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oh how things have changed!

Andy and I used to pack up and go at a moment’s notice. We’d plan last minute trips- sometimes just the day of or day before. Oh how things have changed!

We leave Wednesday to head to Florida for Ashley and Drew’s wedding. I’ve been making packing lists, organizing and packing for days already… and I haven’t even started with my stuff! ha! While we are so excited to go and show her off for the first time to family and to celebrate Ash and Drew- its also very stressful since its our first big trip with a baby. Fourteen hours is a LONG drive with a 7 1/2 week old! ha! Luckily Rory has loved her car seat and riding in the car so far! Hopefully it’ll stay that way until at least after the drive back!

Andy and I went to church for the first time with Rory for Easter! She slept almost the whole time, but did decide to make some “embarrassing noises” during the sermon… I could have died! And once I start laughing its hard to stop so you know I was shaking the whole pew trying to contain myself. Kids are sent to embarrass us starting at an early age apparently! 🙂 We had our wonderful friends, Josh and Carly, over for a late lunch. It was so nice to stay home for a holiday for a change and have our own little Easter!

Here are a couple of pictures we took this weekend. We realized we didn’t have many family pictures at all!

I have Rory SO many cute outfits that will be debuted in Florida- AND a lot of cute shoes 🙂 I will post pictures as soon as I can after we get back. I’m having surgery on Tuesday morning so it might be a little while but I will try! Also, Rory turns 2 months old in Destin (such a hard life!) so we’ll be taking her pictures down there!

Show Us Your Life: Cleaning Tips

One of my favorite blogs, Kelly’s Korner, does a “Show Us Your Life” for every Friday. I really liked this week’s theme because I am all about cleaning tips! 🙂

  • Okay, my biggest tip for cleaning– one that I got from one of my favorite sites, Fly Lady– is to always shine your sink at the end of the day/before bed. Basically this just means to never go to bed with a dirty kitchen or sink. And really, who wants to wake up to nasty dirty dishes in the morning?! Unless I’m really sick or something absolutely crazy has happened, I never ever go to bed with a dirty kitchen. I haven’t always been this way but since I started doing it my life has changed (hello dramatic! ha!). Seriously though, it makes getting up and doing simple every day chores less daunting if I don’t have to clean the kitchen in the mornings. If you don’t live by this rule, try it for one week and I promise you’ll never go back!
  • My least favorite chore is laundry. Actually doing the laundry isn’t so bad, but folding and putting up clothes makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out (okay, continue with the dramatic theme…)! I don’t know why it makes me so crazy, it just does. I used to wait until the very last minute and do all the laundry in one day and then I’d have PILES of laundry to fold up. Ugh. So now my rule is to do at least one load of laundry a day and fold it as I’m taking it out of the dryer. If I don’t do this I get WAY behind and then avoid doing it like the plague.
  • The last “tip” I have is actually more of a product I couldn’t live without. I buy Clorox wipes by the bulk and place them under every sink in the house (kitchen and bathrooms). That way they are readily available and I can pull one out and wipe down the counters without having to drag out paper towels and some kind of cleaning spray. After getting ready I clean off the counter of products, makeup, and the works and grab a clorox wipe and wipe down the counters in the bathroom. It makes for such a fast and easy way to clean the counters AND get all those nasty germs off! I’m all about multi-tasking! 🙂

What are some of YOUR cleaning tips?! I’m always looking for easier/better ways to do things, so feel free to share your secrets! (I’m having a hard time figuring out MckLinky… because my brain is fried, so if you know how to do it and why I keep getting an error trying to create my list- let me know whats up!)

all about baby…

I’ve been trying to get creative and write a blog that doesn’t have anything to do with little Rory. Well… its near impossible. My brain is still a big ball of mush from having a baby and the only thing I’m focused on is feeding, changing diapers, cleaning bottles, etc. So for today there is no creative post about anything and certainly not a post without talking about baby. Soon I hope to be at least half way back to myself and get creative!

This weekend it was GORGEOUS outside and a warmer 60 degrees. Andy and I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take Rory out for the first time since her first doctor visit. I was a nervous wreck but many people told me it’d be fine (I think I asked EVERYONE when they took their baby out for first time, ha!) so off we went to Home Depot! (I decided Home Depot was the perfect starting point since there would be minimal amounts of people wanting to look at/touch baby- it is a “man store” after all!) Rory slept the entire time and I kept her covered up. No one even tried to get a look at her! We bought a new ceiling fan for the living room and a new light fixture for our entry way. I’ll post pictures of before/after as soon as we get them put up!

