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wordy wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. Don’t worry, there will be pictures too. 1. Oh. My. Goodness. Teething is no joke. Who knew my sweet little girl could be so SO so incredibly grumpy?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Andy has been referring affectionately to the Infant’s Tylenol as “candy”. I always heard people complaining about their babies/children teething but had… Read More wordy wednesday

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weekend events

We had another great weekend! On Saturday night our friends from Sunday School came to the house for a cookout- for Andy’s birthday! We had such a great time visiting and playing Wii. Rory had fun with her friend, Benjamin, too! Unfortunately Rory was a serious grumpy pants the entire weekend. We couldn’t figure out… Read More weekend events

Everyday Life, Pictures, Rory Eve

oh my head

Rory does this thing where if she’s wanting to be a tad more dramatic than normal, she’ll put her hand on her head and go “ohhhhhh”…. like her head is really hurting her. Several people have seen it and its so hilarious. She loves to put that hand on her head anytime she’s showing out.… Read More oh my head