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who needs a whole house? one room is enough!

Who’s excited around here?!

Well we had a fantastic weekend. I live for the weekends. Andy being off and all of us spending time together as a little family is just the best. Rory loves the weekends too. She gets spoiled by her sweet Daddy.

Friday night we went out to eat with our friends Josh and Carly and John and Sharon. Rory wanted to wear her new outfit Mrs. Margaret gave her last weekend.

I’d say she looked pretty cute, but maybe I’m biased? Nah. She definitely looked cute.

We are still without air. It reached about 100 degrees this weekend. So we have been holed up in our bedroom after buying an air window unit on Saturday. We had everything we needed though.

TV. PS3. Wii. What more could we need? I mean really- who needs a whole house? One room is enough! 🙂

We piled in the bed and watched Alice in Wonderland. Rory wasn’t enjoying it AT ALL.

Rory is staying with us in our room as well because her room is the hottest in the house and as I’ve said before the child DOES NOT do heat well at all.

Hey! Big news, y’all! Rory slept through the night. No, its so much more than that. I put her in her pack-n-play at nine o’clock because she was acting sleepy. 10 minutes later she was asleep. She put herself to sleep!

And she slept for ELEVEN HOURS!!!!!! ELEVEN!!!! 9 to 8. Oh my word it was such sweet, wonderful bliss!

And today she was happy. Happier than she’s been in weeks. Please Lord, let this be a new schedule! She took a 3 1/2 hour nap today and then was awake from 3:30 to 9. It has been such a good day.

Did I mention she put herself to sleep tonight too?

Maybe its not conventional, but she fell asleep like this at about 9:15 and I moved her into her bed and she didn’t budge.

What a sweet baby girl.

Our 6th anniversary was one of the bests! We spent so much time together as a family and what more could you want than that?!

Andy grilled out kabobs on Saturday night and let me tell you- they were GOOD! My husband definitely knows how to grill!

We even ate dinner in our room, ha!

Now I’m going to enjoy the last few days of my early 20’s. Sigh.

Have a wonderful week!

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Its hard to believe that SIX years ago we were at the church getting married! What a wonderful/crazy day it was! I only wish I would have had time to enjoy it more.

Here we are on our anniversary trip last year in Dallas

Just two lovebirds with no responsibilities other than a job and keeping up a home.

Now we’re a family of three and oh how life has changed!

Last night we went to dinner with friends and I kept looking over at Andy and we would wink at eachother and smile. Sitting next to him makes my heart swell up with pride. All I could think was: HE is MY man! He’s winking at ME!

I want to be sitting next to him for the rest of my life winking and smiling. I’m so thankful for him and the man he has become. We have grown up together in a lot of ways because we were married so young. Thank you God for allowing us to grow together instead of apart. I love him more everyday. He is my soul mate, my partner in crime, my very best friend.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

oh the difference a few things will make

As I told you in my previous post, Andy and I bought a new bed for our anniversary present to each other. Well we got it in yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! I’m so happy with it! Here are a few pictures of our new bed.

wait! is that a baby on the bed?!

yep! little stinker loves to sit in the middle of all the pillows!

I also got this mirror for our room for only $22!

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted a picture of Rory’s room so I thought I’d do that today! In our house in Pineville we painted it so cute and absolutely adored her room. Then we had to move and it was so sad. We love her room here too and maybe one day we’ll get around to painting it. I personally think its a beautiful room fit for a little princess!

This was her room before we added curtains.

And here are the new curtains- definitely needed these to add some color and to block out some sun.

here’s a pic of the bow holder I made on the wall

weekend update: wonderful weekend at home

*Warning: Lots of cute pictures to follow. This might be a rather long post.*

On Friday morning I woke up to laughs, squeels, and lots of “talking” over the monitor. I go into Rory’s room to find this:

Thats right. She’s turned completely around from the way I put her and is holding a baby doll. Who knows how this happened, but she sure was happy about it.

“Hey Mom, see what I’m doing! I’m playing! I love mornings!”

Rory and I ran errands and played at home all day on Friday. Andy came home early and we went on a family date! Rory is so good at waiting on us to get ready- especially when Disney is on!

Then on Saturday morning we went shopping! Our 6th anniversary is coming up, so we decided to get a new bed for our present to each other. (I will post pictures when the bed comes in!)  We decided that Rory should debut her new Osh Kosh overalls. Well she just looked so cute we had to have a mini photo shoot!

“I know Mom’s going to post this on the blog, so I’ll smile real big for everybody and show how cute I am!”

