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I’m TEN Months Old!

That’s right, folks! I’m no longer in the single digits! Can you believe I’m ten months old?!

Today has been a busy day filled with church, lunch party, napping, and now a Sunday School party tonight! I’m going to be worn out!

Since its December I told Mommy I wanted to go festive with my clothing. My Great Mimi sent me a Santa Claus outfit so thats what I’m wearing in my ten month photos.

and of course I needed a picture to show y’all that I’m still a little funny and mischievous thing…

My favorite thing to do in my bed is jump, jump, jump! Mommy says/sings “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” and I think thats just so funny!

Mommy thought I looked so cute in my Santa outfit! As you can see I’m being really sweet just so Santa will come see me!

So what’s up with me at ten months?!

  • I’m eating solid foods! I still hate chicken for some reason, but love ham and turkey. My favorite foods are vegetables still and mac and cheese!
  • I eat 4-5 9 ounce bottles a day.
  • I have been sleeping all night! And I’ve been sleeping from 7:30 to 6 or 6:30. Before our trip I always woke up at 5:30 no matter what, so Mommy and Daddy are really happy!
  • I wear 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes. I still don’t like shoes on my feet, but I’m getting better about leaving them on.
  • I say “Dada”, “Mama”, “Dog” (my favorite word), “bye, bye”, “Papa”, and “no no no no no” (my second favorite word).
  • I’m crawling so fast people can’t keep up with me!
  • I have started standing up on the couch or other furniture and am letting go for short periods. I cruise all around the couch and have started to try and reach for another piece of furniture off the couch.

Can’t wait to tell you what Santa brings me! Merry Christmas!

I’m NINE months old!

Can you believe it? Is it true? I’m NINE months old, y’all!

These days I just love to go, go, go! I want to crawl and pull up and stand up all day long! I love chasing Jackson and Jersey all over the house.

Mommy says its getting harder and harder to get my picture, but I just can’t help it! I don’t want to sit still and smile for that long!

Today we went to the park and took some pictures. That was WAY more fun than taking pictures in my crib! I let Mommy get a couple of what she calls “official” pictures in my bed, but she had to be quick!

Mommy wants everyone to see how much my hair has grown and gotten thicker!

So what am I up to these days?

  • I weigh about 20 lbs! We’re going to the doctor on Monday so we’ll know for sure then.
  • I wear 6-9 month clothes mostly but can still fit into most of my 3-6 month clothes.
  • Mommy keeps trying to make me wear shoes. I do not like them on my feet! I always kick them off as fast as I can!
  • I say “DADA” and “DOG” all day long.
  • I eat about four 9 oz bottles a day.
  • I’m starting to eat some table food (sweet peas, carrots, banana, diced fruit) and still love my puffs! I eat about 2-3 baby food meals a day and have about two snacks a day. Yogurt Melts are my new favorite snack!
  • I am an expert crawler now! I am so fast and can get anywhere I want in a second!
  • Pulling up is one of my favorite things to do. I pull up on everything- people, furniture, walls, the dogs, etc. I’m starting to walk around the couch holding on to it.
  • I’m sleeping through the night pretty consistently. Sometimes I wake up and put myself back to sleep or Mommy comes in and pats me to help.

Eight Months Old!

(Before Rory begins her monthly post, I want to say that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a picture of her now. You will be able to tell by her “official” eight month pictures. So for some of her pictures I am putting up the ones from the pumpkin village in Dallas!)

I’M EIGHT MONTHS OLD! And I am busy bee now! I always want to go, go, go! Mommy and Daddy say they’re exhausted by the end of the day chasing me around!

I’m so fun. I get into everything and Mommy calls me a mess. I love crawling and pulling up and grabbing anything and everything within reach!

Now THIS is much more fun than paying attention to Mommy!

hehehehehe! I’m not going to cooperate today!

(Side Note: See what I mean now about impossible?!!!!!!!)

So what am I up to these days?

  • crawling!!!!
  • pulling up
  • eating 8 oz bottles, and about 4 things of fruits/veggies a day
  • eating puffs like they are going out of style!
  • eating some solids- carrots, sweet potatoes, rice, mashed potatoes, bread, tomatoes (and also a pickle and a lemon because Mommy and Daddy wanted to see my face- much to their surprise I liked both of them!)
  • saying a couple of words/sounds- Dada, Mama, Papa, Bye bye (bah bah)… or I was until Papa came and now I only say “Papa” (side note: seriously. she ONLY says “Papa” now.)
  • growling when I’m frustrated/mad
  • wearing size 3-6 months and starting to finally fit into 6-9 months well
  • I have two teeth and have started working on some more! I’m teething BAD right now!
  • I’m just busy, busy, busy all the time!

See y’all in November!

Seven Months Old!

I’m seven months old! And guess how I’m spending my 7 month birthday? In the doctor’s office! I’ve got a runny nose and a little cough and am just feeling so yucky. Not a fun month birthday day!

