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professional roller.

“What’s going on with you right now, Tiffany?”, you ask. Well. Actually you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway.

1. My life pretty much consists of putting Rory on a large blanket on the floor. Then about 2 minutes later (if I’m lucky) I put her back to her original position… and repeat 1000 times all day long. She’s a professional roller now and is all over the place. She’s trying so hard to figure out the crawling thing but she hasn’t gotten that down yet. Let me demonstrate the rolling thing for you.

2. I’m lesson planning, craft planning, activities planning, etc like a mad woman. I start teaching 2 year olds in about a month. People! What have I gotten myself into?! I’m not sure I’m cut out for this and I’m certain the kids’ parents will agree. ha! But I prayed for this job, it came open after it originally was not, so I’m thinking God wants me to teach these two year olds whether I feel qualified or not!

3. I know I’m wearing this out, but baby girl is seriously the sweetest kid on earth. Maybe I keep saying it so that when she’s 15 and ticking me off constantly I will remember the good days of constant sweetness. ??? Or maybe its because I just honestly cannot believe I was blessed so tremendously with this child. Almost every night as Andy and I are about to go to sleep we lay in bed and say things like, “Can you believe how sweet she is?” “Can you believe how cute she is?”, and then we’ll laugh and talk about all the funny things she did that night. And then we always say, “I just want to go get her out of her bed and snuggle her up with us!”. ha! Of course, we don’t. But we want to!

4. It hit me yesterday that not only will I be teaching SOON, but Rory is going to SCHOOL! Soon! My goodness I can’t believe it! Andy said we needed to get her a cute outfit for her first day, ha! Of course, I agreed immediately. My little stinker in school? Oh man. I’m not ready! I’m pretty sure we’ll manage though, I’m only a few doors down from her!

floor time fun

There are many things I should be doing right now, but instead I will procrastinate. Well, the fact that I’ve done something to my back doesn’t help on the “getting things done” thing either. I’m pretty sure I pulled something because I’m constantly lugging her and the carseat around everywhere- and that ain’t no joke, my friends! Girlfriend is heavy!

Baby girl is all over the place these days. She rolls and then straightens herself out and rolls some more. Occasionally she’ll belly flop forward a couple of times, but that tends to make her mad. She’s loving playing on the floor and the dogs are so excited too now that she’s moving. They want to play with her and her toys. Its super cute!

happy girl
I love that little smirk!

oh that thumb
I caught you, Jackson! Drop the lion!
he's keeping his eye on it

My favorite thing about her floor play time is that she’ll play and then she’ll get tired so she’ll lay down and relax for a bit, then pick back up and play some more! Its so sweet.

Best buds!

Apparently the “sniff for approval” method works for babies too. Rory obviously didn’t mind. ha!

Yesterday little stinker made it into the kitchen while I went into the next room. Like seriously for a minute max. The dogs came into the room and ran back out and I knew something was up. They are good tattlers on her!

uh oh, I hear Mommy! I think I'm caught!
dogs aren't sure what is happening
love that little booty
looks like a sneaky little face if you ask me!

I have nothing clever or exciting today. We’ve just had a kind of “blah” week around here. Andy’s Friday off is tomorrow and I’m so excited. We’re having a “staycation” this weekend and are determined on Saturday to be extremely lazy and not leave the house. Yes!

P.S. Loved all the response from the video yesterday. I realize Rory will kill me one day for that, but I’ll take it when it comes. And if you thought it was inappropriate, oh well! Its my blog, I can post what I want! ha! 🙂

Monday again?

I feel like this weekend just flew by… how is it Monday again already?

Friday night Andy’s parents came to town. We went out to eat and watched a movie at home. On Saturday we all went golfing in the morning. We went out to lunch and then came back and played some card games and took naps. Er… well Rory and I did! ha! After dinner they kept Rory so Andy and I could go out to a movie. We had such a great time getting to go out by ourselves!

On Sunday after church we went shopping in McKinney with some friends from church. We had so much fun! I can’t even tell all of you how wonderful it has been the past few months making friends with our Sunday School class.

At Babies R Us we got Rory a new car seat. The carrier we have only goes up to 22 lbs so we knew we’d have to get one soon seeing as she’s at least 18 lbs now. My friend, Julie, had a coupon for 20% off so we decided to go ahead and get one. We put Rory in the model one at the store and she squealed in delight- very loudly! (She did the same with her new lion toy that hasn’t left her side since we got home with it.) Its so fun to see her reactions to new things. Anyways. You can see for yourselves what she thought of the new seat.

Big girl seat! I even have my own cup holder!

