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Eight Months Old!

I am EIGHT months old!

Time is flying by and I’m having so much fun these days!

I am just the happiest baby now and play all the time! I am a MAJOR Momma’s girl though. If she’s in the room, I usually don’t want anyone but her. It wears Momma out, but she loves it too! I loved being around all my family in TN this month though!

I thought I’d show you Rory in this same outfit that I have on…

yes, you read that right- Rory was only three months old when she wore this outfit- ha! Mommy says she didn’t realize how chubby Rory was until I came along! This is Rory’s eight month post if you’d like to compare us. 🙂

This is a big month for me because it marks six months since my heart surgery! I am doing SO GREAT now and no one would even know I was ever so sick!

These days I’m just super silly and so much fun to be around!

So what’s up with me at 8 months?!

– I weigh 13 1/2 pounds!

– I’m wearing 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.

– I eat 4 oz bottles, sometimes 4.5 oz.

– I’m eating some solids and LOVE puffs!

– I’m showing a little interest in moving around but don’t like to lay on my back or stomach for long. Mommy thinks I will either just scoot on my butt or go straight to walking instead of crawling.

– Mommy thinks I am starting to teeth some. I like to put everything in my mouth.

Okay, see y’all next month… don’t miss me too much! 😉

Seven Months Old!

Y’all, I’m SEVEN Months Old!

You’d never believe it, but I had to go to the doctor today, and I have a double ear infection!

Doesn’t keep me from smiling though!

When Rory was seven months old, she had an ear infection too! How weird is that?! Look how chubby my big sister was!

This has been the best month yet for me! Mommy got me a new doctor that I love and got me to see a specialist about my tummy! I’m on a new formula and am feeling so good now!

Now that I am feeling so good (besides cold/ear infection) I am happy ALL THE TIME. Its like a different world all together without pain! I love to play with my toys and especially my sister. I will sit and play on the floor forever all by myself.

I also LOVE to pull my sister’s hair. Mommy gets onto me (because Rory needs to know its not ok to pull hair) and I just laugh and laugh at her. Mommy says I’m going to be as big of a stinker as Rory! Everyone says she’s going to have her hands full with us!

I always hear Daddy and Mommy talking about how funny and sweet I am. I guess they are right about that!

I am a momma’s girl to the max! When Mommy drops me off at the church nursery, I start crying as soon as I see the nursery workers! I don’t like to be away from my mommy ever!

So what’s up with me this month?!

– I weigh 13.4 lbs! (4th percentile)

– I eat 4 oz bottles. I’m starting to eat some soft solids, but don’t try and feed me baby food! I go all lock jaw on mommy everytime I see a spoon!

– I wear 0-3 month clothes but Mommy is making me wear some 3-6 month stuff and just letting it be big, ha! (Rory wore the outfit I’m wearing on her six month post if you want to see how cute she was in it!)

– I still don’t have any teeth and I’m not showing any signs of getting them either!

See y’all next month!


Mommy Interruption: Ok, let me tell you how hilarious it was to take Ryder’s pictures this month. She started doing this “teased” thing where she scrunches her nose and squints her eyes whenever you smile big at her. I swear, y’all, she is THE BIGGEST FLIRT EVER. Andy and I crack up at this all the time.

So, about 90% of my pictures looked like this because she kept doing “the flirt look” as we call it:

And then 5% looked like this picture where she is extremely serious about whatever it is that she’s trying to tell me:

Isn’t she so funny?!

Six Months Old!

Can you even believe that I’m SIX MONTHS OLD?!

Man, I am the smiliest baby on earth!

Mommy was reading Rory’s 6 Month post earlier and was laughing at how it said they tried for days to get sister’s picture. Mommy and Daddy threw me in the bed today and took pictures for about 2 minutes and called it a day. That’s one of the perks of being the second child! They don’t have that much time on their hands!

Mommy put Rory’s picture and my picture up next to eachother… here’s a comparison of us at the same age:

I’ve been trying out some new formula and I hate it. So the ‘rents have to mix it half and half with the soy formula until I get used to it. They say I’m the most difficult child when it comes to eating and I say to them “hey! you try having your chest cut open!”.

Most of the time I am the most pleasant, easy baby. I smile and laugh at everyone all the time and love to play with my big sister, Rory.

