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bathroom makeover!

Well I finally, finally, finally can say we are 99.9% done with our bathroom! Its been a LONG tedious makeover, but we love the results! There are a couple of little things we’d like to do, but overall its done!

Let me refresh your memory of our master bathroom before:

We are selling all of the old fixtures and decor in our yard sale this weekend, so here is the only picture I have of all the gold hideousness that was in our bathroom.

And now! Our newly updated bathroom!!!

So what did we do?

  • stripped two-four layers of wallpaper/border (border = the four layers)
  • painted the walls and added a border wall covering thats really pretty and textured (because we couldn’t get all of the former border off. it was an awful experience.)
  • updated all the light fixtures
  • switched out all the knobs
  • put in a new shower door
  • updated the towel holders

I’m so glad its all over so that we can enjoy our bathroom again! We lived in a mess for so long, and now its just lovely and clean!


Can you believe it?! I’m 5 months old!

The Three Musketeers (daddy, mommy, and me, of course!) went shopping this weekend! I love going shopping! Daddy got me dressed to go and don’t I look so cute?! I love it when Daddy picks out my clothes! Do y’all like my shoes?!

Well Mommy thought I looked so cute in this outfit, so she decided to take pictures of me in this as my “casual outfit” for my 5 month pictures. She’s just so silly.

I’m getting bigger than my friends now!

We went into the Nautica Outlet store while we were shopping and Daddy picked out the cutest outfit for me. I absolutely loved it! So, naturally, Mommy decided it’d be my “dressy” outfit for the 5 months pictures!

Don’t I look so cute in my polo and skirt?!

I love blowing bubbles with my tongue! Its the funnest thing ever!

You should have seen Mom and Dad trying to get me to smile for the camera! They were jumping up and down, making crazy faces and noises, and just being so silly. I think its so funny to ignore them and let them make a fool out of themselves.

I can sit up pretty good now by myself, but I’m just learning to balance so sometimes I flop over. Daddy calls it the “beached whale”. ย He’s so silly.

Everyone always laughs because I have such a personality and Mommy thought this picture showed it perfectly. I was so over and done with smiling for these pictures! Hey! When a girl is tired of taking pictures, she’s just tired!

Well at five months old I’m doing all kinds of things!

  • I weigh 16 lbs!
  • I’m eating all the fruits and veggies. Mom tried feeding me bananas three more times and I HATE them! Yuck!
  • I just found out that my thumb is so neat! I love to suck on it and chew on it.
  • Woowee, I am teething so bad! I drool all the time! Chewing on my toys and hands is my favorite thing to do!
  • I’m rolling all over the place. Sometimes when I’m on my belly I can get my knees all the way up under me and then I flop forward! Hey, it gets me to where I want to go for now!
  • I love to go, go, go! I’m always such a sweet girl when we go shopping and run errands.

See y’all next month!

Random Points Thursday!

Its Random Points Thursday, y’all! (I just made that up, but let’s just go with it!)

Update: I added a few! Sorry!

1. I NEED a new “theme”/look for my website/blog. It is seriously driving me INSANE. I have now decided to pay someone to design it for me because I am so OCD that all the pre-made themes make me crazy. Either its not centered right (like this current theme), the font is too small or too ugly, or SOMETHING is wrong. Its so frustrating to me. So! If you design blogs/know of anyone who does- PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you. And thank you for putting up w/ the ugliness that is my blog right now.

2. We are a little sickly in our house right now. Nothing major, just allergy/sinus crud. Even Rory is a little bit off with it. Today I woke up feeling awful and I thought “ohhh I wish I could call in sick”. ha! Yeah, this is one job you can’t just call in sick for!

3. Rory has gotten to the point where she just doesn’t want to be rocked hardly at all anymore. She snuggles just a little bit before bed at night, but thats it. So its sad because I loved rocking her. But its also really good because now I can just put her in her bed and she puts herself to sleep. Its definitely easier that way!

