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I’m a redneck woman…

Today we broke out Rory’s camo for the first time. We’re such a redneck family, right? She’s currently singing the Gretchen Wilson song (hence the post title). But she looked darn cute in it!

this is my silly face:

this is my mischievous face:

you can’t see me because I’m wearing camo…

hear no evil

wait, I think I hear something… is it a deer, a turkey, or someone selling moonshine in the woods?????

Daddy and I match!

You can’t see us, can you?!!

This is what happens every time I get on the ground… I get attacked!

it feels so good outside!

I’ve had such a great weekend at home with Daddy and Mommy!

babies. yes, plural.

And again I say, “is it really Monday again already?!”. Weekends just go by way too fast for me! They do for Rory too.

they adore eachother

Remember how I told you all we were going to have a “staycation”??? Well that didn’t really work out. Andy, I REPEAT, Andy decided he wanted to go shopping in Sherman on Saturday. I tried to protest, but it didn’t work (thats my story and I’m sticking to it!). Andy dressed Rory (he does most Saturdays) and she looked so cute!

Those tennis shoes! That booty! She’s just so cute, if I do say so myself!

Rory held on to her toy all day, even during naps. Target wore her out.

After church yesterday we did come home, change into our pajamas, and did nothing all day. It was so nice. One day soon we are going to do that the entire weekend… maybe. Then we decided to try out some pictures for Rory’s six month post coming this Friday! Well. I got a really cute video of it, but pictures? Not so much. Here’s the best picture I got.

Rory obviously needs to have a “talking to” about modesty! ha! She’s at this point where everything around her is so much more fun and interesting and she just does not care to sit and smile for the camera. This is obviously frustrating for me. Sigh.

The only other happening around here this weekend was Andy’s doctor appointment on Friday. He had to go have a mole removed and let me tell you, he got butchered! He thought he only got three or four stitches and was doing all kinds of stuff around the house Friday afternoon, then I noticed blood all down his back. Come to find out, no, he has about 14 stitches and its bothering him so bad.

Bless his heart, but can we not all agree that men are the BIGGEST babies EVER when they are uncomfortable in any way?!!!! I said to him at one point, “honey, I just got done pushing a baby out, my sympathy level is REAL low”. But seriously. I did just have a baby… yes its been six months, but with all my problems with it, its going to take quite some time to forget! Not to mention the gallbladder thing which is about 302932 times worse than labor. No joke. Don’t worry, I babied him all weekend and changed his bandage, etc, but I told him that 3 days of it was about all I could do at this point in my life. HA! Lets also agree that I’m the WORST wife in the world. When it comes to this, I’m okay with it right now. ha!

Things I Learned Thursday

Over the course of our nine day trip and coming home, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before.

I will share these things with you on my new theme “Things I Learned Thursday”. I am so clever!

Things NOT to do:

1. Do not go to Target every single day on vacation.

2. Buying something at Target on every trip there is not a good idea.

3. Trying to pack, load the car, and take care of a baby all in one day will not benefit you.

4. Loading all the 492389409 bags that a baby requires on a gold luggage cart by yourself (while carrying baby) and trying to roll it to your room alone is just stupid. Ask for help!

5. Do not leave baby food in 110 degree heat. You will have to buy more and therefore waste money.

6. Trying out new foods (remember the chicken episode I told you about?) while in a hotel room is just mean. I’m 99.99999% positive my wonderful maids for the week were royally ticked off at me. Throw up AND dirty diapers galore. I am truly sorry.

p.s. I did clean up as much as I possibly could. So don’t go hatin’ on me right now.

7. If I were you, I wouldn’t feed my baby a bunch of fruit when you are having to drive 7+ hours. Stopping to change four diapers in 1 hour is just tedious.

8. Do not get addicted to shows that you can’t watch at home because you don’t get that channel.

9. Remember that there is a time change in TN.

10. Don’t stay in Texarkana ever again. Every single road was to’ up from the flo’ up. (translation: tore up from the floor up)

11. It is hazardous to leave a baby unattended. ever.

12. Do not let your child watch a DVD every time the car is on over the course of a trip. No matter how young, they will come to expect it to come on every single time they are in the car.

13. Forgetting that baby’s ears pop just like yours while driving up a mountain is not wise.

14. Expecting your baby to be happy and not cry like she does at home is silly. When a baby is that off schedule, she’s not going to be happy at all.

15. Do not cry the last hour before getting home because reality is setting in and you are going to miss having your husband around. Or do. It is sad.

16. Check your pantry before leaving for a trip. Failing to throw out the avacados you didn’t use will result in coming home to gnats. Everywhere. Gross.


Now. Here are some things you SHOULD do.

