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Ryder goes to Kindergarten, Rory goes to 1st.

Oh my sweet girls, I cannot believe our summer of fun is over and it is time to send you to school every day! I couldn’t possibly tell you how much I am going to miss you! IMG_3737

A few years ago when you were tiny toddlers and babies that cried all day or got into all-of-the-things, I couldn’t wait for you to go to school! I had all these plans to enjoy my coffee in peace and not have anyone hanging on me all day.


Motherhood is a crazy thing, girls. One day you will understand.

Rory- you were so excited to start 1st grade! You’ve been looking forward to going back to school all summer. I can’t wait to see how you grow this year in your knowledge and self confidence. I spend so much time praying for you and your sweet heart right now. You have big emotions and I know you are just having a hard time understanding all these new feelings that come with growing up. I’m praying so hard that you find a friend that is so kind and dear to you this year in your class. You are so kind to others and I’m so proud of you for that. I know you are going to shine this year academically and with your personality. IMG_3705

This morning you SERIOUSLY did not want me to walk you in. But you weren’t ashamed to give me a huge hug and kiss in front of your friends. I will cling to that as long as possible! IMG_3707

Oh, Rory. I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see you grow this year in 1st grade! Never let anyone dull your sparkle, girl!


Ryder- oh my precious Ryder. HOW, how how how how how, are you big enough for Kindergarten? You were so excited to go today you barely slept. Then I had the hardest time waking you up!


This morning you were SO SERIOUS about the whole process of getting ready and going to school. I love seeing you focus so intently and take every detail in. You are the silliest girl in the room but also can be the most serious. I love this about you. You looked so tiny walking the halls of school, but you are also ready for this. You have been so excited to start Kindergarten. I hope that excitement continues throughout the year. IMG_3687

My biggest prayer for you this year is that your self confidence grows and that you realize how smart you are. I think because Rory is so naturally smart and determined to learn it intimidates you so you think you aren’t as smart. Girlfriend, I have news for you. You are so smart and so brave and so amazing. I have prayed long and hard that you would get a sweet, nurturing teacher and I really think that is what God gave you. I cannot wait to see you learn and grow this year. I know you are so excited and I know you will completely dazzle everyone in your class like you do every single person you meet. We know you will keep everyone laughing and entertained all day long!IMG_3737

My beautiful girls – I am so incredibly proud to be your mother. I think you two are the most magnificent people in the entire world. I believe in you and know you are going to soar this year at school. I am so thankful I get to be your mama. Don’t ever forget that I love you more than anything. You are my most precious gifts. I am always here for you to listen, to hug, to wipe tears, and to cheer you on.  IMG_3763

I did a pretty good job holding my tears in and keeping it together this morning.


I was giving Ryder her last goodbye hug and she squeezed me tight and said, “Its okay mama- just be brave.” It flashed me back to all those years of doctor appointments and unknowns when I would whisper that into your ear. After you said that I straight up RAN out of that school because all the other moms were sobbing and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I made it to my car with just a few tears trickling and then let loose. I SOBBED and sobbed and sobbed all the way home. This growing up business is just so hard! But I’m so proud of you two going into school brave and strong. That makes all these years of hard work as your mom pay off!IMG_3764 I am praying for you all the time and am so excited to see you two grow this year! IMG_3756


a letter to Ryder on her 5th birthday.

My precious Ryder,


I know each letter starts the same- I simply cannot believe you are five. I know it won’t be long before I am writing you a letter on your 18th birthday and then I will surely be sobbing.

It is so true what they say- the days are long but the years are short. I remember when you were a baby and you screamed and cried all day and I thought I AM NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT. But guess what? I did and you are the most precious child of life and hardly ever cry anymore. (Thank goodness! hehe) Well, that is unless you are forced to be outside in the grass where it is touching your feet….IMG_0655

And by precious I mean that you are absolutely the sweetest, most tender hearted, loving STINKER of all time. You are the biggest aggravator I have ever known just short of your Papa. You drive all of us absolutely crazy with your aggravating ways but you also make us laugh more than anything on earth. It is your life goal to make others laugh. I love this about you. IMG_0638

Your oh-so-southern accent is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Your dad and I laugh all day every day over it. You have a flare for the dramatics and love to tell stories (a quality you most certainly got from me, ha!) and I could listen to you for hours. And I do listen for hours because, well, YOU NEVER STOP TALKING.