I also started LOVING my elephant toy and my monkey. Well, actually, my MiMi made this monkey for Rory but now I have to sleep with it. Mommy puts him next to me in the crib and I talk to him until I go to sleep. It makes Mommy and Daddy so tickled.

I’m excited about 2012 and that I’m finally getting to go to a doctor to help me eat better!

Here’s what I’m up to at 6 months:

– I weigh an even 13 lbs and am 25 1/2 inches long. I’m in the 4th percentile for weight and the 40th for height!

– I drink 4 oz bottles. Daddy about had a heart attack when he found out my new formula costs $30 for about 1/4 the amount as the other kind does. Pray for him, he has high blood pressure, you know.

– I wear size two diapers.

– I’m starting to be able to wear some 3-6 month clothes!

– My tummy cannot handle rice cereal at all, but I have tried sweet potatoes and squash. And I hate them both. We’re working on it though!

– I sleep from 7:30 to about 12ish and then until 4:30 and then until 6:30 or 7. I was sleeping through the night for about two weeks and then my tummy started hurting again.

– I take three good naps a day.

Happy New Year Everyone! See you next month! Oh and enjoy the video of my eating squash!



(The Thanksgiving blogs will have to wait because Ryder is FIVE months old and she wanted to tell you all what she’s up to!)

I’m FIVE Months Old!

I am getting to be such a big girl! Can you tell?

Mommy put this dress on me thinking you all would be able to see my fat rolls. Oh well- I promise they are there if you look really hard!

My Aunt Telena got me this dress for Christmas! Its so comfy and cute! I loved wearing it!

Since we have been home from our fun Thanksgiving trip, I have been sleeping so good! I’m still not sleeping through the night, but I am taking better naps in my crib and sleeping longer periods of time. As long as you swaddle me up in my “snuggie” thing, I’m out!

I love to talk. I’ve been cooing and babbling all day. I talk to Rory and the dogs the most, they are so fun to look at! This is how most of the pictures Mommy took looked because I was busy talking to her the whole time!

I’m such a sweet baby. I smile and laugh all the time. Mommy and Daddy can’t decide if I look like Rory or not- what do you think? Click here to see Rory at five months old.

At five months I’m:

– weighing in at 12.8 lbs!

– eating 3 oz bottles (STILL, yes, I know. Oh well, maybe one day we will get her to eat more!)

– wearing 0-3 and some 3-6 months clothes

– wearing a size 2 diaper

– NOT eating baby food. Mommy gave it to me yesterday and it make me throw up A LOT. Guess my tummy isn’t ready!

– playing so well by myself. Mommy lays me on the floor or puts me in the bouncy seat and I will sit and play for a long while. (This is a huge accomplishment for her!)

Can’t wait to tell you what’s happening next month when I’m half a year old!

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Tasha!


Three Months Old!

I’m THREE months old today!

Can you believe Mommy forgot?! She’s so crazy!

The good thing about her forgetting though is that she just kind of threw together some pictures and didn’t make me smile for long. She says sorry for the not-so-great pictures.

Mommy said I was a heifer because I smile all the time except when she really wants me to. Heifer is her term of endearment for sister and me, just in case you didn’t know.

As you know, SO much has happened this past month! Two weeks ago I had open heart surgery to make me all better. I’m so glad too because now I can eat without getting tired and I’m not starving all the time anymore!

Can you tell how much weight I’ve gained?! I’m 11 pounds and 23 1/2 inches tall!

I am wearing my 0-3 month clothes and they fit so much better.

I can eat 3 ounces now! My doctors say that’s still low for my age, but I’m working on it!

Daddy wanted me to wear camo for the start of deer hunting season today! And Rory decided to show me how to smile for pictures so she got in on the photo shoot!

I am such a happy, easy baby! I smile all the time and make everyone around me smile too!

And unlike my silly sister, I’m sleeping so great at night. I only wake up once, and sometimes I sleep all night! I’m just so glad they don’t have to wake me up to feed me anymore!

I absolutely love bath time! I even like sponge baths, if you can believe it! After my surgery I couldn’t have real baths until my bandages came off. Mommy got my reaction to my first bath on her phone. I thought it was wonderful!

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings now that I’m all better!

Oh! And thank you for praying for me during my surgery! It really helped Mommy and Daddy feel better about it!

(PS- Happy Birthday GiGi!)

Two Months Old!