1. Spend as much time with family as possible.

2. Also make a trip like this into a vacation.

3. Enjoy limitless time with your working husband because it is rare to have him around at all times.

4. Let your working husband spoil your baby rotten on trips.

5. Spend the 14+ hour drive to destination talking with your spouse about your dreams, plans, etc for the future. Play the “if we were to win the lottery” game and talk for hours about your exact plans if you win 200 million dollars.

6. Make a point in your trip to see a bestest friend who just so happens to take gorgeous pictures. Then make her take pictures of your precious daughter so that everyone on earth can giggle when they see them.

Have a great Thursday!

the weekend rundown

We had a rather successful and eventful weekend- let me run it down for you.

1}  YARD SALE! We made more than we thought we would, which was just fantastic. BUT! More importantly- we got rid of every single item. EVERYTHING. At about 1:00 we decided that we would let people fill up a bad with as much as they wanted for $1. That worked pretty good. Then at about 2:00(ish) we decided we’d just put out a sign that said “FREE!” and let anyone who wanted what we had left to just take what they wanted. That, my friends, is how to end a yard sale. We knew we’d be taking it all to Goodwill so we didn’t care if people took our clothes, knicknacks, etc.

And of course… let’s just say our last fairwell to the chair.

We (Andy) put $35 on it at first and not one person even glanced at it. So I took the price off and got some interested persons. Well, not one person would buy it. So in the afternoon I had three people want it but would NOT take it for $10 because no one but Andy can seem to figure out how to recline it. FOUR people turned their noses up at $10. Poor, neglected chair. I sold it, though. It is gone forever. Sorry, Steve. 🙂

The heat wore Rory out REAL quick. It was over 100 degrees out. Long day!

2} Rory drank from a sippy cup for the first time! And she loved it! I gave her pear juice (well like 1/4th juice, 3/4ths water mix) and she went crazy for it. She yelled at me when I took it away. ha!

3} On Saturday night, Andy and I were laying in bed trying to go to sleep and we heard a noise from the baby monitor. We both shot up in the bed and looked at eachother and said, “did you hear that?!”. Oh yes, we both heard it. My word, cross my heart hope to die, we both heard a small child- a girl in fact- whispering in the monitor. Creep me out!!!!!!! You have no idea. Andy never ever gets creeped out. EVER. I always, ALWAYS, get creeped out. But this time Andy was totally creeped. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at all. I’m 99.9% positive that we picked up someone else’s monitor. I know that this happens. But whyyyyy oh why oh why would a small little girl be whispering at 11:45 pm????!!!!!

Dear small child in my monitor, if you are in fact a ghost- please, I beg of you, GO AWAY! Leave my house! I don’t want you here! You are creeping me and my non-scaredy husband out!!!!!

4} We joined the church! On Sunday, Andy and I decided to go ahead and join the church we’ve been visiting for some time now. We knew we weren’t going to visit anywhere else because we adore our Sunday School class and all the people we have met there. So the church hunt is officially over! Thank you Lord for sending us these new friends and wonderful people!

5} So many exciting things are coming up very, very soon and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you guys! Secrets are hard! (No, I’m not pregnant, so just get that out of your heads now. Thank you.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

bathroom makeover!

Well I finally, finally, finally can say we are 99.9% done with our bathroom! Its been a LONG tedious makeover, but we love the results! There are a couple of little things we’d like to do, but overall its done!

Let me refresh your memory of our master bathroom before:

We are selling all of the old fixtures and decor in our yard sale this weekend, so here is the only picture I have of all the gold hideousness that was in our bathroom.

And now! Our newly updated bathroom!!!

So what did we do?

  • stripped two-four layers of wallpaper/border (border = the four layers)
  • painted the walls and added a border wall covering thats really pretty and textured (because we couldn’t get all of the former border off. it was an awful experience.)
  • updated all the light fixtures
  • switched out all the knobs
  • put in a new shower door
  • updated the towel holders

I’m so glad its all over so that we can enjoy our bathroom again! We lived in a mess for so long, and now its just lovely and clean!

The best part of waking up…

… is getting to see this smile EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Without fail, my sweet baby wakes up every single morning THAT happy. And even though I long for a day when she sleeps past 6 or so, its never hard to forget that feeling when I see that face as soon as I reach her crib.

I really do have the sweetest baby on earth. How did I get so blessed?! Yesterday she woke up happy but was seriously a grumpy pants all day long and it was very frustrating and exhausting. But if she was grumpy every day I’d still never trade her for anything in the world. Everyone is allowed a couple of grouchy days anyways, right?!

And this morning she more than made up for her day yesterday. Wouldn’t you agree?

Where’s Rory?!

There she is! Silly thing!

banana hatin’

I hate bananas. HATE. Despise. HATE. Gag. I don’t remember ever liking them.