On Saturday night, we had our friends Josh and Carly over for dinner and played the Wii. It was such a fun time and I am so very thankful for new friends so quickly here. Carly came over a couple of times during the day last week and she’s keeping me from going insane inside the house! Then on Sunday night we all went out to eat and we had our first restaurant experience with Rory…. and she slept the entire time again! We timed all these outings perfectly so that she was full and happy.

Rory in her car seat ready to go to Home Depot with Mom and Dad!

loving on Rory

Basically all I’ve been doing for the past 11 days is recovering and loving on sweet Rory. My mom came down and stayed a week to help me with the baby and then Andy’s parents came this past weekend. I will say that today I’ve been so excited about the quiet empty house and getting Rory all to myself!

I want (for myself and if anyone else is interested, great!) to write out a very non-graphic version of her birth so that I can look back and remember for years to come. I wrote a mini version in her baby book and will do a little longer one here!

On Tuesday, Feb 9, I went to the doctor and she decided to induce me that Thursday. We were excited and nervous and ready-ish. We went on a date that night to a wonderful Italian place here in town and had a great time together. Wednesday morning I woke up with a couple of contractions and said goodbye to Andy early that morning. And then within five minutes, literally, I was hit with terrible shaking/chills and major contractions. I took a bath then got back in bed and thought I’d wait it out and they’d go away but they didn’t. At this point I felt paralyzed because of the chills and I couldn’t control my muscles and they were just shaking. Thats when I decided to call Andy. Well………. I called, and called, and called… you get the picture?!!!! Nothing. So after waiting three to four hours I texted my new friend here Carly and asked her to please try and tell her husband (who was with Andy at work) to tell my husband that he probably needed to answer the phone because I was in labor. (I’m sure I wasn’t that nice but whatever.) Andy finally got the message and booked it home.

We got to the hospital early afternoon and they took my temp and it was up to about 102, which isn’t good for a pregnant person especially. So lots of blood work, tests, etc and none of it was telling us anything about what was wrong with me. It felt like the flu x 100, but I tested negative for that. Around midnight they finally decided I couldn’t deliver a baby until I was well (there was NO WAY I could have done it at that state) and let me eat for the first time in 24+ hrs. They hooked me up to IVs and penicillin and I finally was relieved and could sleep. And I did just that all day Thursday as well.

On Thursday night they gave me the news that I would be more than likely having a baby on Friday but my hemoglobin was extremely low so it was ultimately up to the anesthesiologist. At this point I’m ready to get this over with and get out of the hospital! So Friday morning I met with the anesthesiologist and he, thank the Lord!, decided to let me go ahead with labor as long as I signed off on a blood transfusion if needed.

They started the pitocin drip around 10:00 that morning and broke my water around noon. I really wanted to try to do with out an epidural but after being so sick I knew there was no way my weak body could have done without it. So around 4 to 5, I got my epidural and from there progressed very rapidly and felt oh-so-good. At 7:15 ish, it was time to push and at 8:00 exactly, she was here!

We both had a little fever after delivery, so we ended up having to stay two more days to make sure everything was okay. They were also observing me to make sure I didn’t lose too much blood.

Five days in the hospital was way too many for me! I was so thankful to come home to our wonderful home!

Friday Four: Things I LOVE About Our New House

I’m just starting this whole blog topic thing, so of course I’m still copying from my friend Amber on this one too. She does a Friday Four and I look forward to reading it every week. I’m going to switch between Friday Fours and Friday Faves different weeks. But! I’m going to start with a Friday Four- Things I LOVE About Our New Home. Now I adored our last house. It was small but quaint and so homey. I loved how we decorated it and it was a wonderful first home. When we bought the house, which was 3 bed/1 bath, we were not thinking of having a baby in that house. We just weren’t. Never crossed our minds. So when we found out that we were expecting we realized how tiny the house was, ha! Mainly it was the one bath thing. That was a hassle. And our laundry was outside in the carport. Oh and might I add that it was tiny so after my belly grew enough at 5 months pregnant I could no longer get into the laundry room to get the clothes in and out of the dryer??? So needless to say, we had a list of things we weren’t going to “settle” on when we realized we’d be purchasing a house a mere 8 months later. So here’s my Friday Four!