You are also so kind to others- even though you do have a mean streak. Whenever someone is hurt or crying you are the first to try and comfort. Yesterday you were talking about all the things you were going to buy with your birthday money and Rory got a little sad because she didn’t have any money and you whispered, “Rory, I will give you ten of my dollars so you can get something little too!” So, so sweet. IMG_0639

Even though you are so sweet, you also are not a door mat to be walked over. You are fiercely loyal and will be the first one to defend your sister or friends. You stand up for yourself which I am thankful for because I never had that courage as a child. Kids like to pick on you a little because you are so small but they quickly realize that is not going to fly with Ryder Harris.

I have also never seen a child more content than you. You can go to the store and go in the toy aisle and look at everything for hours and never ask to buy anything. You are so thankful for anything you get- I mean I could get you a stick and you would be overjoyed! ha! When you opened your presents this morning you had tears in your eyes because you were so excited. You gave me a million kisses and have thanked me over and over again. I hope you never lose your sense of contentment. It is probably your very best quality.

IMG_0635This year has been such a wonderful year. I loved having you in the afternoons all to myself. We napped, played, ran errands, and I just had the best time. I’m so glad I got that one-on-one time with you before you started Kindergarten.

Ryder, you are such a joy to me. You light up every room you walk into. You are the life of the party, the one with the best imagination, the miracle child that is so strong and brave. You face each day with joy and excitement. It is rare to find you grumpy. You always have the biggest smile on your face. Your laugh is so infectious and one of the best sounds I have ever heard. IMG_0637

Oh, Ryder. This year I have seen so many friends and acquaintances  lose their babies. Each time I remember how close I was to losing you and the thought crushes me. I cannot even imagine life without you and your joyful spirit. You are truly a miracle and blessing from God. I will never get over how thankful I am that you were healed and are here with me after 5 years.

Always remember that God is good all the time. He has proved that over and over again through your life and I’m so thankful. I love picking you up from Sunday School and hearing all about your Bible lesson. You soak in every single word with wonder and joy. I can tell you are going to be my child that doesn’t question as much because you just have faith. You believe truth and embrace it. I cannot wait for the day you accept Jesus into your heart. It is something I pray for every day.

Ryder Amelia, these five years with you (plus one more with Rory) have been the absolute best, hardest, most wonderful years of my life. You make each day more joyful and bright. There isn’t a single person like you- God made you perfectly wonderful. I am so thankful He chose me to be your mama. I have no greater joy than that.IMG_0640

I love you more than any words could ever convey. Or as you say- “I love you more than anything you say plus 100 to Jesus and back!”

Love you baby girl,



Four. (A letter to Ryder on her 4th birthday.)

Better late than never, right?!

My precious Ryder,

You are now FOUR! You have been four for over a week but it still seems so surreal.


Every year I have written your birthday post and have sobbed because we had made it through many obstacles. This year I am certain to cry tears of joy and thankfulness because it has been such a quiet year. A beautifully, quiet year.

As I sit here thinking of what to write to you, a ginormous and goofy grin spreads across my face because you are just so hilarious and silly and precious. I have so many words and yet none seem adequate.

Ryder, you give me so much unimaginable joy. There is no other word to describe you more than joyful. You always have a smile on your face and are always ready to make someone else smile too. Even when you are hurt you quickly start to smile. I thought I knew what joy was before I had you, but I surely did not because you have given me the perfect example of what the word means. I hope you never lose that joy.


You are so joyful, but you are also very intuitive to what other people are feeling. You are the very first person to try to make someone feel better. When Rory is in danger (usually on purpose ha!), you are her alarm and her encourager to do the right thing. If I’m ever down, you will come and rub my back and make me smile. This trait is one of my favorite things about you. It is irreplaceable in our home- we needed you and your intuitive spirit in our family.

