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I am my mother.

For Mother’s Day we headed to Jackson to spend some time with my mom and dad. My sister and her family came over too and we just had a great time. It was a totally stress free time for me because Rory is at an age where I don’t have to worry about every move she makes anymore and Ryder was so totally obsessed with Jacks that I was basically kid-less!


God blessed me with the best mother. She, along with my dad, has always been my biggest cheerleader.

247520_10100655693077876_1641463328_nBut more than all that, I think the most important lesson my mom has taught me is to laugh. Laugh through the hard times, the good times, and all the times in between. I’m so thankful that my parents weren’t rigid and too serious. I grew up in a house where my mom said things wrong (for example: she was asked once, “what did you do while Tiff was in surgery?” and she replied, “oh, I just read a good boob!”… you can imagine the laughter that followed. in fact, I’m still laughing about it.) and had funny blunders. (don’t worry- my dad had them too!) Instead of crawling away in a hole and acting crazy about it, she just always laughed. In fact, she laughed harder at herself than anyone else could. There are so many more hilarious things she did- I will tell you about the time she believed she found “the marijuana” in my car another time, it is a personal favorite of mine …

So, when last week I had a major blunder, I couldn’t help but think of how I AM MY MOTHER.

You see, I went to Lowe’s to get some paint, and was texting a friend on the way to the car. I threw my paint in the car and walked around to get in the driver’s seat. When I went to open the door, I was startled because A MAN WAS SITTING IN MY CAR!!!! So startled, in fact, that I screamed in fright.

Only… it wasn’t my car.

So, naturally, the guy is DYING FROM LAUGHTER and I’m still so shocked at everything I have no idea what to do. I walk around (WALK OF SHAME) to the passenger side, get my paint, mutter “have a great day!”, and basically run to my car. I glance back and the dude’s car is shaking so hard and he’s wiping tears from his face.

And I start crying.


I literally am laughing right now writing it again. (I know a lot of you already have heard this story…)

And that is why I love being Debbie McIntire’s daughter. Because I have the upmost confidence that laughter heals and makes everything so much better thanks to her.

Now, my choir director might not be so fond of this giggle gene, but that’s another story for another time as well…

So, yes, I am my mother. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

Love you, Mom! Don’t be mad at me forever for exposing your boob blunder to all your bookkeepers. (PS- Hi bookkeepers!!)

Easter 2013

Well after much crisis, I finally got the ol’ blog working again. I’m having technical issues of late that are getting on my last nerve.


Last weekend the girls had an Easter egg hunt at church! They had a blast and were so cute running around trying to get eggs. At first, Rory would go get one, open it and eat the candy, then go on to the next. Well that was taking FOREVER so we finally convinced her that the candy would still be in there at the end, ha! After that she was a speed demon getting those eggs! Ryder was hilarious because she could have cared less about picking up the eggs- all she wanted to do was carry her little basket/bucket around like a purse. ha!

IMG_7235 IMG_7230 IMG_7254 IMG_7257 IMG_7269

IMG_7290 IMG_7299 This was the most precious moment- Ryder saw all of Rory’s eggs and started saying, “Yayyyyy Woah-wee! Yayyyy!!!!!”, and was just giggling she was so proud of her. Such sweet sisters.


This weekend we headed to Jackson for some time with family. It is really rare that all of us are together with all the kids at the same time, so it was a fun weekend getting to spend time with everyone.

Obviously, we had to get a sister picture. It only takes us 130945304923 tries to get one we can all agree on.

603903_10100615278573866_1485133890_n 579624_10100615221792656_478256196_n

My nephew, Clayton, and Ryder are only two months apart and this time was so much fun because they really played together. They had the best time together (and Rory too!).


We came home from Jackson and I realized I had forgotten Rory’s sleeping medicine. I thought since she didn’t have much of a nap she would do okay without it and I was just going to drive to Jackson Sunday or today to get it.