Honestly, I’m shocked (can’t you tell in the picture?) that I’m already seven months old. Where did the time go?

Since I’ve been feeling pretty bad this weekend (and Mommy is sick too) we didn’t do anything too crazy with the pictures this month. So we’ll do a little thing called “the many faces of Rory” instead of a lot of writing.

Happy Faces

Laughing Faces

Fake Laugh Face

Act like I’m not paying attention/ignoring Mommy Face

(don’t you love Jackson in the background?)

What you lookin’ at/Is this over yet Face

Thoughtful Face

A special thanks to our beloved Jersey, that kept Rory entertained, laughing, and smiling the whole time.

What’s up with me this month?

  • I weigh 18.7 lbs!
  • I still wear some 0-3 month stuff, but mostly I wear 3-6 month. The 6-9 month clothes are way big still.
  • I’m eating Stage 2 Foods and am LOVING them. I’m eating more and more food and not so many bottles. I probably eat 3 to 4 eight oz bottles a day.
  • Rolling is my favorite thing to do still, and I have it down to an art. I’m trying so hard to crawl but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.
  • I have TWO teeth!

I also want to say something to some VERY special people…

I love you Mimi, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa!

I’m SIX months old!

Oh my word, can you believe it?! I’m six months old! I told Mommy she better start planning my first birthday party STAT!

This is what I looked like at one month until now- can you believe how I’ve grown?!

Mom tried for DAYS to take my picture to get some really great smiley ones. She got some, but I wasn’t giving a whole lot of smiles out for that darn flashy thing.

Now let me tell you something… I’m kinda annoyed with having my picture taken. That dang thing flashes and beeps at me constantly. And what’s with the bright orange light that is constantly shining in my face?!

Mommy got a whole lot of pictures of me not smiling though, and some of them are super cute too. Mommy and Daddy laughed and laughed over these pictures where I refused to look at the camera. Hey- when a girl’s tired of the paparazzi, she’s just tired, okay?!

This is ridiculous. Don’t you know its 100 degrees out here?!

Whatever you do…

don’t make…

eye contact…

with camera.

chewing on my dress is way more fun

ooo… I almost got it…

Yes, got it!

maybe she won’t notice me sticking my tongue out at her if I bend my head down…

I think this torture is almost over now…

Let me tell you what I’m up to these days…

  • I weigh 18 lbs!
  • Eating 7 ounce bottles and eating three food meals a day. I like everything, but veggies are what I like best. Green beans, sweet peas, and carrots are my favorite veggies.
  • Wearing a size 2 diaper, but I’m going to go up a size soon!
  • I wear 3-6 months clothing, but I still have some 0-3 stuff I can wear.
  • I really like when Mom gives me a sippy cup but she can’t take it away from me once she does so its rare that I get it. Pear juice is my favorite!
  • I still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I also like Phineas and Ferb. Mommy only lets me watch one show a day while she cleans though.
  • Jackson and Jersey make me laugh more than anything. I’m starting to pull their hair, though, and Mommy always says, “no no,” when I do.
  • I take two long naps a day (about an hour and a half to two hours)- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Mommy says she loves this new schedule.
  • I go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 usually and sleep until about 7 in the morning.
  • My new thing is to squeal as loud as I can. After I found out how loud I could do it, I realized how fun it was! Jackson goes crazy over it and I laugh and laugh when he barks back at me.

Well, thats all I’ve got for now. Check back next month when I’m seven months old! I’m going to work on crawling between now and then. Maybe I’ll be able to tell y’all that I’m an expert crawler then!


Can you believe it?! I’m 5 months old!

The Three Musketeers (daddy, mommy, and me, of course!) went shopping this weekend! I love going shopping! Daddy got me dressed to go and don’t I look so cute?! I love it when Daddy picks out my clothes! Do y’all like my shoes?!

Well Mommy thought I looked so cute in this outfit, so she decided to take pictures of me in this as my “casual outfit” for my 5 month pictures. She’s just so silly.

I’m getting bigger than my friends now!

We went into the Nautica Outlet store while we were shopping and Daddy picked out the cutest outfit for me. I absolutely loved it! So, naturally, Mommy decided it’d be my “dressy” outfit for the 5 months pictures!

Don’t I look so cute in my polo and skirt?!

I love blowing bubbles with my tongue! Its the funnest thing ever!

You should have seen Mom and Dad trying to get me to smile for the camera! They were jumping up and down, making crazy faces and noises, and just being so silly. I think its so funny to ignore them and let them make a fool out of themselves.

I can sit up pretty good now by myself, but I’m just learning to balance so sometimes I flop over. Daddy calls it the “beached whale”.  He’s so silly.

Everyone always laughs because I have such a personality and Mommy thought this picture showed it perfectly. I was so over and done with smiling for these pictures! Hey! When a girl is tired of taking pictures, she’s just tired!

