman!) but I have been blessed again!

I kind of caught her smiling… too bad its not a good angle! This little mess smiles all the time, its so funny!

And yes, you do see that correctly… Ryder has her first injury. Rory went to snag her pacifier (the only real struggle we have had with her) and got her nose with her fingernail. Since then, though, Rory has done much better about getting sister’s pacifier!

Speaking of Stinker!

She has done SO WELL this week. She just loves on her sister and “helps” hold the bottle to feed her. Everytime she sees Ryder after nap or first thing in the morning she sits down and holds her hands out to hold Ryder. Its so cute!

And with each day she is getting less and less interested in every single detail about Ryder. She goes longer periods without wanting to kiss her a thousand times and touch her.

She is really, really interested in Ryder’s “toys”… meaning swing, bouncy seat, car seat, etc.

She’s a mess!

And here she is saying “byyyyyyyyyyye” and blowing y’all a kiss!

I’m so excited for a wonderful weekend at home with my little family of four!


“Big Sis” shirts and surviving the first day

Today is my first day alone with both girls and its going much better than I had anticipated! Rory has been really good and sweet to her sister.

Ryder still has her days and nights mixed up, so I’m exhausted, but luckily have been able to¬† nap today and plan on laying down here in a minute again since both girls are napping.

Yesterday Rory went back to mother’s day out for the first time in two weeks. I was so worried about how she’d do but they said she had a really good day. I’m so relieved! She wore her “Big Sis” shirt that our babysitter, Amy, gave her. Ryder has a “Lil Sis” one to match but its still a bit big.

Little cheeser…

and oh my word. When I saw this picture I literally laughed out loud. Stinker!

Andy had the day off yesterday so he got some extra time with Ryder while Rory was at school. She doesn’t let Andy hold Ryder very much so it was nice for him to be able to have that time before going back to work.

Okay! Off to nap so that I can survive tonight! Hopefully Ryder will get the picture about night and day soon!

to the park!

This morning we had a MOPS playdate at a local park.

(Interruption: It was not originally planned for the park, and for good reason. IT WAS SO STINKING HOT, Y’ALL!)


So Rory and I headed to the park to meet up with some friends!

She had so much fun playing and before everyone else got there I took some pictures.

She just looks too big in them, though.

Where’s my baby?!

We didn’t stay long because of the heat but it was fun and it wore her out!

At first she just ran around looking and touching all the playground equipment. It was so cute to see her explore and take it all in!

P.S. Do you like her super redneck cute hat that her Daddy bought her? It says, “I hunt for hugs.” She loves to wear it.

After running around and getting really hot I put her in the swing.

Girlfriend LOVES to swing.

She giggles and giggles.

We had a good time but man was I glad to get in the a/c! I doubt we will be going to the park anytime soon unless its around 7 am, ha!

Tonight we are going on a date! Our anniversary is Sunday and my birthday is next Thursday so we are celebrating tonight.

And guess what next week is????

Andy’s annual outage.

It always falls on my birthday and our anniversary.

I think I should file a complaint.

Have a great weekend!

Easter weekend

If there has been one thing I’ve learned over the past 14+ months of Rory’s life, its that this child never ceases to amaze me.

Sure we’ve had a really hard time since Christmas with all these ear infections simply because she didn’t sleep because of the pain… but she really is the easiest going and most wonderful girl on earth.

You would never know she had ever had anything done yesterday. She’s been going nonstop and playing HARD. She’s also been talking our heads off! Its like she can hear herself for the first time! We have had the best weekend so far with her. I am so thankful for my easy going Rory girl.

Yesterday we took stinker down to this pond by our house. They have ducks that live there and Rory was obsessed! She chased them and they weren’t phased by it one bit.

Its not easy… actually its nearly impossible to get her picture these days. She does not want to sit still or even look at the camera. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

Today we went downtown to the farmer’s market. They had live chicks and a bunny and had a professional photographer taking pictures. We waited forever in line and she did great.

When it was our turn she ran right up to that bunny and started loving on it. She was so obsessed! Andy took a couple of pictures while I was trying to make sure she didn’t strangle the bunny. We didn’t want to get in the way of the photographer and she said she got some really cute shots of her. When I get them in I will post them on here.