I am TWO MONTHS OLD today!

Usually I would say that time has gone by fast, but it has been a long month!

But can’t you tell I’ve gained some weight?! My new “diet” is making me a chubby monkey!

As you will see, I am THE happiest baby on earth! After they figured out that I wasn’t colicky and what was wrong, we got everything all sorted out (for the most part) on my nighttime fussiness! I smile and laugh out loud constantly!

Mommy says my smile is a gift to her and Daddy from God and that it helps them to know that I am going to be just fine! I mean, look at me! Don’t I look just fine?!

I love, love, LOVE my big sister! Rory can get me to smile like no one else! She doesn’t pay too much attention to me anymore but when she does I think its so fun!

I am a TOTAL Mommy’s girl right now, especially at night. I don’t want anyone else holding me. Mommy has to take me everywhere with her because she doesn’t want Daddy to have to deal with my screaming when she leaves me. I love my Daddy and love to smile at him but I’d rather have my Mommy holding me!

I am wearing the same outfit Rory wore for her two month birthday post! Here is Rory:

And here I am!:

There are times when Mommy and Daddy think we look just alike and then times when they say we look totally different! Who do y’all think I look like?

I am sleeping so much better at night. Most nights I only wake up one time and only for 15-30 minutes! During the day I mostly nap in my swing. I like to be swaddled up tight still, so I don’t nap good in my bed unless Mommy swaddles me. And most of the time she doesn’t have time to do all that because Rory is always getting into some kind of trouble! Yesterday when Mommy was changing my diaper she climbed on top of the TV stand and almost knocked the TV over!

Mommy is a little worried that I’m going to be a stinker too! She says she doesn’t know what she is going to do when she has two stinkers getting into trouble together! I’ll just blame everything on Rory though… that’s what little sisters do!

I am still eating only 3 ounces (well, actually most of the time I only eat 2 ounces…) and it takes me about 2 hours at least to finish a bottle. Its just too much work for me!

I weigh about 9 1/2 pounds, so I have gained a whole pound since my procedure! This higher calorie formula diet is great! I’m getting more bang for my buck when I eat!

I wear a size 1 diaper and newborn/0-3 month clothes. As long as it isn’t footed I can wear newborn, but I’m so long I can’t wear my footie pajamas anymore unless they are 0-3 month! I have really long fingers and skinny, long feet. Everyone says I’m going to be a piano player!

Well Rory is at school so I am going to have some one-on-one snuggle time with Mommy today! I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because I get lots of attention without interruption, but man do I miss my sister during the day! And guess what? She misses me too! When we go to pick her up she never comes to hug Mommy anymore, she runs straight to me and says “hi girl!” and gives me a big ole kiss!

See y’all next month!

One Month Old!

I’m ONE Month Old!

This month has just flown by! I’ve been busy growing and sleeping and meeting so many new people! Its been so much fun!

Rory warned me that Mommy is crazy when it comes it photoshoots… I had no idea! Can you believe she made me wear a dressy AND casual outfit?!

I’m starting to get so big! I can even wear a couple of 0-3 month outfits now!

As you can tell, I’m not much like my sister in some ways… I’m a dainty little thing and she’s so rough! I always have to watch out for her and her kisses!

And I just don’t know how she did all these photo shoots all the time! I wasn’t feeling it at all most of the time! It was too exhausting and I just wanted Mommy to hold me!

I mean- was she crazy or something trying to make me sit up like this?! I just wanted to make it stop!

She made all these silly faces the whole time, so I had to make a few silly faces too!

Hopefully next month it won’t be so tiring for me and maybe Mommy won’t make me wear two outfits… but I kind of doubt it!

Mommy says I’m a sweet baby. I do have periods of fussiness every day, but its getting better. I love to nap in the swing and boppy pillow.

I love to take baths but HATE when they take me out! I scream and scream for about 10 minutes afterwards.

I am starting to “talk” some and I smile all the time. Daddy and Mommy can’t believe how much I smile!

Here are my stats for this month:

– I weigh about 8 lbs

– I’m wearing mostly Newborn clothes, but starting to get into 0-3 months

– I wear a size 1 diaper

– I’m eating a 3 oz bottle (and it takes me FOR.EV.ER. to eat)

And just so Mommy can compare, here is a picture of Rory at one month

and then me at one month old!

Okay, see you next month!