Goodness knows that you are also hilarious. Rory has a very dry sense of humor that keeps us in stitches, but you are just downright silly. You are constantly making all of us laugh with your silly antics and hilarious faces.

10406750_10101433038137146_7734335378881738308_n IMG_0642 PCB15 889 PCB15 330151

Speaking of faces…. Girlfriend. No one has to guess what you are thinking. You are so insanely expressive and never hide how you feel. Sometimes that gets me into all kinds of embarrassing situations in public, but it is also something everyone that knows you loves. It is hilarious to watch you watching something. We can see ALL THE FEELS YOU HAVE all over your face.

PCB15 1388 PCB15 940 11214388_10152999911244220_4353946572796503448_n IMG_5403 10846473_10101442754530416_2536877993080646163_n

You are so dramatic that it keeps us in stitches. But you aren’t dramatic in a drama queen way- but in your expressions and the way you talk. Everything you tell us requires BIG HAND GESTURES AND DRAMATIC VOICE INFLECTIONS. You also have a wild and vivid imagination. You love to play by yourself and create a big dramatic world in your bedroom with your toys. Sometimes I sneak and sit and watch you without you knowing because it is the funniest and cutest thing to watch.

I have so many things that I say are my favorite thing about you because everything is my favorite, but the thing that truly is my favorite is how content you are. I could give you dirt and you would think it was the best day of your life. You are so abundantly thankful and content with everything. When we ask you what you want for your birthday you say, “Anything that you get me.” I MEAN COME ON. I literally think you’re my saving grace sometimes because of how content and thankful you are. I absolutely love this the most about you.

Though you aren’t sure of yourself often and struggle with anxiety over things (heights, darkness, failing at something), you are such an encourager to others. You are Rory’s biggest cheerleader. You are constantly encouraging her and cheering her on at everything she does. You encourage your dad and I too and there are so many times that I’m so thankful for your little encouragement throughout the day. You have no idea how much it means to all of us.


Ryder, I want you to know just how special you are to me. Your smile has gotten us through some of the hardest times in our lives. You should know that not a single day goes by that I don’t look at you and see your beautiful scar and thank God for saving you. I don’t ever want to dwell on the pain of the past, but I also want you to know that I could never forget because we saw so many miracles performed with you. Most of all, your life reflects grace in every aspect. You have no idea how thankful I am that this year was a year of no health scares and stillness. I feel like I got to enjoy you without worry for the first time in your life and that is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.

Oh, Ryder, I also want you to know that you are strong, smart, and oh so kind. You can do anything that you set your mind and heart to. I hope I can continue to encourage you to try because sometimes just trying is so hard for you. I hope I never skip out on teaching you how important it is to sometimes fail so we can be better the next time. It is so okay for you to fail. We all do, especially me. But if we don’t try and try again we will never know our potential. You have the potential to do anything you want to. Even if you don’t always believe in yourself, I promise you I will never stop believing in you.

You are my little sunshine and I thank God for you every single day. Your life has taught me more than I ever thought imaginable.


Love you to the moon and the heavens and back my precious one,




– 27 lbs

– size 3t (sometimes you wear 2 t and sometimes 4t – you have such long legs but are skinny so sizing is a struggle!)

– size 6ish shoe

– Favorite Foods: sausage, waffles, peanut butter crackers, oatmeal, brussel sprouts, CHICKEN, cooked onions, okra, corn, strawberries – you are such an amazing eater and a true lover of food, your dad and I always joke that you didn’t get enough food the first year or two so now you are trying to make up for it!

– you love to play by yourself but you also love playing board games and puzzles with the family

– you love to sing and are quite dramatic when doing so

– favorite movie : Ice Age, Despicable Me, anything that gets you laughing… and of course Frozen – you aren’t a big tv watcher

– you LOVE to read books, sometimes I will find you HOURS after bedtime still reading to your barbies or stuffed animals





Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryder!

Ryder is TWO YEARS OLD today!

It completely blows my mind that she is two. Like, COMPLETELY blows my mind. I can’t believe we have made it out of the baby stage and into the terrible twos!

It seems like yesterday that I was holding her for the very first time.