Well, poor girl was up 2-5 and around 4 she started crying and said, “Rory girl, just close your eyes and go to sleep please.” I can’t tell you how bad that broke my heart. I just laid there and cried too because I felt so bad for her. She doesn’t want to be awake at all but can’t help it. So thankful for my doctor who is helping her sleep and feel better. Added bonus, I get a little more sleep too! ha!

So on Easter we got all dressed up and ready for church. The girls LOVED their dresses and were so so so cute in them. It was so nasty outside so we had to take pictures inside. Between them not wanting to take pictures and the bad lighting, I really didn’t get a good one but oh well.


Church was really good…. I guess.

Honestly, I know for sure that the youth girls did AMAZING on their creative movement (whatever you call it?) to Arise My Love. It was so so good. I am so proud of them. Everyone was cheering and teary eyed. It was just wonderful- can’t say it enough!

After choir I had gotten settled in my seat and got a little whisper that Rory had an accident. So off I go to get her. Well, she didn’t have a true accident, just didn’t pull her pants down enough when she went potty, so I changed her underwear and brought her in church with us.

I guess I haven’t told you about the church dilemma. Apparently around here it is normal to NOT have children’s church and to bring your kid into church with you starting at age 3.


Last week was Rory’s last Sunday and it was a doozy. I sing in the choir so she SCREAMED the entire time I was in the choir because she wanted me. So much so that I had to come down out of choir and take her to the bathroom to discipline her for pitching a HUGE fit.

On the way out, she yells, “BUT I DON’T WANT THE PADDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


After our trip to the bathroom she was a perfect little angel the whole time.


She was actually really good this Sunday too after I had to bring her in. At the end someone said something out loud and she goes, “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I got so tickled so she of course did it like three more times while giggling.

So in other words, I haven’t heard a single word that has been said by the preacher for two weeks now because I’m so busy trying to keep her quiet and entertained.


I don’t even want to know what it’ll be like when both girls have to come into the service. Lord, have mercy!

One day, in several years, I will be able to listen again.

After church we got a couple of family pictures which were kind of a bust, but whatever. We will take what we can get!


I decided to put some pictures together of us on Easter since having kids. My how time flies and things change!

PicMonkey Collage

(We didn’t get a group picture at church last year apparently! ha!)

Here are the girls last year- I can’t believe how much things have changed in just one year!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Rory’s 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Rory’s 3rd birthday party and had the best day. I had decided to do a Cowgirl theme and my plan was for it to be pink and black but then dates had to be changed and I literally had a week and a half to pull it all together. I was so afraid it’d be too boyish, but I ended up loving how it turned out. Rory is NOT a girlie girl. Sure, she likes to dress up and all, but she would rather be outside getting dirty and playing with trucks. She’s the best of both worlds to me!

My friend, Haley, and her family own an old general store and since our current house is tiny and I don’t even have a dining room table because I have no room, we decided to have it there. It is very western/country and worked PERFECT for the cowgirl theme.IMG_6121






Haley also made the fabulous cupcakes!


Rory was so funny because we had talked about it being her party but we knew she didn’t really understand. So when she got there she ran in SO EXCITED but then when she saw people there just for her and all the decorations and stuff she got SO SHY. It was precious. The entire party she was kinda shy and when we sang Happy Birthday she got so teased/embarrassed.

IMG_6132 IMG_6134

My mom made this skirt for Rory and one for Ryder, and it was PERFECT!

IMG_6139 IMG_6147

Ryder loved getting to spend time with everyone too! But unfortunately, neither one of my girls were really in picture taking moods, ha!


We kept it low-key and I invited a few or our/Rory’s friends here and just family. It was kinda last minute so some people weren’t able to come, but we still had a great time!

My family- minus Tasha and the boys, we missed them very much!


Andy’s family- minus his brother and sister and bro-in law that live out of town. We missed them too!


“Miss-us Sharon” and her four sweet kids. Rory ALWAYS says “miss-us” instead of miss. We crack up every time!


Our friends- Clay, Haley, and Preston


Haley and I- couldn’t have done this party without her help!