As we were leaving, Rory grabbed one of the chicks with both hands and started running as fast as she could toward the car. Stinker was trying to steal herself a chick! It was so cute, I wish so bad I could have gotten it on camera. Poor chick probably thought his time was up! ha!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

I can’t wait to go celebrate our RISEN Savior tomorrow!


last minute trip

Well its been an interesting weekend around here!

We ended up having to make a last minute trip to TN this weekend. I almost didn’t go because Rory actually slept through the night twice last week and I so didn’t want to mess that up. But, even though it DID mess her up, I’m glad I went. Rory had a wonderful… and I do mean wonderful… time getting totally and completely spoiled by my parents and Andy’s grandparents.

And more importantly, my dad.

Whom she has decided she will call Poppy (PoppY!) instead of Papa. Which makes us all giggle a lot.

But lets start at the beginning of the weekend, shall we?! Yes!

We drove to Little Rock on Thursday after Andy got off work and spent the night there. Rory thought being in that hotel room with that huge king size bed was the greatest thing on earth. She loved every second of it.

Friday we drove the rest of the way and headed straight to Medon to Andy’s granparents’ house. Papaw and Mamaw were so delighted to get to spend some time with Rory and she was a total ham and busy body! Papaw had just gotten a new puppy so she had a great time playing with him and Papaw! Of course she got plenty of love from Mamaw too!

Papaw is the cutest and sweetest old man I know. I always tell Andy that I know he and my grandfather would have been great friends if they had known eachother. They are so much alike and it truly makes my heart full that Rory knows such a great man like my own sweet Granddaddy.

Andy stayed in Medon for most of the weekend while I went to my parents house to hide out and get some “rest”.


Why, oh whyyyyy did I think it would be “just fine” to give Rory sweet tea on Friday night?!

She was up the entire night acting like a crazy fool and woke up at 4:45 ready to GO.

So rest was not exactly in the cards for me.

BUT just as I thought I would kill someone for talking me into coming on this last minute trip, Rory fell into a trance…

actually, my dad fell into a Rory trance. HA!

No really. They were the best buddies you’ve ever seen. She would raise those little hands for him to hold her every 5 minutes. They played outside, snuggled, watched the birds, and had the best time together. It was so great. She, of course, loved having her Mimi right there for back up spoiling too!

They spent a whole lot of time outside. It was so warm and pretty out. And we all know how much little stinker loves playing outside!

Oh and Andy came over Saturday.

He says ‘hello’. He’s so talented being able to jump in front of the camera… I’m so proud.


Now thats the stance of an ex-football player if I’ve ever seen one! Still in his blood, I tell ya!

Now this picture melts me. My two favorite men in the world with my precious little daughter. So blessed that she has such great men in her life.

She loves holding hands.

Until she sees something she wants. And then she’s determined I tell ya!

Sweet smiles for Mimi.

And then I got distracted.

I love my parents’ neighborhood.

Rory got distracted too by an enormous bee.

Can you see it in the pictures? I’m such a wonderful photographer and all, and obviously have the skills to catch it in the picture.

Papa came within her sight.

And automatically the hands went up.

They are talking about the birds.

Then she needed some Mimi lovin’.

Side note: My mom is terrified of her picture being on the blog.

She’ll learn to love it.

Or she’ll just get over it.

Yesterday we went to my parents church and Rory showed out something fierce. I mean she was a total ham.

Then we had a miserable drive home that ended at 11 last night which is much longer than it should take to get home.

But I don’t want to talk about it and become angry.

Today I am busy detoxing Rory from grandparent spoiling. So far its going pretty good… but we shall see!




As I have told y’all, Rory is a little climber. Today I caught a little video of her climbing onto the couch on my phone. You can see how determined she is, ha!