And now today after many ups and downs through these two years, she’s a little spit-fire. Rough but prissy. Strong willed and sweet as pie. Hilarious and oh-so-serious. She is the perfect combination of everything I could ever want in a little girl. She’s just like her big sister Rory in so many ways, and nothing like her in just as many.

Ryder at 2 years old:

– you LOVE to eat. Oh yes, this is a big surprise to all of us! Hard to believe you wouldn’t eat at all your first year of life! Your favorite foods are sausage, waffles, peaches, chips, pop tarts, spaghetti… basically you are a meat and potatoes/pasta and bread person. You will try anything but have a hard time liking most veggies and some fruits.

– you yell for Rory every morning when you wake up. It’s hilarious. You yell her name until someone comes in there and you aren’t happy if someone else besides her comes in to get you. It is so sweet to see how close you two girls are. I pray you are always best friends.

– you wear size 18 months clothes, size 4 shoe

– you are 22 lbs! We are so excited about this!

IMG_7733 IMG_7729 IMG_7817

We had a birthday party for Ryder on Friday night and we all had a blast, but especially Ryder. She was so cute and it was such a care-free, low key party. It was perfect!

The theme was “You Are My Sunshine” because Ryder is exactly that- a little sunshine in our world. I barely had any decorations because it was a pool party, but I did love the little things I put together. Simple and cute, just like my birthday girl!

My amazing friend, Erin, created the invites for me and they were perfect! They inspired the rest of the party decor.





My favorite decorations are always pictures of kids throughout the years.


IMG_7766 IMG_7771 IMG_7774 IMG_7775 IMG_7783 IMG_7789 IMG_7800

I loved celebrating your life with our friends and family! You were so well behaved and so cute telling everyone thank you.


Dear Ryder,

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since you rocked our world with your lively spirit and your tenacity to fight through all your health issues. You still have that lively spirit and fight in you- I see it every single day. 

Being your mom has been the hardest and absolute best experience of my life. Between your early heart struggles and now your allergies, there has been a constant battle with you.

But the thing I admire most about you, and the thing I’ve learned the most from you, is to be tough and keep on fighting with a smile on our faces. Even through all your pain and struggles you have always, always been extremely happy and easy-going. Honestly, it is hard to even believe you HAVE had so many struggles because you are the happiest kid on the planet. I am so thankful that you have taught me to keep smiling and keep fighting- I needed that reminder a lot over the past two years.

Your laughter is so contagious and you are quite the little comedian. You can be painfully serious and then burst into giggle fits within seconds. I think you are going to end up having a dry sense of humor one day. You keep all that know you laughing, because you really are quite hilarious.

Tonight you let me rock you for a minute before bed and tears trickled down my cheeks as I thought about all the times I’ve rocked you the past two years. I loved rocking you as an infant and holding you close because it felt safer, like I was protecting you and your heart from any harm. I absolutely cherished the snuggles and rocking and love I got with you when you were in the hospital getting stronger for surgery. That was such a precious time for me. I loved rocking you to sooth you all those nights that your tummy was hurting. It was incredibly hard to be up all night but I still loved being the one who soothed you. And now I still love rocking you when you will let me because I can already see the time is drawing near when you won’t want me to rock you anymore. It breaks my heart but I also love that you are so fiercely independent. 

Ryder, you are just so precious to me. I cherish you more than you could ever know. Being your momma (and Rory’s) has been my biggest blessing in life. I can’t wait to see how you grow this year and all the years after. I love you so very much my giggly girl. You really are my sunshine.

Love, Momma


Life has been busy the past few days and I’ve been trying to get into my new groove.

Over the weekend I was quite grumpy with Andy at random times and the sight of him was just ticking me off.

He had done NOTHING to make me mad. I even got some free time this weekend.

I knew I was being irrational but couldn’t figure out WHY I WAS SO ANGRY WITH HIM.

Then it hit me.

I’m hangry.

Hangry = hunger induced anger.

He was still eating the same ole stuff while I was having salads and other various health food and I realized that for some reason I was so mad at him about the whole thing subconsciously.

Women are quite hard to deal with after all.

We get mad at you and WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY, which is totally rational.

So, after my revelation, I tried to be less hangry with Andy.

