Rory's Monthly Posts

23 Months?

Wait. No. No no no no no no no no no no no no. Rory CAN’T be 23 months because then that would mean she’d be two in a month and she can’t POSSIBLY be TWO! (!!!!) In honor of the almost-two-year-old I will do a Stinker Update for all of you. 1) Rory aka… Read More 23 Months?

Rory Eve, Rory's Monthly Posts

20 Months Old!

Oh, Rory how are you 20 months old?! Only 4 short months until your second birthday! I just can’t handle it! Guess I need to start planning! This is what Rory looked like this time last year- ahhhhhhh! where did the time go?!!!!!!!!! You are just as fun-loving, charming, sweet, and of course mischievous as… Read More 20 Months Old!

Rory's Monthly Posts

16 Months Old!

Today Rory turned 16 months old! I decided to get some better pictures of her since normally she is running from the camera. And thanks to my lovely assistant, Andy, I was able to get a few and she cooperated for about 30 seconds! Our sweet Rory girl continues to bless us every day with… Read More 16 Months Old!