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we’re on the road again…

I’m blogging today from the backseat of my car smashed in between the girls. I would take a picture but my arms and smooshed between carseats.

But I did take this picture of my darling parents.

This picture is so typical of them. My mom is telling a story, my dad is aggravating her, and I’m squished in the backseat.

Some things never change.


You should also notice that my mom most certainly has one of those neck pillows.

Let me tell you something about my mom- she’s one of THOSE people who is addicted to anything labeled “as seen on tv”. I may or may not have inherited this trait from her.

So we have had a great week so far. Rory and Ryder are getting spoiled by so many people and I’ve had many breaks. Andy is coming to MS today to meet us and I can’t wait to see him!

Alright, it’s time to go sing our usual road trip songs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

trip to TN

Sunday we got back from a 6 day trip to TN… and man, I am exhausted!

So exhausted, in fact, that Sunday night when Ryder woke up to eat at 1:00 am I put the formula in a bottle and went to shake it up without putting the top back on and it went EVERYWHERE. It was very funny… Andy wasn’t laughing as hard as me though.

Andy had a business trip in Memphis and since our hometown is only an hour away from there I decided to go along to have some help with the girls. We had a great but stressful time and it was definitely hard to leave.

It was perfect timing for us to go too- my sister, Tasha, came into town for the week as well! So Tasha, Telena, and I all went shopping on Wednesday afternoon and it was wonderful. We hadn’t been together and spent time together like that in over a year. I’m so mad because I forgot to get a “sister picture”. Oh well.

Anyways! Here are the pictures from the trip:

Cousins Ryder and Clayton- only two months apart! Ryder was impressed with his size, can’t you tell??

She was mad that Clayton was stealing her “current family favorite” (check out the shirts!) role! Poor Clayton is going to have a rough time being between my two girls!

We had these grand plans of taking Clayton and Ryder’s pictures together and them being so so cute. Well. Clearly this did not happen. One day we were all at my parents house and all afternoon it was a chain affect of crying babies. Ryder would cry, then Clayton, then Rory… and it happened over and over. It was a tad overwhelming.

Tasha and Ryder

Telena and Ryder

Josh (my bro-in-law) and Ryder

Telena, Josh and Ryder

Then on Thursday I drove back to Memphis to pick Andy up and then we drove to the TN River where Andy’s parents live. On Friday we took Rory out on the boat for the first time. You will see that she absolutely loved it. Andy’s sweet grandparents were able to come up to meet Ryder and see us and we were so glad!

Sunset on the river

Marlyce, Steve, Ryder, and Rory

Austin and Ryder

Papaw, Mamaw, and Ryder

And here are the pictures from the boat ride- think she liked it?!

The wind was her favorite part! She looked like she was mimicking the movie Titanic a little, ha!

Then we decided to try and get a picture with me and Rory…. it went so well.

Rory learned to drive the boat.

And she got to play on the beach/in the water just a little.

Basically, she loved everything about the river! We had a great time!

Then on Saturday we were back at my parents house. My Aunt Brenda and Uncle Frank came to see us! Jacy had been at church camp all week so she finally got home and I was so glad to spend some time with her.

Rory and Jacy

Jacy and Ryder

Mom, Jacy, Aunt Brenda, Ryder and Jacks

Down the street from my parents is a new little park area, so Dad and I took them there for a minute. It was so hot though so we didn’t stay long. Rory loved it though!

Jacy and Rory

Okay, little side note: the above picture is so crazy to me because I can’t get over how grown up Jacy is now. Especially because of this picture of us back in the day- I was 15 and she was Rory’s age:

And now she’s taller than me! So sad.

Anyways! Back to the trip!

Rory and the dog she wouldn’t leave alone

Riley and Rory (these R’s are getting ridiculous!)

Just Jacks

And then Rory drove us all back (with Papa’s help) to Mimi and Papa’s house

Whew! I’m worn out just recapping the whole thing!

We had a great time though! But I will say, its so nice to get back home and into a routine again!

New York!

Andy and I had the most wonderful trip to NYC last week! I am just so so thankful that we were able to get away and have some time to ourselves for a couple of days. For almost six years we were “just us” and we loved every second of it. We would go anywhere at the drop of a hat and we would go out to eat whenever we felt the need with no planning involved. Its only been a year with Rory in our lives, but it is SO easy to forget that FIRST we were a couple and a family together. I think that its so important to get time alone just to remind ourselves of that and to really enjoy eachother without distractions. Because, lets face it, one day it’ll be “just us” again and I want to still know my husband and want to long for the empty nest instead of dread it.

