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Papa & Mimi’s Visit

We had a wonderful time this week with my Mom and Dad here. Rory had a blast getting so much attention 24/7. By the time they left she was saying “Papa” over and over. As soon as they walked in the door she hugged them and loved on them. Her age now is so sweet because her personality has come out so strong and she’s so much more social than the last time she saw them in July. Rory would look at my parents to make sure they were watching her at all times and she’d do this little fake laugh at them. What a mess!

It was really hard to say goodbye this morning to them, but at least the holidays are soon so it won’t be as long between visits! I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures from the week/weekend and let y’all enjoy! They will speak for themselves as far as Rory hamming it up for the grandparents goes! 🙂

The Stinker.

Wait. You callin’ ME a stinker?

Well thats funny…

because I am.

But you are starting to hurt my feelings…

I mean, you call me stinker all the time.

Don’t you know my name?!

Well, fine. If you want to keep calling me stinker, go ahead.

I’ll show you stinker then.

Isn’t this the perfect Halloween costume for her?!

what a week

As you all know, Rory had her first sickness starting last weekend. Well on Wednesday she started having bad diapers and Wednesday night she threw up a couple of times. This morning she woke up at 5 covered in … well you get it. I knew something must be going on because she also broke out into a rash. So I took her back to the doctor this morning and they said that she is having some sort of minor allergic reaction and the vomiting/diarrhea was normal side effect of the antibiotic. She is fine with just bottle/pedialyte, but if I give her baby food she throws it up. It has been so much fun, y’all! ha.

So that sums up our week. Its been hard, but I still feel so blessed everytime I look at her.

I bought Rory some clothes online at Old Navy and they came in today. So of course since she was feeling better, I had a little photo session with her new stylin’ clothes for fall.

Riding boots, skinny jeans, and ruffled button down… I believe she’s MUCH more stylish than I’ll ever be.

Sometimes she’s a little devilish, I’ll be honest with y’all…

but mostly she’s sweet as pie.

The best thing about her new shoes?! Chew toy.

fall weather, fall clothes

I was hoping Rory would be completely better by today, but no such luck. She ran some fever again today and has been so pitiful with her little cough. The doctor said that it sounds worse because its finally getting out so hopefully he’s right!

I gave her a bath today and afterwards I put her in her crib so I could clean her room up a little. She was so funny rolling around, playing, talking, etc in it. She was cracking up being in just a diaper in her crib. She’s also been trying to pull up while in there and she’s learned to pull down the bumper to see out.

Since she’s been feeling bad I’ve been trying to put her in warmer clothes, but they are all still big. She’s crawling a lot more and when she has the 6-9 month pants on they always end up coming down while she scoots. Its pretty funny. I’m sure the clothes will fit better with each day since the stinker grows so fast!

It feels so wonderful outside again today! We are going to Dallas this weekend for a much needed little family getaway. I’m hoping it stays fall-like through the weekend! I’m so excited to get out of town and spend some much needed family time together this weekend!

the case of the stick-up hair

Its that time of year again.

Andy’s “annual” outage.

Excuse me, but you guys are engineers- don’t you understand that if you have more than one annual outage, it is NOT to be called annual anymore?!

Anyway. I am a single parent for the week.Yippee!

So what did we do this weekend?

A whole lot of this:

We took a two hour nap on Friday afternoon- all three of us. And on Saturday we all took at least an hour and a half long nap. Andy worked Sunday.

Now it is time for me to explain why I decided to do Rory’s hair like this:

Stinker’s hair is getting thicker by the day and instead of laying down nicely it has decided to do this:

So since it wants to stick up so grandly, I decided to make it cute and put a bow in it.

Its marvelous!

Just FYI- Rory decided she doesn’t like crawling as much as she likes rolling. Sorry to disappoint. Soon she’ll be all over the place though, I’m sure!

shy crawler

Last night was a big night in our house… Rory CRAWLED!

Its kind of an army crawl-ish type thing I guess, but its still crawling!

So we’ve been trying to capture it on the video camera. It isn’t working out. She just starts rolling as soon as we turn it on. Darn kid, why won’t you cooperate?!

