Married Mondays, my heart

ten beautiful years.

Fourteen moves: eleven apartments and houses, seven cities, and four states. 5 wonderful, spontaneous, and adventurous years before children; 5 beautiful, sleep-deprived, and joyful years after children. Years of little, years of a lot. Years with both trials and many, many blessings. Always an abundance of laughter. Our love still abounds and challenges and molds… Read More ten beautiful years.

Everyday Life, my heart


I have been SICK this week. So sick I was quarantined in my room for several days and barely able to raise my head. But even so, I’ve been able to take in some glimpses of life that I wouldn’t normally be able to appreciate quite as much. Glimpses of the girls growing up especially.… Read More glimpses.

my heart


Sometimes life just gets discouraging. The mundane of the every day seems to wear on me and there are times when I wonder why I’m trying so hard to get the people I’m in charge of to do the same things over and over. How many times have I heard the quote, “The definition of… Read More fight.