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a Thursday post.

It is Thursday, if you didn’t know this already, which means I’m having a “mommy free day”. I have been loving these days lately because I can clean, nap, watch TV that I wouldn’t watch in front of the kids (hello Real Housewives and the Kardashians and mine and Andy’s new favorite, Honey Boo Boo!), and take long, hot showers.


Andy is probably going to be real sad when I get friends because I have been keeping this house CLEAN, y’all. Granted, I clean for hours and the two tornadoes whip through and mess it all up, but I’m like vacuuming every day, sometimes twice a day. The laundry is always caught up and put up. The dishes are mostly always clean.


I have been a cooking machine. I’ve been cooking so much that I’ve decided one day next week I will share some recipes with y’all.

Go ahead, drop your jaw in awe and shock. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Tonight I’m cooking HOMEMADE pizza. I even made the crust Tuesday night and have been letting it sit and be glorious just for tonight.

Oh, yes I did.

Just call me super mom, thankyouverymuch.

Maybe if I start posting recipes and get a little crafty and all fancy like my mom will claim me as her favorite blogger again.

Oh, I didn’t tell you?

Since being in Tennessee I have found out that my mom has another favorite blog.

In fact, she’s been calling it  THE blog.

For example: She says to me, “Tiff, did you see what was on the blog today?”. I’m all like…. ?????? I didn’t blog today ??????

Oh, no ma’am. She’s not talking about me, her favorite daughter. (ha.)

She’s talking about another blogger, who I admit is totally fabulous and amazing.

Whatever, mom. I can handle it.

Another reason I am super mom is because I actually got some pictures of the kids.

Since I decided to enter Ryder into the Gerber baby contest (and Rory!) I wanted to get some cute pictures of her.

Let me tell you something that you probably have already picked up on about Ryder.

She is a mess.

I’ve never seen any kid in the world with as many expressions and faces as her. The kid is hilarious. She will make the craziest faces and each and every one describes exactly what she is feeling or thinking.

So I took all these pictures of her and seriously had 108 pictures that were cute and hilarious because of her expressions.

None of them are smiley cheesy pictures and I love that.

You are welcome for the cuteness overload that is about to hit you.

And how could you say “no” to these hands????

She was actually making them at Rory, which is just precious. So Rory came over and sat with her and all was right in the world.

These kids are little BFF’s. True, they fight some and are too rough with each other for most of the day, but they also play so well together and just love on each other all day.

I wanted to get some pictures of them before school this morning but Ryder had it in her mind that it was time to GO and she wasn’t having it. Rory was actually looking at me and smiling too, which NEVER happens.

Well, I’m off to pick the stinkers up.

Rory and I are going shopping for Andy’s birthday tomorrow before we pick Ryder up.

I tried shopping with her the other day but she was insistent on getting him a bright purple shirt with pink argyle. Which is fine if your husband likes it, but have you met Andy??? He won’t even hardly wear red because he fears it isn’t manly enough.

Happy Thursday!

the winner.

Obviously this is late because, hello, its how I do everything…

but we have a winner of the 585 Boutique giveaway! I used and it generated comment #4.

Kayla C!

Kayla, you will get an email from Sarah soon!

Today we had a birthday party for Ryder and had so much fun. I will do the post on that Monday. Its been an awesome day and we are pooped!

Tonight was date night at our church and we ALWAYS take advantage of it. I’m going to miss our church so much!

This past Monday we did one last photo shoot with our amazing photographer/friend here in town, Jennifer. She never ceases to amaze me. I just had to try and fit in a family picture before we left Paris. We decided to do it at the infamous Eiffel Tower here with the giant cowboy hat.

When she posted the picture I completely lost it. I feel the weight of the move with this picture and the weight of so much we are losing very soon. To some people, we will be forever frozen just like that- two small little girls and us in our late 20s. For some reason it just totally gripped me and I sobbed for a good hour.

Yes, I absolutely realize we are gaining so much with this move closer to our family, but we are also leaving family behind. And right now while we are still here waiting for move day, I’m just plain sad. It will get easier and better especially once we are there, but right now is hard. So I’m spending as much time with friends and now with Andy since he’s “unemployed” for a few weeks and enjoying every second we have left here.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

Easter 2012

We had a crazy busy but fun Easter weekend!

Rory’s first official Easter Egg Hunt was on Friday. She had a blast! She was so fast finding eggs and I caught her stiff arming some people to get to them before anyone else could! Ha!

