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15 Months Old!

Oh dear.

Rory’s 15 months old!

And all I can think about is that in TWO months I will have another little girl.

Oh dear. I am not ready.

Its so strange because a HUGE part of me wants to hit the pause button because Rory is getting big way too fast. I mean, its seriously killing me how grown up she is.

And yet, this pregnancy is about to kill me and I’m ready to be done with it. For real.

This month seems to have dragged on forever and yet I find myself not believing I have a 15 month old.

I obviously don’t make sense anymore. I told you this pregnancy is getting to me.

OKAY, ENOUGH! This post is about Rory!


How can it be?!

Let me tell you about little Rory these days.


She is so busy and so fun. I can’t begin to tell you how exhausted I am by 8 am every morning, ha! She wakes up busy and goes to bed busy.

I also can’t begin to tell you how much I laugh during the day with her. She says things that come out of nowhere, she gives these looks that are just hilarious, and she will tell you a whole story with this serious look on her face and then at the end start cracking up. She just has personality for days.

Her favorite thing to play with/in is the dog crates. She would spend all day moving them around, getting in and out of them, and trying to shut the dogs in them.

And I’m a little afraid that sometimes she thinks that she is a dog.

Twice we have caught her sticking her face in the dog water bowl trying to drink it.

Disturbing, I know.

She, of course, is still a stinker.

She has absolutely no fear whatsoever.

Taking her outside has become a challenge because she can now climb up the tiny ladder into the playhouse and then proceeds to throw herself down the taller-than-me (about 6 ft) slide face first.

And laughs the whole time.

Yesterday she decided she didn’t want to take a nap, but wasn’t crying so I let her play in her crib hoping she’d put herself to sleep. Well about 15 minutes into this supposed to be naptime playtime, I started hearing some serious banging around.

So I go to see whats going on and the heifer was straddling the top rail of her crib.

Well she got scared since I walked in and caught her and tried to plop herself back into the crib which resulted in our first ever busted lip.

(Um, how is THIS child 15 months with her first busted lip?!)

It was a good one though, she made it count. It bled for a little over an hour and you can see where the teeth almost went all the way through the lip.

(First picture above shows it the best. I, for once, did not take pictures of this event. I was protecting my camera from lots of blood.)

Rory cried for about one second and was over it, but there was blood everywhere so I had to hold her down to try and get it to stop bleeding and she was NOT happy with that arrangement.

Andy and I still giggle and talk about her every night after putting her in bed.

We talk about how fun she is, how challenging she can be, and how cute she is.

Rory lights up our days, even on the most challenging of days.

She is such a joy to be around and I can already tell how she affects other people around her positively too. I love when she waves at the little old men and women at church and at the store. She always talks to them and I can tell it just makes their entire day. The pride that fills me is overwhelming.

She may be a stinker, but she is the sweetest stinker I’ve ever known.

Here are some stats on Rory this month:

– She is sleeping SO MUCH BETTER since tubes. This is the biggest praise to us! We all feel like new people- including her!

– She weighs almost 22 lbs.

– Wears a size 4 diaper, size 4 shoe, and the clothes that fit her the best are 12 month clothes.

– She is getting to where she isn’t as good of an eater. She still loves fruits, veggies, and good foods, but she is just too busy to sit down and want to eat. She eats a really good breakfast and a good dinner but she could take or leave lunch.

– Also since getting her tubes, she has become quite the talker. She can repeat almost anything we ask her to, but is still selective of when she talks. (hello, her father’s child.) She LOVES to say the animal noises to cow, dog, and duck.

Happy 15 months Rory!





Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has just been the most wonderful day!

Andy woke up with Rory and let me sleep until 8 (!!!) and I woke up to a sweet card, chocolate, a Sonic gift card (I crave drinks from there), and a diamond necklace. He did GOOD! He also fixed me breakfast and it was so nice to eat as a family this morning.

