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life updates: diy haircuts, boyfriend dilemmas, and new jobs

It has been a while since I did an overall life update here on the ol’ blog. It seems like any time I do it is to announce we are moving, ha! No worries, we are not moving!

I have already let you know that Rory has done a turnaround at school and is doing so well. We are still struggling some with the idea of “best friends” and that is a hard thing to teach and learn. She wants everyone to be her “best” friend and I’m trying to explain that she just needs to be friends with everyone. I can tell already how mean girls can be and there is one little girl in particular who is making her feel very insecure. I HATE this, but hope that she will learn that we should love everyone but choose our friends wisely. Even if that means she has to learn the hard way.

She also decided to cut her hair while at school. Have I told y’all this? The day of her class pictures I straightened her hair- well apparently it was falling in her face while she was trying to do her work so she just cut it off. All the way to the scalp. Here is a picture I took over the weekend. You can see the chunk at the very front.


This is proof that once a stinker, always a stinker. And Rory sure is a stinker!

Ryder is blossoming at school this year. She is such a mess and so dramatic. I have no idea where she gets it from.

Today I volunteered at her school and finally met her “boyfriend” Ethan. You know- the one she came home declaring was her boyfriend and when I told her she couldn’t have a boyfriend because she was too young she packed her bags and declared she was going to live with grandparents. I am so looking forward to teenage years.

Well, we got into the car and I was asking her about school and she said very dramatically, “Momma, I have a problem!!!!!!”

Me: What is it?!

Ryder: Well see I have a school boyfriend, Ethan, and a church boyfriend, Tucker. And I just love them both SO MUCH and want them both to be my boyfriends but YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?! I just saw them BOTH at my school and that means they are gonna know I’m both of thems girlfriend! THEY ARE GONNA BE SO MAD AT ME, MOMMA!


Ryder Harris, age 4. Already playing the boys and doubling up on the boyfriends.

She is my sister’s child. (If you know Telena you will chuckle because you know how true this is.)


Again, teenage years are going to be so much fun.


I’m amazed at how different this season of life is having an elementary kid and a kid in full time (half day) PreK. Andy drives right by both schools and drop off time is just the time he goes to work so he has been taking the girls to school. I get up and get everyone ready and fed and then I get to stay home for 5 hours each morning. Let me tell you, our house has never been so clean. It is so strange to have all that time each day to myself. I can’t imagine next year when they are both in school full time.

Andy is absolutely loving his job. It is hard and he has more responsibility than ever, but he truly loves it. You have no idea what a relief this is to me. When we lived in Savannah it was really hard mostly because Andy’s work life was so hard. He never felt like he belonged and never felt respected there. He always had to watch his back and they pinned employees against each other in that company.

The company he works for now is so different from that mentality and he feels very much so supported and respected. He is so much more fun at home because he isn’t as stressed. His workload is more, but it is peaceful and enjoyable. I’m one happy wife.

Deer season just started too and that has made him a happy camper as well. Rory will be going with him this year quite a bit and they are both so excited about that. Ryder has gone to the lease some to “help” too, but she has already declared herself “over it”.

11921701_10101877259004966_8643139040387716253_n 12011396_10101896412650906_6626735320844521991_n

Speaking of over it…..

We are in full swing of Upward Soccer. Ryder told us at the last game that her favorite part was sitting out. I mean, this is exactly how she looks every time she gets to sit out and take a break. Bless it.


Y’all, life is really good right now. My girls are thriving and loving school. My husband is so happy at his job. I’ve found a new job that fits into my schedule and lifestyle. Things are just really good.

Now if only Ryder could decide between boyfriends everything would be perfect. 😉

Happy Wednesday!

Easter 2015

For the first time in probably our entire marriage, Andy got off for Good Friday. He so rarely has a long weekend and we were just so excited about it.

Friday we decided to head to IKEA in Atlanta to look for/measure/price furniture for the new house. I mean, who really needs an excuse to go to IKEA though? I would have gone whether we needed a few things for the house or not. Traffic was pretty insane and it took us about double the time to get there but whatever. I had a goal in sight.

The girls thought all the faux rooms were the best thing ever in the history of ever. They touched every single thing and jumped on every chair, bed, and couch.

Then we realized that they had a children’s area where they could go for 45 minutes and play while we shopped. HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF THIS?!

