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Well, my friends, we survived our first day of Mother’s Day Out! And I have proof!

Where does she get that devilish grin from!?! I think from her Papa!

(Please do not judge me by the way I look. I have been up since 4am and it was a very busy day. Yes, I said 4am. Rory apparently thought it was play time.)

Rory had a pretty good day today. Their only complaint was that she didn’t take a nap.

Great. My kid is one of those kids who decides she won’t nap at school.

But she was much happier than last Thursday. This is what she looked like when I picked her up last week:

Swollen eyes, red face… bless her heart, it was so awful.

Today she looks like this:

Belly laughing. Is there anything better?

Random, but this is my bulletin board that I made for my class. I took this picture with my phone so its not great but you can at least see it. (Obviously I put up the names for all the kids, but of course don’t want to post their names on the blog.)

Okay! One more thing!

Rory “pulled up” for the first time on Monday.

She rolled herself over to the toy basket in the living room and then pulled up on it to reach in. And again, I have proof!

who wants to win something?!

Are you ready for a giveaway?! As a thanks to all my facebook “likers” and my readers, I’m doing a giveaway!

Here’s how it works: comment on this blog post stating something you’d like to see more of or something new you’d like to see on the blog.

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We had a great weekend. It was the first weekend in a long time that we hung around the house and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Who doesn’t love a lazy weekend?! Next weekend will be a busy one for us- we’re painting the living room and guest bathroom! And then, my friends, the home improvements will be complete for a long while! Yay! We are also heading to Dallas to do some shopping for the fall for Rory. I had tons of clothes for her sizes so far but don’t have much at all for 6-9 months.

Of course, I won’t leave out pictures of the little stinker. I know the grandparents only want to see her face on here! 🙂

story of our week

Monday: Lots of crying, blow out diapers, crying, migraine, crying.

Tuesday: Woke up happy and was decent.

Wednesday: Screaming, blow out diapers, screaming. Then… where’s our water? Why is it not working? Why is there a notice on my door saying they are shutting off the water due to lack of payment? Dangit. No water until Thursday morning. LOTS of screaming by all.

Thursday: Pay the bill and feel like an idiot/one of those people for forgetting, go to work, hear baby crying/screaming/etc in her room, feel like the worst parent in the world, get room set up, feel like worst parent in the world, snuggle the baby for hours, feel like worst parent in the world, bed.


So for everyone’s pleasure after this week from…. well you get it, I will post some cute pictures with some cute captions and call it a day.


Dear Lord, Please let next week be better than this one.

I am soooo tired of teething!!!!!!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All that crying wears me out.

Hmm… what should I do today?

I think I’ll get into some trouble…

Maybe she won’t be able to see me…

Me Chinese, me play joke, me put peepee in your coke.

Could they look anymore alike?!

We’re trying to have a conversation here!

O.M.Geeeee. Stop with the pictures, already!

Dear Lord, please let the weekend get here quick so I can spend unlimited play time with Daddy.


Have a great weekend!

wordy wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. Don’t worry, there will be pictures too.

1. Oh. My. Goodness. Teething is no joke. Who knew my sweet little girl could be so SO so incredibly grumpy?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Andy has been referring affectionately to the Infant’s Tylenol as “candy”. I always heard people complaining about their babies/children teething but had no idea it was really this bad. Whew.

2. Andy had a great birthday (so he tells me!). I surprised him with an Invicta watch that he told me he really liked. But since I had already gotten the gun, he didn’t know I’d be getting him another gift! Score!

3. And if you read The Man Life, you know that Andy had mentioned getting me a Coach purse to make up for all his purchases on hunting (he truly knows the way to my heart)… well, instead he got me – drumroll please….

A new camera-  Canon EOS Rebel T1i . Again, he truly knows the way to my heart. It was such a surprise… I’ve been giddy all day!

4. Enough talking! Let me share some pictures from my new camera that I took this morning!

I have never gotten a good/decent picture of Jersey until now.

And never a bad picture of Jackson… until now. ha!

Of course, you were wanting to see pictures of the cute baby, not the cute dogs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Today is my sweet husband’s 26th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Andy! I hope your first birthday as a Dad is wonderful!

Rory has missed you all morning and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday when you get home from work!

You are such a wonderful father! Rory just adores you and there is no denying that she’s a total Daddy’s girl!

I am so proud of you and so thankful for all you do for our little family!

Hope today is the best birthday ever! We love you!

(P.S. Check out The Man Life-Andy posted something new yesterday!)

weekend events

We had another great weekend! On Saturday night our friends from Sunday School came to the house for a cookout- for Andy’s birthday! We had such a great time visiting and playing Wii. Rory had fun with her friend, Benjamin, too!