Before I continue, I have to tell you about the card. He let Rory “sign” it with a Sharpie and when he was doing something else she decided she wanted a mustache. HAHA!

We went to church and had such a great morning there. The pastor spoke on the role of the wife and it was definitely something I needed to hear. At the end of the service they had baby dedication and three of my friends dedicated their babies. I got really tickled because my friend Caroline has three boys and the middle one was making all kinds of crazy noises and at the end said “I poopied in my diaper!” about a thousand times. She said she couldn’t look at me because I was laughing in the front pew so hard. Next year when we dedicate Ryder we will be going through the same thing with them so I can laugh now and they can laugh at me later!

After church Andy took me to Sherman which is the closest town with a Target. I’m telling y’all- he did good today! ha! We shopped around Sherman and then came home.

We are once again having some air conditioning issues so it was a nice break to be out of the house. When we got home we decided we’d play in the water since it was about 88 today.

We got this sprinkler ball for Rory and at first she loved it especially when Andy was showing her what to do… and then she hated it when she actually decided to get close enough to get wet. She ran away so fast I couldn’t really catch it on camera! haha!

After she refused to go anywhere near the ball again, we decided to try out the hot tub as a pool. We had turned it off a few days ago so it was luke warm and the perfect temperate to fake swim in! ha!

Rory is such a little water bug. She is not afraid one bit! After Andy got in she just laughed and laughed and had a great time. Then all of a sudden a great splash came upon us and we realized Jackson had jumped in too! Rory laughed so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing. It was hilarious. I wish so bad we could have gotten it on camera but of course we were soaked and trying to manage the dog and Rory.

It was such a fantastic Mother’s Day. I love every second spent with my precious family. Its hard to believe that next year I will have TWO daughters! I’m so thankful for this life God has blessed me with and SO so so thankful that He chose us to be Rory’s parents.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Joseph Clayton Therrell

May 3, 2011 – 11:39 am

6lbs 14oz, 19 1/2 inches long

Tasha and Clayton are doing great!

Most of you know, but Tasha has been on bed rest for 4+ months so this baby was a LONG awaited child. I am so thankful that God protected him and Tasha and that he was born on time and in perfect health. He definitely has heard our prayers over the last few months!

Its so hard to be away and not run over to the hospital and hold that sweet baby! Being an aunt is one of my favorite roles in life. I cannot wait to meet little Clayton!

And I’m pretty sure Landon is going to be the best big brother ever!

Welcome to our crazy family, Clayton!




Last Easter Rory looked like this:

Oh how she has changed in the last year!

Last Easter we also took Rory to church for the first time.

This morning we woke up bright and early…

to see what the Easter bunny had brought Rory!

Then we went outside to see all the eggs the Easter bunny left us!

After all that fun it was time to get ready for church! What a wonderful celebration we had today at First Baptist!

Rory was such a little princess today. As soon as we put on her Easter dress she twirled and giggled. At church she showed off for EVERYONE! She just felt so good and everyone commented on how they could just tell she felt better.

I took a couple of pictures of her in her dress at church. Then after her nap we went back outside at home and took some pictures here too. And then it was down to business as usual… gotta get the yard mowed!

We have just had the best Easter weekend and Easter day!

Happy Easter from The Harris Family!

“Because of TODAY, I can face tomorrow… Life is worth a living just because HE LIVES!”




Well we are back to our regular routine (sort of) and home from our trip! It was so nice to sleep in our own bed the past two nights. Rory was glad to be in her bed too- she’s slept until almost seven two days in a row!

Today we had her one year well baby checkup. She enjoys the mirror everytime.

She weight 21.14 lbs and was 30 inches long! In the past three weeks she’s gained almost 2 pounds! ha!

Poor little stinker had another ear infection and fluid behind the other ear. After this round of antibiotics, Dr. Scott is going to check to see if she’s still holding fluid in her ears. If she is, she will be getting tubes. I hate that she’s been dealing with this for three months and really hope that either way she will start feeling better!

