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the shift.

I feel like I should start this post with a warning sign. So … WARNING: BRUTAL HONESTY and REAL TALK about myself coming up. This week marks my last week working full time. And oh my word I’m so glad. But here’s the deal, y’all: Life has shifted. Gone are the days of mom showers (well…… Read More the shift.


journey of praise

As I have thought about Ryder on her birthday and all that we have been through since the moment we found out we were having a MAJOR SURPRISE baby, I decided to go back and read some of the answers to prayers we have received. Then I decided to put together a list of posts… Read More journey of praise


happy new year

Well since Andy went back to work on Wednesday, the kids and I have just bummed around the house in our PJs. We’ve watched movies, played, and rested. Mainly, we’ve played “kitchen” and Rory’s served up some amazing meals! Then I put a little soapy water in her sink to entertain her while I tried… Read More happy new year


we have a winner!

I just want to thank everyone for entering to win the giftcard! I had so much fun reading everyone’s favorite Christmas traditions! We are staying home for the first time and creating new traditions this year and I’m excited to try out some of yours! Without further adieu, the winner is…. Jaime Tyson! I will… Read More we have a winner!