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welcome home

Today we finally got to come home. And oh how sweet it was to get home to my sweet Rory! I will tell the whole story about the week and labor, etc, sometime soon. For now, I am just going to upload all the highlight pictures from birth until today when we came home. Enjoy!

our new town

Today Rory and I headed up to our new house and town in OK. Our home inspection was today so we got to spend almost two hours in the new house. I get more excited every time I am there. It’s so big (to us) and Rory had the best time running up and down the hallway.

She also had so much fun with the seller’s little girl. She is about 8 or so and took Rory by the hand immediately and they played the whole time! It was wonderful for Mommy too! Ha! They played with horses and Barbies and played dress up. This is the best picture I could get with my phone but you can see that she loved playing with the jewelry!

We got there a little early so I decided to drive around town and see all the sights. Well it doesn’t take long to drive around town. You see… we are moving to a town with maybe 600 people. Maybe. But man is it cute!

Here is the beauty shop for the town… I just love the name- “Almost Famous”.


Then there is the local doctor’s office…


And my favorite part of the town- the church.


And although Paris is not huge by any means, you can obviously tell its going to be a huge change for us.

But man am I ready! I’m so ready to only be 10 minutes from Andy’s work. I’m so ready to live in this tiny town and have a slower way of life (well, as slow as it gets with two under two!). I’m so ready to cook more and not have the temptation to just go out to eat on a whim. I’m so ready to have two extra hours with my husband every single day.

And speaking of being ready.

I’m so stinking ready to have this baby! Contractions for weeks, soooo many signs of labor, and then as soon as I’m ready to go to the hospital… they quit. UGH. Oh well. She will come when she’s ready I guess!

Memorial Weekend 2011

I want to start off this post by saying thank you to all of those men and women who have and are serving our country. I am so grateful to you and could never express how thankful I am that you fight for me and my family and my country.


We started off the weekend heading to Dallas for an appointment to check on Ryder again. Everything looked wonderful and the cyst was still gone, so we were released from the specialist! Ryder is 5 lbs now, which is a bit scary because I still have five weeks for her to grow. Slow down little missy! I don’t want a 10 lb baby!!!

We tried to get a 4D ultrasound, but just couldn’t. Andy and I got to see half of her face on it, but she is already in the head down and ready to go position so we just couldn’t get a picture of her at all- not even on 2D! Oh well, just a few short weeks and I will see her sweet face!

After the appointment we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Interruption: PEOPLE IT WAS STINKING HOT! Why oh why oh why oh why did I think it’d be a grand idea to go to the zoo in 90 something degree weather while this pregnant?!!!!!! I am crazy.

Anyways, we had a good time, but were all hot so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped. Rory wasn’t as impressed with the animals as we thought she would be either.

And I left my camera in Paris so I have no pictures. Oh well, what can you do?

On Saturday we went to a couple of stores and then headed home and have spent the rest of the weekend enjoying this wonderful time together.

Today we finally were able to break out Rory’s new pool that her Gigi got her.

And, of course, she had to wear her patriotic bathing suit!

The water was just a bit cool…

but Rory LOVED it!

After she swam for a while we decided to break out a watermelon.

Because, let’s face it, it isn’t Memorial Day without watermelon!

(or at least that’s the Davis way!)

I just can’t help but think of how proud my Granddaddy would be seeing Rory love watermelon and seeing her eat it like this.

Today is one of those days where I miss my Grandmother and Granddaddy so badly.

Happy Memorial Day!


There is just something about ‘newness’ to me.

A new baby.

(and meeting the new nephew and cousin for the first time)

A new brotherly bond and love.

A new son.

A new ‘normal’ to a family.


Again, there is just something to me about all things new that I crave.

Which brings me to our new adventure…

Welcome to our new home.

We are officially under contract!

We are officially crazy for moving AGAIN!

We are officially EXCITED!

So the whole ‘to be continued’ thing from the other day was this:

We found a house in SE Oklahoma only ELEVEN MINUTES (vs. the hour he now drives) to Andy’s work!

That means I will have my sweet husband with me for at least 2 extra hours per day- and sometimes he will be able to come home for lunch!

I am so blessed and so thankful for this new adventure.

Now everyone say a prayer that our house rents quickly and that I don’t lose my mind in the process of moving again!

14th time is a charm, right?!





This week has been so busy and eventful, I can’t believe its only Wednesday.

Don’t you hate it when you are really looking forward to something the week always seems to DRAGGGGG on and on and on?!

Well that is my life right now and it seems worse because I’m impatiently waiting on two events.

Friday we are making the trek to AR/TN. Andy’s little brother is graduating high school so he and Rory are going to TN to see him graduate and spend some time with Andy’s family. I, on the other hand, am taking the opportunity to go love on my new nephew (and Landon!) without having to chase Rory around. I can’t wait! The hardest part of living away is that when big things happen like my sister having a baby, I have to wait a while before I get to go visit. Its going to be well worth the wait though!