Sharon and I- she has been such a sweet friend to me and has made such a difference in Rory’s life this year. I’m so thankful for her!


Telena and I- I didn’t think they’d get to come and was so excited when they worked it out. Rory and Ryder adore my sister and it is so fun to see Telena get to finally the fun aunt since her kids are older. I used to be the fun aunt before I had kids… now I’m the crazy (er)/tired aunt. HA!


Rory and Aunt ‘Lena


Telena and Josh


Josh and Ryder – he is the best uncle to my kids!


My nephew, Jacks, who Ryder is a carbon copy of… soon I will find some pictures of him Ryder’s age and show y’all how much they look alike… it is insane!


Jacy will LOVE me for this picture of her eating- ha! They stood by the fire to stay warm.


My mom and Rory talking about something serious!


Ryder telling my mom something… who knows what. This girl is BOSSY and will tell you how it is. Ha!


As I was looking through the pictures, I realized most of the pictures I got of Ryder were of her eating. Its so funny to me that the first YEAR of her life (literally) was such a struggle to get her to eat and now girlfriend CAN’T GET ENOUGH. She is serious about her food and you better not get in the way!


We sang “Happy Birthday” to Rory, and she was so shy and teased about it but I thought that was too cute. She blew her candles out right away!



Ryder loved the cupcakes too!


After we ate the cupcakes, it was time to open gifts! I can’t even tell you how much Rory has enjoyed EVERY SINGLE GIFT. She was playing with ALL of them this weekend after the party and she would run up to me and say, “Mom! Did you see THIS ONE????”, and it was seriously so sweet. She genuinely loved all of them and was so proud of each one. I love that about her. She thinks everything is so special. When I put a new shirt or whatever on her and tell her we got it for her she will say, “You got this just for ME????? Oh, thank you so much Mommy, I love you!”. Can’t get more precious than that!


Rory ended up getting two Doc McStuffins dolls and y’all, it could not have worked out better for this momma. When Rory opened the first one Ryder about lost it from excitement. So, I’m keeping both and also keeping peace in this house. They have carried those dolls around NONSTOP and absolutely love them.


I also got a piñata which I thought was a little crazy for a 3 year old but couldn’t pass up the cowboy boot! Fortunately, there were only three kids under 3, so it worked out great. The big kids loved getting to hit the piñata and so did the little kids!

(Side note: I think Rory may be my little softball player. hehe.)


Ryder was so cute trying to hit it! They both were so serious with their tongues out the whole time!



Both girls ended up having the best time. In fact, on the way home, Rory very seriously said to me, “Momma, know what? This the best day EBBBER!”. I teared up for real, because I love that she is so loved and was able to have a day just for her. She was only 16 months old when Ryder was born, so it has been rare in the past 19 months of Ryder’s life that she has had a day just for her. (And even the times I do try to spend one on one time with her she HATES it and begs for Ryder, ha!)


I’m so thankful for everyone who came and was apart of her birthday party. She is so special to us and we are so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

I will now go shed some tears and hug her tight because, man, these years are flying by.

(And once again, I just want to say thank you to Haley and her family for letting us use their place. It was perfect! Haley also helped me so much with cupcakes, setting up, and most of all, taking all these pictures so that I could just enjoy the party!)


Life has been busy the past few days and I’ve been trying to get into my new groove.

Over the weekend I was quite grumpy with Andy at random times and the sight of him was just ticking me off.

He had done NOTHING to make me mad. I even got some free time this weekend.

I knew I was being irrational but couldn’t figure out WHY I WAS SO ANGRY WITH HIM.

Then it hit me.

I’m hangry.

Hangry = hunger induced anger.

He was still eating the same ole stuff while I was having salads and other various health food and I realized that for some reason I was so mad at him about the whole thing subconsciously.

Women are quite hard to deal with after all.

We get mad at you and WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY, which is totally rational.

So, after my revelation, I tried to be less hangry with Andy.

I’ll let you know if this continues or if the hanger takes over again.


In the midst of the New Years/Christmas stuff, Ryder turned 18 months old.

