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23 Months?

Wait. No.

No no no no no no no no no no no no.

Rory CAN’T be 23 months because then that would mean she’d be two in a month and she can’t POSSIBLY be TWO!


In honor of the almost-two-year-old I will do a Stinker Update for all of you.

1) Rory aka Stinker has been mighty bossy lately. If Ryder (“sisser” or “Ryyyyyydur”) touches something Rory doesn’t want her to touch she says, “no ma’am Ryyydur, I spankin’ you!”. All complete with a little finger waving in her face.

Side note: She gets the bossiness from the Davis side. Just FYI.

2) Stinker was a BIG stinker yesterday.

We have no idea how this happened. We just went into her playroom and found it and she said “ohhhh no”. Lovely. Who the heck knows. Oh well, its fixable and just a “thing”. But that explains why I’m not answering anything on there. It actually looks worse now, all the cracks ran over night so I can’t see anything at all. Stinker.

3) She has been escaping to the backyard quite a bit. Thank goodness its relatively safe out there. We are talking about Rory here though, so no where is 100% safe with her. Here she is enjoying her new found freedom, all decked out ready to go four-wheeling!

Is she not the cutest 23 month old you’ve ever seen?!

I  had some big plans for her birthday this year and I’m so sad because Andy has a business trip so we can’t do what we had planned. But I’m also so excited because since he’ll be gone for 2 weeks, I’m going to TN to stay with my parents! Yay! And then my parents have offered to keep the girls while I fly up and spend some time with Andy at the end of his trip! Which means I GET TO SLEEP, PEOPLE! I’m so so so so excited! So if you want to see us while we are in TN, let me know and we will plan a playdate!


Could it be?!!!

Wait, could it be? Could that be a SMILE I see???

Oh my word, it IS a smile!

Yesterday I had to go all out and make girlfriend laugh her butt off to take a picture. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening.

Rory is by far the cutest kid I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, I’m totally partial to her, but dang… kid is CUTE. ha!

She started two weeks ago at a new MDO type program called Kiddie Kollege. The classroom size is much smaller and its very structured. Rory is loving it. She goes right in without a single hesitation or tear and says, “bye bye Mommy, loooove you” and turns her back on me. Where is my baby?!!!

Yesterday the director of the school/art teacher and the music teacher stopped to talk to me about Rory. I was a bit nervous about what they were going to say because, let’s face it, she can be a handful. But they told me that her vocabulary is way more “advanced” for her age group and that she is so smart. Who doesn’t want to hear that?!

Then the director told me that they were watching a video to distract the kids while they were doing a craft that was more one on one and Rory was really into it. She said she was pointing and telling all the kids what everthing was on the screen.

And then she named all her shapes and colors.

Which, of course, I am quite proud of…


she is a heifer. I try 20 times a day to get her to say shapes and colors to me and we usually don’t get past “purple circle”. Well I guess she’s retained it and decides to show off her skills to someone else! What in the world?! She still won’t do it for me, by the way. Stinker.

Its hard to believe that she’s 21 months, almost TWO! How? Why? When?

But she is getting more and more fun each day. We are still going to be every night laughing at the things she says and does.

And thanks to Ryder’s new eating habits (meaning she’s actually eating!) things have all of a sudden gotten easier around here. Andy and I were talking about how this week its all of a sudden manageable again. Finally!

Mommy loves you Stinker!

Four Months Old!

I’m Four Months Old!

(Mommy insert: I put this dress on Ryder and didn’t even realize that it was the dress Rory wore for her four month post. Little cuties, makes me sad because Rory is such a big girl now and I know Ryder will be that big before I can blink! Also, looking at that it makes me realize that Ryder is behind Rory on a lot at this age. I can’t help but feel a little defeated. She will catch up though! Do you think they look alike still??)

Sorry, Mommy tried to hijack my post!

I am getting to be such a big girl! I love love love to sit in my bumbo chair that my fairy godmother Erin got us. I will sit in it forever, especially on the floor when Rory is playing around me.

I laugh ALL THE TIME. It was really hard for Mommy to get a good picture today because I was moving and laughing so hard. I can’t help it if I’m funny though!