Please excuse her hair. She had pigtails in this morning and took them out so its really crazy!


girls shopping trip

I woke up today feeling kind of blue and lonely. This week marks our year anniversary of moving here and I’m just having so many mixed feelings and emotions for some reason. I absolutely love it here and have made some wonderful friends, but for some reason I just woke up feeling like I miss my old friends and my old town(s). But its not just the few friends we had in Louisiana… I miss SOOO badly our wonderful friends that I still talk to all the time from Starkville and our wonderful friends we’ve kept in touch with from TN. I guess all the moves have just caught up with me today, I don’t know. Or its probably also the raging hormones… ???

ANYWAYS! I wanted to get out of my “funk” and so I decided we’d take a short trip to Sherman and go to Old Navy and Target. I mean… Target will put ANY girl in a good mood, right?!!!!!

So off we went! Rory slept the whole way there and I will be honest and say that I just drove in silence with my thoughts and prayed a lot. I probably cried 3/4 of the drive- ha! (they were happy/sad/overwhelmed/happy tears though, so its not all bad!!! ha)

When we got there we went straight to Target. Rory woke up in the best mood and I was so glad. I got to browse and take my time while she said “hi” in her own way to every.single.person. in the store. It was hilarious!

Well since she was being so good I decided I’d browse the toy aisle and get her something really little to play with on the ride home/in the stores. I found these Little People sets for $5 so I decided to get one of those. OH. MY. WORD. The child squealed so loud when I handed it to her that people stopped and laughed. It was hysterical! She then hugged the toy (still in the package!) and proceeded to show every.single.person. in the store her new toy. I swear it was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen. She was so proud of her little toy! And she did the same thing in Old Navy too. And in Chik-Fil-A. haha!

(so, if any family is looking for a bday gift- go to the Little People link and there are some of the products so you can see what I’m talking about! She LOVES them!)

Here she is in the parking lot, still admiring her toy:

She’s currently playing in the living room and I’m watching her talk to the little dogs and girl that came in the set of three.

I am so glad I went today. It just changed my mood and was completely worth the hour drive just for that moment!

momma knows best

So last week, I believe I may have told you (or maybe not), that I took Rory to the doctor for what I was sure was an ear infection. I see the doctor and he informs me that her ears and everything else is clear but she’s cutting four top teeth so that can mess with her sinuses and cause her to be grumpy. I rolled my eyes and left, mad at myself for bringing her in.

Fast forward to Saturday. Do you recall the Santa pictures? Some of you may have noticed that Rory looked a little under the weather. Well I thought maybe it was a cold so I went on with life Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning, however, I could not ignore how pitiful she was acting and how terrible she looked.

So off to the doctor again! As soon as he comes in the room he says, “oh my goodness”. He knew. He knew I had just been in. He knew he was wrong. He knew that Momma knows best.

She had an ear infection and pink eye. Thats right, people. I knew it. And just for the record- thats the second ear infection AND the second time I’ve taken her in to be sent away only to come back two-three days later for the diagnosis I had known all along. I should get paid for my intuition. ha!

Anyways, yesterday was a pitiful mess of a day. Rory wanted to play so bad but just couldn’t because she was achy. Poor thing was just so frustrated.

Today she woke up much better and ready to go! Its amazing how fast medicine works sometimes!

This is her “I’m so funny” and “I’m coming to get you” face.

and this is her “gotcha” face(s)

which by the way, frightens the poor little pups

because they know this is about to happen

Poor, poor Jackson.

Now I must get back to the mountain of laundry and 1209843 things I have to do before we leave for Tennessee tomorrow!

Rory’s 1st Visit from Santa!

Sometime last night while we were all asleep, Santa snuck down our chimney and left Rory some presents!

Rory came around the corner and looked and just couldn’t figure out what all these new things in her living room were!

She looked at me, and then at her Daddy, trying to get us to explain…

and then she was off to play!

She’s telling us that “Santa is AWESOME!”. Can’t you tell?!

And then she discovered her new tunnel and tent…

her face is a little blurry, but I had to add this picture- its priceless!

Then she discovered her new shopping cart!

She has played non-stop all day! Its been such a blast!

And for the grandparents and about 2 other people who may enjoy this, here is a video of her first visit from Santa!

(I say that only two other people may enjoy it because its a little over 5 minutes long after we cut out some parts- ha!)