Okay! Without further ado! Rory’s first birthday party(s) pictures!!!!

The first party on her birthday was at my sister’s house in Arkansas. Tasha isn’t able to travel right now and I just couldn’t bear with the idea of having the party without her if I could help it so we did it there! Rory had such a great time!

She wasn’t too crazy about the cake or getting messy. It was so fun to watch her pick at it with her hands!

Then that afternoon we drove to Jackson and had her second party at Andy’s grandparents’ home. I am so so so thankful we could have it there and so glad they let us use their home. It was such a fun time! Unfortunately, my camera died, but my friend Katie took some pictures so when I get those I will share the rest! Of all the times for the camera to die- sheesh!

Rory and Brooks meet again…

this time she wanted him to kiss her.

When we got home Saturday night and were bringing in her toys we couldn’t believe how much Rory got! I mean… its overwhelming! ha! She’s having an absolute blast playing with all her new toys.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will have the New York post ready!

goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

This year has been the absolute best and absolute hardest year of my life.

In 2010 we/I:

moved, lived in a nasty extended stay hotel that almost sent me to the psych ward, moved into our house, had our sweet Rory girl (the best part), went to the ER 4 times because of severe pain, went to FL with an 8 wk old, had surgery to remove gallbladder, went to ER with Rory because of freak accident, turned 25, married 6 years, air conditioner went out in the heat of summer for a month, took a trip to AR to visit my sister, had a very interesting boat trip, took a trip to Texarkana and on to Chattanooga, Andy turned 26, started working at MDO, Rory turned 9 months and on that day exactly we found out we were having another baby, went to MS/TN for Thanksgiving, went to Orlando, I threw up a whole lot during all of this, went home for Christmas, and had a wonderful week at home to end the year.


So here’s hoping for a wonderful, and a little less eventful 2011!


Oh. And speaking of uneventful…

This sweet girl showed up at our house today and absolutely loves us.

I named her Tramp.

Currently she is in our backyard living life to the fullest.

She’s happy.

I’m happy.

Jackson is happy.

Jersey is mortified.

I’m sure when I go looking for the owner tomorrow I will find them.

And that makes me just a little bit sad.

That’s all.

Christmas 2010

First of all, I want to say “Merry Christmas!” to all of you! Here is our Christmas card pictures from this year-

We got back last night from our trip to Tennessee for Christmas with our families. We had a great time- it seemed to go by too fast. But we are also so glad to be home.

On the 23rd we had the “McIntire” Christmas. It was such a fun day and a sad day all at the same time. My sister, Tasha, had to stay home this year and it was so hard to have Christmas without her. The kids had a lot of fun though! Rory absolutely loved the opening presents part- and made sure she helped everyone! ha!

Then on Christmas Eve and Christmas day we had two “Harris” Christmases. Rory got lots of fun toys and things and had a great time. We laughed at how much she just loves her Uncle Austin!

Andy and I have fought a sinus infection since we left for Tennessee and spent most of the Christmas holiday miserable with coughing and headaches. I’m just so thankful for family who helped so much with Rory so we could be lazy at times!

Today I have dedicated solely to getting Rory back on schedule. So far so good, but she has been much whinier than usual today. I think its because she misses waking up to lots of attention every morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m so glad to have a week off to get my house back in order and to have a little more time to blog!

(WordPress is acting funny for me today and not letting me upload some of my pictures. I uploaded them to facebook so feel free to look there!)

quick hello from Orlando!

Hello from Orlando!

The ears are a good look for me, no?

Its been a while since I’ve been on the internet longer than to just check my email.

And a lot of stuff has gone down…

…we drove 8 or so hours, had two Thanksgivings, saw some wonderful friends, saw lots of family, Rory cut her 3rd tooth (torture), Rory and I flew to Orlando to meet Andy, we all went to downtown Disney and have relaxed a whole lot since being here.

