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winds of change

There are some pretty big changes coming this week to the Harris house. I will start with the easy one first.

Ryder is starting Mother’s Day Out on Thursday! I’m so SO so excited and so SO so SO so SO anxious and worried at the same time. I have gotten the all clear from the doctor and a lot of encouragement from family and friends on it, so that has eased my anxiety so much. Ryder is just obsessively attached, like I mentioned yesterday, and we need an outlet for her to get away and be around other babies and other adults. It really helped Rory and I’m praying it’ll help Ryder too.

And the best part about it is that the teachers are the two sweetest women on earth and I don’t have to be anxious for a second about their care for her. They loved Rory like she was their own and I know they will do the same with Ryder.

I plan to get stuff done at the house, work more on the blog and other ventures I have coming soon, and nap. Oh yes, I plan to NAP.

The next big change is much harder.

We are giving Jackson, our precious dog, to a new home.

The past few years, with age, Jackson has gotten increasingly grumpy. Its mainly been with his food and mostly towards Jersey, but it has taken a turn for the worse. Last week he yanked Rory’s snack out of her hand and when she went to get it back he bit her. Then he barricaded himself into a corner and was snapping at me and showing his teeth. I had exiled him to the backyard until I could find a home for him and somehow he worked his way back into the house.

Well, yesterday, he got a ball and barricaded himself again in his kennel and when I walked past him he lurched out at me and bit my leg. Then he went and hiked his leg all over my kitchen. The only way he would stop trying to attack me and marking his territory in our house was if I opened the front door and let him run free.

Most of you know that Jackson was/is my baby and has been the best friend a girl could ever ask for. And I know this aggression stems from not having as much attention, but I barely have time to give my girls and my husband attention so I can’t start a new project trying to retrain him right now, especially when I can’t be 100% sure it will work.

More importantly, no matter how much I love that dog, he is just a DOG and my children come first. Always. So even though its such a hard, devastating decision, its one I have had to make for the sake of my family’s protection.

So, bare with me if I’m a bit of an emotional mess for a couple of days. I’m losing my first “baby” and its harder than it probably should be.

And pray for me and Ryder on Thursday. Its going to be so hard leaving her and I’m sure it’ll be a hard day for her too.

Alright, Ryder is screaming for me to hold her as per usual.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


diaper jeans and haircuts

Today has been just a great day. I decided that we needed to get out of the house and do something different today, so off to Sherman we went! Rory talked and laughed and watched her FAVORITE movie, Tangled, the whole way there. She was so funny laughing at the movie and talking back to it. We went to Target and Old Navy. I bought some matching shirts for the girls and bought both of them several little outfits. It really is fun to have girls!… but maybe not so fun on Andy’s wallet, ha!

Rory did so good. She waved and talked to everyone in both stores. Her favorite part though was seeing the mannequins at Old Navy. She is obsessed! Especially with the little dog mannequin. She loves all over it and talks to it every single time we go into an Old Navy.

After we shopped a little we went and had lunch at Chick Fil A. (WHY CAN’T WE GET ONE HERE IN PARIS?!!!!) Girlfriend LOVES Chick Fil A. I let her play for a while and it was a serious fight when we had to leave. She was worn out when we were done and slept the entire way home from Sherman.

I had a bunch of coupons for the “diaper jeans” or whatever that Huggies makes. I ended up getting a box for about $3 so I went ahead and got some. I’ve always made fun of them and thought, what’s the point?!

Well, friends, my daughter LOVES to be a nudey booty. She refuses to wear pants while at home.

Case in point- this is what I find on the living room floor daily:

So now I get it. She can be nudey and still look cute! Genius!

This is what happens after I take my camera out…

she runs. Fast.

I decided to take her shirt off so I could get better pictures of her in her new fashion accessory.

Well she promptly decided she’d put on her little hat to add to the look. I’m raising a redneck baby for sure.

She thinks that she is so funny.

Oh, just talking to my BFF on the phone…

Now for news in the world of these crazy dogs we have…

Jersey got her first ever haircut. She is traumatized for life but man she looks so cute!



The funny part is I weighed her before and after and the dog lost 3 lbs all from a haircut!

Tomorrow Rory and I both have doctor appointments, so I will let you know how they go! I’m just a month away from d-day. Scary!






Happy June!

I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday…

but I have too much to say!

My first topic of discussion is the safety of Ryder.

You see…

I’m getting concerned about how Rory will handle her.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to carry her around.


Let’s talk about the fact that Rory is determined.


Today I put Jackson and Jersey out and about ten minutes later Rory starts banging on the door and starts screaming.

And I do mean SCREAMING.

Apparently my wonderful idea of putting the swimming pool on the deck backfired. Jackson was helping himself to playtime in her swimming pool

And sister was not happy.