I absolutely love this picture- I managed to capture her “oh my goodness there is CANDY in the eggs!” face. Ryder is making her “get me the heck out of this stroller” face.

Ryder had fun, too, just being her usual happy, cute self.

The only pictures I managed to get of our family over Easter weekend…

Ryder is captured perfectly in both- making crazy faces. The kid is a comedian already, y’all.

Saturday we did stuff around the house and ran errands. I had a Thirty-One party Saturday night and it was so much fun!

Sunday we woke to see what the Easter Bunny brought the kids! Ryder got woken up before 7am and wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing at first.

Then Rory completely melted down pretty much the entire morning so I didn’t get any good pictures. Oh well!

At the last minute before we headed to church I decided to throw the girls in the rocker and see if I could get a picture. It rained all day so I knew I wouldn’t be getting any outside pictures so that was my last ditch attempt.

My Easter girls, they are so precious and fun!

Let me tell you something. There is NOTHING like being the mother of all girls. They are sweet and sassy, bright and dramatic, energetic and loveable. I always pictured myself as a “all boy” mom because I was a tom boy of sorts growing up. But as you can tell by Rory’s legs, they are just as rough and tumble as little boys but have cuter clothes! 😉 Now I can’t picture myself having anything other than girls. I love all the clothes and bows and shoes and purses. I love how they can still get dirty and have fun but also love to dress up. I love that they aren’t wimpy but still need me to snuggle them and kiss their bruises. And I LOVE the look in their eye when Daddy tells them they are beautiful. Nothing lights Rory up more than that and I remember feeling the same when my dad would tell me that.

The rest of Easter was spent with friends who are more like family and resting. We had a WONDERFUL day!

I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Christmas is wonderful but it wouldn’t mean anything at all without Easter. How miraculous Jesus’ death and resurrection is! All day I was reminded over and over how miraculous our year has been. I looked at my girls with wonder at His power. I looked at Ryder’s scar poking out from her beautiful dress and get chills at how Jesus has worked in my life this year during such heartache and dark days.

And its all because He has RISEN and is a LIVING God that I can face every storm with hope and can praise Him through the darkest hours.

 “Because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, your faith and hope can be placed confidently in God.” 1 Peter 1:21

Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!

Don’t worry, I got this.

First I would like to say that my kids are apparently against me blogging. Maybe they have figured out that I say things on here that will embarrass them in the long run? Neither will nap today and everytime I think I’ve got a handle on the situation someone runs in butt naked or someone else starts crying to be held.

Which is our normal life so why do I expect anything different?

Andy, the girls and I had a wonderful weekend at home. We cleaned some, napped some, went on a date to see The Hunger Games (!), read a lot, watched a lot of tv and movies, and played outside.

Oh! And Rory caught her first fish! She had THE BEST TIME EVER fishing with her Daddy. It was precious.

Of course I forgot my real camera, so phone pictures will have to do.

Speaking of “real” pictures….

I’ll have you know my children are also ganging up against me to make sure I don’t get a single picture of them acting like sweet, precious girls.

Which would actually be lying to all of you because clearly they are little butts.

Okay, act as silly as possible!

Quick! Look confused!

Now, pretend to be cooperating and look off right before she pushes the button!

See? They are totally conspiring against me.

Today is gorgeous so I took the girls outside to play.

Which is not an easy task, friends. But being that I’m super mom, I obviously have a handle on it.

Case in point. Rory would never eat anything like dirt and therefore have a dirt mustache/goatee in every.single.picture I take when we go outside.

And Ryder would never decide to play Angry Birds while I push Rory on the swing.

Please dear Lord tell me I won’t have another eater-of-every-object-known-to-man?

Nope. Just a put-everything-in-my-nose child. No biggie.

Ryder still loves to read, by the way.

And yes, I still worry about her eyesight.

On a serious note, I must go now.

Rory just ran in naked again declaring she “pee pee potty mommy! yay! pee pee potty!”.

Unfortunately she “pee pee pottied” in a play bowl from her play kitchen.

Don’t worry, I got this. I’m supermom, remember?!


updates and pictures

I have some updates for you!

1) Ryder had a WONDERFUL first day of Mother’s Day Out! They said she did great and napped great. They also said she was very interested in everyone’s food and tried stealing some oranges from her neighbor. Typical.

2) Jackson is officially gone. I’ve cried a whole lot and am really so sad, but I know it was time. Rory keeps calling for him and that makes it even harder. We just told her he was staying with new friends for a while.