But since I am SUCH a good mother, I decided that I should give bananas to Rory. Even if I gagged just thinking about feeding them to her. Even if I gagged soooo badly when I opened up the jar. I sacrificed my well being for the sake of my child. (helloooo dramatic!)

I decided that I shouldn’t hate, I should participate. No hatin’, just appreciatin’. You get the picture?!

Her reaction to the bananas????

I didn’t catch it accurately on camera, but it was a full body gag. I mean her shoulders went up, her neck poked out, and she opened her mouth while making an awful noise. She HATED it. I gave it to her several times and she gagged everytime.

Am I a bad mother for secretly being glad she doesn’t just love them????

So I cleaned her up from those awful bananas and she was happy.

Have I told y’all that her new favorite thing is to blow bubbles and spit with her tongue??

Its especially wonderful with food in her mouth!

So Rory’s old bedroom had this beautiful window:

As soon as we saw this house and fell in love, we knew her bedroom would be in this room. It was a princess room, afterall.

Except that it is so bright in her room in the mornings. The sun rises on that side of the house and it GLOWS in there. So Rory woke up EARLY.

And so we decided to switch bedrooms because she was sleeping in when she wasn’t in her bedroom. (Sleeping in = 7 am instead of 5:30) We actually like her room even better now! All the stuff fits in there better because its smaller and the scale works better with her decorations.

Now I’m sure you all are wondering what in the world a snowboard is doing up in her room… (as was I).

I actually won the snowboard (which is so ironic because fact is, I am the worst snowboarder ever and I hate it so much). And since Andy is amazing at snowboarding he decided we should keep it for Rory. I thought that meant putting it in the shed or in the attic. Apparently not. But I will leave it because I think its so cute that he thought it out enough to put it on display.

And here are a couple of pictures just because she’s cute. I love these little shorts/tshirts sets.

spider monkey

Rory forgot to tell you on Saturday in her 4 month old post, that she has a new favorite way to sit.

hence the fact we now call her “spider monkey”

On my birthday I got an email from the Magnolia Hotel saying that they would upgrade us to a suite with the booking of a regular room. So we decided to go to Dallas for a night! The hotel was beyond amazing!

When you walked in the door- there was an entry way and then you looked into the kitchen and bath.

to the left was the bedroom

and to the right was the living room/dining room

It was perfect because we set up Rory’s pack-n-play in the living room so she didn’t have to sleep in the room with us!

AND SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. I’m telling you. The weekends are her favorite too. She always sleeps all night on the weekends.


BUT! She never sleeps during the week. That is until last night! She slept for me- for ME! She normally wakes up on “my nights” and not on “Andy’s nights”. Last night my dear sweet baby decided she loved me once again. Ha!

Poor thing has to sleep in the hallway because her room is way too hot.

Dear AC people/Home Warranty People,

I need my air back. NEED! Its too humid and hot in TX to go this long without air conditioning.

Do I need to call your wives and explain to them that you are making my baby girl hot all the time and she can’t even sleep in her own bedroom??? Because I will!

So back to Dallas.

On Friday we went to a Vigilantes game (arena football).

getting ready to go to the game

It was fun! Rory loved it! She watched the whole time!

look at that funny face… I think she’s going to be a comedian

stinker rode public transportation for the first time- the Dart

she was obviously thrilled

on Saturday we went shopping! all day!

and I do mean ALL DAY!

When we got back to Paris we started painting immediately and are DONE with that. Now we have to put up the wall paper (explanation to come) and the chair rail. So we should be FINALLY done w/ the master bath redo this week so look out for “the big reveal”!

Have a great week!


What a wonderful birthday! Andy outdid himself this year!

He got me the most perfect for me gifts! He got me Super Mario Galaxy 2, an eReader (hello, this is seriously the best gift EVER!), and got flowers delivered to me. All of it is so great and I am so impressed by how thoughtful he was!

P.S. The eReader is AMAZING. amazing. Especially for moms. Its so easy to hold with one hand!

Rory and I have snuggled and played all day. She got a bit off schedule last night and woke up from one to about four… and she was ready to play and was soooo happy! Mommy just wanted her sleep! 🙂 oh well! We snuggled and took a nap together this afternoon!

Carly took us to lunch for my birthday and it was so great! We got a free brownie sundae because it was my birthday and it was so darn good!

Tonight, Andy and I went to Shogun which is a hibachi grill here and again, it was so darn good! Rory had fun too!

So it was a great day! All of you that sent me messages and called, thank you so so much. It made me feel so special and loved!

And this little stinker loving on me makes it 930390238 times better too!

her new favorite thing to do is to kiss everyone and everything!