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floor time fun

There are many things I should be doing right now, but instead I will procrastinate. Well, the fact that I’ve done something to my back doesn’t help on the “getting things done” thing either. I’m pretty sure I pulled something because I’m constantly lugging her and the carseat around everywhere- and that ain’t no joke, my friends! Girlfriend is heavy!

Baby girl is all over the place these days. She rolls and then straightens herself out and rolls some more. Occasionally she’ll belly flop forward a couple of times, but that tends to make her mad. She’s loving playing on the floor and the dogs are so excited too now that she’s moving. They want to play with her and her toys. Its super cute!

happy girl
I love that little smirk!

oh that thumb
I caught you, Jackson! Drop the lion!
he's keeping his eye on it

My favorite thing about her floor play time is that she’ll play and then she’ll get tired so she’ll lay down and relax for a bit, then pick back up and play some more! Its so sweet.

Best buds!

Apparently the “sniff for approval” method works for babies too. Rory obviously didn’t mind. ha!

Yesterday little stinker made it into the kitchen while I went into the next room. Like seriously for a minute max. The dogs came into the room and ran back out and I knew something was up. They are good tattlers on her!

uh oh, I hear Mommy! I think I'm caught!
dogs aren't sure what is happening
love that little booty
looks like a sneaky little face if you ask me!

I have nothing clever or exciting today. We’ve just had a kind of “blah” week around here. Andy’s Friday off is tomorrow and I’m so excited. We’re having a “staycation” this weekend and are determined on Saturday to be extremely lazy and not leave the house. Yes!

P.S. Loved all the response from the video yesterday. I realize Rory will kill me one day for that, but I’ll take it when it comes. And if you thought it was inappropriate, oh well! Its my blog, I can post what I want! ha! 🙂

yes, we still have dogs

I feel pretty bad as a mother right now. Before I ever had Rory I was a mom… to two dogs. Two precious dogs.

And I feel guilty for two reasons.

reason #1 to feel guilty: Several people have said things like, “the dogs never make the blog anymore”. Sigh. They so don’t. Bless them.

reason #2 to feel guilty: Jackson keeps making this face at me.

Bless his angelic little heart.

But he came around and smiled at me. He’s my handsome mister.

Every single day Rory is getting more and more interested in the pups. She follows their every move with her eyes. She laughs at them. She tries so desperately to grab them. (Today she succeeded, poor Jackson.) She wants to kiss them all the time.

And the more interested and mobile she gets, the more interested the dogs have become. I got a couple of shots of them “playing” together today.

I was trying to get pictures of her sitting up. She’s sitting up for a second or two before having to support herself now.

But the dogs had other plans. They were tired of not making the blog.

See! She wants to kiss Jersey so bad! Jersey always does. Bad dog.

Jersey is obviously the funniest dog on earth.

She’s also a good lounge buddy.

Jackson hardly ever licks Rory. He just puts his nose as close as possible until she almost grabs him. Then he takes off.

My sweet pups are still my babies. If I’m telling the truth though, it has changed.

(please don’t tell the dogs)

They get on my nerves a little more (Jersey loves to scare the baby with her random barking and Jackson gets so jealous so he tries to get on top of me while I’m holding her). And they don’t get free range of anything and everything in the house anymore. But I still love them so very much. I can’t wait to see what happens when she starts to crawl and walk. I have a feeling she will torment them and they will secretly love it. 🙂

new toy for… Rory? Jackson?

My little stinker is getting too big too fast. When we’re holding her all she wants to do is stand and jump, jump, jump! So we bought her an exersaucer to play in.

But. I’m not sure which of my kids liked it more… Rory or Jackson? You decide.

Let me just say, this first picture melts my heart. She adores her buddy, Jackson, and thinks he is just hilarious. I hope they are best friends for years and years to come.

You trying to get up on my toy?

maybe just a little nibble won’t hurt

ohhhh I love this thing!

this looks a lot like my frisbee just way bigger

Oh, did I not mention that her feet don’t quite reach yet?!

so naturally we tried books to help out

but they were too slippery so we tried a game and it worked much better!

oh how she loved the exersaucer

and she concentrates so hard on the lights that play music

Backyard Fun!

We’re off to Dallas for the weekend! June 5th we will be celebrating our FIFTH!!!! anniversary, and from here until then we have so many things going on. So we decided to take a trip this weekend to Texas for a nice relaxing weekend. I am so thankful for our five years together. Andy means the world to me and I am so very thankful for him. He provides for our little family and is such a great leader in the house. He’s encouraging, kind, and generous to me. I wouldn’t change the past five years for anything. Here’s to many many more wonderful years!!!


Andy was out of town all last week, so me and the pups had lots of quality time together, ha! So, I decided I’d get them a puppy pool to entertain them out in the backyard! We’re just about finished with the house- I am painting the living room next week and that should be it for now. I decided the couch blended in with the wall color too much, so we’re painting it. I’ll post pics when its done! For now, here are pics of the pups in the backyard having some fun. Jackson was the only one who would get in it and play. He absolutely loves water and stayed in it for hours! I had to make him get out. Enjoy the pictures:



Tucker thinks its just a big water bowl- he’s in heaven!


Jackson is testing the water to see if its too cold!


about to take the jump


and we’re in!


little Jersey Girl didn’t want to partake in the pool activities… this is as good of a shot as I’ll ever get , ha!


So here’s the game- Jackson splashes the water with his paw really hard, then bites the water. He’ll demonstrate in the next couple of pictures!






Tucker didn’t want anything to do with the pool either. Normally he loves water so I’m not sure why he was acting weird. He’s getting to be a big handsome man!


and Jersey just waits on the patio to be let inside… she’s not much of an outdoor dog!


Terror… I mean, Tucker

Well, we should have named him Terror, ha! He is a little stinker! I guess Jackson and Jersey were always so small so they never tested us as much so early. But Tucker is!! We have a field beside our house with really tall grass and it is Tucker’s very favorite place to go… and of course, you can’t catch him if he’s in the field. So, needless to say, Tucker is always on a leash now. He’s a really good puppy though and is doing really well “telling” us when he needs to go potty (meaning, he runs and plows into the door several times so there is no mistaking it). He also LOVES to aggravate Jackson and Jersey, but especially Jersey because she doesn’t want to have too much to do with him. Also, we don’t let him get on the couch or bed because he might end up being 100+ pounds- the Great Pyraneese in him- so we are starting early with this rule. Unfortunately, we have a platform bed, so Tucker has always been able to get into it. So, like today, if we aren’t watching he likes to sneak into the bedroom and take a nap. I caught him today with the camera!