3) We sold our couch and are getting a new one. Problem is they can’t deliver it until TUESDAY so we only have the new recliner. I feel like I’m back in our college days!

4) A few weeks ago we got Rory and Ryder’s pictures made. They are gorgeous and I’m, again, amazed at Jennifer’s patience and work with them!

they’re mocking me.

So, once again, I embarked on the impossible- getting Rory and Ryder’s picture together in their Christmas outfits.

I want y’all to know that these kids are about to drive me to drink.

If you go to church with me, ignore the previous comment.

Now it seems that the girls are conspiring against me in this whole picture taking nonsense.

I mean, now they’re just mocking me.

Seriously though. This was not planned. I did not tell them to do this. I have no idea how I managed to get this picture.

But it captures their personalities perfectly.

The little butts.

Again… I say that with all the love in my heart.

I did manage to get a couple of cute, non-sticking-out-their-tongues-at-me pictures though.

Rory insisted on “hold sisser hand” in every picture.

Which is simply adorable, if I do say so myself.

Rory also talked and sang the whole time.

I tried to get pictures of Ryder by herself because she has my niece’s dress on, but this is the only one I got and it came out in this weird color…. and honestly, who has time to fix it?

So there you have it. I’d call that a successful photo session adventure. And no tears were shed! Amazing!

I’m trying to plan as many playdates as possible in the next two weeks because Rory doesn’t have MDO and will get so bored if we stay home all week.

And no one wants to see what happens when Rory gets bored.

Plus, my playdates with my fabulous friends in Paris always consist of a lot of coffee and awesome girl time. Who doesn’t love that?!

Ok! Happy Christmas Week!

Thanksgiving Trip: The Final Post

Alright its time to finish this business up!

On Friday after Thanksgiving we made our way to the TN river where Andy’s parents live. We had a great time just relaxing and letting the kids play and get spoiled. Then on Saturday Andy’s grandmother and aunts came to see the girls! It was so great to see them since we never get to. Marsha brought her granddaughter, Adrianna (hope thats how you spell it- if not forgive me!), and her and Rory played together.

Aunt Marlene and Ryder

Aunt Marsha, Adrianna, and Ryder

group shot

Then on Saturday we headed back to Jackson to my parents’ for the McIntire Christmas. We aren’t going to be home for Christmas and neither is Tasha so we decided (last minute) to have it while we were all together at Thanksgiving.

the kids opened presents

Papa made the boys traps for their presents. They were a huge hit!

Mimi made Rory tutus and a wand. We play with them every day… she thinks she’s a fairy!

I got my mom Just Dance 3 for her present. And somehow I didn’t get a picture of her and my dad doing it on my camera. I got one shot of it on my phone and there may or may not be a video floating around youtube. You’ll have to ask Patrick about that though.

Everyone had such a blast playing.

Rory LOVED it and asked for it for Christmas too. (I LOVED it as well which is why I made Rory ask for it.)

And of course, we had to get a family picture.

Please note Clayton on the bottom left.

After all of that, Rory got her FIRST haircut!

I wasn’t sure how it would go at first…

But thanks to Telena’s awesome skills and to some singing, she warmed up!

We had such a wonderful time and I can’t wait until we can all get together again. Christmas won’t be the same without going home but I am really excited about starting our new traditions here at our house and getting to spend a really long weekend together as a family at home.

Thanksgiving Trip: Part One

Well I am having to break up my Thanksgiving post into parts because I just uploaded 776 photos from my camera and there’s no way I can go through all of them today and put all of them on one post.

Anyways. We had an absolute blast in TN/MS last week! Rory and Ryder were so good most of the time and both enjoyed all the extra spoiling love and attention.

On Saturday we met my dad half way in AR. Rory was so excited to see him. She kept calling him “Papa Mimi” instead of just Papa. It was so cute.

Sunday we went to my parents church and it was wonderful to get to see everyone there. I’m so thankful for my dad’s church family and all of their prayers for Ryder during her surgery. After church I met up with one of my best friends from high school, Jodi, and we went to a Holiday Mart a school in my hometown puts on every year. It was great to catch up with her and hang out without kids.

Monday morning, the girls and I headed over to our great friends’, Katie and Sam, house. They have a little boy, Brooks, who is about 14 months old  who is ADORABLE. Unfortunately, my child refused to share and was so rough so they didn’t have the greatest time playing, but I enjoyed getting to catch up with Katie so much! Oh, and we tried to get pictures of all three kids together. It went so well.

“Stop touching me!”

“Please stop touching me!!!!!!!!!!”

