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pity parties and paint parties

Today has been one of those days that I feel like I’m totally losing it. Just when I get real proud of myself for handling it all so well, I get knocked down a peg or two.

Rory was in a mood this morning and that made ME in a mood. Ryder was screaming because she seems to be starving all the time but isn’t eating well. I was short tempered and a total butt. Therefore, Rory was the same. Isn’t it funny how that works??

Then we get to school and a friend of mine’s kid threw up in the car  in the parking lot and I just totally lost it. Cried like a crazy woman for a good hour. Threw myself an awesome pity party.

So all in all… fantastic morning! ha!

In fact, I’ve been throwing a pity party for a couple of days now. I’m mad that we have had to go through all of this. I’m mad that Ryder just can’t get better with her eating. I’m mad that people say things they THINK are helpful but honestly are just rude. I’m mad that Rory won’t sleep at night. I’m mad that things are completely out of control with every aspect it seems at our house. I’m mad that I can’t get a break without feeling guilty for being away, for leaving Andy with crying kids, and the list goes on. I’m mad Andy gets to leave to go to work (because clearly that is so much fun all of the time for him). I’m mad that I can’t write a dang blog post without it being about something heavy. I mean, who wants to read sad/depressing stuff all the dang time?!

And yet, even through my pity party, Jesus loves ugly ole’ me anyway. Isn’t that crazy? I sure wouldn’t love me right now!

So there you have it.

Let’s move on, shall we?!

Rory had a much better party yesterday- a painting party!

See the paint, Mommy?!

Are you seeing this, Mom?

Hold that thought, I’m getting inspired…

hold it…. hooollllldddddddd it….

okay, what were you saying again?

mmmhmmm I’m listening, I’m listening…

har har har, that was hilarious, Mom!

Did you notice my pink fingernails and toenails, yet?!

Let me just take a second to enjoy my amazing artwork.

After the paint party, I threw Rory in the shower (I thought it was more humane than hosing her off with the water hose outside). You tell me if you think she enjoyed it.

I believe she did.

Have a great Thursday!

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Southern Sundays

We got to go to church as a family for the first time in over a month today. It was wonderful!

Andy’s parents were here over the weekend (will blog that tomorrow) and so we went outside to take pictures.

As I was looking at these pictures, I had to laugh and say “what a typical southern Sunday!”. How many times in my life did my family growing up go outside in front of the house and take pictures? How many times will Rory and Ryder do the same with us?

I’m so thankful that I was raised going to church and raised LOVING church. I had some years after moving away that I didn’t love church so much. But now I’ve fallen in love again because we absolutely love our church and church family. We have been to some WONDERFUL churches (First Baptist Starkville and Calvary in Alexandria) but First Baptist Paris is by far the most we have ever felt apart of the church. It is home. It is family.

I’m also thankful that I was raised by parents who were in love with Jesus and showed it through their marriage and parenting. We have a wonderful relationship now and its because of that love for Jesus. I hope that Rory and Ryder see that in us as well.

Hope you are having a wonderful “Southern Sunday” too!

Family Pictures

We had the privilege of getting Jennifer Cook of Lifestyles Photography to take our pictures. She did such an amazing job and I can’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. I love that we have forever documented our little family of three before it officially becomes four. Enjoy the pictures!


FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY- Rory is back to her old self again!

When I say this past sickness with her was rough, its an understatement. Absolutely no sleep, coughing, runny nose, screaming from pain in her ears, and a terrible diaper rash will make any sweet baby a total crabby pants.

But she is officially back and better than ever now! Since feeling better she has started talking more (meaning non stop! ha!), playing more, and spending some time by herself. And of course, being as mischievous as ever!

Yesterday we went back to our church and everyone was just so so glad to see her. I love that when we go she is just so happy to walk in and let all the ladies love all over her. And I especially love that they adore her.

She looked super cute yesterday, too!

Did I mention that she’s sleeping again as well?! I mean, for now anyways- ha!

Just to prove my point, here are the many faces of a very happy Rory…

Oh, I am so glad to have my stinker back!

New York!