I am such a good baby. Despite my acid reflux and other “issues” I am easy to care for. All mommy has to do is lay me in my bed at night and I go right to sleep. I’m happy to play in my bed or on my floor mat too. Although, I’m a TOTAL Mommy’s girl right now. There are times in the day where I don’t want anyone but Mommy holding me and no one else can get me settled. I also don’t like to let anyone but mom feed me. Pretty sure she’s exhausted from it though! Maybe I should give her a break??? Nah.

Speaking of sleep- I’m sleeping pretty good! I get up only once every night and sometimes sleep past seven!

I’ve also started “talking” and blowing bubbles all the time! Mommy and Daddy think its so cute how I respond by to them with my little coos and babbles. Rory thinks its hilarious if I squeal out at her and she loves to coo at me too.

I am reaching out and grabbing everything now. I love to pull Mommy’s hair and Rory’s hair. I think its so funny!

Mommy and Daddy think I’m going to be as big of a Stinker as Rory. I don’t know what they are talking about though!

At four months old I…

… weigh 11.1 lbs (lost two ounces)

… wear size 2 diapers

… wear mostly 0-3 month clothes and the occasional 3-6 month outfit

… drink 3-4 oz bottles

… started to sit up a little better with support

Okay! See y’all next month!

20 Months Old!

Oh, Rory how are you 20 months old?! Only 4 short months until your second birthday! I just can’t handle it! Guess I need to start planning!

This is what Rory looked like this time last year- ahhhhhhh! where did the time go?!!!!!!!!!

You are just as fun-loving, charming, sweet, and of course mischievous as ever! My life would certainly be so dull without you in it!

Your new thing as of this week is opening up doors. You have learned to twist the knobs and can now open all the doors in the house. Thank goodness for deadbolts!

You are still such a good eater. You love to get to hold your own peach or apple and eat it whole. You LOVE cheese, fruit snacks, and any kind of fruit for a snack. Mac and cheese is still probably your favorite dinner and you still have some weird aversion to chicken.

You love to tell jokes. We never know what you are saying but you will very seriously tell us this long story and at the end crack up laughing. And if we don’t laugh with you we get in big trouble!

You are COMPLETELY OBSESSED with brushing your teeth. You will brush them for 20 minutes if I let you! You get so mad if I make you put the toothbrush up. Its quite the ordeal. We have to sing the “bye bye toothbrush” song every time. And there is almost always lots of tears.

Since we have been home from the hospital you have become so much more interested in Ryder. You are such a great big sister and love to help! Lately when sister cries you run over to see whats wrong before I even can! I have been catching you put her paci in her mouth and cooing at her to make her stop crying. Its the sweetest thing!

And let me tell you, Rory- Ryder ADORES you. No one can make her smile or laugh like you can. You are so sweet with her and I’m so proud of how you good you are with her.

You have taken quite an interest in art these days. You love to color…. even yourself!

You are talking more and more each day. We have so much fun getting you to say things for us. You have the sweetest little voice and when you talk you can get yourself out of trouble so fast. Usually we don’t even know its happened until after!

Rory, you are the most fun little girl in the entire world. Daddy and I love spending time with you and watching you learn and grow. I’m so glad we get more time with you now that sister isn’t taking so much of our time to eat. It has been a great month with you. I love you baby girl!

Here are two videos of Rory talking. They were taken on my phone and aren’t great but better than nothing! Enjoy! (PS Josh is my brother in law and she loves him more than anyone so it was hilarious that she wouldn’t say his name there for a minute!)

19 Months Old!

At 19 months, Rory is just as fun-loving, smart and (of course) mischievous as ever!

She is no longer a baby by any means, but instead a full out toddler.

Rory can make anyone smile. She is just so funny. She still tells her “jokes” and loves to show out and to make others laugh. I see a class clown in our future (no idea where she’d get that from…).

She is talking more and more every day. I couldn’t believe how much more she seemed to be talking just since Friday.

Rory still loves her fruits and veggies the most. She also LOVES pickles. She’s not a junk food eater at all but she does love oreo cookies. And she has a major aversion to chicken. The kid just doesn’t want anything to do with it.

I was so glad because today she got to come to the hospital to visit. My heart literally hurts being away from her. Saying goodbye today with no real knowledge of when we’d be going home was horrible. We got to have some fun one-on-one playtime and I enjoyed it so much. I can’t wait to get home to be with her and snuggle her.

