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Halloween 2011

Its a couple of days late, but wanted to post about our Halloween!

I’ve been so excited for this Halloween because I knew Rory would get to participate for the first time. And let me tell you, she LOVED it.

We started off by painting pumpkins at home! Rory had a blast. She cracked me up watching what Andy was doing and mimicking him. They are so much alike it is scary!

Girlfriend is a HAM.

Ryder was cute and happy painting pumpkins too! And if you can’t tell- she makes the funniest faces and LOVES to blow bubbles and “talk” now.

“Really, Mom, thats enough.”

On Saturday night we went out our church’s Fall Festival! Rory had an absolute blast.

We dressed the girls as the Princess and the Pea. It was a big hit!

These pictures are so funny because Ryder is all happy and snuggled up and Rory absolutely refused to look at camera or sister.

Rory loved getting to do all the games and activities. I can’t believe how big she is!

our little Halloween family

Squirt (Ryder’s new nickname) slept the whole time.

And one of Rory’s friends was there- Grady! She is so funny with him. She acts like he’s a baby like Ryder and loves to hug and kiss on him. Grady DOES NOT appreciate it most of the time. HAHA!

On Monday night I took the girls Trick or Treating downtown. It was so neat. A lot of the shops sat outside and gave out candy. This is yet another reason why I really love Paris.

I was able to get the girls’ pictures taken in their outfits. I am in love with these pictures.

And here’s a little Stinker update(s) for you:

1) I put Ryder on her playmat so I could get ready to go somewhere. I passed through living room and she was in a different position on her mat and had moved quite a bit. I thought this was odd but we were running late so I went about my business. I come back through the living room to find Rory dragging Ryder across the living room by her feet and both girls were belly laughing out of sheer delight. Oh. Dear.

2) Ryder has now tasted fruit loops, a pretzel, juice, and a Hershey bar. Don’t ask.

3) Ryder has also had her teeth brushed.Thank the Lord it was with a new toothbrush.

4) Rory was playing with playdoh and Ryder was asleep in her crib. Well Ryder woke up so I went to get her and came back to Rory and no playdoh. I’m 99.9999% sure she ate it. This is my life.

These girls are getting to be more fun by the day. They are interacting so much and Rory is loving that “sister” talks back to her now.

And by the looks of these faces, I think I am going to be in big trouble soon.


For quite sometime our house has been just utter chaos. This is not news to any of you that read this here blog. Between all the craziness because of Ryder’s situation and bad habits that were created (by us mostly) before Ryder came along, its been NUTS. I feel like everything since Ryder has been born has been completely out of control.

Especially sleep.

Rory’s sleep issues started a really long time ago. Actually, it was about this time last year. And honestly she’s probably slept through the night three or so times since then. Its been… well, exhausting.

So this week we decided to take control, finally. First, we took down her baby bed because she HATED it. This has been key to our success! She loves her toddler bed so much! The other new thing is we are doing a set bedtime routine and time. And it sounds extremely early, but it has worked wonderfully- 7:00! The first night I was so worried she’d wake up at 4 ready to go because this is not abnormal for her anyways, but she has slept past six every day this week! HALLELUJAH!

The first night was awful and she screamed for hours even when I tried to lay in that tiny bed with her.The next night was much better and last night was awesome. She stays in her bed great and all I have to do is go in her room, tuck her in real snug, and sit next to the bed for maybe 5 minutes.

I feel like a new woman!

Yesterday I went and got Rory some Halloween cookies. They have a ton of icing on top and it was hilarious watching her for literally 20 minutes just look at it and touch it before eating any.



She’s always telling the dogs to “shh!”.

Then she realized she could paint with the icing.

This made her very, very happy.

Dang. That’s one cute kid.

So is this one:

And when you put them together its almost too much cuteness to handle!

Apparently my kids prefer to be pant-less….???

Speaking of cute, how precious is this picture of Andy and Rory?!!!

Ok! Happy Halloween Weekend!

weekend recap

A while ago I had told Andy that if he ever wanted to do something extremely romantic, all he had to do was book me a night at a hotel so I could sleep all night and sleep in.

Well, folks. He did it! Friday night he booked me a room at a hotel and it was WONDERFUL! I went to a birthday dinner with friends and then went to the hotel and slept all night and slept in until nine. Bliss. He knows the way to my heart!

And bless his heart… he had a rough night. This is what he looked like that afternoon:

The whole weekend was fantastic. Andy had Friday off (and I wish he did a segment on this blog to tell you how his hunting trip went on Friday morning… lets just say HILARIOUS!) and it was great to have a long weekend together.

Saturday was the local Festival of Pumpkins and I was so excited to take Rory this year. She had a blast too!