Well at five months old I’m doing all kinds of things!

  • I weigh 16 lbs!
  • I’m eating all the fruits and veggies. Mom tried feeding me bananas three more times and I HATE them! Yuck!
  • I just found out that my thumb is so neat! I love to suck on it and chew on it.
  • Woowee, I am teething so bad! I drool all the time! Chewing on my toys and hands is my favorite thing to do!
  • I’m rolling all over the place. Sometimes when I’m on my belly I can get my knees all the way up under me and then I flop forward! Hey, it gets me to where I want to go for now!
  • I love to go, go, go! I’m always such a sweet girl when we go shopping and run errands.

See y’all next month!

Four Months Old!

Hey y’all! I’m back for my monthly post! Its been a great month!

Mommy got a couple of pictures but its getting harder and harder to keep my attention. I’m just too busy looking at everything else!

Then after we got home from our weekend away in Dallas, Daddy helped Mommy take some pictures! He’s much more entertaining than Mommy and I smiled at him the whole time!

oh Daddy, I love you so much!

okay. I’m done with the pictures now.

Now, y’all might be wondering why I am so shiny looking. Well our air went out and its still not fixed and my room is the hottest in the entire house! So I don’t go in there much at all right now.

Here’s a list of things I’m doing now:

  • eating cereal- for real now. Last month I told you I was eating cereal but I decided for a while I didn’t like it. Now I really really love it. I eat so good! I also am drinking six ounce bottles now!
  • I CAN sleep through the night but I don’t anymore. Mommy says I’m teething or going through a growth spurt because I wake up starving and eat a whole bottle at night! Well, except for on the weekends. I think it gets on Mommy’s nerves, but I like to sleep through the night AND sleep late on the weekends. Its Dad’s nights to wake up with me, so I guess that’s why Mom gets frustrated- hehe!
  • I’m reaching and grabbing onto everything now. When I play on my excersaucer, I grab all the toys on it and put them in my mouth. And I eat my hands ALL THE TIME.
  • Kissing is my favorite thing to do. I kiss Dad and Mom, the dogs, and everyone that’ll let me!
  • Playhouse Disney is my favorite. Every morning I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I laugh and talk to Mickey and all the characters. I love all the colors and songs they sing.
  • I’m rolling over pretty good. And at tummy time I really try and get up on my knees. Mommy says she’s not ready for that yet though!
  • I’m a “supported sitter” now. I sit and hold myself up pretty good for a minute but I put my hands down and can hold myself up with them.

Mommy and Daddy say that I’m the happiest baby on earth. I laugh and smile all the time.

Can’t wait to tell everyone what I’m up to next month!

I’m Three Months Old!

Man, this has been a crazy month! From taking that LONG trip to Florida, mommy’s surgery and Mimi and Aunt Brenda coming, Dad’s annual outage, and my ER trip… whew! Its been a long month!

Today Mommy made me take pictures but I just wasn’t in the mood. She tried several times, but I’m just not in the mood to smile at the camera really- its getting on my nerves flashing at me! I had to go to the doctor to check on my boo boo on my head and I am just tired after all of that! Mom managed to get a few smiles/half smiles out of me though. She’s just too funny!

Once again Mommy had to put me in a dressy and casual outfit!

So tired, and so over it.

Don’t you like my little dress? I sure did! Dresses are my favorite because I don’t get hot in them!

Fine, I’ll sorta smile. Are you happy now??!!

Maybe if I start ignoring her she’ll stop taking my picture.

This is my “ooooo” face. I love to talk back to Daddy and Mommy.

Okay. I’m going to roll over away from her so she will for real stop with the pictures.

I weigh 12 lbs 14 oz! The doctor said I’m advanced for my age as far as holding my head up and turning over. I sure did show out for him today at my appointment!

Here’s a list of things I’m doing now that I’m three months old!

  • Sleeping through the night! And I have a really great day schedule of two long naps. I love having a schedule!
  • Boy am I teething! I just suck on my hands all the time and try to put everything in my mouth to chew on. I love my chew toys!
  • “Talking”! When Mommy sings to me I “sing” back to her and when Daddy talks to me I “talk” back. They think I’m saying “I love you” but really I’m saying things like “I’m hungry” or “you got  a booger, did you know that?” or “something stinks”. Hehe! Don’t tell them though!
  • I love “kissing”. Mommy and Daddy will turn their cheek and I’ll lean in for a big ole wet open mouth kiss on their cheek! I also “kiss” Jackson and Jersey!
  • I’m eating cereal out of a spoon! Mom is going to post a video and pictures of that tomorrow. I love rice cereal, I only wish it wouldn’t take so long between bites!
  • I can roll over from my back to my side and sometimes from back to stomach. I’m getting really good at this!

See y’all next month! 🙂