As soon as I catch her doing it, I’ll post it on here for y’all to see.

Oh, and just fyi- she started crawling at the sight of my wedding rings (diamonds) and Andy’s new watch. Is she trying to tell us something???

I had a great time at the MOPS meeting this morning and am really looking forward to being on the leadership team. The women are really fun so it should be a great time!

Its been such a busy, crazy week. I’m blogging super fast today because Rory decided to play all night instead of sleep so as soon as she goes to sleep I’m hitting the bed myself!

Rory’s saying “Hey, y’all!”

hehehehehehe, do you like my new hairdo?!

Seriously, Mom… why do you keep laughing at my hair?!

Look, you can see my teeth!

(click on picture it’ll enlarge it so you can see them)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will take lots of pictures so that I’ll have a good post on Monday!

Finally Friday!

Even though its a short work week for Andy, it has seemed like such a long one! I didn’t think Friday would ever get here!

Lets talk about a couple of things, okay?

Topic of Discussion #1: Work. Did you realize how hard it was to go back to work after a hiatus? I only work two days a week, but I’m exhausted. Thats okay though. I LOVE my little two year olds. I have the most precious class (and they ALL take naps. every single one.). And! Rory is really starting to enjoy herself too- which is a HUGE praise. I was so worried at first.

Topic of Discussion #2: Blog. PEOPLE! Why, oh why, did you not tell me about my TWO typos this week?! Ay yi yi! (Don’t go try and find them, they have been corrected, ha!) I guess none of my readers are my true friends since you didn’t tell me. And now I’m sad.

Topic of Discussion #3: New baby. Our friends from church, Julie and Stephen, had their precious baby Grady this week. He’s a cutie! (And since seeing him I have begged Andy everyday to have another baby. He always says no. Why is he so mean? ha!)

Topic of Discussion #4: Baby Weston. Remember the baby I asked y’all to pray for? Well his genetics tests came back negative (HUGE PRAISE) and they need to do heart surgery FAST. Unfortunately his kidneys have been failing and they need to improve for him to be able to have surgery. Please pray for him and his parents. God has heard our prayers for him. So many people prayed/pleaded with God to let the tests come back negative- and they did! I know our Savior can heal his kidneys. Please, please pray with me! To read more about Weston’s story and to get updates click here.

“Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and (he) will be healed.” Luke 8:50

“Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3


I mean, really…

Am I not, like, SO cute?

Rain, rain, go away- you are making me have a bad hair day!


Dear Rory, there is indeed a wall there.

Have a fantastic, marvelous, wonderful weekend!

I’m a redneck woman…

Today we broke out Rory’s camo for the first time. We’re such a redneck family, right? She’s currently singing the Gretchen Wilson song (hence the post title). But she looked darn cute in it!

this is my silly face:

this is my mischievous face:

you can’t see me because I’m wearing camo…

hear no evil

wait, I think I hear something… is it a deer, a turkey, or someone selling moonshine in the woods?????

Daddy and I match!

You can’t see us, can you?!!

This is what happens every time I get on the ground… I get attacked!

it feels so good outside!

I’ve had such a great weekend at home with Daddy and Mommy!

football season is here!

Oh, how I long to be in the Junction in Starkville right now!

The food, the friends, the fun…


Even if we aren’t in Starkville today we’ll be watching them play Memphis tonight here at home.

We’re going to raise Rory right – SEC all the way! Hopefully she won’t be brainwashed into a Texas fan, ha! When WE say “UT” we of course mean THE Vols- but they think the Longhorns and it just isn’t right! And their maroon and white means Texas A&M, not MS State… the horror! 🙂

Today we are sporting our Mississippi State gear- all of us wearing our polo’s!

Here is proof that she does, in fact, love her Momma too.

Can’t forget to show y’all the booty (and to show you how hilarious Andy’s face is in this picture!).

Wouldn’t be complete without a matching pacifier, right?!

She’s learning to clap and we caught her mid-clap! We were saying, “Go State, GO STATE!”.

Happy Game Day!