4. My child loves Regis and Kelly. I think she loves Regis’ voice. I’m okay with this because I, too, adore that Regis. Need proof that she loves it? (No I did not place her like that.)

4. Its hard to keep secrets and surprises when you have a blog. Just sayin’.

5. We have written our last check to the hospitals as of this week. HALLELUJAH!

6. We’ve found a church we really, really like. And we love the Sunday School class we are in. Its so refreshing to find a good network and to make new friends so quickly.

7. For some strange reason, I really want to get braces. I’ve been thinking about it all the time lately. Like obsessively. But I refuse to get the metal ones. Invisalign is the only way I’ll go. But (see #5) I don’t want to be paying for it forever.

8. Rory LOVES playing on the floor. She’s trying so hard to scoot around, sometimes with success! I got her a new toy that she can play with while on her tummy or sitting up.

9. She also loves her jumper that Mimi and Papa gave her.

10. She has also found her thumb and has been sucking on it all week. I thought I had made all the precautions to avoid this. I don’t want her to suck her thumb!!!!!

11. I just heard on the radio that there is a new form of eating disorder/OCD. Its called “selective eating disorder”. I’m pretty sure I have it. What it is is you won’t eat certain things for specific reasons, are extremely picky, or won’t eat things without certain things (i.e. won’t eat anything unless it has ketchup or whatever on it). I fall under the category of “won’t eat certain things for a specific reason”. Bananas, tomatoes, etc etc etc etc make me cringe because of the texture of them. I know you all are very concerned for my health.

12. Andy was off on Monday and tomorrow is his Friday off. Three day work week! Yesssss!

Have a great weekend!

The best part of waking up…

… is getting to see this smile EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Without fail, my sweet baby wakes up every single morning THAT happy. And even though I long for a day when she sleeps past 6 or so, its never hard to forget that feeling when I see that face as soon as I reach her crib.

I really do have the sweetest baby on earth. How did I get so blessed?! Yesterday she woke up happy but was seriously a grumpy pants all day long and it was very frustrating and exhausting. But if she was grumpy every day I’d still never trade her for anything in the world. Everyone is allowed a couple of grouchy days anyways, right?!

And this morning she more than made up for her day yesterday. Wouldn’t you agree?

Where’s Rory?!

There she is! Silly thing!

well that was… interesting.

We took our first fishing/boat adventure with Rory today! It was… interesting. She loved it at first. As long as the boat was going she was happy. She loved the breeze and the water splashing.

I forgot my camera at home so I only had my camera phone to take pictures with so sorry about the quality!

So I’m going to run down real quick what all happened on our fishing adventure today:

  • trailer would not get onto the hitch on the car… seriously it was insane. it just would not go on there.
  • when we got to the lake the throttle control cable was somehow disconnected so Andy had to quickly “rig it up”
  • we got to our fishing spot all fine and dandy and it was great until Rory got hot. And as I’ve told you before, she DOES NOT LIKE TO BE HOT. So she screamed. For what seemed like an eternity at the time.
  • So when we started to go back the thing Andy had “rigged up” came loose so the motor started accelerating out of control and Rory and I were about 1 sec away from being thrown out of the boat. Thank goodness we had the life jacket right?! (when I say we were 1 sec from being thrown out- I’m not exaggerating. My whole arm and half my face went into the water.)
  • So Rory continued to SCREAM.
  • She finally went to sleep when we started heading in. When we got to the dock, Andy tied it off and we all headed to the car. When we were backing down the boat ramp Andy yells, “oh my gosh my boat got away!”. Apparently the knot didn’t hold. (Dear Andy, you are an Eagle Scout, what happened??) Luckily it washed to shore where he could get it “easily”.
  • When trying to get the boat on the trailer his motor keeps sticking like it did earlier so we couldn’t get it on the trailer.ย Andy decides the only way to do it is to use the trolling motor.
  • The trolling motor gets caught on the trailer and rips all the way off the mount attached to the boat.
  • He then re-rigs the motor and finally gets it onto the trailer. Hooray!