Every night this weekend we have heard Rory wake up and start talking and kicking her legs around. She used to do that and then eventually cry for us to come get her if she woke up. Well this weekend she would wake up and talk and play for a bit, then put herself back to sleep. My big girl!

Well today I put her in bed asleep and about 15 minutes later I hear her belly laughing. In my head I say “what in the world?!” and went into her room.

You guys are SO funny!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!

What Mom?! I'm just having fun with my friends!

How she managed to roll over, turn herself all the way around and scoot herself all the way down to the opposite end of the crib, I will never know. But it was so darn cute! She was having a blast. I sat in her room and watched her play for a good 15 minutes. She’s now sound asleep back on the other end of the crib.

little model

One of my very best friends, Lauren Wood, took some pictures of Rory for me this weekend. They will speak for themselves, but I can’t tell all of you how happy I am with them. Look Lauren up and check out all her wonderful work! She’s an amazing designer/photographer/artist. Enjoy!

All pictures are copyright of Lauren Athalia.

Also- Andy’s cousin, Angie, made Rory’s cute little tutu! She’ll make one for you too!

Tiffany’s Thursday Tidbits

Oh, I wish I could be creative when it was needed. My Aunt Patrice came up with the “Thursday Tidbits”. I thought I’d add the “Tiffany” to make it more personal and feel like a true segment on this oh-so-famous blog. (er… its really not famous at all, but one can dream, right?)

Some other names I came up with = Thursday Things, Things That Tiffany Thinks Thursday, Thursday’s Thoughts, Thoughtful Thursday, and thats about it. Can anyone tell that I’m sleep deprived and exhausted from chasing a little girl named Rory around?!

  • You read right- CHASING. Little baby Rory has started sorta/kinda crawling. She can do a couple of crawl-steps and then she remembers that if she goes backwards she is MUCH faster. So the little stinker has been crawling(ish) all over the room backwards. And she’s so mischevious already (as I have told you before) and she’ll crawl under the bed with just her head poking out smiling this devil-ish grin.
  • She’s also starting to realize the word “no”. Last night when bathing her, she’d go to stick her face in the water and I’d say “no Rory, no no” or something like that and she’d look up at me with a little grin and then start going down more. Well I let her stick her face in the water to learn and after that when I said “no Rory” she’d stop and look at me with the grin. Stinker, I tell ya!
  • Hotels are like death traps for babies that are starting to be mobile/are mobile. Just fyi.
  • I’m not really sure what an allergic reaction entails but I’m pretty sure Rory had some sort of reaction to the stage 1 chicken. We fed it to her three times and at some point after each time she projectile vomitted ALL OVER ME. And the floor, bed, etc etc etc. This is the only time she’s ever done that in her life. So no more chicken.
  • I have been living a life of luxury this week. No cleaning, cooking, and tons of shopping. I’ve been to Target four times since Tuesday. Andy and I went to Old Navy last night and all the clearance items were an extra 50% off. AMAZING! I bought myself a pair of so cute jean capris for $2. And we got so many cute things for Rory for the fall. Andy got a bunch of stuff too- actually more than we did, ha!
  • Dry shampoo is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
  • Rory has started loving books. And much to my dismay, she is still sucking her thumb.

Hallelujah! This book is good!

  • Last, but certainly not least, Andy bought me a snuggie. I love it and Rory seems to enjoy it too.

little duckie

My wonderful friend Amber gave me this duck bathtub and we’ve been dying for Rory to be able to use it!

Its so wonderful! And she LOVES it! She thinks its the greatest thing on earth. So thank you, Amber and Bill (and Will!)!

AH! I can’t believe you’re taking my picture Mom!

this duck is so funny!

I’m a big girl and can sit up in the bath now!


I got some sweet smiley pictures today and I couldn’t help but share. Andy and I say to eachother several times every single day, “she is just the sweetest thing ever”. And its true. She really is just so sweet. When we joined the church on Sunday and had to stand and shake hands with everyone, she smiled at every single person who came through the line. Not just a little smile either- she gave everyone her biggest and best smile. Made me so proud 🙂

So for everyone that lives far away and doesn’t get to experience the sweetness every day, here is a glimpse of her biggest and best smile. And this is exactly why I write this blog- to share with the people we love all the special moments we’re having with our little Rory.

the weekend rundown

We had a rather successful and eventful weekend- let me run it down for you.