I have way too many pictures to post of Thanksgiving and such and I don’t have the computer that I edit them all on with me. When we get back from FL I will post all the fun pictures I got while in MS/TN!

I do want to show you the oh-so-cute pictures of Rory and Brooks. We went to Sam and Katie’s house on Thursday night and it was SO good to get together again. It had been so long! Rory is smitten with baby Brooks. And quite aggressive with him as well. ha!

I think Brooks knew something crazy was about to happen..

but he wasn’t prepared for his first kiss with his future girlfriend…

and apparently Rory couldn’t get enough!

Poor Brooks.

And nothing has changed in all these years… Sam is still so silly.

Sam and I were talking and laughing about how much trouble these two could get into together. Maybe its best (especially with Rory’s behavior) to keep the two of them in separate states after all!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This trip to Orlando has turned out to be a really wonderful vacation so far! Andy goes to his conference around 8 and gets off no later than around 4. We also get to all eat lunch together. Its been so great to spend some good quality time together!

Thankful Thursday

Today hasn’t been the best of my days. I’m tired, a bit cranky (shocking, I know!), and just tired. I’d like to go to sleep and sleep in until no earlier than 7 am. But. Rory loves to wake up at 5:30 every single morning.

So since I’m being such a “negative Nancy” and all, I’m going to do a post now of things that I am just so thankful for. Its mainly for myself to help get out of this funk, but I hope you enjoy as well!

::Thankful Thursday::

– This time last year we had no idea where we’d be living or if Andy would have a job. God carried me through and drew me close to Him. I could not be more thankful for His faithfulness to us.

– In February I went through some of the best and worst days of my life. I was so sick I literally don’t remember almost three days in the hospital. It was such a low point not being able to figure out what was wrong or if it’d affect my precious baby. Then I had a very easy (I think) labor and had the most perfect healthy baby girl. After I delivered I started to clot really bad and it was so scary seeing nurses and the doctor swarming around me. God saved me from harm and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I am also so thankful for:

  • Andy. He is simply amazing.
  • Rory. I couldn’t imagine a second without her.
  • Baby H #2. God may have had a sense of humor with His timing, but I feel so blessed.
  • Our parents. What would we do without them?
  • My sisters and their families. I couldn’t go through life without my wonderful sisters.
  • The memories I have of my grandparents. I am missing them so much right now. I can literally feel the pain in my heart sometimes.
  • Weekends at home with Andy. They revive and restore my spirit after long, hard weeks.
  • Lazy mornings, like yesterday, where Rory and I just play and snuggle all morning long.
  • A sweet tempered baby. She loves everyone and is so easy going.
  • The ability and opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving. And I mean HOME. We’ll be in New Albany, MS this time next week. I can’t wait to bring Rory there!

Okay. Hopefully this LONG post didn’t bore you to tears. I can say that right now after writing all of that down, I feel so so so much better.

Happy Halloween!

I know this is almost late, but its just impossible to blog before bedtime 99% of the time. Hopefully I will be able to do better during nap time starting this week. Well, except tomorrow- I’m keeping a 2 month old and Rory all day. Pray for me! ha!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went out to our Sunday School teachers’ lake house. Its about 20 minutes away and beautiful! We had such a great time with fellowshipping with everyone! The kids wore their costumes and we took a hayride- it was fun!

As you can tell it was bright out! But it was PERFECT weather for outside fun!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of all three of our SS babies, but totally forgot. Plus, it may have been difficult, ha! I did get pictures of all of them though in their Halloween attire!

Grady and Rory showed up in the same outfit without even planning!

Grady is the baby I’ll be keeping tomorrow. He is so adorable!

And here is Benjamin in his monkey outfit. Seriously. SO. CUTE!

Today I attempted to get some cute pictures in her Halloween outfit for the day. Little mess just doesn’t want to sit still anymore! I got a couple of cute shots though!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!