Family, Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

welcome home

Today we finally got to come home. And oh how sweet it was to get home to my sweet Rory! I will tell the whole story about the week and labor, etc, sometime soon. For now, I am just going to upload all the highlight pictures from birth until today when we came home. Enjoy!

Home Sweet Home

our new town

Today Rory and I headed up to our new house and town in OK. Our home inspection was today so we got to spend almost two hours in the new house. I get more excited every time I am there. It’s so big (to us) and Rory had the best time running up and down… Read More our new town

Family, Home Sweet Home


There is just something about ‘newness’ to me. A new baby. (and meeting the new nephew and cousin for the first time) A new brotherly bond and love. A new son. A new ‘normal’ to a family. …. Again, there is just something to me about all things new that I crave. Which brings me… Read More new

Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve


This week has been so busy and eventful, I can’t believe its only Wednesday. Don’t you hate it when you are really looking forward to something the week always seems to DRAGGGGG on and on and on?! Well that is my life right now and it seems worse because I’m impatiently waiting on two events.… Read More suspense