Unfortunately Rory was a serious grumpy pants the entire weekend. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her- she literally just yelled and yelled and was so fussy. Well on Sunday night I decided to feel her teeth and discovered… her first tooth! Yes, thats right, folks! Rory officially has her first tooth. I tried to get a picture for you all to see, but this is the best I got:

She was a bit traumatized.

So she’s been drooling, chewing, drooling, chewing… nonstop.

She has also started raising her hands when she wants to be picked up. Its so cute! She does her hands in a “get me, get me, get me!” sign. Melts your heart, I tell ya!

She also learned to do a push up. (haha, just kidding, but I thought this picture was cute)

I went to check on her during her nap on Saturday and she was OUT! So relaxed and content.

And here are a couple pictures I just thought were too cute.

So pray for us as we try and survive these teething days… they are HARD! She’s just fussy, fussy, fussy! I think parents should get a gift from the tooth fairy for crying out loud! 🙂

oh my head

Rory does this thing where if she’s wanting to be a tad more dramatic than normal, she’ll put her hand on her head and go “ohhhhhh”…. like her head is really hurting her. Several people have seen it and its so hilarious. She loves to put that hand on her head anytime she’s showing out. Everyone says she’s “posing”, its so cute. I try to catch it on camera but usually I miss it. I caught it today, though!

She loves playing on the ground- rolling around, sitting, anything. She loves being on the floor!

Yesterday she played so hard and then put herself to sleep on the floor.

This week Rory ate crackers (or whatever that thing is called) for the first time. I tried the puffs too- she loves to pick them up but didn’t like them so she’d throw them on the ground. The dogs LOVED the puffs- ha!

Today I had to go up to Mother’s Day Out to look at my room and see where everything is, etc, so that I can get my room ready for the fall. Rory stayed in her class for the first time… and yes, I was a nervous wreck! ha! The ladies in the class are so sweet though so it made me feel much better. She did really well for her first day! Here are some pictures of her preparing for school this morning. I had to take some official pictures, right?! 🙂

So excited to go to school!

Tomorrow Rory has her 6 month well baby checkup (and shots). Thankfully I was finally able to schedule it for a day Andy can go with me! Its hard taking her by myself!

naptime = playtime

Today marks another new trick in the baby book for Rory- she went from laying on the ground playing to sitting up by herself. She was so proud!

About once a day I will put Rory down for a nap and then 15 or so minutes later I will hear her playing in her crib. We’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of it because she always makes her way down to the stuffed animals at the end of the crib.Well today was no different.

Except… she managed today to once again go from lying down to sitting. And then apparently proceeded to throw all of her stuffed animals out of the crib except her bunny. I sent a picture of it to my dad (who gave her the bunny)- I think it made his day!

This is what I walked in to find…

“What, Mom? I didn’t do anything…”

I took this one of my phone- she was looking out at them when I came in the room.

I love days like this. Its so fun to watch all the new things as they happen! She’s just such a little mess. I feel like we’ve got trouble ahead with her, ha! Its definitely time to lower the crib before she throws herself out of it!

Monday morning blues & weekend fun.

I’m not the only one who feels the “Monday blues” anymore. As if it weren’t apparent before, now its official: Rory is a Daddy’s girl for sure! This morning Andy went into her room to check on her before he left and she opened her eyes and just squealed with excitement. He picked her up and she laughed and hugged him and was so happy. Well he leaned her towards me so I could take her and she turned around and rejected me and clung to Andy. Then she cried as if someone had slapped her when he left. It broke her heart for her Daddy to leave. I think it broke Andy’s heart too! There is nothing sweeter than the adoration between a dad and daughter.

On Saturday I had a conference in Dallas to go to for the Mother’s Day out job. It was really great and gave me a boost of confidence that I needed! I got a lot of great ideas too, so thats always a plus! Now I have to finish planning for the fall semester. I’m excited to get started with this new adventure.

We met our Sunday School class in Dallas Saturday night at the Stonebriar Mall. We shopped some and then met up at Dave and Buster’s to eat and play games. We had such a wonderful time!

Fun fact about our class: There are six engineers. SIX. And at this table there are seven, and we were missing one. I’m destined to be surrounded by them, I think. ha!

Rory just watched everything and was so good. She fell asleep pretty much the whole time in all that noise. She’s so sweet.

Andy got really addicted to some games though. He swiped his card over and over. Can’t take him anywhere!

We got home and Rory woke up ready to play! So needless to say, it was a rough night- and I had woken up Saturday morning at 5 am. On Sunday my sweet friend, Rachel, from church called and asked if she could babysit Rory for us so we could relax. It was so nice to spend time with Andy alone after a rough night! Thank you so much, Rachel!

Even though we were up all night with the stinker, it was totally worth the fellowship and fun with our friends! I am so thankful for our class!