Rory, my prayer this month is that you always know that Mommy couldn’t love anyone more than you. I pray that you never have to have another month birthday without me there with you. I pray that you don’t even for a second doubt that Mommy loves you just as much as she loves Ryder. I’m so sorry that Ryder has to have so much care and that I can’t be with you. There is no where I’d rather be than chasing you around the house and playing with you. You are the sweetest stinker and I can’t wait to get home to you.

I love you Rory girl!

18 Months Old!

Rory is 18 Months Old today!

We are shocked at how fast time goes!

I just want to bottle her up and keep her this way forever! I’ve been so sad about her growing up this week. I can’t believe how much she’s changed in the past month.

Rory is now getting to where I can try to rationalize with her and she is starting to get it. For example: All week long Rory has woken up at her usual 5:00-5:30 nonsense. Well all week I have said “oh baby, its too early to wake up! We can get up when the sun comes up, ok?” and she will go back to sleep. And I’ll be darn if the second a tiny ray of sunshine comes out, she pops that head up so fast and is ready to play!

She has gotten so good at using utensils. And she will not eat a meal without having a fork. We have been impressed with her motor skills so far. She also loves to color and can hold the color very well. We are still working on the whole ‘don’t eat the color thing’ though… ha!

Rory has also become INCREDIBLY cheesy. We just say to her, “Rory, show me that smile…” and she cheeses it up. And she always says, “see!” when she smiles. Its too cute!

She finally is fitting so good in her 18 months clothes! I actually have been buying 24 month/2T for fall clothes. Luckily those sizes usually have the adjustable waist so she is able to wear some of the pants now. She is moving up into a size five diaper as soon as the fours run out.

And she has started to show interest in the potty…

She has gone in there three times now and she giggles until she almost falls in everytime. We are going to get her a little potty or potty seat to start introducing it but I am not ready for all that mess yet!

Rory definitely has her challenging moments. She will get so frustrated and she wants to be able to tell us what she wants but just can’t yet. And she LOVES to tell anyone else ‘no’ but HATES to be told ‘no’, of course. I call her my little teenager because she definitely shows signs of teenage attitude already. (Must have gotten that from Andy…. HA!)

She is so good with Ryder 99% of the time. We have moments of rage, especially when she’s tired, where she will try and push Ryder out of our lap. But thats getting better. She wants to kiss her 24/7 and its so sweet. Poor Ryder never sees it coming either.

Most everyone knows that Andy calls Rory and Ryder “girl” a lot. Like, he says “Rory girl” or just “girl” when talking to her. Its so cute how he says it.

Well Rory has picked up on it and has started calling Ryder “girl”. She will run in and say “hiiiiiiiiii giiiiiirrrrrl”. Oh its just too cute.

I really just can’t even express how sweet she is. Andy and I still go to bed talking about how funny and sweet she is every night. And now we talk about cute little Ryder too. It doesn’t matter how hard our day might have been with the girls, we always go to bed smiling about how blessed we are to have two wonderful babies.

Rory girl- you will never know how much happiness you have brought into our lives. Everyone that meets you talks about how sweet you are. My prayer for you is that God will use your natural leadership skills and charming personality for His glory. I know that He has such great things planned for your life and I can’t wait to see what that is.

We love you so much sweet girl. The past 18 months have been the best months of my life! I promise I have never laughed and smiled so much. You are such a joy!

And you are still such a Stinker.

I thought I’d include video of Rory talking for y’all to enjoy! Its not the best quality, but its better than nothing! Hope you enjoy it!







16 Months Old!

Today Rory turned 16 months old!

I decided to get some better pictures of her since normally she is running from the camera.

And thanks to my lovely assistant, Andy, I was able to get a few and she cooperated for about 30 seconds!

Our sweet Rory girl continues to bless us every day with lots of laughter and fun.

She is always on the go, only still when she is asleep!

She is, of course, still such a stinker. I can’t imagine it any other way. We have laughed more in the past 16 months of her life than we have in our entire lives combined, I think. She says things or does things that we can’t do anything but laugh at.

She has this very fake laugh that she uses either when she thinks she is so funny or if she is certain someone else is laughing at her (even though 99% of the time they are enjoying conversation that has nothing to do with her).

It looks a little like this…

She is also getting SO SMART… too smart, actually.

She knows how to try and get out of trouble. Her thought process when trying to get out of trouble amazes me… you can see the concentration on what her next move will be all over her face. Its terrifying and hilarious all at once.