In other news, after three days of extreme heat in our house due to the air not working AGAIN, we now have air! And please let it be for good! Its a brand new unit so I’m not sure why it stopped working and I’m not sure why men who come to work on it think that they can talk to me like I’m the biggest idiot on earth. But whatever.


The Stinker.

Update: She’s still a stinker.

Her new favorite thing to do is to come destroy our newly cleaned/organized/redone office.

She takes all of the books/DVDs off the shelves and throws them about the room.

Its lovely.

She likes to act like she’s helping.

But I know the truth.

And lets discuss her clothes for a minute.

I bought all her summer clothes on sale in the fall and some last summer. I assumed she’d be in 18 month clothes (and actually was worried that they’d be too small after I bought them).


The heifer hasn’t gained a stinking pound in months. She’s gotten taller and therefore, skinnier. So NONE of her summer clothes fit her well. The outfit above for example… its supposed to be tight “jeggings” for pants and yet I have to roll them up about 4 times to get them to stay on. The shirt is a 12 month shirt.

She is currently wearing a 6-9 month tshirt and pants and they are not tight in the slightest.

So. She may shorta look cute this summer, but she also may look a little gangster with her sagging pants.


Have a fantastic day.

My day will be filled with waiting by the phone, paperwork, and a meeting.

“Why?”, you ask.

To be continued….


I am so mean.



Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has just been the most wonderful day!

Andy woke up with Rory and let me sleep until 8 (!!!) and I woke up to a sweet card, chocolate, a Sonic gift card (I crave drinks from there), and a diamond necklace. He did GOOD! He also fixed me breakfast and it was so nice to eat as a family this morning.

Before I continue, I have to tell you about the card. He let Rory “sign” it with a Sharpie and when he was doing something else she decided she wanted a mustache. HAHA!

We went to church and had such a great morning there. The pastor spoke on the role of the wife and it was definitely something I needed to hear. At the end of the service they had baby dedication and three of my friends dedicated their babies. I got really tickled because my friend Caroline has three boys and the middle one was making all kinds of crazy noises and at the end said “I poopied in my diaper!” about a thousand times. She said she couldn’t look at me because I was laughing in the front pew so hard. Next year when we dedicate Ryder we will be going through the same thing with them so I can laugh now and they can laugh at me later!

After church Andy took me to Sherman which is the closest town with a Target. I’m telling y’all- he did good today! ha! We shopped around Sherman and then came home.

We are once again having some air conditioning issues so it was a nice break to be out of the house. When we got home we decided we’d play in the water since it was about 88 today.

We got this sprinkler ball for Rory and at first she loved it especially when Andy was showing her what to do… and then she hated it when she actually decided to get close enough to get wet. She ran away so fast I couldn’t really catch it on camera! haha!

After she refused to go anywhere near the ball again, we decided to try out the hot tub as a pool. We had turned it off a few days ago so it was luke warm and the perfect temperate to fake swim in! ha!

Rory is such a little water bug. She is not afraid one bit! After Andy got in she just laughed and laughed and had a great time. Then all of a sudden a great splash came upon us and we realized Jackson had jumped in too! Rory laughed so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing. It was hilarious. I wish so bad we could have gotten it on camera but of course we were soaked and trying to manage the dog and Rory.

It was such a fantastic Mother’s Day. I love every second spent with my precious family. Its hard to believe that next year I will have TWO daughters! I’m so thankful for this life God has blessed me with and SO so so thankful that He chose us to be Rory’s parents.

Happy Mother’s Day!


singing His praises!: part two

On Friday Andy, Rory and I headed to Dallas again for a follow up on little Ryder. They wanted to check her cyst to make sure that it wasn’t hindering any organ growth or that it hadn’t grown significantly.

If you don’t remember what I’m talking about or hadn’t heard about Ryder’s cyst, click here, to catch up!

If the cyst HAD grown or was affecting the organs at all we were going to have to have the baby in Dallas and go much more often down there to check on the progress of everything. I was nervous about this possibility for many reasons but had a wonderful peace going into the appointment.

Can I tell you now how awesome our God is?!

The cyst was GONE. The tech and doctor both were amazed and were very joyful with me. The doctor said he wanted to see me one more time but that the baby looked beautiful.

How GREAT is our God!

Ryder is measuring at almost 28 weeks and I am 26 weeks tomorrow. No wonder I feel and look bigger this go round! ha! Everything looked perfect and we couldn’t be more relieved and excited.


We seriously had the best weekend we’ve had in a really, really, REALLY long time.

On Friday we were in Dallas. After the appointment we went to the Stonebriar Mall and Rory had another first! Her first carousel ride! And let me tell you… she LOVED it. She laughed and didn’t stop smiling the entire time. I stood there taking pictures with my phone (like all the other parents, ha) and just cried because my heart was so full of happiness.

Saturday we just stayed at home enjoying the beautiful day together. It was such a great day with nothing to do and it was much needed! Rory is getting used to her Daddy being back home and is getting lots of loving in!