How? Why? How?

I seriously can’t believe it!

I will do a more formal 18 Month post if I ever get some good pictures of her. That’ll be my goal for the week.

I did get a little video of her talking, though!

Because of the crazy flu outbreak this year, Rory’s Christmas program ended up being rescheduled to yesterday. I was so glad because we thought we missed it while on the cruise!

Rory’s class were little bunnies! They were SO cute!


I got two videos of the program- Rory is on the front right most of the time. Hope you can find her!

Hope you liked the videos! Happy Wednesday!

the cruise

Well, I figured it was about time to sit down and tell y’all about the cruise. Warning: this will be long. Also, I’m not sure why some of these pictures are normal sized and some are super large. I have no time to figure it out. Sorry.

Honestly, it went surprisingly well. The kids were like little angels. It was as if little angel babies came in and took over my children for a week.

They ate great.


They played great.

They were sweet to each other.

They were sweet to every single person on the cruise. EVEN ME!

They were little sweet baby angels, I tell ya!

Yes, you did read that right… they slept great on the cruise! Mostly because we wore them out every day. They were in the sun and water all day every day and we loved it! It was so fun! We would all go back to the room and take a long afternoon nap and that was BLISSFUL. Then we would go explore something on the ship and enjoy the afternoon as a family. After that would be dinner.

Now, the first night for dinner was a disaster.

The kids were tired and grumpy and acted insane. Andy ended up leaving early with them and let me sit and enjoy dinner. Win!

The rest of the week they had in-room babysitters and once we put them in the daycare.

Now. I want to take a break and encourage all of you parents out there who might cruise in the future- IF THEY HAVE A DAYCARE THING ON THE SHIP, SEND YOUR CHILDREN!

I was very, very leery of all of this but oh my word it was amazing. The kids LOVED the in-room babysitters. They were Jamaican and so loving and fun. Rory would ask the rest of the week, “When are my girls coming to stay with me again?”. Then the last night we decided to leave them in the daycare and all we could do was ask, “WHY OH WHY OH WHY didn’t we do this all week????????”. Again, the kids LOVED it. They had little friends (max of 8 kids allowed) and played games and did crafts and snacked and watched movies. They were in heaven and I didn’t worry even for a second.

Okay, back to the cruise update.

The one other night we took the girls to dinner, they actually did AMAZING. They were so good and ate spaghetti like it was their last meal. In fact, they outlasted most of the adults at our table- ha!

The first port was the Bahamas. We went out with the girls and took them to the beach. We were so excited to take them since they’d never been to the beach at the ocean before. The water was too cold to really enjoy, but they had a blast in the sand!

Our ship


Little miss sassy pants, as per usual.


Strike a pose, giiiirl.


Rory was way too busy exploring to get a picture of her… unless she was running in it.

IMG_5057The second day was at sea. (I think this is right… but I may be a little off. ha!)

That morning we woke up and went and had breakfast with the Dreamworks Characters! Rory and Ryder had a blast seeing the characters and eating a fun breakfast. Shrek snuck up on Rory and FREAKED HER OUT so she was a little leery the rest of the morning of the characters, but we still had fun. Ryder was OBSESSED with the characters though. It was hilarious!






We stayed at the kiddie pool all day and Rory and Ryder loved it. Especially Ryder. She was in little baby pool heaven.

Also, did you know the baby pool is the only warm water on the entire ship?

I’ll let you think about it and get back to me as to why that is.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5353 IMG_5363

Something that we started with the girls on the trip was to make them hold hands everywhere we went. We knew it’d be harder to lose two who were holding hands and that they would be willing to hold hands like that because it is fun, so they held hands EVERYWHERE. It was the cutest thing EVER. Like, ever ever. HA! Everyone would just die when they saw them walking around holding hands in their matching outfits. And hello- do you know me?! They matched CONSTANTLY and my heart was full and happy. Thankyouverymuch.






On Wednesday we went to St. Thomas. Andy and I left the girls with his parents and got to spend the day with his brother and his girlfriend and his sister and her husband. It was such a fun day! We went up to Paradise Point and got some pictures and then shopped around.