One of the funniest things (to us) that she does now is answer our questions or “agree” with some of our statements.

This morning, for example, we were getting ready for church and Andy and I were talking about how cute she was. I jokingly said, “your little sister has a lot to live up to!”, and she looked right at me and said “yeah!” while nodding her head in agreement. We, of course, couldn’t stop laughing.

Or on the way home from school I always ask her if she had a good day and played with her friends. She always says “yeah” but when I ask her if she played with Thomas she ALWAYS says “noooo”. It cracks me up! Thomas is actually a great friend of mine’s son so its even more funny that she is apparently mad at him for some reason!

We are having so much fun with her right now. Andy and I are both realizing how limited our time with just her is now that we are down to the last month before little Ryder comes. We are so excited about our next phase of life, but can’t help but be sad that these fun days with just Rory are coming to an end. I know its still going to be fun and even more so soon with TWO stinkers, but we have so enjoyed our sweet Rory and all the time with her alone.

She’s a mess and we love her so much!

Here are some things she’s up to this month:

– She still LOVES all fruits and veggies. She likes mac and cheese, spaghetti, and turkey a whole lot too. She’s not much of a sweets person but will tear up some tomato or watermelon!

– Her vocabulary is really taking off! She says so many things, I wouldn’t be able to remember everything to write down. She can say the sounds to cow, duck, dog, chicken, rooster, cat, sheep and monkey. She also says red, blue and purple but I’m not completely convinced she always recognizes the colors.

– She wears mostly 12-18 month clothes. She still has some 6-12 months that fit, but for the most part she is out of them now. 18 months is still just a little big but its starting to fit much better!

– She LOVES books. We read all day long.

Tomorrow she finally has her well baby checkup! We have been rescheduled twice now so I’m so glad we finally can get her in! I will let you know how much she weighs and how tall she is tomorrow!


And in other big, HUGE news…

We officially have a renter for our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are officially moving to Oklahoma and will only be 10 minutes from Andy’s work! I cannot wait!

Have a great week!

14 months!

Today Rory is 14 months old. I just can’t even believe it!

I’m not going to do the posts like I did before she was one because its too stressful and that is the last thing I need right now- more stress! But I do want to just tell you guys what she’s up to for myself to have something to look back on.

(And yes, I realize I skipped month 13. There are many reasons why, but the most important reason was that it was right at the same time as my friend, Rachel, was dealing with the 6 month anniversary of the birth and death of her son Weston. I just couldn’t bare to post it at that time.)

Rory is just so much fun these days! And so exhausting! ha! There is no denying that she is no longer a “baby” but a “toddler” instead.

She very rarely walks anymore, she RUNS! She gets around so good and is so fast! Its so funny because she gets really quiet when she’s doing something she isn’t supposed to do and she also moves much faster than her normal speed. Stinker!

She is the perfect combination of Andy and I. She can be so serious and is such a little thinker. But she is also a people person and is so friendly to everyone. She says, “eyyyy” (hey) to everyone she sees when she’s in the mood but if she’s not in a talking mood she keeps perfectly silent. Its so funny!

Andy and I still go to bed everyday talking about how fun and wonderful she is. A typical end-of-the-day conversation goes like this:

Andy: She’s really just the sweetest thing. Me: I know. The stinker. Andy: I know but she’s just so sweet and yet can get into so much trouble. Me: I know she really is a stinker. Andy: She’s so funny. Me: I know and she’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t even stand how cute she is! Andy: I know. She really is just so cute.

Seriously. We go through that HA!

Here are some stats:

She weighs about 21 lbs.

She eats like crazy and there really isn’t anything she just doesn’t like. She will eat anything once. I love this about her!

She wears a size 4 shoe, 12 month clothes and we are trying some 18 month stuff. A couple of 18 month things fit fine but most of the pants are just huge and fall off of her.

She says- Daddy, Mommy, dog, Jackson, Jerse (leaves off the y, ha!), ball, book, cow, duck, out, no, yes, hey, yeah, baby, puppy, bird, Mimi, Papa (or Poppy! ha), Tasha, Jacks, and there are more things I’m sure that I can’t think of. Her vocabulary has really taken off!

She can say the sounds to- duck, dog, cow, chicken, rooster. (For the rooster she says- doo di doooooo for cockadoodledoo… its really cute!)

