Home Sweet Home

weekend and such

Last week was such a whirlwind of a week I can hardly remember what all I did! Every day I had one to two appointments/meetings and stayed late at work both days. It was so crazy. This weekend was all about recovering from all of that. And today I refuse to leave my house except… Read More weekend and such

Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

Fun Friday

Today started off with a bang- my first bout with morning sickness! Woohoo! When I was pregnant with Rory pretty much the only thing I ate the entire pregnancy was fruit. I ate it all day and all night. Well this morning Rory and I were sharing some fresh fruit for breakfast when it hit… Read More Fun Friday

Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

sick girl

About two weeks ago Rory and I both went to the doctor because we weren’t feeling well. The doctor said she had a cold and basically it’d run its course. Well it hadn’t and on Friday night she was up all night coughing and sounding so pitiful. I took her in to her doctor (so… Read More sick girl