Anyone else think I’ve got a mischievous little stinker on my hands?!!!!!

“you talkin’ to me?!”

“Hey, y’all!”

After we picked out a bed and were done shopping, we came home to wash cars and do some yard work! Rory slept most of the time, but when she woke up she hung out with us outside.

“Y’all need to pay attention to me over here!”

“I love being outside!”

“Okay, I’m over it. Its SO HOT out here!”

After another nap we headed out to Walmart and a couple of other places. Andy dressed her and she looked so cute/so hilarious.

“Okay, I’m going to try ignoring them again to get them to stop taking pictures.”

I picked out the colors for our bathroom and got all excited… so I had the bright idea to see if the wallpaper would come down easy or not. Why did Andy allow me to start this project? (Thats right, its Andy’s fault!! ha!) Anyways- we are almost done with taking it down now. On to painting this week! Here’s the before picture with the wallpaper:

Tore down that wallpaper only to find…

More wallpaper! Oh it just can’t be easy, can it?!

I believe Andy deserves some praise right now for putting up with my impatience and helping out with the bright ideas I have.

And Rory is just happy to play on the bed looking at the fan and sometimes watching the TV.

What a wonderful weekend! Now to watch the LOST series finale!

Have a great week!

Show Us Your Life- Show Us Your Hometown

Paris, Texas

Welcome to our new hometown- Paris, TX. We’ve only been here 5 months but we absolutely have fallen in love with this town. Its big enough to not feel isolated, small enough to feel quaint and comfy. Its only an hour and a half away from Dallas, so I can get my big city fill in just a day trip. What’s not to love?!

Did you know that we are the world’s second largest Paris? Yep. Also, we have an Eiffel Tower… with a gynormous cowboy hat on top. Want to know why? Because Paris, TN decided to build an Eiffel Tower as well after we did, so of course Texas had to do it bigger and better and put a big ole red cowboy hat on the top! I’ve come to learn that everything IS bigger in Texas. 🙂

Paris has a wonderful, well kept, and still thriving downtown. Rory and I go walking around the square at least once a week and we go in all the shops. I adore downtowns and am so glad we moved to a place with one that still is thriving since that is so rare these days.

We’re also home to Campbell’s Soup Tomato Soup plant. And did you know that Tomato Soup stinks?! ha! We don’t smell it in town or at our house, but when we drive by the plant its a little bit awful. ha!

There are also so many lakes and parks and trails around Paris. I can’t wait for Rory to be old enough to go out on the boat and fish with her Daddy!

I must admit, when we first learned there was a possibility to be transfered to Valliant, OK with IP, I about had a nervous breakdown. If you google map Valliant you will too. Valliant is in the middle of nowhere, literally. My first words to Andy were, “Andy, I don’t want a home birth,” and I had tears in my eyes and I was DEAD SERIOUS. (If you were moving three weeks before your due date you would have been that dramatic too.) But! Thankfully we met our now great friends Josh and Carly who live in Paris and told us it wasn’t a bad drive and that Josh and Andy could car pool to help with the 50 minute drive. THANK YOU LORD! No home births for me!

We really do adore our new town. God is continuing to be faithful and moving here was a great blessing. I’m so excited that Rory will (hopefully) start school here and grow up here. Its such a great town to raise a family. I guess being willing to move anywhere with your husband pays off after all! 🙂

And honestly- anywhere with these two is the greatest place on earth.


Have a great weekend!

eatin’ cereal

Man, I just LOVE cereal. The problem is that my Mommy and Daddy don’t feed it to me fast enough! Here are some pictures and videos of me eating for the first time. Mommy and Daddy just laughed and laughed at my faces when I tasted it for the first time.

Here I am waiting to eat. Don’t you love my bib?

oh here it comes!

whoa! what is this?!

second time eating- my eyes are bulging out waiting for Mommy to feed me!

mmmmmmm so good

I got a messy face!

Now here’s three videos of me eatin’ some cereal. I know y’all are dying to see me in action! 🙂

As you can tell, I’m not very patient when it comes to eating!

Weekend Update

Did y’all watch Saturday Night Live? Amazing. Love Betty White.

We had a fantastic weekend in the Harris house! All of Andy’s projects for the annual outage were completed on Friday night so he was able to stay home all weekend. MIRACLE! Or actually my husband is just amazing at his job and planned well enough that he wouldn’t have last minute jobs!

Andy- thank you so much for all of your hard work and providing for our family. You are such an amazing husband and father and I am so proud of you!

Telling Dad something…

Rory loves just hanging out with her Daddy!