We are lucky because there are two of them and they have no qualms about us leaving them so they were so excited when we showed them the play room. And then Andy and I walked around and actually shopped for 45 minutes AND IT WAS ABSOLUTE BLISS. Like I can’t even tell you how fun that was for us. The girls cried when we picked them up and we thought we had won the lottery discovering this mini-daycare in the IKEA. I mean. As if I couldn’t love the store more, now they go and throw this at me and I’m all LET US GO TO IKEA EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

On our way back from Atlanta we stopped at an outlet mall because, NEWSFLASH: Rory has grown approximately 2 feet in the last 6 months. No joke, girlfriend woke up bigger one day I swear it. Seeing as Rory is extremely hot natured, we figured she needed some shorts in her life since it seems that spring is finally here to stay. *knock on wood*

If there is ever a time in my life where I realize men don’t grasp real life it is when clothes shopping for the children.

After getting two pairs of shorts and two short-sleeved shirts, Andy deemed Rory’s spring wardrobe complete…..

This is not a joke.

He literally said, “Well she should be good for a while now.”

And I’m over there looking at him with the ultimate Chloe face like, “whaaaaaaaaa?! how do you even figure? did Dave Ramsey put you up to this?!”

So, if you see Rory in the same two outfits on repeat this spring, you now know why.


Saturday we went to an Egg Hunt with the SS class we have been going to at church. We had a blast!

IMG_4939 11129258_10101640123576266_1220770204113256907_n

After dinner Saturday night we made Rice Krispie Eggs and Crosses which the girls thought was the best thing ever. I love this stage they are in where we get to do so much more and they can help with all the fun.


After the girls were in bed, the Easter bunny hopped on by and left the girls a few goodies. We got the chairs at IKEA for their new rooms so we just went ahead and threw those in there too.

IMG_4945FullSizeRender 3The girls love their chairs and little animals they got.

I also decided that from now on one of their Easter gifts is going to be their new Easter dresses. Both girls were so excited when they saw them. Ryder probably more than Rory which was a shocking turn of events. The entire morning she walked around curtseying and pretending like she was Princess Sophia.

After church Sunday morning (which was packed and so good!) we took them to get some pictures. My real camera died about 3 minutes into the whole thing and the girls pretty much have decided they don’t want their picture taken ever. So it was fun! I’m glad I waited until being refreshed at church to attempt this. ha!

IMG_0351IMG_0359IMG_0363IMG_0364IMG_036811136742_10101642860172106_6517580226289659467_neasterMy favorite pictures are the ones where the girls aren’t even trying to smile though. They got so tickled over something together and couldn’t stop giggling. Their friendship and love for each other is the greatest thing I’ve ever been able to witness in my life. I pray it never changes.

IMG_0371 IMG_0372There is just absolutely nothing like a sister.

My friend Amber invited us to have Easter with her family so we drove to Chattanooga to have a feast. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’m so thankful for Amber’s friendship and for her family who has invited us so many times to come to their get togethers. IMG_5049The kids hunted eggs and played in the mud. Or maybe actually only Rory played in the mud…

Then we played kickball and I don’t want to brag or anything, but our team won. Andy’s didn’t. Just putting that out there.

Rory was ALL ABOUT kickball. She ran all over trying to get the ball.

You should also know that she now refers to herself as “Rory the Rocket” because she runs so fast.

She’s so humble.

But in the most shocking, miraculous news of all- Ryder played kickball.



In case you are as shocked as we were, let me say it one more time…..




If people don’t believe in miracles after that statement, I don’t think they will ever be convinced.

And guess what mom failed to document Ryder’s venture into an unknown world called sports related fun….. SIGH. I’m so mad at myself. It is the price you pay when you’re trying to win.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I’m so thankful to have the Hope of Jesus every single day. I cannot imagine my life without that comfort and peace.



photo dump, catch up, and a challenge.

Well, folks, we have had yet another fun week around here and I’ve been so busy or so tired I haven’t gotten around to blogging.

Last week my friend, Julie, and I taught Pre-K in VBS. The first day started off rather… rough… and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. BUT the rest of the week was an exhausting amount of fun! Rory and Ryder got to go too since I was working and, OH MY WORD, Rory had the time of her stinkin’ life. She got to go in “big church” during the opening and ending rally each day. Girlfriend danced and sang her little heart out the whole time!

Little Aviator

Rory and her BFF, Jude. I am framing this picture ASAP.