Everyone laugh with us about our awful terrible amazing day.

There won’t be anymore boat trips for a while. I secretly bawled while Rory did today. It was just bad.

Oh well, if we are lucky we will live long enough to have another awful day, am I right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

This picture is of my Granddaddy and Grandmother’s house in Pleasant Ridge. My home. My heart. The house where they raised their children and where their grandchildren grew up playing and getting into “trouble”. Many, many 4th of July’s happened there. This picture, to me, is the essence of America. There wasn’t a single person on earth with more pride for his country than my Granddaddy. Today is one of those days where I miss him and long to see him and to hug him.

At church this morning we sang at least 6 patriotic songs, and it was beautiful. It pulled on my heart strings to see all those older men in their flag shirts singing with pride about their love for our wonderful country. I got so choked up I had to stop singing. I was filled with pride for my country and also sadness of missing my sweet Granddaddy. But most of all I wish more than anything they both could be here to meet my Rory.

So in honor of all of those who have served our country, especially my Granddaddy, Rory wore Red, White, and Blue all weekend.

Happy 1st 4th of July, Rory!

I hope that we can instill love for your country like our grandparents and parents did in us.

yes, we still have dogs

I feel pretty bad as a mother right now. Before I ever had Rory I was a mom… to two dogs. Two precious dogs.

And I feel guilty for two reasons.

reason #1 to feel guilty: Several people have said things like, “the dogs never make the blog anymore”. Sigh. They so don’t. Bless them.

reason #2 to feel guilty: Jackson keeps making this face at me.

Bless his angelic little heart.

But he came around and smiled at me. He’s my handsome mister.

Every single day Rory is getting more and more interested in the pups. She follows their every move with her eyes. She laughs at them. She tries so desperately to grab them. (Today she succeeded, poor Jackson.) She wants to kiss them all the time.

And the more interested and mobile she gets, the more interested the dogs have become. I got a couple of shots of them “playing” together today.

I was trying to get pictures of her sitting up. She’s sitting up for a second or two before having to support herself now.

But the dogs had other plans. They were tired of not making the blog.

See! She wants to kiss Jersey so bad! Jersey always does. Bad dog.

Jersey is obviously the funniest dog on earth.

She’s also a good lounge buddy.

Jackson hardly ever licks Rory. He just puts his nose as close as possible until she almost grabs him. Then he takes off.

My sweet pups are still my babies. If I’m telling the truth though, it has changed.

(please don’t tell the dogs)

They get on my nerves a little more (Jersey loves to scare the baby with her random barking and Jackson gets so jealous so he tries to get on top of me while I’m holding her). And they don’t get free range of anything and everything in the house anymore. But I still love them so very much. I can’t wait to see what happens when she starts to crawl and walk. I have a feeling she will torment them and they will secretly love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

banana hatin’

I hate bananas. HATE. Despise. HATE. Gag. I don’t remember ever liking them.

But since I am SUCH a good mother, I decided that I should give bananas to Rory. Even if I gagged just thinking about feeding them to her. Even if I gagged soooo badly when I opened up the jar. I sacrificed my well being for the sake of my child. (helloooo dramatic!)

I decided that I shouldn’t hate, I should participate. No hatin’, just appreciatin’. You get the picture?!

Her reaction to the bananas????

I didn’t catch it accurately on camera, but it was a full body gag. I mean her shoulders went up, her neck poked out, and she opened her mouth while making an awful noise. She HATED it. I gave it to her several times and she gagged everytime.

Am I a bad mother for secretly being glad she doesn’t just love them????

So I cleaned her up from those awful bananas and she was happy.

Have I told y’all that her new favorite thing is to blow bubbles and spit with her tongue??

Its especially wonderful with food in her mouth!