The first thing we saw walking up was the dogs from the local humane society. Y’all. This girl LOVES her some dogs. She would see a dog and yell and kick until she got to pet it. She met the sweetest blue tick hound you’ve ever seen. And he was so handsome. His name was Blue. I wanted him and so did Rory. (I had a dog named Blue once too. There is a song about him- ask my dad.)

After that we went to ride the ponies. And oh my word. I’ve never seen so much joy come out of Rory. She giggled the entire time. If I hadn’t of been holding onto her she would have giggled right off that pony!

That night I invited my friend, Julie, over for supper since her husband was out of town. Grady and Rory are friends and I knew Rory would love to play with him.

We were your average heathens on Sunday and skipped church. We didn’t leave the house the entire day and stayed in our PJs. It was wonderful. Church has been so stressful because we have to take Ryder in with us so we decided to just stay home since next week we can (hopefully!) leave her in the nursery.

This morning was rather rough. Rory didn’t sleep good and so she was GRUMPY. She fell asleep at 7 and took a little nap and thankfully woke up happy. I brought Ryder (aka Sister) into Rory’s room so we could play and Rory thought it was AWESOME. She showed Sister all her toys and it was so cute watching Ryder’s expressions as she watched Rory.

This moment made me tear up a bit. Rory went and got her play stethoscope and listened to Ryder’s heart. I told Rory that Ryder had a special heart and she kept saying, “Sister special”. So sweet.

Rory sat her dog that sings up and then sat by Sister to watch. So funny!

And seriously… how cute is this picture?!

Then I got a few pictures of Rory laughing because Sister burped. ha!

Its the small things.

And if you haven’t noticed… Ryder is just your regular old chubster! I told Andy her new nickname is Ms. Piggy. She is all of a sudden eating. Her normal bottle now is 4 oz in 15 minutes. Today she ate 4 oz and was still hungry. She ended up eating 6 oz in 30 minutes! And she’s not spitting any up! Such a miracle!

Have a great week!

Rory Fun Days

We decided to not make the trek to TN this past weekend because we haven’t had a long weekend just at home in so long. So we decided to declare it Rory’s weekend! We dedicated the weekend to doing fun things with her and just being together all weekend long.

(I guess I should warn you that this will be a rather long post with probably too many pictures. But I want to document all of it for myself, so hopefully you don’t get bored, ha!)

So Rory Fun Days were born and I can’t wait to do it again! We had the absolute best weekend. It could not have been any better. Rory had a blast and she was so sweet all weekend long!

Friday we just stayed at home and had fun together. I went and got my hair cut for the first time in over a year and decided to try something “fun” and get purple put in it! Its so cute… or at least I think so!

On Saturday we went to the Children’s Museum in Commerce! It was so fun! Rory had an absolute blast. She played in a boat, space ship, airplane and fort! She drove a cattle driven wagon and rode a horse! Then she did some grocery shopping, cooked some great food in a kitchen, and freed all the dogs from the local kennel! She drove a train and played with all sorts of other things!



On Sunday we went to church and stayed home the rest of the day. Both girls took 3+ hour naps AT THE SAME TIME so Andy and I napped and rested as well. It was wonderful!

Yesterday we woke up to the most gorgeous weather. It was such a nice break from the 100+++ heat we have had since June.

First we went to Grady’s first birthday party and then played outside!

Please note that the lady put 1th instead of 1st on Grady’s cake! HA!



You may be wondering what little Ryder did the whole time….

Well its safe to say she had a great weekend too!

birthdays and other things

Today is Andy’s birthday!

I am just so thankful God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and wonderful dad to my girls. Andy has been my rock the past couple of weeks and I appreciate him more and more each day. Tonight we will have pizza (who would’ve guessed?!) and celebrate his birthday at home! I can’t wait!

Daddy is so fun to play with…

and so good to have serious conversations with…

and especially great to smile with!

We love you so much Andy!

Rory has taken quite a liking to playing with Ryder. And now if I get my camera out to take pictures of Ryder, she must pose for me and show Ryder how its done.

oh! and now you can be impressed with the headbands I made…

Rory’s a great model!

and finally, enjoy some sweet smiles!

oh! and also enjoy some Stinker video:


Happy 4th of July!

We have been celebrating 4th of July by just hanging around the house.

Ryder decided she wanted to be awake and talk until around 2:15 so Mommy is tired.

But that’s ok! What is naptime for anyway?!

I tried really hard to get some pictures of Rory and Ryder together… but it is not easy at all. I got a few though! Rory’s not in the mood today to get her picture taken. Ryder let me take some though!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and are enjoying the holiday!

I loooove this picture…

Happy 4th of July, y’all!

Father’s Day Weekend

We have had a super fun Father’s Day weekend! Andy had off on Friday so we’ve had a nice long three day weekend. It has been wonderful!

I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough- Andy is THE BEST dad. Ever. He is the perfect Dad for a little girl. She’s got him so wrapped around her finger and they just adore eachother. He’s so good to us and I’m just so thankful for him.