1}  YARD SALE! We made more than we thought we would, which was just fantastic. BUT! More importantly- we got rid of every single item. EVERYTHING. At about 1:00 we decided that we would let people fill up a bad with as much as they wanted for $1. That worked pretty good. Then at about 2:00(ish) we decided we’d just put out a sign that said “FREE!” and let anyone who wanted what we had left to just take what they wanted. That, my friends, is how to end a yard sale. We knew we’d be taking it all to Goodwill so we didn’t care if people took our clothes, knicknacks, etc.

And of course… let’s just say our last fairwell to the chair.

We (Andy) put $35 on it at first and not one person even glanced at it. So I took the price off and got some interested persons. Well, not one person would buy it. So in the afternoon I had three people want it but would NOT take it for $10 because no one but Andy can seem to figure out how to recline it. FOUR people turned their noses up at $10. Poor, neglected chair. I sold it, though. It is gone forever. Sorry, Steve. 🙂

The heat wore Rory out REAL quick. It was over 100 degrees out. Long day!

2} Rory drank from a sippy cup for the first time! And she loved it! I gave her pear juice (well like 1/4th juice, 3/4ths water mix) and she went crazy for it. She yelled at me when I took it away. ha!

3} On Saturday night, Andy and I were laying in bed trying to go to sleep and we heard a noise from the baby monitor. We both shot up in the bed and looked at eachother and said, “did you hear that?!”. Oh yes, we both heard it. My word, cross my heart hope to die, we both heard a small child- a girl in fact- whispering in the monitor. Creep me out!!!!!!! You have no idea. Andy never ever gets creeped out. EVER. I always, ALWAYS, get creeped out. But this time Andy was totally creeped. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at all. I’m 99.9% positive that we picked up someone else’s monitor. I know that this happens. But whyyyyy oh why oh why would a small little girl be whispering at 11:45 pm????!!!!!

Dear small child in my monitor, if you are in fact a ghost- please, I beg of you, GO AWAY! Leave my house! I don’t want you here! You are creeping me and my non-scaredy husband out!!!!!

4} We joined the church! On Sunday, Andy and I decided to go ahead and join the church we’ve been visiting for some time now. We knew we weren’t going to visit anywhere else because we adore our Sunday School class and all the people we have met there. So the church hunt is officially over! Thank you Lord for sending us these new friends and wonderful people!

5} So many exciting things are coming up very, very soon and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you guys! Secrets are hard! (No, I’m not pregnant, so just get that out of your heads now. Thank you.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

R.P.T. Part Two

Well turns out, sometimes I just have a bunch of random things to tell you people. So here’s part two of Random Points Thursday (which is such a lame, unoriginal name).

1. Rory is officially big. She no longer needs a game for her excersaucer to be able to reach. She also has a bit of a rat tail going on back there.

2. Yesterday she was so pitiful running a fever all of a sudden and being so lethargic and snuggly. I was going to take her to the doctor first thing this morning but she was happy and totally fine all day with no fever. Not sure what that was about.

3. I’m fighting with a migraine. Its starting to win.

4. We hosted our Sunday School class for Bible study here at the house on Tuesday night. I always feel like the biggest goob ever hosting things. I feel like I act all awkward and nervous. Probably because I am. I just love our new SS class though… dare I say they are the bomb?! HA! (hopefully none of them read that so they don’t officially declare me a goob)

5. When Andy gets home at night Rory gets so excited. She doesn’t take her eyes off of him. When he feeds her she just looks up at him and it melts my little heart. (How about that tan line on Andy?! ha!)

6. We are having a HUMONGOUS yard sale on Saturday. HUMONGOUS.  A couple from our SS class is putting their stuff in with us and they say they have a lot. And I know we do.

7. Which leads me to HUMONGOUS news, y’all! We are selling…. wait for it…. THE CHAIR.

Thank you, Lord, for small miracles. Six years, 13 moves and several yard sales later- it is finally leaving us. Everyone make fun of Andy a little bit for wanting to put $100 on it. If someone offers me $5, I’m going to shout, “SOLD”, as loud as possible.

8. My little girl is such a “supported sitter” now. She loves her new toy and sat playing with it for a good 30 minutes today. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and she’s always trying to kiss herself.

9. Andy and I decided that for our family vacation (our first one!) we were going to go on a cruise. Um, did you know they make you pay the full price for a baby?! That, my friends, is insane.

10. Sometimes when I’m writing this here blog, I get so very paranoid that my high school English teachers (Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Dorris, whom I love dearly) are going to read it and be appalled. Which only adds to the problem I assume is apart of my OCD-ness, and therefore I read my blog post on “preview” about 23,898,439 times before I hit “publish”. Oh dear.

Tomorrow is Friday!