Rory had a blast at my parents’ house for the week. I am so thankful for them caring for her while we were gone and that she was spoiled rotten the whole time! I wanted to go on the trip so bad, but it was a whole lot harder to leave her than I ever thought. I cried the first two days at least once… well got teary eyed and just wanted to pack up and head home for a brief second instead. I missed the little stinker so bad I almost couldn’t stand it!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had an amazing time. We ate, we walked, we ate, we walked, we ate, we saw, we ate, we walked, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate…. get the picture????? That was what I was most looking forward to- EATING! With Rory at this busy bee stage its almost impossible to go out to eat and not be pulling our hair out and wanting to cry by the end of the meal. So that was the best part of the trip to me- eating in peace and without having to cut up food for a tiny person yelling at me! 🙂

We spent a lot of time in Central Park on Monday. It was gorgeous with all the snow left from the previous week and the weather was so nice. Andy geocached while I took about 500 pictures. ha!

We also got to go see a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman! It was so fun!

On Tuesday we went downtown and stayed pretty much the entire day there. We walked to the seaport and piers, got tickets to Broadway at the TKTS booth, went to Century 21 (favorite place ever), saw the WTC site and St. Paul’s chapel, walked up to China town, and finished the day eating THE BEST PIZZA EVER at Lombardi’s in Little Italy.

On Tuesday night we went to see the play, Lombardi. It was so good- I would definitely suggest anyone to see it. I, personally, am a fan of musicals but wanted Andy to enjoy it too. I’m so glad we chose that play to see!

Then on Wednesday our friends Kristen and Lloyd came to see us! They live in PA, so its much closer than where we are now so we thought we’d meet up! It was such a fun day getting to catch up and see them! We were great friends in Starkville back in our poor college days together, ha! We went to eat at The Stand, went on a harbor cruise, went to Eataly, and finished the day eating at an amazing restaurant with Top Chef Marc Forgione. CLICK HERE to see a bunch of pics Kristen took of the food and fun we had that day!

(I had to document that Andy ate an oyster. I mean… he’s REALLY picky- but he went all out on this trip and tried so many things!)

On Friday morning we slept in until about 10 (blissful) and then went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. After that we headed to the airport and we were so ready to get back to our baby girl!

I’ll say it one more time- we had an amazing time. I am so thankful we got to go and spend time together. We really needed it!

Thanksgiving/Disney 2010

This might be a long post, but it’ll be mostly pictures, so don’t worry!

I’d like to start off by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to the most wonderful mother in the entire world. I don’t know what I’d do without her, especially after this year and all she’s done to help us. I love you, Mom!

I have been sick. Like siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, sick for the past several weeks. My doctor gave me some medicine yesterday so hopefully that’ll help this morning/all-day sickness. I definitely am having a much harder time than I did when I was pregnant with Rory. Needless to say, I haven’t felt like blogging or taking pictures or doing ANYTHING but taking care of my baby girl and sleeping. I’m a little over 9 weeks so only a few more weeks until the first trimester is over- hope it changes!

I am going to just upload my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving and from our Disney trip and call it a day. Sorry, I have nothing creative coming out of me right now! ha!



Its A Small World…

Rory FREAKED OUT when she saw Mickey! She hugged and kissed him and just LOVED him!

Rory riding her first “roller coaster”- Snow White! She even put her hands up!

Rory’s favorite part (besides meeting Mickey) was the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. She loved every single second of it!

quick hello from Orlando!

Hello from Orlando!

The ears are a good look for me, no?

Its been a while since I’ve been on the internet longer than to just check my email.

And a lot of stuff has gone down…

…we drove 8 or so hours, had two Thanksgivings, saw some wonderful friends, saw lots of family, Rory cut her 3rd tooth (torture), Rory and I flew to Orlando to meet Andy, we all went to downtown Disney and have relaxed a whole lot since being here.

I have way too many pictures to post of Thanksgiving and such and I don’t have the computer that I edit them all on with me. When we get back from FL I will post all the fun pictures I got while in MS/TN!

I do want to show you the oh-so-cute pictures of Rory and Brooks. We went to Sam and Katie’s house on Thursday night and it was SO good to get together again. It had been so long! Rory is smitten with baby Brooks. And quite aggressive with him as well. ha!