I’ll let you know if this continues or if the hanger takes over again.


In the midst of the New Years/Christmas stuff, Ryder turned 18 months old.

How? Why? How?

I seriously can’t believe it!

I will do a more formal 18 Month post if I ever get some good pictures of her. That’ll be my goal for the week.

I did get a little video of her talking, though!

Because of the crazy flu outbreak this year, Rory’s Christmas program ended up being rescheduled to yesterday. I was so glad because we thought we missed it while on the cruise!

Rory’s class were little bunnies! They were SO cute!


I got two videos of the program- Rory is on the front right most of the time. Hope you can find her!

Hope you liked the videos! Happy Wednesday!

Happy 1st Birthday, Ryder!

I am ONE YEAR OLD today!

As you can see, I have started pulling up! Mommy and Daddy had to lower my bed!

I have had the best couple of weeks with Mommy AND Daddy at home! I’m really starting to love on Daddy more and not be such a Momma’s girl.

I started really crawling the past week or so. I still scoot a lot, but if I really want to go fast (like when I try to get away from mom and dad!), I will get on all fours and go!

I’m a mischievous little stinker like my big sister, Rory. My favorite word is “no” and I think it is so funny when someone tells me “no”. I think mom and dad are scared!

Here are my stats for one year:

– 18 lbs and 31 inches long! I grew FOUR inches since 9 months! I’m going to be tall!

– Eating like a champ. FINALLY! I love almost all table foods and am such a good eater! Although, mommy gave me refried beans tonight and I screamed and pitched a big fit about it. They were nasty!

– Wearing 6-9 mo clothes. I’m really starting to catch up!

– Size 2 shoe and size 3 diapers.

– Saying “no”, “dada”, “momma”, “dog”, “ball”, “whoa”, “Jers”… and shaking my head “no” whenever someone asks me a question. I think this is hilarious!

– Sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT 7pm to at least 6:15am. (Hallelujah and amen! Now if we could get Rory to sleep… ha!)

Here I am from birth to 12 months- can you believe how much I’ve grown?!

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

Thank you for being there for all of us this year and praying for me! I’m one tough little girl and am feeling so wonderful all the time now!


Dear Ryder,

I honestly can’t believe its been a year since you were born. Time has gone by so slow and too fast all at the same time. When you were little I thought we’d never get to this day, and now I can’t believe we are here, celebrating your first year.

I talk a lot about how hard this year has been, but I want you to know that it has been the most precious year of my life as well. You have taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I have a new sense of faith and hope that I would have never experienced had we not had you. I have experienced a peace beyond understanding, a peace I had no idea existed. When I handed you off to the surgeon, my body was flooded with that peace and comfort because I knew you were God’s child and He was with you and with me in our darkest hour.

Because of you I have experienced friendship like never before as well. People flooded me with kindness and love. Friends prayed for us without ceasing. They were there for me, encouraging me and asking others to pray for you. I realized what true friendship was and also found out what a Christian family really is.

I learned about patience and calmness this year after your birth. There was no other way with you besides to have patience and remain calm in the chaos around me those months before surgery and right after.

I learned how to be a better mom, wife, friend, sister, etc. I learned about letting go of things that hurt me in the past and moving on with relationships to make them better and closer.

And probably the most important lesson I have learned is to let go. That was a hard lesson for me to learn, but as soon as I finally, truly gave you to the Lord everything seemed to come into place. Though it was still so hard to see you so sick, I knew that God was going to take care of our family no matter what. Of course I pleaded with Jesus as you walked through those surgery unit doors to not take you away forever… oh, how I pleaded. But I knew that even if He did that I would be blessed for giving you to Him completely.

I am so thankful that God worked miracles in your life and healed you completely. I am so thankful for the smile He gave you at such an early age (no exaggeration, by one month you were “social” smiling… we have so many witnesses to this miracle) that helped me remain positive and hopeful. I can’t express how thankful I am that even with tubes running out of you from everywhere, you still always had a smile on your face. It surely kept a smile on mine.