Over the weekend we stayed outside and in the water the entire time. Friday and Saturday we did a garage sale and, oh sweet mercy, it was HOT. Rory enjoyed socializing though, of course!

On Sunday we decided to go to Hawaiian Falls water park in the Dallas area and we had an absolute blast! Rory loved every second! Ryder took a good nap in the shade and then enjoyed people watching and splashing in the little toddler area.

So that pretty much sums up our past week.

Today I decided to finally go to the doctor for some (major) pain I’ve been dealing with since we went to Vegas, oh, a MONTH ago.

And ended up with this.

Apparently I tore a tendon and it pulled/broke a piece of bone off with it. And I’ve been walking on it for a month. Andy shall never question my pain tolerance ever again.

Two labors and this… I think I won that battle.

In other big news from today- we are officially moving next week. Like as in a week and a half away from today. As in somebody get me some happy pills because I’M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY FRIENDS.

I shall have many friend dates from now until we move. Andy has been so nice to let me soak up time with them without complaint since he’s been off work.

Our rental in TN isn’t available until August 1st so we will be living with my parents until then. When we told Rory this today her eyes lit up with excitement and she said, “forever the whole world?!”, as in “we are going to live there forever in the whole world?!”. It was so cute and made me so happy that she will finally be able to get to know both sets of grandparents so well.

Okay, I’m going to wrap this up with a random ecard thingermajig because THESE THINGS MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE. Expect them to be appearing more here in the future.

This one is exactly how I feel about this blog and it made me realize how much I’ve missed actually writing on here since things have gotten crazy with the move.

So to get me back into the writing habit I’m joining in on a blog challenge. One that I can actual do since it’s only five days.

I’m quite the over achiever, no?

So if you are coming over from Jenna’s blog– Hi! Hello! How are ya?! You can read more about me on the “Meet the Harris’” page above.

Happy Monday!

the winner.

Obviously this is late because, hello, its how I do everything…

but we have a winner of the 585 Boutique giveaway! I used and it generated comment #4.

Kayla C!

Kayla, you will get an email from Sarah soon!

Today we had a birthday party for Ryder and had so much fun. I will do the post on that Monday. Its been an awesome day and we are pooped!

Tonight was date night at our church and we ALWAYS take advantage of it. I’m going to miss our church so much!

This past Monday we did one last photo shoot with our amazing photographer/friend here in town, Jennifer. She never ceases to amaze me. I just had to try and fit in a family picture before we left Paris. We decided to do it at the infamous Eiffel Tower here with the giant cowboy hat.

When she posted the picture I completely lost it. I feel the weight of the move with this picture and the weight of so much we are losing very soon. To some people, we will be forever frozen just like that- two small little girls and us in our late 20s. For some reason it just totally gripped me and I sobbed for a good hour.

Yes, I absolutely realize we are gaining so much with this move closer to our family, but we are also leaving family behind. And right now while we are still here waiting for move day, I’m just plain sad. It will get easier and better especially once we are there, but right now is hard. So I’m spending as much time with friends and now with Andy since he’s “unemployed” for a few weeks and enjoying every second we have left here.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

heart walk, fish fry, and paybacks

Its been a crazy weekend!

Where do I even begin??

All last week we were busy with playdates, doctor appointments, and mother’s day out days.

Then on Thursday night my friends asked if I wanted to do the heart walk in town on Saturday. I had no idea it was that day, but was excited to get to do it!

Then my friends decided to make shirts for us…

and y’all. I may or may not have ugly cried when they decided on the design…

Here we are ready for the walk- Misty and Peyton, Kayla and Emma, and me with Ryder and Rory- I am so thankful for these friends. They’ve been amazing to me this year!

Rory was super excited too!

Both girls had a nasty cold so I’m going to get cute pictures of them in their shirts once their noses aren’t nasty 24/7.

After the heart walk we went to our Sunday School department’s fish fry! It was such a fun time. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to be apart of this group of people. They, too, have been such amazing friends to me this year and since we’ve been going there. We had a wonderful time getting to socialize and laugh together.

Speaking of laughing…

Let me tell you about my pastor. Here he is with his sweet, lovely wife Deanne-

Now, remember, I said SHE was sweet.

A few weeks ago, this pastor of mine came up to me after church and half-whispers, “Hey, is that your breath or did you just fart?”

Then he starts giggling and I’m trying not to puke from being ABSOLUTELY mortified. He says there’s some YouTube video out there about this (google it if you’re curious) and thats where he got it from.