Andy and I had the most wonderful trip to NYC last week! I am just so so thankful that we were able to get away and have some time to ourselves for a couple of days. For almost six years we were “just us” and we loved every second of it. We would go anywhere at the drop of a hat and we would go out to eat whenever we felt the need with no planning involved. Its only been a year with Rory in our lives, but it is SO easy to forget that FIRST we were a couple and a family together. I think that its so important to get time alone just to remind ourselves of that and to really enjoy eachother without distractions. Because, lets face it, one day it’ll be “just us” again and I want to still know my husband and want to long for the empty nest instead of dread it.

Rory had a blast at my parents’ house for the week. I am so thankful for them caring for her while we were gone and that she was spoiled rotten the whole time! I wanted to go on the trip so bad, but it was a whole lot harder to leave her than I ever thought. I cried the first two days at least once… well got teary eyed and just wanted to pack up and head home for a brief second instead. I missed the little stinker so bad I almost couldn’t stand it!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had an amazing time. We ate, we walked, we ate, we walked, we ate, we saw, we ate, we walked, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate, we ate…. get the picture????? That was what I was most looking forward to- EATING! With Rory at this busy bee stage its almost impossible to go out to eat and not be pulling our hair out and wanting to cry by the end of the meal. So that was the best part of the trip to me- eating in peace and without having to cut up food for a tiny person yelling at me! 🙂

We spent a lot of time in Central Park on Monday. It was gorgeous with all the snow left from the previous week and the weather was so nice. Andy geocached while I took about 500 pictures. ha!

We also got to go see a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman! It was so fun!

On Tuesday we went downtown and stayed pretty much the entire day there. We walked to the seaport and piers, got tickets to Broadway at the TKTS booth, went to Century 21 (favorite place ever), saw the WTC site and St. Paul’s chapel, walked up to China town, and finished the day eating THE BEST PIZZA EVER at Lombardi’s in Little Italy.

On Tuesday night we went to see the play, Lombardi. It was so good- I would definitely suggest anyone to see it. I, personally, am a fan of musicals but wanted Andy to enjoy it too. I’m so glad we chose that play to see!

Then on Wednesday our friends Kristen and Lloyd came to see us! They live in PA, so its much closer than where we are now so we thought we’d meet up! It was such a fun day getting to catch up and see them! We were great friends in Starkville back in our poor college days together, ha! We went to eat at The Stand, went on a harbor cruise, went to Eataly, and finished the day eating at an amazing restaurant with Top Chef Marc Forgione. CLICK HERE to see a bunch of pics Kristen took of the food and fun we had that day!

(I had to document that Andy ate an oyster. I mean… he’s REALLY picky- but he went all out on this trip and tried so many things!)

On Friday morning we slept in until about 10 (blissful) and then went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. After that we headed to the airport and we were so ready to get back to our baby girl!

I’ll say it one more time- we had an amazing time. I am so thankful we got to go and spend time together. We really needed it!

Thanksgiving/Disney 2010

This might be a long post, but it’ll be mostly pictures, so don’t worry!

I’d like to start off by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to the most wonderful mother in the entire world. I don’t know what I’d do without her, especially after this year and all she’s done to help us. I love you, Mom!

I have been sick. Like siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, sick for the past several weeks. My doctor gave me some medicine yesterday so hopefully that’ll help this morning/all-day sickness. I definitely am having a much harder time than I did when I was pregnant with Rory. Needless to say, I haven’t felt like blogging or taking pictures or doing ANYTHING but taking care of my baby girl and sleeping. I’m a little over 9 weeks so only a few more weeks until the first trimester is over- hope it changes!

I am going to just upload my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving and from our Disney trip and call it a day. Sorry, I have nothing creative coming out of me right now! ha!



Its A Small World…

Rory FREAKED OUT when she saw Mickey! She hugged and kissed him and just LOVED him!

Rory riding her first “roller coaster”- Snow White! She even put her hands up!

Rory’s favorite part (besides meeting Mickey) was the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. She loved every single second of it!


… like a BIG surprise…

Rory is already planning all the trouble these two are going to get into together…

and I bet she’s also planning on all the silly times they’ll have together…

That’s right, folks! Rory will be a big sister in July!

Today it was confirmed by the doctor via ultrasound.

Who else is shocked/scared/surprised?!!! ha!