Now, at one, you are the most precious, happy “baby” that has ever lived! Your personality has just blossomed and you are so hilarious. You have a major flare for the dramatics and are always keeping us in stitches. You are very strong-willed and independent. I never thought you’d be as strong-willed as Rory, but I think you have her beat now! You and Rory are so much a like, its scary at times! Rory is your best friend, and you are hers, and you two have the best time together. Y’all wrestle, giggle, hug, fight, and love on each other all day long. You both keep me on my toes and I love every second even though it’s so exhausting.

You have taught me and many others so much this year about God’s power and amazing, grace-filled love for us. I wouldn’t change a single thing because I know it has made us a closer family and me a better person.

I promise to never forget to treasure you and to never forget what we went through and overcame by the grace of God. Thank you for giving me the most amazing year of my life.

I love you more than words could ever say,






I’m ELEVEN months old today and I’m just giddy about it, can’t you tell?!

In just ONE month I will be a whole year old. I’m getting so big!

This month has been a really fun month for me because I’m able to get around wherever I want to go now. I’m a scootin’ fool, y’all! Mommy and Daddy don’t think I will ever really crawl because I am so fast at scooting on my bottom. I’m also starting to try to pull up some too.

Another big new change this month is that I FINALLY have a tooth! I have one tooth all the way out on the bottom but Mommy thinks I have a couple of more coming in right now too. Everyone is so excited that I’m getting teeth and I am too, but MAN do they hurt! I’ve been pretty grumpy about the whole tooth thing!

Daddy and Mommy are always laughing at me because I’m so sneaky. And I am always trying to get in and OUT of trouble. I scoot away as fast as I can if I have something I’m not supposed to. And if they start coming at me to take something away I throw it as hard as I can. Mom and Dad say that I’m going to be a worse stinker than Rory, can you believe that?!

I love to reach and grab people. I pretend like I’m hugging but really I’m kind of mean about it. I pull Mommy’s hair and Rory’s hair all the time. And I pinch Daddy’s face. Mommy has started really having to start getting onto me about it, but it hasn’t slowed me down at all.

Here’s my stats at 11 months:

– I weigh over 17 lbs!!! I’ve jumped up to the 10th percentile! Woohoo!

– I eat 5 oz bottles (well, I’m supposed to but I don’t always eat my bottles)

– I wear 3-6 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

– I’m eating table food like crazy! Once mommy gave up trying to feed me baby food I have really taken off with my eating and love to feed myself! I love veggies, cereal bars, beans, meat, etc. She will pretty much eat anything you give her.

– Saying “mamamamama”, “daddY” (so stinkin’ cute), “dawww” (dog), “uh ohhhh”

Here is a little video of me and Rory playing. Its a little long (5 min or so), but Mommy wanted to catch me playing like usual so everyone could see!

See y’all next month when I’m ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!


For so long I was naive and believed that my precious, tiny, happy, smiley Ryder would never grow out of me taking her monthly pictures.


Today she grew out of them.

And there was a lot of attitude involved.

I am mourning the loss of this time.


Ryder is TEN MONTHS OLD today!

Little squirt is still as sweet as ever and this has been a really fun month!

She’s more active and is getting around everywhere.

No, she isn’t crawling, she’s scooting! She scoots on her little butt everywhere. You’ll think she’s so slow and then you leave the room for a second and come back and she’ll be all the way across the room. She’s incredibly sneaky!

Ryder is into everything too and Andy and I call her our little tornado. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to dump everything out of baskets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

Ryder loves to dance these days too. Anytime music comes on she dances away. Its so cute! Rory was always (still is!) the same way when it came to music.

Ryder is so much like Rory in so many ways- her sneakiness, her ability to make everyone laugh, her love for animals, her dancing skills, and her devilish smile.

But they are SO different in a lot of ways too- Ryder is a wonderful sleeper (Rory is NOT), Ryder hates to be touched for the most part and Rory is a huge snuggler, Ryder is VERY meticulous when it comes to eating and at this age Rory just scooped what she wanted in her mouth and threw it down.

Not Ryder though- she picks up every.single.bite one by one and eats every bite without wasting any food from her table. Which is hilarious seeing as we cannot get her to eat a bottle ever and she refused to eat baby food or anything from a spoon.