He thought he was so hilarious.

But apparently he didn’t know me as well as he thought he did.

Because everyone knows I’m going to get you back if you prank me.

So I got him back.

And I have laughed until it hurt about it.

You can ask Cassidy and Lori about it- they witnessed my giggling fits.

I walked around ALL DAY LONG with a giant goober grin on my face that day.

So there’s two things to learn from this:

1) Don’t mess with me unless you can take a payback.

2) I’m now in constant fear when I’m at church because our church is televised and I know that heifer pastor of mine is going to be cruel and call me out during one of the televised services.

But that’s ok. I’m one of those people who can dish it AND take it.

Happy Monday!

Southern Sundays

We got to go to church as a family for the first time in over a month today. It was wonderful!

Andy’s parents were here over the weekend (will blog that tomorrow) and so we went outside to take pictures.

As I was looking at these pictures, I had to laugh and say “what a typical southern Sunday!”. How many times in my life did my family growing up go outside in front of the house and take pictures? How many times will Rory and Ryder do the same with us?

I’m so thankful that I was raised going to church and raised LOVING church. I had some years after moving away that I didn’t love church so much. But now I’ve fallen in love again because we absolutely love our church and church family. We have been to some WONDERFUL churches (First Baptist Starkville and Calvary in Alexandria) but First Baptist Paris is by far the most we have ever felt apart of the church. It is home. It is family.

I’m also thankful that I was raised by parents who were in love with Jesus and showed it through their marriage and parenting. We have a wonderful relationship now and its because of that love for Jesus. I hope that Rory and Ryder see that in us as well.

Hope you are having a wonderful “Southern Sunday” too!

He Knew

Over the course of the past few months, I realized that God has been preparing me and our family for things for a while. He knew.

God knew we should wait a while before having kids in our marriage so that we would be closer and know each other well before trying to throw in parenthood. He knew we should explore and travel, fight and make up, learn how to be a husband and a wife. He knew.

God knew when we got pregnant with Rory and thought we were going to lose her that He was preparing us for a more difficult time. We prayed that we wouldn’t have a miscarriage and He came through despite what the doctors were telling us. He knew.

God knew when I had a scary labor that He was preparing us for more scary times in the hospital. He saved me and Rory and we give Him the glory for that. He knew.

God knew through all the 13 ear infections in 4 months that Rory would need tubes. He knew she would make it through that. He was preparing us for a bigger procedure to be done with our other child. He knew.

God knew when we were so scared that Ryder’s organs weren’t developing properly at 20 weeks pregnant. He was preparing us for more extreme fear to come. He helped us to realize to give our children over to Him and trust He will take care of them. He knew he was just starting on the impact Ryder would make. He knew.

God knew when we first heard the murmur on tiny little Ryder. He knew what was to come with all of it. He prepared us and kept us close the entire time. He knew

God knew when to show me it was time to go ahead with the surgery. He prepared us to be able to make the best but hardest decision of our lives so that our little baby would not only live but thrive. He knew.

God knew that we needed an extreme peace to wash over us as we prepared for surgery. He knew we needed a HUGE community to overwhelm us with prayers. He knew.

God knew we needed to feel him wrapping his arms of comfort around us as we handed Ryder off to go into open heart surgery. He knew He needed to send people who loved us to wait with us and distract us. He knew Dr. Turner (our pastor) needed to come to provide comic relief and help the hours fly by. He knew.

God knew Ryder would go through major surgery and be healed. He knew.

God knew Ryder’s story would impact so many people. He has used her story to encourage others all over the US. He knew.

God knew that He would not only heal Ryder but miraculously heal her. She no longer struggles to eat. She no longer gets blue. She know longer has a hard time breathing. She is no longer “failure to thrive”. He knew.

God knew that at the appointment today He would blow me and the doctors away. He knew that he would make her murmur that they thought would be there the rest of her life even after surgery would be undetectable. He knew she would gain TWO pounds and make us cry with joy. He knew.

God knows the future for Ryder. God knows the future for Rory. God knows the future for Andy and I. He knows the future for you.

I am so thankful for those of you that have prayed and continue to pray for us. It isn’t all over, but we are close. God is so good. I hope that through all of this I have honored Him… its the least I can do.

I’m linking up with WLW Wednesdays (just a day late!).

back to the usual

Well today is my first day alone with both girls. I was nervous at first, but we have had a wonderful day.