Side note: She CAN say all of these things but only when she wants to. She goes hours without uttering a word and then will go an hour without shutting up. Its so funny!


So I got two gifts this week that I just had to share!

First is a gift for Ryder from a friend and a church member of my parents’ church, Amanda. Its the first thing I’ve gotten with her name on it and I just love seeing it- makes it official or something! ha!

The second thing a friend of ours from Alexandria, Kayla, sent to me. She made these two matching dresses for Rory and Ryder. I just almost cried when I saw them- they are so cute! And matching flower bows! I can’t wait to put them on the girls!


We have a ladies retreat at church this weekend that I’m attending/working. I’m on the Ladies Ministry and just love it and am so excited about this weekend! MOPS is also on Friday so I’m super busy trying to get everything together for both. I’m so glad I now get some time to myself or else I’d be going crazy! (In fact, I’m off to nap now before picking Rory up from school- ha!)

Have a great day!






I am such a big girl now!

Its hard to believe that I’m ONE! This year has just flown by!

Mommy and Daddy took my one year old pictures outside when the weather was nice one day. Its been so cold and snowy lately! It snowed a lot while Mommy was in the hospital having me, too- maybe it’ll snow every year for my birthday!

I’m still “The Stinker” to my parents. I love to get into everything and get into trouble! My new favorite thing is to say “uh oh” whenever I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing because its cute and Mommy and Daddy always laugh.

I’ve had so much fun this year growing and learning so many new things! I can’t wait to see how much fun my second year is! I’m going to have a little sister this year, so I know I can get into lots of trouble with her.

So what’s going on with me at one year old?!

-I drink three cups of milk a day and two cups of water or juice.

– I eat all kinds of table foods! Fruit and veggies are still my favorite. I’m not really a big meat eater. I love Mac and Cheese, spaghetti, and ravioli. I LOVE graham crackers.

-I wear a size 4 diaper.

– Most of my clothes are 12 months now, but I can still fit into my 6-9 months clothes.

-I weigh 20.5 lbs.

– I wear a size 4 shoe.

– I am a walking fool. I’m almost running a lot of the time!

– I say lots of words: Dadd-Y, Momm-Y, dog, duck, yeap/yeah, baby, bye bye, uh oh, potato, Papa, no.

-I am also starting to put words together like: “no no Mommy/Daddy” (ha), “bye bye Mommy/Daddy”, “no no, uh oh!”, etc

– When asked, “what does the cow say?” I respond “mmmmmmmmm”… I’m getting the hang of it! And I also say “woo woo” for “what does a dog say?”.

Thank you all for making my first year so much fun! I’m sure Mommy and I will be updating you regularly still about how/what I’m doing!



Just one more month until I’m ONE YEAR OLD!

Can you even believe it?!

Mommy says this time last year I was in her belly getting ready to move to Texas!

I was ready to celebrate my 11 month birthday today- I woke up at 4:00 this morning ready to go!

But I did NOT want to take my pictures at all. Mommy tried and tried but I just kept throwing myself down on the bed saying “no no no no”. All I wanted to do is take down that stinking sign!

I think she got the point real quick! She got a couple of cute pictures of me though, of course! Mommy says they really show off my personality.

These are Mommy’s favorites because they show what a stinker I am…

So what am I up to this month?!

– No more bottles for me! I drink three sippy cups of formula a day and two things of water/juice.

– No more pacifier for me either! I decided I just don’t like that thing!

-I wear mostly size 6-9 month clothes and some 12 months. I wear a size 3 diaper. I also wear a size 3 shoe (but I’m about to go up a size!).

-I love to eat! My favorite foods are: mac and cheese, fruit, veggies, turkey, goldfish, cheerios.

-Mommy counted my teeth this morning and found SEVEN in there! (She didn’t know I cut another one!)

-I’m walking up to 12 steps. Sometimes I just let go of the couch and walk to the middle of the room. But when I realize I’m walking, I sit down and clap for myself! I’m so proud of my new skill!

-I say “Dada”, “Mama”, “dog”, “bye bye”, “no no”, “Papa”. I also say something that sounds just like “yeah” but we still aren’t sure if thats actually what I’m saying. Oh and I also say “huh?” when you talk to me sometimes. Mommy and Daddy think its so funny. I do it over and over and over.

Can’t wait to see you next month when I turn ONE!