The three of us hung out all weekend. It was perfect! On Saturday we went to the Paris Art and Craft show, Hobby Lobby and on a great lunch date. It was so gorgeous outside and cool.

Rory wore her Happiness is Mommy tshirt for Mother’s Day weekend!

And here are some cute pics I took of just Rory this weekend in her Lady Bug overalls. She gets so hot and sweaty though so after a little bit she got fussy and we took the overalls off and she was very happy!

Now, honestly, if you aren’t smiling back and giggling at this picture something is wrong with you.

Did I mention she no longer wants to wear socks and kicks them off constantly!?!

Have a great Monday!

The Big Reveal: New Kitchen

Finally, finally, finally! We are done! Are you ready for this?!!!!

I’ll start by refreshing your memory of the old kitchen. I thought I had better pictures and am mad at myself for not taking more before pictures of the kitchen. These are pictures from our home inspection that we took before we moved in.

And here is the new and improved, oh-so-beautiful kitchen!!!!!!

How do you like it?! Any comments, suggestions, etc are more than welcome! I’d love to hear what you think!

look! no hands!

So yesterday I told all of you about how wonderful the Paris Baby store is… truly wonderful. The main reason I went into this store is because I wanted to see if they had any baby slings. It seems that everytime I decide to cook supper, eat supper, clean, etc, the little stinker decides its time for Mommy to hold her. Well, you all know how hard this can be and having only one hand or no hands means you can’t do anything. So! I found the Sleepy Wrap at Paris Baby. OH. MY. WORD. Its AMAZING.

You see, Rory likes to be held tightly belly to belly when she’s sleepy. And you don’t get more belly to belly than in the Sleepy Wrap! So I put her in it for the first time and she was just looking up at me like, “whoa Mom, this is so relaxing,” then promptly fell asleep.

So I thought I’d demonstrate all sorts of things I can do now that I have two hands again!

Vacuuming! I actually vacuumed the entire house while she soundly slept in the wrap.


(Ignore the actual dinner next to me, please.)

Unloading the dishwasher!


And my personal favorite- Playing Wii!

(Note: She looks like her neck is breaking. I kept trying to fix it to where it wasn’t leaning back like this but she kept moving back in that position and was so comfortable. Her neck is definitely supported. No babies were harmed during this!)

(Note #2: Obviously you can tell in these pictures I hadn’t ACTUALLY gotten around to cleaning yet. So, don’t judge the messiness. We’re currently redoing our kitchen which means the entire house seems to be a mess.)

here we go again

Andy and I enjoy moving and starting new adventures. We’ve done it a lot so I’m guessing its a good thing we’ve enjoyed it, ha! The one thing that IS hard though- actually its THE hardest thing about moving- is finding a new church. So here we go again on the Great Church Hunt.

I’ve been brought up as a pastor’s child so I realize I’m extremely picky. Andy points this out everytime we go to church and afterwards I say things like “I wish they did this or that like my Dad”. Yes, I know its wrong. Yes, I know my Dad is a super star preacher and its extremely hard to find someone as amazing as he is. Yes, I realize I’m a little biased to my awesome dad. Yes, I have to just get over it and learn to enjoy other pastors and churches and not compare. I mean, come one, I’ve been out of my dad’s church for almost six years- you’d think I’d be over it by now! But everytime we move and start looking for churches the same thing happens and I start to compare. Even though its wrong. I’m trying to change, I really am.

Let me tell you something though. Even though we didn’t really like the church we went to this past Sunday, I realized how nice it was to leave Rory in the nursery. I know, I know. Call me a bad mom, I don’t even care! We have ZERO babysitters here and when we left her with three grandmothers in the nursery it was wonderful. We went into the sanctuary and sat down in the pew and both sighed and just relaxed. Andy put his arm around me and said, “Well, this is kinda like a date.” HA! How pathetic are we?! It was fantastic to sit for an hour and a half (yes it was long.) and not have to worry one bit about her crying in church or about the quality of care. Sigh. Just Wonderful.

Here is me and Rory all ready for church- her dress is way too short for church but she had to wear that dress before she grew out of it! 🙂

sorry its the best picture we got- she was busy looking at the ceiling fan

In other news- the wallpaper in the kitchen is GONE! What’s that?! Y’all want a picture of the pink hearts so that you can cringe a little???

Goodbye pink hearts and pink plaid! This next weekend we’re going to be painting and I am SO ready. Next week I’ll reveal the new kitchen! We’re also painting the living room and office, but we aren’t doing those until the kitchen is completely done.