I can’t tell you how invaluable my parents’ help was while we were at the hospital and coming home. Rory had such a wonderful time with them and is still asking for them constantly. I was so worried about how she was handling being away from me and then I realized that she was having the time of her life getting spoiled by all the grandparents!

She became such a Papa’s girl while he was here. She would wake up every morning saying “Papa! Coffee!” and still is waking up saying that. On Saturday night after they left she woke up at 2 wanting her Papa and it was so sad to see her realize he wasn’t there. It was a long night for all of us!

Her favorite thing about the grandparents being here was playing outside. She had such a blast in the cooler weather. When my dad came back on Thursday they played and played outside.

And she LOVES swinging on her belly now that she learned how!

And she’s a speed demon down the slide!

As far as today goes- its been going really well!

I mean, of course, Rory is her usual stinker self…

Man, my life was so dull before Rory. HA!

And as for stinker #2, Ryder…

Don’t let that little smile fool ya! She has become awfully demanding with her new heart and all. When she wants to eat she means NOW. There is no warning or prep time. Its getting more and more clear that I will have two stinkers on my hands. Please pray for me.

And on a serious note- Please, please pray for my friends Emily and William. Their father, Rhea Dabney (who by the way is the sweetest man on earth), has terminal cancer and isn’t expected to live much longer. My heart is breaking for this family.

Also, sweet little Ruby Harris has been scheduled for a surgery much like Ryder’s to fix her heart. Hannah, her mom, and I “met” over the internet and I’ve been following their struggle of eatings, infections, etc. Please pray that Ruby gets to have her surgery soon and that the whole family gets well soon!

Thanks, friends!


football season is here!

Oh, how I long to be in the Junction in Starkville right now!

The food, the friends, the fun…


Even if we aren’t in Starkville today we’ll be watching them play Memphis tonight here at home.

We’re going to raise Rory right – SEC all the way! Hopefully she won’t be brainwashed into a Texas fan, ha! When WE say “UT” we of course mean THE Vols- but they think the Longhorns and it just isn’t right! And their maroon and white means Texas A&M, not MS State… the horror! 🙂

Today we are sporting our Mississippi State gear- all of us wearing our polo’s!

Here is proof that she does, in fact, love her Momma too.

Can’t forget to show y’all the booty (and to show you how hilarious Andy’s face is in this picture!).

Wouldn’t be complete without a matching pacifier, right?!

She’s learning to clap and we caught her mid-clap! We were saying, “Go State, GO STATE!”.

Happy Game Day!

new things

We’ve got some stuff to talk about, y’all!

  • First I’d like to introduce you to a new page, segment, category, etc- The Man Life. Hop on over there by clicking the link or if you look directly right you’ll see “pages” and it’s listed there as well. Andy is going to be writing about manly things that I know nothing about. (For example: did you know deer lose their antlers every year and then grow them back?! I didn’t until my friend Jodi– who runs a hunting lodge- explained this to me/made fun of me… like yesterday.) Andy’s going to be talking about all things technology, fishing, hunting, and occasionally some daddy/daughter stuff. Go say hello to him over there- he needs some love on his new page!
  • Secondly, did anyone notice my new box over to the right for facebook? I’ve created a page on facebook so that people can be updated if they wish on there and if they don’t wish, they don’t have to see any of this nonsense! Eventually, hopefully soon, I’m going to be getting rid of my personal account and only doing that page. So you can either click the link I provided or you can go over to the right and click the “like” thing in the box. That way you’ll be updated with all things of The Harris Life!
  • I’m going to be doing a giveaway VERY soon! Be thinking of some suggestions for categories, topics, etc that I could do on the blog. I’m going to ask each person that enters the giveaway to suggest something new or tell me something you want more of on here.

I think thats all for now. Sorry its all business on this post! Did you enjoy yesterday’s six month post by the clever Rory? I still can’t believe she’s six months already!

Tomorrow I am attending a conference for some certification to teach starting in September. Its in Dallas and I’m going to be away from Rory for the first time for more than an hour or so (well my surgery doesn’t count because I was drugged and don’t remember…). I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Thank goodness I have such an amazing husband that I can trust completely with my little munchkin! I’m positive they will have a wonderful day together! We’re meeting up in Dallas in the afternoon with our Sunday School class for a little fun and I can’t wait!