1. Laundry Room!: Our laundry room is inside, big, and organized (well it will be as soon as I can get everything else in the house organized.) All of these things would be wonderful enough, but I also got a brand spankin’ new washer and dryer. And let me tell you- they are FABULOUS. They even sing a little sweet tune when they are done instead of the gosh awful buzzers. I am now officially spoiled as far as laundry goes! 🙂

2. Two bathrooms!: I never knew how hard it was to have just one bathroom until we only had one bathroom. Especially when pregnant… you know what I mean. Constant trips to the bathroom and you just cannot wait on anyone else to get done. There were some close calls, that’s all I’m saying… haha! The best part of our two bathrooms is that the guest bathroom in our new house is actually the same size as our ONLY bathroom in the last house. We feel like we’re living in uber luxury right now! The master bath is, get this!, IN the master bedroom and has his/her sinks and storage galore! Oh how marvelous!

3. CLOSETS!: I cannot stress to you how wonderful our closet space is in this house. We have a walk in closet in our room and in the other two rooms. Thats right, Rory has her very own walk in closet (and I sense she’s going to need it! hehe)! We also have a huge coat closet, a huge pantry, and a huge linen closet. I finally feel organized again! In our last house we had three total closets and were all teeny tiny, so I am very thankful for abundant storage now!

4. Office space!: In our new home we have a “breakfast nook” and a formal dining area. We have only a small round table and it fits perfectly into the breakfast area, so we are able to use the formal dining area as an office/game room. We have our desktop computer in there, a bookshelf of all our board games, and most of the video gaming devices that Andy “collects”. This is so nice because there are not 5972654 shelves, games, wires – {read CLUTTER} – in our living room. When Rory comes it will also be a bit of a “play room” that houses some of her toys in bins. When you have a nerd husband living in your home that loves electronics of all kinds, it is so nice to have a designated office space for his junk toys. 🙂

Baby Watch 2010

Well we’re on “baby watch” now… every appointment the doctor is surprised I haven’t gone into labor, yada yada. I’m just ready to get this labor thing over with! ha!  I had a whole list of “to-dos” before she made her appearance and they are all officially done as of this past Tuesday. Of course, up until Tuesday I was having major contractions and now that its all done they have faded. OF COURSE! 🙂 I still have two weeks left, but I’ve been showing signs of labor since the first week of January so it seems like its past time already. Can’t wait to share pictures of little Rory very soon (hopefully!)!! Any and all suggestions to help bring on labor are appreciated!

In other news, we are in our house!!!!!! Woohoo! I would post pictures, but its all still a bit of a mess and my camera is in the hospital bag for now. We are down to our last couple of boxes and finally getting things organized. The kitchen and Rory’s room are 100% done, the rest about 90% done. I was using my sister’s crib but we needed a dresser/changing table. So we ended up ordering a whole set from WM and hopefully it’ll come in soon so we can set it up! Here’s a picture of the set we picked out (sorry its so small)-

We have A LOT of wallpaper that needs to be taken care of so until we can tackle that project our decorations will be in a closet since it doesn’t match at all. We have picked out all the colors and are excited about projects to do later this spring. Even with all the horrid wallpaper, I absolutely adore our house. I will share pictures as soon as I can!


new bed linens & such

Oh, how exciting married life can be! Andy and I have been wanting new bed linens for forever. We’ve looked and debated for over a year. Yes, debated. Andy tends to like all things striped and plaid. And, well, thats not really my taste. So it has taken forever to decide such things! On Friday night we went and found a cheap bed-in-a-bag at WalMart. It was pretty nice but I wasn’t sold on it. When we got it home and got it on the bed, we realized the sheets were so SO scratchy. We have been really spoiled by fantastic sheets that I got a year or so ago on clearance. So, these new sheets were especially scratchy. Anyways- so we slept one night on the new bed-in-a-bag and decided we didn’t like it. Today we went to Target and found some WONDERFUL sheets that are sooooo soft, and a new quilt/coverlet for our bed. Everything looks so good and its been the highlight of the month to get new bed linens! How wonderful the simplicity of married life is at times! 🙂 Here is a picture of the new stuff!