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year its that God LOVES to show me that HE has a plan way better than any of my plans.


And I’ve also learned to take notice to the warnings on antibiotics.

(thanks Paris Baby for the oh-so-cute tshirt!)

Happy Halloween!

I know this is almost late, but its just impossible to blog before bedtime 99% of the time. Hopefully I will be able to do better during nap time starting this week. Well, except tomorrow- I’m keeping a 2 month old and Rory all day. Pray for me! ha!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went out to our Sunday School teachers’ lake house. Its about 20 minutes away and beautiful! We had such a great time with fellowshipping with everyone! The kids wore their costumes and we took a hayride- it was fun!

As you can tell it was bright out! But it was PERFECT weather for outside fun!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of all three of our SS babies, but totally forgot. Plus, it may have been difficult, ha! I did get pictures of all of them though in their Halloween attire!

Grady and Rory showed up in the same outfit without even planning!

Grady is the baby I’ll be keeping tomorrow. He is so adorable!

And here is Benjamin in his monkey outfit. Seriously. SO. CUTE!

Today I attempted to get some cute pictures in her Halloween outfit for the day. Little mess just doesn’t want to sit still anymore! I got a couple of cute shots though!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

pumpkin carvin’

Yesterday was such a fun day! After church and a long nap (for all three of us!) we went outside in the gorgeous weather and carved pumpkins! Rory played in her excersaucer and watched us as we carved and she enjoyed being outside so much!

I took a bunch of pictures and didn’t realize until I put them on my computer that it zoomed in on the pumpkin instead of her face- ugh! So she’s a little blurry since she is in the background of her pumpkin. Its just what happens when you have a 2 minute span of time to take pictures before she’s tired of it. The pics are still cute though!

Her pumpkin we made to supposedly look like her- notice the two front teeth!- but it ended up looking a little mean, ha!

I carved Rory’s pumpkin and Andy carved the other two. I think he did a good job!

And because I think these are hilarious and for some reason never get old, here is our family doing a “monster rap” for your pleasure…

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busy week

Its been a whirlwind super busy week this week! I’ve been working my tail off trying to be creative with the MOPS decorations, and today was our first meeting! Everything went great! MOPS, for those of you that have asked, is Mothers of Preschoolers and its just a group of woman who get together once a month during the day and then also do things (playdates, mom night outs, etc) during the year. I’m excited about being apart of it because it will help me to meet new friends that are in the same stage of life as me!

So part of the reason, besides being swamped with a million other things to do, that I haven’t blogged much this week is because we have started a whole new routine and scratched all of our old ways here in the house. Rory slept so well for so long and then when she cut her first tooth she woke up one night and never slept through the night again. So its been like 2 1/2 months since she has slept through the night and I’m not talking about one wake-up…. I’m saying she woke up SEVERAL times screaming.

So this week, with the help of a LOT of prayer and a LOT of advice from some wonderful friends here, Rory has slept through the night again three nights in a row. And let me tell you- she’s a totally different baby now! She’s been so happy all the time and just wakes up cheerful again.

Isn’t it amazing that the God that created the universe and everything in it cares about the tiniest of problems along with the biggest of problems?! That He cares about the fact that I truly needed a night of sleep? He cares enough to send the right people in our lives at the right time (my SS class) who will pray for us and give us the encouragement and advice we needed to start over and new with our routine. Thank you God for big and small miracles!

Now its picture time! (aka the only reason you come to the blog- pics of Rory! ha!)

Well first, I would like to show off my Halloween attire for this months’ bunko! Rory didn’t want to cooperate but I had to show you the eyelashes that took 45 minutes to put on. It is insanely hard to put on fake lashes, people!

Rory is on the move and there is a lot of “no no no”s going on in the house these days.

And a lot of these faces replying to the no’s:

And there is also a lot of pulling up going on! On Monday she pulled up on her new car walker toy and pushed it a couple of steps- it was so funny watching her!

And as always, there was a lot of playing in her basket which is her new favorite toy.

“Seriously, Mom, you are embarrassing me.”

And she tried on a jacket we had gotten her forever ago on clearance for $5! Its a Columbia jacket and was SO CUTE on her!

Have a great weekend! Next week I’ll have much more time to post throughout the week, hopefully!