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(not-so) Wordless Wednesday: 7 Years Ago ;)

Okay, sorry, I just can’t do this “Wordless Wednesday” without words!

Seven years ago this week (someone had to remind me, I’m not that good, ha!) my senior class went to Maui and the trip ended up changing my life forever. For those of you who don’t know, Andy and I started talking (literally… we’d never talked before hardly, haha!) and dating on this trip. So here are some pictures of the beginning of our life together. Funny how we had NO IDEA it would be a “forever” type of thing 😉

This picture is our first night in Maui, and the first time Andy and I ever sat next to eachother (we’re on the right). HA HA! Look how nervous we were. So cute.

Our first couple-y picture- on the beautiful beach. (He asked me to prom on this same beach!)

Snorkeling and getting a little more comfortable with eachother. This picture is pretty cute/hilarious to me!

We went on a dinner cruise one night… it was so fun and Andy was so cute to want to be with me even if it meant being with these OTHER crazies. HAHA!

(and wait are we HOLDING HANDS UNDER THE TABLE???!!!! hehe)

Definitely a couple now… look how happy we look! (and yes I’m wearing a dress…)

Sometimes it feels good to just be all out sappy doesn’t it?! I just can’t believe it was seven years ago. I’m dying to go back to Maui to relive it all there again. Maybe 10 year anniversary??!!

yes, Baby Harris has a name…

Many people have been asking me on facebook and at other times if we have a baby name yet. Well, the answer is yes. I’m hesitant to state the name on facebook because I know three people who have done so and had someone else conveniently have the same name afterwards… I do not want this to happen to me!!!! So, I will just be officially announcing the name on our website for now! 

Rory Eve Harris

Rory is a name I have loved for years and years, and Andy finally agreed to give me my #1 pick of a name. Eve comes from Andy’s grandmother, Evelyn, and of course it also rhymes with Steve as we have been told! 


This past weekend we made a trip to Starkville for the Homecoming game. Unfortunately they disappointed us (again) and lost. We are just praying that by the time Rory goes to school there (she better!!! haha) they will have a great team! Of course we still love our Dawgs and will continue to at least try and make it to one game a year. So we had to go to The Lodge in Starkville and get Rory her first MS State dress for next year! We also got her a MS State pacifier and pacifier clip. Here is a picture of the dress:


My sweet friend Emily also put together a last minute baby shower and I am so thankful. We got two burp cloths, towels and washcloth set, a swaddle blanket, a sweet thermal outfit, and three other cute outfits. Emily has two girls (Riley and Olivia who are absolutely adorable!) and she just had her last child, a boy. Lucky for us Emily has passed on some of the girls’ clothes! Here is a picture of all we got this weekend- the front row and outfits in the back are from shower, the stacks of clothes are the ones Emily gave me that the girls have out grown. Also, Olivia and Riley picked out Rory a gift- her first baby doll! She’s in the picture too!


California, baby, engagements, etc

We had a wonderful time in California over the first five days in July! The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so gorgeous over on the west coast! I put pictures up on the “pictures page” (tab at the top of the page). Enjoy!

I had my second doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. It went really well and everything is still fine. I got to see my new doctor (the old one is leaving) and I really loved her. We have an ultrasound the first of August and Andy will be able to come to it!

I’d like to say a big CONGRATS! to my sister-in-law, Ashley on her engagement! We are so excited for her and Drew and can’t wait to enjoy the wedding sometime next spring. (Ashley, the baby told me he/she is excited about coming too! haha!)

I am currently trying to plan a “babymoon” for Andy and I to go on before the baby gets here. I thought I’d have a hard time talking into Andy this, but he jumped right on the idea. We’re thinking of going somewhere in the Caribbean for a four day weekend or something. We’re going to use that as our Christmas gift too. Neither one of us want or need a thing so I’d rather just take a trip and buy stuff for the baby instead at Christmas. 