We also took pictures of a guy who had the most epic butt crack I’ve ever seen. Like how do you not feel the breeze- I can see your entire butt? kinda crack.  It was insane.

You’re welcome for that.



Austin and Victoria


Ashley and Drew


The next day we went to St. Maarten and it was my favorite day on the trip. Andy, the girls, and I got off the ship and did a little shopping. After that, we spent several hours on the beach. It was the most beautiful beach and it was really warm that day so the water felt amazing. We just spent the day swimming, making sand castles (meaning we would build like one tower and they’d knock it down), and just having fun together. Our kids are total beach lovers and I can’t wait to take them back.

On the water taxi – just taking in the beauty of St. Maarten.



trying to get Ryder to come out and swim with her – Ryder prefers just playing in the sand



taking a water break



little model


The next two days were at sea. The first day we spent all day outside at the pools. The last day on the ship was EXTREMELY cold. We had to stay in all day and it was just a hodge podge of a day. We went ice skating which was a total bust and we went to a parade that night on the ship. It was really fun for the girls.

Here are some random extra pictures I have from the cruise that I don’t really know where to place, ha!

With daddy, waiting on the parade!


With Daddy again, on formal night.


Before dinner on the night they did SO GOOD, in front of the giant Christmas tree on the ship.


At dinner, during the part where we swing our napkins over our head- their very favorite part (meaning Steve’s favorite too! ha!).


I don’t know what they put in that spaghetti but these girls SHOVELED it in their faces. ha!


Meeting Gloria


the entire family on formal night- all of my pictures are blurry from this night ?


sweet peas


So that’s it. The girls actually barely embarrassed me.

Rory did say several times, “why he/her talk funny?”, after some of the people on the cruise (none of which were American) and that was quite hilarious.

The girls also became a little famous on the cruise. People would see them walking around, holding hands, and they would say, “oh! I’m so glad we saw them again! They are the sweetest and cutest kids ever!”. I mean… I know they are but it was so nice to hear. HA! Honestly I got a lot of compliments on how well behaved they were and I was shocked every time. Because they are a bit heifer-ish at home, if you didn’t know this already.

Andy and I are already planning a little beach vacation for May. We had the best time getting to actually BE with them. No phones. No work. It was wonderful.

Hope y’all had a great New Year! I will be back to blogging regularly now that all the Christmas celebrations are over and I’ll blog about those next week.

not the Christmas I intended.

As I was getting the
girls ready for bed tonight, I felt so weary. I’m frustrated and
sad and exhausted. It’s just not the Christmas I

traveled over 12 hours yesterday, and at all times (give or take a
total of an hour) I was holding a kid. I held Ryder most of the
day, Rory the entire flight, and then Ryder some more. I also held
Ryder all night last night and more today because she just isn’t
feeling great.


I go to pick
out pajamas for the girls and realize I have no “good” clean
pajamas. All that are left in the drawers from the trip are the
ratty ones you only use on laundry day. Hand-me-downs from people
who got them from someone else… most of which just need to be
retired. Most of all, I’m mad/sad/frustrated because I didn’t think
ahead enough with the blur of this month and the trip to
buy matching Christmas pajamas for
the girls to wear like all the pictures I am seeing on Facebook and
Instagram of my friends’ kids.

Because, that is the most important thing about
Christmas… matching pajamas.

Seriously. I need to get a life.

And then, through my weariness, I
manage to get the girls into Rory’s bed after leaving Santa’s
cookies by the tree, and I start to read the Christmas story to

I start to
think of how weary Mary must have been traveling all that way to
Bethlehem, while in labor no less. I think of how weary she must have been if she had just the slightest clue of the magnitude of what she was about to do for the world. Giving birth
to the Son of God- the one who would be our Savior.

After reading the story, I told the
girls it was time to say our prayer. Rory was too sleepy to do
anything but close her eyes sweetly, but Ryder clasped those hands
together tightly, and started saying, “Dee God” (dear God)… and
my heart just went from weary, to joyful.

