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first snow of 2011

Today we woke up to a “wintry mix” and it quickly became a snowy day! It started really coming down around 9 or so I think and hasn’t stopped since (its 3:30 here now). I’m pretty sure school will be out tomorrow for Paris and surrounding areas. The town in OK where Andy works got way more snow than us so who knows how much they will get!

And of course the first snow of the year happens to also land on the weekend that I am in bed with the flu. Why me?! I’ve been quarantined to our bedroom since Friday after testing positive for the flu at the doctor. Its been absolutely miserable. I thought I was feeling better this morning so I went out and sat on the couch to watch Rory play and I only lasted about 30 minutes before I had to go back to bed. Then Andy got her all bundled up to take her out in the snow so I bundled up as well to take some pictures but we lasted five minutes outside because I just couldn’t stand that long. Pitiful! I’m so thankful for Andy taking such wonderful care of her and letting me rest as much as possible. I guess being pregnant makes it that much harder to get over this nasty mess! Even sitting up in bed to type this is wearing me out- I’ll need a nap soon! ha!

Here are the pictures I got of Rory and Andy in the snow! Enjoy!

Okay so here’s a weird/funny story to end this post:

As I was uploading pictures I kept hearing a weird noise outside our bedroom window. I go to look out and when I plucked the blinds open there was a young male teenager pretty much looking right back at me. Scared me to death! He was collecting snow for a snowball off of our air unit. Well I told Andy so he went to look out at him and when he looked out the kid was walking around just peeing away in the snow! HA HA! He must have heard Andy because he looked over and then ran off really fast.  So our beautiful snow outside our bedroom window is now stained with yellow splatters. Strange, strange kid.

And yes, I know you couldn’t have lived another day without that story. You are welcome.

where oh where could my baby be?

I’m feeling the 90’s music today.

This has been an interesting week in our house.

Rory has decided, as of Sunday, that she does not want her bottle anymore. And I mean she gets totally ticked off if you even show it to her.

So she has officially weaned herself off the bottle.

And I should be elated that it was just so easy, but I am actually a tad bit sad because my baby girl is getting big way too fast.

But then again, I really am happy that I never have to wash bottles again…

well, for six months anyway. HA!

Oh and she also officially hates her pacifier now as well.

This morning Rory and I just played and played. She is just so much fun now. I love that she loves to play by herself and can entertain herself for sometimes hours.

I started taking pictures and man was she cheesing and showing off today!

She loves to try and climb on this and well, everything else. I definitely have a climber on my hands!

and she LOVES to play “peak-a-boo” through the window.

She also is a trouble maker these days.

“What, Mom?! I’m not doing anything wrong- I’m only touching it with one hand!”

“Maybe if I smile and look cute she won’t get onto me…”

Speaking of climbing. Did I tell y’all she climbed the fireplace the other day?

I almost had a heart attack.

One last cheesy picture for good measure…

I gotta say- this kid is CUTE! 🙂

And these pictures just confirm that she just seems to be so big all of a sudden!

In other news- I went to the doctor for Baby Harris #2 today and everything was just great! The heartbeat was in the low 150s and very strong. In a little less than a month we will be finding out if BH #2 is a boy or a girl! So excited!

week long pajama party

This week Rory and I have stayed in our pj’s pretty much 24/7. Its been awesome! We’ve played, napped, and just have had a great week together. I forgot what it was like to be a for real stay-at-home mom and after this week I realized how much I’ve missed these days!

Its been so nice to work on getting the stinker back on schedule and I have been very successful! The past three nights she has slept all through the night and even slept in two days! On Tuesday night I heard her wake up and she kept making this high-pitch noise that sounded like either “yeah!” or “hmm!”. It was hilarious! She was just in her bed playing and went back to sleep on her own. I just laid in bed listening to her and laughed until she was quiet again.

lovin’ the baby

throwin’ the baby

she’s very serious about riding her turtle that Aunt Tasha gave her

“mom, pleeeeeease stop with the pictures”

excited about her turtle

I think your basket is full, Rory…

weekend and such

Last week was such a whirlwind of a week I can hardly remember what all I did! Every day I had one to two appointments/meetings and stayed late at work both days. It was so crazy. This weekend was all about recovering from all of that. And today I refuse to leave my house except to go to the bank and Walgreens. I’m still so tired which is due to pregnancy and sheer exhaustion from last week.