So Rory’s old bedroom had this beautiful window:

As soon as we saw this house and fell in love, we knew her bedroom would be in this room. It was a princess room, afterall.

Except that it is so bright in her room in the mornings. The sun rises on that side of the house and it GLOWS in there. So Rory woke up EARLY.

And so we decided to switch bedrooms because she was sleeping in when she wasn’t in her bedroom. (Sleeping in = 7 am instead of 5:30) We actually like her room even better now! All the stuff fits in there better because its smaller and the scale works better with her decorations.

Now I’m sure you all are wondering what in the world a snowboard is doing up in her room… (as was I).

I actually won the snowboard (which is so ironic because fact is, I am the worst snowboarder ever and I hate it so much). And since Andy is amazing at snowboarding he decided we should keep it for Rory. I thought that meant putting it in the shed or in the attic. Apparently not. But I will leave it because I think its so cute that he thought it out enough to put it on display.

And here are a couple of pictures just because she’s cute. I love these little shorts/tshirts sets.

now what’s my excuse going to be?

I love my husband dearly. I support his hobbies and let him enjoy them. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily enjoy them too.

So since Rory has been born I’ve had the most amazing, and truthful, excuse to not go fishing. The baby, of course, cannot go. Therefore, I cannot go.


The call.

Andy calls and he is SO EXCITED. He has found something amazing! Something that I have PRAYED they didn’t have…

Can you see their excitement?! She is obviously saying, “yeah!!!”

She loved it. Sorry for cutting off your head, darling man…

So, we’re all going fishing since I told Andy we couldn’t go until stinker was big enough for a life jacket.

Now I am eating my words just like she’s eating her jacket.

I am also eating my words with the whole my-child-won’t-watch-tv thing.

And I am seriously consideriing a smaller tv. No wonder she loves it… its so huge how could you miss the dang thing?!

And don’t judge me for watching Hannah Montana all day long. Its a funny show, okay?!

And also don’t judge me for going to see Eclipse tonight at midnight. I’m desperate for girl time with friends!

week in Arkansas

Did y’all miss me?!

are you excited that I’m back?! because I obviously am!

I made my first road trip alone with Rory and let me just say it’ll be the last for a looong while if I can help it! Its just way too hard to drive 6+ hours with a baby all by myself.

Not to mention the fact that I had TWO- yes, TWO- flat tires on the way back. So a 6-7 hour trip ended up being 12 hours.


Andy was out of town all week for work and so I decided to go to Tasha’s house while he was gone.

Rory and I had so much fun. Tasha has a pool and Rory loved it. She’s going to be a water baby for sure! My parents, Telena, and my Uncle James and family came to their house and we had such a great time.

Rory loved her Uncle James and Aunt Cindy

(who, by the way, are making their debut on the blog!)

she also LOVED her cousins, Jessi and Eli

and my baby always gets comments on how “tan” she looks (she got her dad’s skin tone) but can we not agree that next to them and their beautiful skin she looks like THE whitest baby on earth?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Landon and Rory were the best of friends the whole time.

Landon would say things like “you don’t say”, “what’s the matter”, etc in a baby voice to her. So so so cute.

He also said when she was fussing the day we were leaving, “I know I’m sorry you have to go all the way back to Texas”

Broke my little heart.

they watched Disney together in the mornings

is this not the sweetest picture on earth?

quick funny conversation between Landon and my dad/Papa

Landon: Papa, did you bring your swimming suit?

Papa: No I didn’t buddy.

Landon: Well you can just wear Mimi’s swimming suit then.



me and my Papa are two peas in a pod

I loved swimming with “Lena”

and now I would like you all to be warned that these next photos will get you out of the foul mood you may be in or brighten the bad day you may be having…

because they are simply adorable.

make sure you pay attention to her hands in these pics. she’s so proper and cute.

this next picture gets me every single time. she’s just not going to be bothered by the camera in her face, is she?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!