I finished praying while trying to
choke back sobs of happiness.

Here I was, laying with my entire family- Andy
included! Oh, and Jersey too!- in Rory’s little full bed…
God gifted me with this family. He
entrusted ME to raise these precious girls of mine. He entrusted ME
with a strong-willed, smart, beautiful, sweet little girl named
Rory. He entrusted ME (!!!) with a sweet, funny, smart, MIRACLE
child named Ryder. He entrusted ME to care for that sweet sick
little baby last year. He entrusts ME to discipline and stay on top
of that strong-willed child to train her to use that trait as the
best trait she could ever have. He entrusted ME to take care of my
husband. And that’s just the cherry on top of the already amazing
Gift He gave- His SON!

There are so many parents who are wishing to spend
tonight with their precious children, but can’t because they have
passed away or are in the hospital sick. There are women who have
lost their husbands this year or whose husbands are at war, who
would do anything to lay together reading a story with their entire
family. I could go on and on…

So, tonight, I will be joyful no matter if the girls
are in ratty pajamas, no matter that the house is a wreck, no
matter that I’m so sore and weary from holding babies.

No, this is not the Christmas
I intended, but it is exactly the Christmas God intended for me. He
intended every second of it, so that I could realize how blessed I
am and realize how much He loves me… ME! He has entrusted me
with the gift of my beautiful family and He has entrusted me with
the gift of Jesus. To spread His love and His intentions for each
of our lives… that means each of you. Even on our weariest of
days, He has intended each second of them to be a gift to us. I
hope I can remember all day tomorrow, no matter if the kids don’t
sleep even a second or if they fuss the entire car ride or whatever
else life may throw my way, that God INTENDED to send His Son to
save me and to save you.

Hope everyone has a very, very Merry


Ryder’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Monday I decided to have Ryder’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. It was insanely last minute and I worked my butt off all week to get ready.

Here’s a picture of the invite:

I absolutely love this picture of Ryder- the epitome of joy!

It was supposed to be a splash party and I had set out a water fight table (balloons, guns, etc), a bubble table, a slip n slide, a pool and the water table for everyone to play in.

And then about 30 minutes before the party started it decided to POUR. I was so disappointed! So the party was inside and pretty chaotic but we still had fun. I am mad at myself for not taking more pictures, but I just wanted to enjoy the day with my friends and not stress about the perfect picture.

On our mantle I hung all of Ryder’s monthly pictures. It was SO cute. I’m so glad I took pictures each month of both girls. I will always treasure those!

Ryder was SO funny eating her cake. She just stared at it a minute, put her finger in it, stared at her finger, licked it, and started the process over again. It took her FOREVER to eat any of it and she wasn’t a fan of it being all over her!

This is her “whoa” / excited face.

Rory had a blast too! She loved every second of our house being full with friends and chaos!

I asked on the invite for people to bring travel size items for the families in the CICU at Medical City where Ryder had her surgery instead of presents. Of course, some people didn’t abide by that and got her some stuff anyways! She loves all her toys and books!

But I was overwhelmed by how much we got for the heart families. I can’t wait to get all the bags together and deliver them! I’m going to write out scripture that helped me during our time in the hospital with Ryder and write a note telling them that people care about them and are praying for them. God has blessed me with such great friends who were more than willing to go above what I imagined to help these families out!

This is only part of the donations!

I had such a great time celebrating Ryder’s birthday with our friends here. And we have so much to celebrate!

This week is VBS at church and I’m teaching the 3 and 4  year olds… I am BEAT. Seriously, I’m so tired! Hopefully I can make it until Thursday! 🙂

hello, again!

Why, hello!

Its been a while since I’ve updated the ol’ blog, but we have been out of town and crazy busy!

 Rory’s school year ended! She had a great year and learned so much. They had an end of the year program and she sang her little heart out. It was SO CUTE.

Here’s the video I got on my phone- sorry its not the best quality, but I don’t have time to upload the better version right now! (Rory is in the very center!)

