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Ultrasound, Week 12 Day 6

I had a doctor’s appointment today to hear the heartbeat of the baby, but since I’m still early on and not really showing yet, they couldn’t guarentee they’d be able to find the heartbeat. Well, the doctor tried and tried but couldn’t find it today so sent me on to get an ultrasound.

Well we knew why she couldn’t get a heartbeat to show up  immediately in the ultrasound! Apparently I have a gymnast/dancer in there! The baby did somersault after somersault and then turned its back on us and did a little booty dance! HA! It was so funny, the tech and I were just laughing and laughing. Baby Harris did NOT stop the entire time! This has been the most amazing experience ever… I am so not what I thought I would be like when I’m looking at that little stinker moving and grooving. I got all misty-eyed and smiley the rest of the day!

Enjoy these pictures of Baby Harris- they will be the last before we know if he/she is a he or a she!

ultrasound022ultrasound023Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, it is the best she could do with all the squirming. One thing I LOVE about our doctor is that they have a 52′ flat screen tv that you can watch while they do ultrasounds, but the bad thing is that the pictures are never as good as what it looks like on there!

I’m going to leave you with one last picture. I woke up this morning looking straight at this instead of Andy, so I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and took the picture. She really thinks she’s a person!



I have worked with our  hosting to try and figure out the best way to put whole albums on to the website. There are just too many pictures to be able to put them like I normally do into a blog post (one by one). So, from now on I’ll be using Google Picasa to update pictures of trips, the house, etc.

Here is the link to the albums:

I also am putting the link under the “pictures” tab of the website so you can always find it on that page! Send me a message if you have any problems loading the Picasa page.

Backyard Fun!

We’re off to Dallas for the weekend! June 5th we will be celebrating our FIFTH!!!! anniversary, and from here until then we have so many things going on. So we decided to take a trip this weekend to Texas for a nice relaxing weekend. I am so thankful for our five years together. Andy means the world to me and I am so very thankful for him. He provides for our little family and is such a great leader in the house. He’s encouraging, kind, and generous to me. I wouldn’t change the past five years for anything. Here’s to many many more wonderful years!!!


Andy was out of town all last week, so me and the pups had lots of quality time together, ha! So, I decided I’d get them a puppy pool to entertain them out in the backyard! We’re just about finished with the house- I am painting the living room next week and that should be it for now. I decided the couch blended in with the wall color too much, so we’re painting it. I’ll post pics when its done! For now, here are pics of the pups in the backyard having some fun. Jackson was the only one who would get in it and play. He absolutely loves water and stayed in it for hours! I had to make him get out. Enjoy the pictures:



Tucker thinks its just a big water bowl- he’s in heaven!


Jackson is testing the water to see if its too cold!


about to take the jump


and we’re in!


little Jersey Girl didn’t want to partake in the pool activities… this is as good of a shot as I’ll ever get , ha!


So here’s the game- Jackson splashes the water with his paw really hard, then bites the water. He’ll demonstrate in the next couple of pictures!






Tucker didn’t want anything to do with the pool either. Normally he loves water so I’m not sure why he was acting weird. He’s getting to be a big handsome man!


and Jersey just waits on the patio to be let inside… she’s not much of an outdoor dog!


pictures of our new home.

Sorry its taken so long! I lost my camera for a week or so in the move. Here’s some pictures… more to come very soon, I promise!

These are pics of the front of house, the living room and OF COURSE the MAN ROOM! The Man Room is the first room that was completed. More pictures to come when more progress is made!