So she screamed for the next 10 minutes while I readied myself and her to go out for a little swim. (I mean… how dare I put a bathing suit on her much less sunscreen?!)

Once we got out there fun was had by everyone. It was especially fun for Jackson and Rory though… they are such BFF’s now.

Poor Rory doesn’t always understand that she is not a dog.

Oh well.

Mostly she just lounged and watched Jackson play. She laughed her little cute booty off at him for a good 30 minutes.

Right after I took the above shot of that cute little booty,

I took the below shot mid-fall.

Pretty impressive, huh?!

Don’t worry I’m okay. But it took me quite a while to get up.

I am rather slow these days.

So anyway. Its in the mid to high 90’s here already on this first day of June.

I guess summer has officially hit Texas.

And I’m stinking hot.

Happy June!

first snow of 2011

Today we woke up to a “wintry mix” and it quickly became a snowy day! It started really coming down around 9 or so I think and hasn’t stopped since (its 3:30 here now). I’m pretty sure school will be out tomorrow for Paris and surrounding areas. The town in OK where Andy works got way more snow than us so who knows how much they will get!

And of course the first snow of the year happens to also land on the weekend that I am in bed with the flu. Why me?! I’ve been quarantined to our bedroom since Friday after testing positive for the flu at the doctor. Its been absolutely miserable. I thought I was feeling better this morning so I went out and sat on the couch to watch Rory play and I only lasted about 30 minutes before I had to go back to bed. Then Andy got her all bundled up to take her out in the snow so I bundled up as well to take some pictures but we lasted five minutes outside because I just couldn’t stand that long. Pitiful! I’m so thankful for Andy taking such wonderful care of her and letting me rest as much as possible. I guess being pregnant makes it that much harder to get over this nasty mess! Even sitting up in bed to type this is wearing me out- I’ll need a nap soon! ha!

Here are the pictures I got of Rory and Andy in the snow! Enjoy!

Okay so here’s a weird/funny story to end this post:

As I was uploading pictures I kept hearing a weird noise outside our bedroom window. I go to look out and when I plucked the blinds open there was a young male teenager pretty much looking right back at me. Scared me to death! He was collecting snow for a snowball off of our air unit. Well I told Andy so he went to look out at him and when he looked out the kid was walking around just peeing away in the snow! HA HA! He must have heard Andy because he looked over and then ran off really fast.  So our beautiful snow outside our bedroom window is now stained with yellow splatters. Strange, strange kid.

And yes, I know you couldn’t have lived another day without that story. You are welcome.

the case of the stray dog


Remember this cute face?!

Well, turns out, she wasn’t so cute after midnight.

Maybe she was like Cinderella and turned ugly at the stroke of 12.

Or. Maybe she was possessed.

You see.

She wasn’t that cute.

Alright, I’ll get to the story now.

The dog turned out to be totally possessed.

As we were going to bed on New Year’s Eve we noticed that the dog was whining and barking really, really loud.

And it kept getting louder. And louder.

Until I told Andy to get the heck out of bed and let that stinkin’ dang dog out of my back yard.

(family friendly version of the story…)

I thought the dog was miserable back there since she was causing so much racket.

So Andy obeys (ha!) and lets the dog out.

That’s when all heck broke loose.

Tramp, or the devil as I affectionately call her, went totally crazy and started clawing at every door and window of our house trying to get inside.

And she woke everyone up. Including Rory. She was NOT pleased one bit.

So about 2-3 hours later after we may or may not have shot the devil in the butt with a bb gun (he only pumped it twice and obviously that means something since he decided to tell me) Rory and Andy finally got to sleep on the couch together.

I, on the other hand, was in our bed so glad to have a whole bed to myself and to be rid of the devil…

when all of a sudden I hear a loud BANG on my window.

Over and over and over and over and over.

She was running back and then running full force and slamming herself into my window. Over and over and over and over and over.

Until 5:30 in the morning.

It was AWFUL.

And I had to get up at 7:00.

So the devil now resides somewhere in Blossom, TX because the pound and Humane Society weren’t open on Saturday.

The End.

Disclaimer: As everyone knows, I am a true dog lover. Which should be obvious since I decided to take a stray in. But when its waking up your baby scaring her to death in the middle of the night to which said baby will not go back into her room without screaming with fear, you get very very desperate. So please don’t go all PETA on me. Sorry if I offended anyone. Well. Actually I’m not really sorry. ha!

goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

This year has been the absolute best and absolute hardest year of my life.