 We went to TN for Memorial Weekend!

We spent the first part of the weekend with my family. It was so great to be together. I haven’t seen them in so long!

We went to Papa’s church

and did a lot of swinging…

and rode the “tractor” A WHOLE LOT (like, starting at 6:00 am!).

Then we made our way to the river (TN river) to see Andy’s family!

Rory LOVED every second on the boat. She loved the beach and riding the tube for the first time too!

She conquered the castle!

As for Ryder… well she’s been her usual happy, crazy self. She loved every minute of being in TN too!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend as well!

Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Each Mother’s Day has been so special for me.

From my first Mother’s Day…

To my second one with Rory and anticipating Ryder’s birth…

To my first Mother’s Day with Ryder…

All have been special and each year has brought so many changes and blessings.

I’m so thankful God has blessed me with these two girls and chose for me to raise them up. My prayer is that I can be a wonderful encourager to them, but to never forget my role as a mom. To never forget that its up to ME for them to learn things like manners, how to treat others, and most importantly that Jesus loves them even more than I do. Which is an amazing amount, because I can’t even put into words how much I love Rory and Ryder.

My mother was such an amazing example to me as to what a wife and mother should look like. I hope I can be as wonderful of a mother as she was to me. Hope you had a wonderful day today. Thank you for always being there for me and putting up with me during my not-so-fun years. Thank you for showing Jesus to me through your love for Dad and for your girls. I appreciate your wonderful advice, your laughter and humor, your faith, and your sweet smile. I love you, Mom. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Easter 2012

We had a crazy busy but fun Easter weekend!

Rory’s first official Easter Egg Hunt was on Friday. She had a blast! She was so fast finding eggs and I caught her stiff arming some people to get to them before anyone else could! Ha!

I absolutely love this picture- I managed to capture her “oh my goodness there is CANDY in the eggs!” face. Ryder is making her “get me the heck out of this stroller” face.

Ryder had fun, too, just being her usual happy, cute self.

The only pictures I managed to get of our family over Easter weekend…

Ryder is captured perfectly in both- making crazy faces. The kid is a comedian already, y’all.

Saturday we did stuff around the house and ran errands. I had a Thirty-One party Saturday night and it was so much fun!

Sunday we woke to see what the Easter Bunny brought the kids! Ryder got woken up before 7am and wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing at first.

Then Rory completely melted down pretty much the entire morning so I didn’t get any good pictures. Oh well!

At the last minute before we headed to church I decided to throw the girls in the rocker and see if I could get a picture. It rained all day so I knew I wouldn’t be getting any outside pictures so that was my last ditch attempt.

My Easter girls, they are so precious and fun!

Let me tell you something. There is NOTHING like being the mother of all girls. They are sweet and sassy, bright and dramatic, energetic and loveable. I always pictured myself as a “all boy” mom because I was a tom boy of sorts growing up. But as you can tell by Rory’s legs, they are just as rough and tumble as little boys but have cuter clothes! 😉 Now I can’t picture myself having anything other than girls. I love all the clothes and bows and shoes and purses. I love how they can still get dirty and have fun but also love to dress up. I love that they aren’t wimpy but still need me to snuggle them and kiss their bruises. And I LOVE the look in their eye when Daddy tells them they are beautiful. Nothing lights Rory up more than that and I remember feeling the same when my dad would tell me that.

The rest of Easter was spent with friends who are more like family and resting. We had a WONDERFUL day!

I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Christmas is wonderful but it wouldn’t mean anything at all without Easter. How miraculous Jesus’ death and resurrection is! All day I was reminded over and over how miraculous our year has been. I looked at my girls with wonder at His power. I looked at Ryder’s scar poking out from her beautiful dress and get chills at how Jesus has worked in my life this year during such heartache and dark days.

And its all because He has RISEN and is a LIVING God that I can face every storm with hope and can praise Him through the darkest hours.

 “Because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, your faith and hope can be placed confidently in God.” 1 Peter 1:21

Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!