I’m so thankful for Andy today because he let me sleep in until ten (!!!!) on Saturday and let me take a really long nap yesterday. On top of that he painted the guest bathroom, cleaned the house, and took care of the stinker. On Friday I got sick for the first time, and it didn’t stop all weekend. If I get hungry, which is rare, I am nauseous. If I eat, I throw up. What am I supposed to do here?! Its miserable!

Last night Rory was playing in her in pack and play while we fixed dinner (which by the way was cereal and toast, ha!). She was just having the best time in there, it was so cute! We put Jersey in there with her to see what she’d do and of course the dog freaked out. So then we put Jackson in. He’s such a good dog with Rory, he just goes with the flow!

We have made a blocked off section in the middle of our sectional with her toy basket and the pack and play so she can crawl around and play in the floor without us having to chase her and say “no” constantly. She’s starting to learn that if she pushes the basket hard enough it will move and she can escape. ha! Well this morning I was laying on the couch while she was playing and I fell asleep. (I know, bad mom, sue me!) I was asleep maybe 10 minutes at the very most when I woke up and saw her “reading” her Dr. Seuss book. Then I noticed that there was a very large chunk missing from like three pages and when I turned her around to see her she had paper hanging all out her mouth with a huge smile on her face! Hello heart attack! Guess I won’t be falling asleep on the couch anymore! ha!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! I’m counting down the hours to our trip home for Thanksgiving. I just can’t wait to see everyone! After missing Thanksgiving last year in MS, this year I am just dying to get there! I hope Rory loves growing up going back to Pleasant Ridge just as much as I did!

Fun Friday

Today started off with a bang- my first bout with morning sickness! Woohoo! When I was pregnant with Rory pretty much the only thing I ate the entire pregnancy was fruit. I ate it all day and all night. Well this morning Rory and I were sharing some fresh fruit for breakfast when it hit me and I had to run for it!

I know you wanted to hear that right off the bat. Thought I’d get it out of the way. HA!

After all of that craziness I headed out to our November MOPS meeting! We had some new faces and it was great. I loved being able to talk to other moms and have real conversation with someone older than four.  After the meeting I went to lunch with a sweet friend, Angela, and it was so much fun!

We made spaghetti for dinner tonight and we gave some to Rory. She’s off of baby food now and onto solids. She loved it!

first couple of bites she wasn’t too sure

hey, whatever works!

such a stinker

grinning at her Daddy

Okay and for the big finale….

At dinner Rory was saying “dog” and “dada” and we were pointing at Andy saying “dada”. Then I put my hand on my chest and said “momma” and plain as day she said “momma” back. HALLELUJAH! She doesn’t call me “dog” anymore! (That is until I pointed at myself again… HA!)

Andy is playing with her as I’m typing this and she’s loving it. He started saying “ball” to her at the ball in her hand and she said “ba” like four times! So fun!

These are the days that I just treasure being a mom. I am so blessed.

ready for winter

We had a pretty cool/cold weekend here and I realized we didn’t have a real winter jacket for Rory. Her only coat is kind of light weight and also very casual. So off we went to Sherman to go to Old Navy, Target, etc to find her a nice winter coat. I also found a really cute hat and gloves set so now she’s ready for winter!

Of course, we HAD to torment her by getting some pictures in her new winter gear.

I’m ready to go outside!

Andy and Rory had some bonding time tonight. She thoroughly enjoyed playing PlayStation with him!

Um, hello, you are interrupting the game!

We had a great weekend! Its going to be a busy week but I’ll be sure to post all about it!

show us your life- kids’ rooms/nurseries

Right after we found out we were having a girl we immediately got started on Rory’s room. We painted the walls a beautiful green with a blue stripe and two white stripes. It was gorgeous.

And then, two weeks later, we found out we were moving. Marvelous.

So when we moved here we were tired and I was 37 weeks pregnant so we didn’t paint Rory’s room. I still love her room, but its definitely not what it was in the Pineville house. (pause for a moment of silence for the wonderful nursery we had created.)

The bad thing about her room here is that it is SO CUTE in person, but its like a cave with bad lighting so I can never get good pictures. Oh well- hope you enjoy the tour of Rory’s room!