Ryder has started pulling up some, just on her knees. Isn’t that face hilarious?! She was so proud!

Rory “helped” me get pictures of Ryder today which is probably the reason I got ONE good picture- ha!

Those girls are the best of friends these days. Ryder ADORES Rory and thinks every thing she does is hysterical. Rory has gotten very protective of Ryder too so its a lot of fun!

The above picture is Ryder waving “bye”. Half the time she just sticks her arm straight out like that and says “ba! ba!” without moving her arm. Its hilarious! Miss Anna and Miss Nora have been teaching her to wave though so she’s starting to do that more and more!

Here’s the stats for Ryder at 10 months:

– Weighs 15.8! (Just weighed her yesterday- 3rd percentile)

– “Eating” 5 oz bottles… except that she never takes a full one because she’s too busy. And she doesn’t want anyone holding the bottle for her now. She wants to do it herself! (And I am NOT complaining on that one!)

– Size 3 diaper.

– Size 3-6 month clothes. I’ve been trying to find some shoes for her but her foot is so tiny and skinny nothing at all fits.

– Eating all kinds of table foods! She’s a great eater when it comes to table food. Unfortunately it’s really no caloric value at this point so thats why she’s stalling on the gaining weight for now.

– Saying dada, dog (doh), bye bye (bah bah), no no no, and very rarely mama. (Little butt. ha!) Also waving bye and giving high fives!

Just TWO MORE MONTHS until I’m ONE! Can you believe it?!

Nine Months Old! (and other surprise traditions)

Time is really starting to fly- I’m NINE months old today!

This has been the best month for me yet! I am happy and playful ALL the time! I always have a huge smile on my face!

Daddy and Mommy call me “the flirt” because I love to smile a flirty smile at everyone I see. I also love to do my flirty smile right before I do something mean like pull hair or pinch you!

I’ve gotten to be quite the stinker myself these days, but I learn from the best- my sister Rory! Mommy and Daddy are going to have their hands full with us two!

I started going to Mother’s Day Out this month and I am LOVING it. Everyone was so worried about how I’d do away from my Mommy since I used to be so attached to her, but I’m doing awesome! Mrs. Nora even said I was the best baby in the room! I love my teachers Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Nora- they are the sweetest ladies in the world!

Going to MDO has helped me so much too. I’m no longer fussy and clingy during the days. I’ve also finally gotten more interested in moving. I’m nowhere near crawling yet, but I’ve been getting on my tummy more and more! And I’m starting to love jumping in my excersaucer! I think its so fun to jump- I just laugh and laugh the whole time!

The other big thing I’m doing this month is eating so much better! I’ve been eating my bottles pretty good and will even hold the bottle all by myself. Mommy loves that I can feed myself so she can do other things if she needs to during my feeding time. I’m also loving table food! I eat lots of soft solids- broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, puffs, etc. My absolute favorite food is broccoli though!

Here’s my stats for this month:

– I weigh about 15 lbs! I’ve been fluctuating between 14 and 15 lately.

– I am in 3-6 month clothes! Mommy (and especially Daddy!) is so happy because I’m the size Rory was her first summer so I get to wear all her summer clothes!

– I wear size 3 diaper.

– I hate anything on my feet just like my sister!

– Taking 5 oz bottles.

– SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Mommy is scared to even say that because she doesn’t want to jinx it but I’ve been sleeping 7pm-7am pretty consistently for about a month. Now if only I could teach Rory to sleep through the night so she wouldn’t wake me up sometimes!

– I say “dada” and “nonononono” all day long. I’m also saying what the parents think is “dog” and I’ve been saying “mama” sometimes too.

Only three more months until I’m ONE year old! Can you believe it?! See y’all next month!


Tiffany here.

On Rory’s nine month birthday I took a pregnancy test that was positive.

In keeping with tradition I decided to take one today just for kicks and grins.

PS: My plan backfired.

PPS: Andy literally had a heart attack. He was telling me he was getting me fixed IMMEDIATELY.

PPPS: I thought he was going to hit me in the face when I said “April fool’s”!

PPPPS: I got you too, didn’t I?