“I’m outta here!”

Monday night we went and hung out at my sister, Telena’s house. Rory absolutely loved playing with Jacks, Jacy, and Riley the whole time.

Tuesday was nasty all day so we just stayed home and had a lazy rainy day.

Wednesday we headed to Dumas, MS. I’ve been informed that its not the middle of nowhere but instead the center of the universe.

Touché. Touché.

We had such an amazing time in MS. Its truly home to me, even if I don’t get back there much. I have dreams of living on my grandparents’ land one day.

My aunt and uncle live there (actually two aunts and uncles) and they have miniature horses. Let me tell you. They were a big hit! Here are all the kids getting to ride one of the horses. My Uncle Frank led them around and all the kids LOVED it. (Uncle Frank is loved by all kids. ALL kids.)

I had to include this. Do you see the boys pointing and laughing? Yep. The horse was peeing and they thought it was hysterical, of course.

Ok, can I just say I want to move Jacy in with me so I could have a babysitter on hand all the time? She was SO MUCH help the entire week with Rory. And Rory absolutely adores her. Jacy- you are the best niece EVER. Please come stay with me this summer… PLEASE???

Landon and Rory rode the pony together. They are the cutest.

My niece, Riley.

Sweet nephew, Jacks.

Cousin, Sadie Beth.

Beautiful niece, Jacy. (Notice that her legs almost touch the ground, ha!)

Cousin, Elizabeth.

Cousin, Maleah.

Sweet nephew, Landon.

Everyone took turns holding Rory… too bad she refused to look at camera.

Okay! That is all I can do today. My house is a DISASTER and we are having company this weekend. I will post part 2 tomorrow!


For quite sometime our house has been just utter chaos. This is not news to any of you that read this here blog. Between all the craziness because of Ryder’s situation and bad habits that were created (by us mostly) before Ryder came along, its been NUTS. I feel like everything since Ryder has been born has been completely out of control.

Especially sleep.

Rory’s sleep issues started a really long time ago. Actually, it was about this time last year. And honestly she’s probably slept through the night three or so times since then. Its been… well, exhausting.

So this week we decided to take control, finally. First, we took down her baby bed because she HATED it. This has been key to our success! She loves her toddler bed so much! The other new thing is we are doing a set bedtime routine and time. And it sounds extremely early, but it has worked wonderfully- 7:00! The first night I was so worried she’d wake up at 4 ready to go because this is not abnormal for her anyways, but she has slept past six every day this week! HALLELUJAH!

The first night was awful and she screamed for hours even when I tried to lay in that tiny bed with her.The next night was much better and last night was awesome. She stays in her bed great and all I have to do is go in her room, tuck her in real snug, and sit next to the bed for maybe 5 minutes.

I feel like a new woman!

Yesterday I went and got Rory some Halloween cookies. They have a ton of icing on top and it was hilarious watching her for literally 20 minutes just look at it and touch it before eating any.



She’s always telling the dogs to “shh!”.

Then she realized she could paint with the icing.

This made her very, very happy.

Dang. That’s one cute kid.

So is this one:

And when you put them together its almost too much cuteness to handle!

Apparently my kids prefer to be pant-less….???

Speaking of cute, how precious is this picture of Andy and Rory?!!!

Ok! Happy Halloween Weekend!

more sneaks

Here are a few sneak peaks from take #2 of Ryder’s 3 month photo session. It definitely went better than the first time, but was still stressful. I can’t wait to see the rest! I’ll say it again, Jennifer is an amazing friend and the best, most patient photographer EVER. She is a saint, I tell ya!

And I really don’t have anything to add other than that. We are currently trying to get Rory to sleep. Here’s the story: During those months of non-stop ear infections she stopped sleeping through the night. After tubes, she slept for a few weeks really good. Then the baby came and all that came with that rocked her world and she started waking up again. In attempt to just do whatever to get sleep during those times we threw her in the bed with us. Now she isn’t even sleeping well in the bed with us- she constantly wakes up wanting to talk and to say “shh, daddy, shhhh!” because of his snoring. No one is sleeping now (except my little tootie Ryder who is a much better sleeper than Rory already). So now we are “sleep training” and its hell on earth but we are making progress. Last night she never got out of her toddler bed and that is definitely progress even if I tried to cram my big ol’ butt in there with her to help her go back to sleep for 3 hours.


So if you see me, I most definitely have bags under my eyes and have a tired look. You don’t have to tell me that I look like death because I already know.


Zombie Mommie