The biggest compliment I can give Andy is that he reminds me so much of how my dad treated me growing up. I had the very best childhood and my dad was my very best buddy. I love that Rory and Andy have that same relationship!

Saturday we decided to let Rory fingerpaint for the first time! It was so fun to see her do it- she’s so serious. I’m not sure who she gets that from, but you might be able to guess after seeing the pictures…

I did it!

Then on Saturday night we got Katie to babysit and went to dinner. We’re pretty sure its the last time we’ll go on a date for a while since Ryder will be here soon. We had a great time talking and eating together.

Afterwards, we went to Petco and got Rory a Beta fish! She LOVES it!

Funny side note: She calls a fish a “bish”… and it sounds exactly like the “b” word. Its hysterical. She kept saying “bish! bish!”. Oh dear.

Today we went to church and I let Andy pick our her outfit… could you tell?! I’m so glad she at least looks cute in camo, ha!

This afternoon my sweet friends, Julie and Stephanie, threw me a diaper shower or “sprinkle” as they called it. It was so fun and I got so many diapers and other great things. I’m so so so thankful for them and for the sweet ladies in my church!

When I got home and unloaded the car, a certain someone decided she needed to check out her sister’s loot. (and so did two other certain someones…)

We also started packing for the big move this weekend. Rory thoroughly enjoyed it!

this is her innocent look…

this is her shocked look…

and a big ole “cheeeeeese”!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

anniversaries & growing up

I had this lovely post planned on Sunday for our 7th anniversary.

Well life happens and husbands get called into work on anniversaries and babies are devastated that their daddy had to leave…

so I did not get a chance to write on that day.

And now I’m tired because Rory refuses to sleep for some strange reason and I definitely don’t want to deprive Andy of any sleep this week (remember, its outage time again).

So here goes a version of what I wanted to write, just with no sleep and probably lots of typos and bad grammar.


My husband is amazing. He works so hard for our family and I could not be more thankful for that. But not only does he work hard at his job for us, he comes home and helps me without complaint ever.

He scoops Rory up and plays with her and gives her all the attention a little girl could ever need or want. He is the best dad. I can’t get over it.

I thought I loved him way back when…

but I really had no idea what real love meant.

I had no idea that through so so many ups and downs of life I’d want to always be with him through them. I had no idea that being parents could make me love him so much more… to see him with Rory and what an impact he has on her makes me love him so much it hurts.

I am just so overwhelmed with thankfulness that I get to spend my life with Andy. Through those great times and those awful times, I’m just so glad God has given me a best friend to share every moment with.


And in Stinker-ish news…

My baby is officially not so much of a baby anymore.

Today she got moved up into the 1-2 year old class.

Its long overdue, but still makes me sad all at the same time.

When did she get so big?

I thought she might cry when I left her, but no way. She saw the slides and tons of other things to climb on in the new room and was happy as can be. I will get some pictures on Thursday to share.

But for now, I will go take a nap before picking her up.

And I will be praying so hard that tonight will be the night she decides once again that sleep is not the enemy and that sleep is our FRIEND.

Memorial Weekend 2011

I want to start off this post by saying thank you to all of those men and women who have and are serving our country. I am so grateful to you and could never express how thankful I am that you fight for me and my family and my country.


We started off the weekend heading to Dallas for an appointment to check on Ryder again. Everything looked wonderful and the cyst was still gone, so we were released from the specialist! Ryder is 5 lbs now, which is a bit scary because I still have five weeks for her to grow. Slow down little missy! I don’t want a 10 lb baby!!!

We tried to get a 4D ultrasound, but just couldn’t. Andy and I got to see half of her face on it, but she is already in the head down and ready to go position so we just couldn’t get a picture of her at all- not even on 2D! Oh well, just a few short weeks and I will see her sweet face!

After the appointment we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Interruption: PEOPLE IT WAS STINKING HOT! Why oh why oh why oh why did I think it’d be a grand idea to go to the zoo in 90 something degree weather while this pregnant?!!!!!! I am crazy.

Anyways, we had a good time, but were all hot so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped. Rory wasn’t as impressed with the animals as we thought she would be either.

And I left my camera in Paris so I have no pictures. Oh well, what can you do?

On Saturday we went to a couple of stores and then headed home and have spent the rest of the weekend enjoying this wonderful time together.

Today we finally were able to break out Rory’s new pool that her Gigi got her.

And, of course, she had to wear her patriotic bathing suit!

The water was just a bit cool…

but Rory LOVED it!

After she swam for a while we decided to break out a watermelon.

Because, let’s face it, it isn’t Memorial Day without watermelon!

(or at least that’s the Davis way!)

I just can’t help but think of how proud my Granddaddy would be seeing Rory love watermelon and seeing her eat it like this.

Today is one of those days where I miss my Grandmother and Granddaddy so badly.

Happy Memorial Day!