This is what is above her bed. Jodi gave me these initial/monogram and I ADORE it! If anyone gets my decorating style, its Jodi. If I had to “trade spaces” with anyone and trust their judgment completely, it’d be her! I hope she’d say the same about me, ha!

Our “night night” corner.

I just love this little dresser. We just bought the lamp last week and I think its the perfect fit for the room! On her dresser is a lion that Ashley and Marlyce gave Rory that is so cute, a piggy bank, and a framed birth announcement.

Go check out Kelly’s Korner for more kids’ room/nursery tours!


And just one pic of the stinker doing what she loves most these days…

Can we not all agree that she at least inherited one of my physical attributes????


sick girl

About two weeks ago Rory and I both went to the doctor because we weren’t feeling well. The doctor said she had a cold and basically it’d run its course. Well it hadn’t and on Friday night she was up all night coughing and sounding so pitiful. I took her in to her doctor (so glad he was in!) on Saturday and he said she had an ear infection. So Rory officially has her first ear infection and its been no fun. Bless her little heart, she was just so pitiful all day on Saturday.

I gave her a popsicle to keep her hydrated (thanks, Mom, for the tip!) and she LOVED it.

So she’s gotten a lot of love from Mommy and Daddy this weekend!

Today is unusually cool here in Texas- it hasn’t gotten above 70. So we put Rory in one of her new fall outfits (all are 6-9 months) and she looked so cute!

She gets her dance moves from me…

Andy picked out this outfit for her when we went shopping. Its still just a little big but I’m guessing that’ll mean it will last longer and I’m okay with that!

Its been such a nice, relaxing weekend. Hopefully Rory is on the mend. She’s been so happy even though she’s been sick. I’ve used it as an excuse for us all to stay in our comfy clothes and snuggle up together.

Show Us Your Life- Master Bedrooms

When I was taking pictures this morning of our bedroom I realized there is so much I would change and update if I have money to spare. But I’d rather spend money on clothes for Rory or trips for all three of us, so it always gets put on the back burner. Our bedroom is definitely not my favorite room in the house, but I don’t know many (if any) people who say that about their master bedroom.

We are very hot natured people- we have three fans going in our room all year long. During the summer months we use a lighter comforter and the winter and heavier one.

This was taken when we bought our new bed- the one thing I absolutely LOVE in our room. Can you believe how little Rory was?!

Here is our “summer quilt”.

(I apologize for the bad quality photos. Our ceiling fan/light has hideous orange-y light beaming from it.)

So there’s our master bedroom! Its okay, but maybe one day I’ll do a full makeover on it and actually get furniture to match the bed! ha!

Today is the last day of Andy’s outage. Pretty sure he’ll have worked 80 hours this week. It has been ROUGH. Rory hasn’t slept. Do I need to say more?

Last night I kept  our friends from church, Rachel and Kelly’s little boy, Benjamin. He is so stinkin’ cute. It was really fun keeping him and Rory together. They played so well. But dinner time was very interesting! I had both stinkers very aggressively signing “more” to me constantly. I guess I’m not fast enough! ha!

Rory started eating a few table foods. Her favorite so far is carrots.

signing “more”

If we don’t have any contact with the outside world this weekend its because we have crashed and are spending quality time together to make up for this week! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Living Room Update

We had such a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I can’t remember us having a long holiday weekend where we got to stay home and do whatever we wanted to do. It was so nice and we are definitely planning on doing it again! Andy and I took naps when Rory napped (so rare), we watched a bunch of Netflix (tv series and movies), and just did some stuff around the house. It was AMAZING.

Mainly, we painted the living room! I’m so happy with it! Because our room was a white/pink/weird color, our couch looked dingy all the time no matter how much I cleaned it. Now it pops off the wall and looks much better!

Before pics:


we painted the hallway too, and changed out the light

And yes, we still have that stinkin’ wallpaper in the entry way. It was my plan to take it down and paint that too, but unfortunately it has at least 2 layers of wallpaper. AND our living room walls are textured but they didn’t texture the entry way. Weird, right?

So what’d we do?

  • painted the living room/hall
  • changed out all the lights and the fan

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a gallon (or several gallons!) of paint can do? And the same goes for updating the lighting. It makes a world of difference!