I think Brooks knew something crazy was about to happen..

but he wasn’t prepared for his first kiss with his future girlfriend…

and apparently Rory couldn’t get enough!

Poor Brooks.

And nothing has changed in all these years… Sam is still so silly.

Sam and I were talking and laughing about how much trouble these two could get into together. Maybe its best (especially with Rory’s behavior) to keep the two of them in separate states after all!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This trip to Orlando has turned out to be a really wonderful vacation so far! Andy goes to his conference around 8 and gets off no later than around 4. We also get to all eat lunch together. Its been so great to spend some good quality time together!


Oh how lucky we are! Andy has a training in December in Orlando so Rory and I will be going down to join him part of the time! And of course we’ll be going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!

I told Rory this morning and I think she may possibly be a little excited… (ha!)

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Its officially been Fall for a week or so, but this weekend officially FELT like fall! Rory started feeling better on Friday morning so after canceling our trip to Dallas we rebooked it and headed out of town Friday afternoon. What a much needed getaway! We shopped, relaxed, spent endless time together, and had a wonderful time. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get away for a weekend and get rejuvenated!

On Saturday we went to the Dallas Arboretum because they have a huge pumpkin “village” and patch there, so we wanted to take some pictures of Rory. Seriously every family from Dallas, etc, were there! ha! But we got some great pictures.

I took this one for Lauren– check out her fairytale series by clicking her name!

and here is a glimpse of the chaos and many, many people in the pumpkin village

Here is a sneak peek of her fall photos.

We also got a great family photo taken!

I’ve been inspired by the weather and by several friends like Amber and other blogs I love to decorate and spruce up for fall. So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this morning and got some things that I can use over and over every year. I didn’t do much, and I didn’t spend much at all, but enough to make it look like fall in our home.

We also went to IKEA over the weekend and I finally got some pillows for our couch that I really like- plus they tie into our kitchen/dining room! (And the pups are making their way into the blog! They were so excited to be back home from the kennel today!)

And here are some pictures of our dining room now that its complete! I also added a touch of fall in here with the centerpiece I made last year. I don’t think I’ve put up pictures since we got more artwork in here. Also, I wanted to put in a picture of the chair we re-stained and recovered last year. They look really great in our new kitchen!

Whew! This was a long post! Sorry y’all, I just had so many things I wanted to share!

My parents are coming on Wednesday and I just CANNOT wait! Hope everyone has a great week!

week in Arkansas

Did y’all miss me?!

are you excited that I’m back?! because I obviously am!

I made my first road trip alone with Rory and let me just say it’ll be the last for a looong while if I can help it! Its just way too hard to drive 6+ hours with a baby all by myself.

Not to mention the fact that I had TWO- yes, TWO- flat tires on the way back. So a 6-7 hour trip ended up being 12 hours.


Andy was out of town all week for work and so I decided to go to Tasha’s house while he was gone.

Rory and I had so much fun. Tasha has a pool and Rory loved it. She’s going to be a water baby for sure! My parents, Telena, and my Uncle James and family came to their house and we had such a great time.

Rory loved her Uncle James and Aunt Cindy

(who, by the way, are making their debut on the blog!)

she also LOVED her cousins, Jessi and Eli

and my baby always gets comments on how “tan” she looks (she got her dad’s skin tone) but can we not agree that next to them and their beautiful skin she looks like THE whitest baby on earth?! 🙂

Landon and Rory were the best of friends the whole time.

Landon would say things like “you don’t say”, “what’s the matter”, etc in a baby voice to her. So so so cute.

He also said when she was fussing the day we were leaving, “I know I’m sorry you have to go all the way back to Texas”

Broke my little heart.

they watched Disney together in the mornings

is this not the sweetest picture on earth?

quick funny conversation between Landon and my dad/Papa

Landon: Papa, did you bring your swimming suit?

Papa: No I didn’t buddy.

Landon: Well you can just wear Mimi’s swimming suit then.



me and my Papa are two peas in a pod

I loved swimming with “Lena”

and now I would like you all to be warned that these next photos will get you out of the foul mood you may be in or brighten the bad day you may be having…

because they are simply adorable.

make sure you pay attention to her hands in these pics. she’s so proper and cute.

this next picture gets me every single time. she’s just not going to be bothered by the camera in her face, is she?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

spider monkey

Rory forgot to tell you on Saturday in her 4 month old post, that she has a new favorite way to sit.

hence the fact we now call her “spider monkey”

On my birthday I got an email from the Magnolia Hotel saying that they would upgrade us to a suite with the booking of a regular room. So we decided to go to Dallas for a night! The hotel was beyond amazing!