In 2010 we/I:

moved, lived in a nasty extended stay hotel that almost sent me to the psych ward, moved into our house, had our sweet Rory girl (the best part), went to the ER 4 times because of severe pain, went to FL with an 8 wk old, had surgery to remove gallbladder, went to ER with Rory because of freak accident, turned 25, married 6 years, air conditioner went out in the heat of summer for a month, took a trip to AR to visit my sister, had a very interesting boat trip, took a trip to Texarkana and on to Chattanooga, Andy turned 26, started working at MDO, Rory turned 9 months and on that day exactly we found out we were having another baby, went to MS/TN for Thanksgiving, went to Orlando, I threw up a whole lot during all of this, went home for Christmas, and had a wonderful week at home to end the year.


So here’s hoping for a wonderful, and a little less eventful 2011!


Oh. And speaking of uneventful…

This sweet girl showed up at our house today and absolutely loves us.

I named her Tramp.

Currently she is in our backyard living life to the fullest.

She’s happy.

I’m happy.

Jackson is happy.

Jersey is mortified.

I’m sure when I go looking for the owner tomorrow I will find them.

And that makes me just a little bit sad.

That’s all.

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Okay so I can’t post this picture without telling the traumatic story so that all of you can feel sorry for me.

It was a cold, dreary morning in September…. (ok, I lied. Its hot and sunny, but its more dramatic the first way.) Jackson had been outside all morning without coming and scratching on the window/door to be let in. I knew something was going on out in the backyard and I had a feeling what had happened. I was right. Jackson had caught his 12894th squirrel. (Probably his 5th to be exact). He’s running around the yard with it in his mouth filled with utter joy and pride. Well, I realize that the noise I thought was Jackson’s delight is actually the squirrel squeaking/squealing/shrieking. It was not yet dead. Paralyzed, broken, dying, but not yet dead. So Jackson drops it at my feet (for me to throw it, of course) and it starts writhing around. I almost peed myself out of fright, by the way. I realize I have to do something about this because Jackson cannot play with a squirrel/eat the squirrel.

So. I had to kill it. With a shovel. It was awful. Awful!

Then I had to get it on the shovel- while Jackson is freaking out and barking at me for taking his new toy- and get rid of it. So since we have a ditch area behind our fence between our yard and the neighbor’s yard, I decided it was logical to throw it over the fence into the ditch. But… I overshot and am 99.999999% sure its now in the neighbor’s yard. Sorry about that dear neighbor I have never met. Truly, I am.

So, who feels sorry for me?! Anyone?!

story of our week

Monday: Lots of crying, blow out diapers, crying, migraine, crying.

Tuesday: Woke up happy and was decent.

Wednesday: Screaming, blow out diapers, screaming. Then… where’s our water? Why is it not working? Why is there a notice on my door saying they are shutting off the water due to lack of payment? Dangit. No water until Thursday morning. LOTS of screaming by all.

Thursday: Pay the bill and feel like an idiot/one of those people for forgetting, go to work, hear baby crying/screaming/etc in her room, feel like the worst parent in the world, get room set up, feel like worst parent in the world, snuggle the baby for hours, feel like worst parent in the world, bed.


So for everyone’s pleasure after this week from…. well you get it, I will post some cute pictures with some cute captions and call it a day.


Dear Lord, Please let next week be better than this one.

I am soooo tired of teething!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All that crying wears me out.

Hmm… what should I do today?

I think I’ll get into some trouble…

Maybe she won’t be able to see me…

Me Chinese, me play joke, me put peepee in your coke.

Could they look anymore alike?!

We’re trying to have a conversation here!

O.M.Geeeee. Stop with the pictures, already!

Dear Lord, please let the weekend get here quick so I can spend unlimited play time with Daddy.


Have a great weekend!

wordy wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. Don’t worry, there will be pictures too.

1. Oh. My. Goodness. Teething is no joke. Who knew my sweet little girl could be so SO so incredibly grumpy?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Andy has been referring affectionately to the Infant’s Tylenol as “candy”. I always heard people complaining about their babies/children teething but had no idea it was really this bad. Whew.

2. Andy had a great birthday (so he tells me!). I surprised him with an Invicta watch that he told me he really liked. But since I had already gotten the gun, he didn’t know I’d be getting him another gift! Score!

3. And if you read The Man Life, you know that Andy had mentioned getting me a Coach purse to make up for all his purchases on hunting (he truly knows the way to my heart)… well, instead he got me – drumroll please….

A new camera-  Canon EOS Rebel T1i . Again, he truly knows the way to my heart. It was such a surprise… I’ve been giddy all day!

4. Enough talking! Let me share some pictures from my new camera that I took this morning!

I have never gotten a good/decent picture of Jersey until now.

And never a bad picture of Jackson… until now. ha!

Of course, you were wanting to see pictures of the cute baby, not the cute dogs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!