We also did some things around the house. We rearranged Rory’s room and went through her 0-3 month clothes and put them in Ryder’s room.

And we started a little project for Ryder’s room! We had this gosh awful chandelier that we’ve been wanting to get rid of in our office (its meant to be a formal dining room). Andy replaced it with a new light fixture that matches the rest of the kitchen’s lights and I took the chandelier outside to paint. Its not 100% done but I will show progress pictures! I’m going to add lampshades before we put it up in Ryder’s room!



Sunday was spent at church and resting. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE our church lately?! ha! Every time we go Andy and I feel so encouraged and blessed to be apart of something so great. And there is also the fact that Rory loves it so much I can’t even say the word “church” unless we are walking out the door to go! ha! Here is her reaction when we told her we were going to church (before and after):

We have so much coming up in our church and are so excited! If you live in the Paris area and are looking for a place, come try First Baptist with us! (I’m linking up to Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Church!)

Its going to be a busy week for us, thats why I’ve done one huge blog post! Rory has her ENT appointment on Wednesday, I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and Andy has to go for a route canal on Thursday in Longview. Have a great week!

weekend update

*Knock, Knock*

Oh hello! Welcome to my room!

Oh, nevermind. I see something better in here so I gotta go!

Doesn’t she look so cute in that robe?! I hadn’t put it on her in so long- the last time it just was so huge. I saw it in the closet yesterday and tried it again- perfect fit!

On Friday night we just spent the night as a family having a good time together. Rory was acting like she didn’t feel just great so we just had a PJ party at home.

Friday night Andy woke up with her and said she was burning up from head to toe with fever. I felt so bad for her. First thing Saturday morning I called the pediatrician and got her in at the first appointment. Thank goodness Dr. Scott was in this Saturday! We got there and she showed out for him as usual (Rory just loves her doctor) and sure enough the other ear was now infected too. So at this point we have a double ear infection and the medicine wasn’t working. He put her on some stronger medicine and we are hoping she gets cleared up this time quickly! Looks like tubes are a for sure thing now.

While we were there Rory said something that sounded like “doctor” and Dr. Scott just loved it. He said, “did you hear her? She said doctor!”, and then went out and told all his nurses about it. I’m so glad that we’ve had such a great experience with her doctor.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting little Rory feeling better and playing with her. She took her first nap in her toddler bed that night and it was so cute! She was so proud when she woke up in her big bed! Here is a picture of her snuggled up that I took on my phone:

Saturday night our babysitter, Amy, came over and watched Rory while we went out to eat. I just LOVE Amy because she LOVES Rory and the feeling is mutual.

Sunday was spent at church and napping- gotta stay true to our Baptist heritage! ha! We had such a great service Sunday morning AND Sunday night. After service last night we had a meet and greet/Texas style welcome for our new pastor and his wife. Rory was passed around from person to person and just loved all that attention! I have no idea where she gets it from! ha! One of my biggest prayers is for her to love going to church as much as I did growing up.

Today we are spending running errands and cleaning up the house.

Rory may or may not be getting into lots of trouble for things like this…

I swear, I can’t leave the room for even a second these days!


beautiful day

I have always LOVED winter and the cold. I love the clothes and accessories and the coats. And I LOVE snow.

Well. Then I had a kid. Winter is such a drag now that I have a baby. All the clothes I have to put on her and trying to keep socks on the kid who HATES socks. Then trying to carry her with both of us wearing big thick jackets. Its just not fun anymore.

Today is a much needed warm day for our house. We’ve all been sick at least once. I’ve missed three Thursdays at work now because Wednesday seems to be dooms day around here. And this Wednesday night I woke up with pink eye. Sigh.

Anyways! Back to the happy! Rory is full out walking now so I decided since it was 70!!!!!!!! degrees outside, we’d go play! And boy did we ever. Rory absolutely loved every single second that we were outside. We slid down the slide, swang, and played with the pups. It was just perfect.

(and of course I got a few pictures… well a lot. you were warned.)

Rory is asking if I want a bite. I am saying “no no Rory don’t eat it”.

You can tell how well she listens to me. (You can also tell that I was running towards her saying no. That is why there is a huge glare.)

She kept signing (her version) ‘more’ after every time down the slide. It was so cute!

First little dirty booty.

And now she notices the dogs. This was a game changer in our play time. She became determined and obsessed with getting that stick.

she got it!

pure joy

Have a great weekend!

good mornin’!

One of the things I love the most about sweet Rory is that she is such a morning person! 99% of the time she wakes up happy as can be and always loves to snuggle and play.

(although this face could almost look mean, this is her cheesy I’m-so-happy face)

This morning I heard “Daddy” “Mommy” “Daddy” “Daddy” “Daddy” coming from her room. When I got in there she was laying on her back, hands under her head and feet crossed just waiting for someone (preferably her Dad) to come get her out. It was so cute. When she saw me she just laughed and raised her hands up for me to get her. I just treasure those moments so much!

It hit me yesterday that she will be a year old in just three weeks. I really can’t believe how quick this year went by. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next year!