When you walked in the door- there was an entry way and then you looked into the kitchen and bath.

to the left was the bedroom

and to the right was the living room/dining room

It was perfect because we set up Rory’s pack-n-play in the living room so she didn’t have to sleep in the room with us!

AND SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. I’m telling you. The weekends are her favorite too. She always sleeps all night on the weekends.


BUT! She never sleeps during the week. That is until last night! She slept for me- for ME! She normally wakes up on “my nights” and not on “Andy’s nights”. Last night my dear sweet baby decided she loved me once again. Ha!

Poor thing has to sleep in the hallway because her room is way too hot.

Dear AC people/Home Warranty People,

I need my air back. NEED! Its too humid and hot in TX to go this long without air conditioning.

Do I need to call your wives and explain to them that you are making my baby girl hot all the time and she can’t even sleep in her own bedroom??? Because I will!

So back to Dallas.

On Friday we went to a Vigilantes game (arena football).

getting ready to go to the game

It was fun! Rory loved it! She watched the whole time!

look at that funny face… I think she’s going to be a comedian

stinker rode public transportation for the first time- the Dart

she was obviously thrilled

on Saturday we went shopping! all day!

and I do mean ALL DAY!

When we got back to Paris we started painting immediately and are DONE with that. Now we have to put up the wall paper (explanation to come) and the chair rail. So we should be FINALLY done w/ the master bath redo this week so look out for “the big reveal”!

Have a great week!

Memorial Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Andy and I decided Memorial weekend would be a great weekend to try and make it to TN for the first time since Rory was born. He had off Friday and Monday so it wouldn’t be too bad driving the 7 or so hours. I wish SO BADLY we could have had longer so that I could have seen everyone and that they could have met Rory. Its hard to plan around families on holidays too!

On Friday we went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house to see them! We had such a great time visiting with them and Andy’s family!

I love my Mamaw and Papaw! They couldn’t keep their hands off of me and I smiled and smiled at them!

My Great-Mimi was there too! She’s so funny!

I got lots of spoiling from my Grandpa and Grandma too, of course!

My Uncle Austin is so funny! He wears tshirts my size and colors that I like! HA HA! He loves me so much- who would’ve thought?! ha!

Then we went over to Jodi’s house on Friday afternoon for just a minute! I got to meet Barker, Jodi and Michael Carter!

Michael didn’t quite know what to think of me…

He kept taking my picture- ha!

I just wanted to eat my dress! Isn’t Michael cute though? Too bad it will never work out between us because he’s an Ole Miss/Bama person and I am obviously a STATE girl! 🙂

Then I FINALLY got to meet my cousin Landon!

I got to meet Uncle Patrick too but silly Mommy didn’t get a picture!

Oh man, Friday wore me out! Aunt Tasha is the best snuggler!

On Saturday a bunch of my Mimi’s family came to their house to come see me!

Don’t I look cute in my big flower bow that my Grandma made me?! All I want to do is eat my clothes these days!

I got to meet my Aunt Nita and Uncle Frank AND see Aunt Brenda again!

I finally got to meet my cousin Cade too! He’s so sweet to me!

My cousin Elizabeth and Jacy tried to teach me how to play the DS. My Daddy says that I’m a natural.

You think my cousin Jacks likes me?! I think I got my mischievousness from him!

Jacks and Landon are so funny!

Then we took pictures with all of Mimi and Papa’s grandchildren! There are six of us now!

(From left- Landon, Jacks, Jacy holding Rory, Riley and Cade)

I don’t think my cousin Jacy loves me at all- do you????

On Sunday I went to Papa’s church for the first time! I loved getting to meet everyone there!

After church we took some pictures outside. As you can tell I was so tired.

We hung out around Mimi and Papa’s on Sunday! We just were lazy and played. It was so nice! I’m sporting my Memorial Day outfit- “Red White and Blue Cutie!”

On Monday morning we packed up to go back home to Texas! First we stopped by Starbucks and I got to meet Lauren and Josh!

Lar Lar! (Mommy says Lar Lar is going to be mad at Mommy for posting this pic. Mommy says “oh well”. ha!)


Jackson and I like to have long talks in the car.


Remember: Freedom is NOT free! Thank you so much to all of our military and their families. And to all of our fallen soldiers- your sacrifice keeps us free and I will be forever thankful. God bless all of our military and their families!