Lately, and probably a lot because of the miracle of this little baby growing inside me (so weird!), I have been feeling so beyond blessed. When I think about how our life has progressed along these past five years, I cannot help but feel so overwhelmed with thankfulness of how our lives have been blessed. God has always provided for us and has had such good timing with everything in our lives. Andy and I always said we wouldn’t think about having a baby until we were married five years because we wanted at least five to enjoy together before having a baby. Well, how funny that the week after our fifth anniversary we find out we’re expecting! Just one of those things that makes you know God is always in control, and as they say, has a sense of humor!


I have worked with our  hosting to try and figure out the best way to put whole albums on to the website. There are just too many pictures to be able to put them like I normally do into a blog post (one by one). So, from now on I’ll be using Google Picasa to update pictures of trips, the house, etc.

Here is the link to the albums:

I also am putting the link under the “pictures” tab of the website so you can always find it on that page! Send me a message if you have any problems loading the Picasa page.

things coming up!

Andy and I had a great time in Dallas! The hotel, ALOFT, was so so nice and the weather was perfect (if not a little cold!). I’ll post pictures of the trip soon.

My Mom and her two sisters came up this past weekend and it was such a fantastic time! We shopped, ate, visited, and thats pretty much it! We headed up to the Shreveport area on last Saturday to visit with my mom’s first cousins and aunt. I had only met them one other time so I was glad to be able to go see them.

This weekend we’re heading to Mississippi! We’re going to stop by Starkville to see some friends, then heading to New Albany on Sunday to spend time with my family. I couldn’t be more excited! We just don’t get together enough and when we do get together its always, ALWAYS!, such a fun and wonderful time. On Sunday night we’re going to set up camp down by creek and spring on my precious grandparents’ land and camp out! Its always a bittersweet experience to go back to my grandparents’. Its just that I want them to be there too, its not the same without them and their sweet smiles and wonderful laughs.

The last weekend in May, Andy and I are heading up to TN. My precious “little” niece, Jacy, has her big final dance recital of the year and we’re heading up to see it! I haven’t been able to go to her spring/summer recital since we’ve been married, so I am really ready to see her do what she loves so much. I am so proud of her!!!!

As you can tell, things are starting to pick up for us. We’ve still got a trip to CA coming up and other things as well. I’ll share pics next week of Dallas trip and Memorial camping trip!

Backyard Fun!

We’re off to Dallas for the weekend! June 5th we will be celebrating our FIFTH!!!! anniversary, and from here until then we have so many things going on. So we decided to take a trip this weekend to Texas for a nice relaxing weekend. I am so thankful for our five years together. Andy means the world to me and I am so very thankful for him. He provides for our little family and is such a great leader in the house. He’s encouraging, kind, and generous to me. I wouldn’t change the past five years for anything. Here’s to many many more wonderful years!!!


Andy was out of town all last week, so me and the pups had lots of quality time together, ha! So, I decided I’d get them a puppy pool to entertain them out in the backyard! We’re just about finished with the house- I am painting the living room next week and that should be it for now. I decided the couch blended in with the wall color too much, so we’re painting it. I’ll post pics when its done! For now, here are pics of the pups in the backyard having some fun. Jackson was the only one who would get in it and play. He absolutely loves water and stayed in it for hours! I had to make him get out. Enjoy the pictures:



Tucker thinks its just a big water bowl- he’s in heaven!


Jackson is testing the water to see if its too cold!


about to take the jump


and we’re in!


little Jersey Girl didn’t want to partake in the pool activities… this is as good of a shot as I’ll ever get , ha!


So here’s the game- Jackson splashes the water with his paw really hard, then bites the water. He’ll demonstrate in the next couple of pictures!






Tucker didn’t want anything to do with the pool either. Normally he loves water so I’m not sure why he was acting weird. He’s getting to be a big handsome man!


and Jersey just waits on the patio to be let inside… she’s not much of an outdoor dog!