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the new {shared} big girl room

As soon as the girls left for school this morning I started working on their new room to get it finished up today! It has been two and a half weeks since the shared room process started and I was more than ready to finally get it together!

This is what it looked like when they left (and what it looked like two nights ago when we put the beds together!)- the rest of the room was a disaster of CRAP EVERYWHERE: 

Can you tell they were excited about their new beds?!

And here is their finished shared big girl bedroom!









I got their reaction on video too! After I turned it off Rory hugged me and told me she just loved it so much! There is absolutely NOTHING better than making my home pretty for my girls. I can’t wait for all the fun they will have in their new room!

Bedding: Target

Monkey’s Sign: Hobby Lobby

Unicorn Head: Target

Beds: Walmart


Fixer Friday : Bathroom Cabinets Edition

When we lived in Savannah I started on a bathroom re-do project but never got completely done. I was so terrified to paint the bathroom cabinets that I left them be the light wood color I hated and resented overtime I looked at them.

Our home now has those same cabinets and I’ve stared at them with disdain since we moved in May. After redoing the china cabinet last week, I decided WHAT THE HECK, LETS DO THIS THANG.IMG_4528

So, quite literally, I woke up and decided to do it on Tuesday.

My first step was to go on Pinterest and look at some bathrooms that were the size of mine and that I thought, you know, I wouldn’t mind looking at that every day. After seeing MANY white cabinets or black or dark stains, I typed in “blue bathroom cabinets” in the search bar. That is when I saw this picture and immediately knew I needed to do a blueish greenish color on my bathroom cabinets.


After I made that decision I went into the bathroom to look at the tile to make sure it would match and low and behold- IT WAS MEANT TO BE. Not too matchy but in the same family of color. Yes.IMG_4538

I got my trusty sander and went to town on the cabinets. They had a protective coat so I made sure to knock all that off. Then I took the drawers out and the doors off. All the hardware was placed in a baggy PER DOOR. I only had two doors so it wasn’t a big deal, but I can see how confusing and jumbled things could be if you took them off and put them in a pile. You want to be sure you separate them out per door.

I headed to Lowe’s to grab some paint. It took me a while to find the color I wanted. Everything seemed a little too blue or a little too green. Finally I settled on Valspar 5002-4B La Fonda Villa Fountain in a Satin finish. One reason I chose this color was because it is a National Trust for Historic Preservation color and in my experience they have always turned out great. I feel if it has that title you really can’t go wrong. Here is an online swatch of it but it clearly isn’t the same as in person or on a surface.2a45c69ba43b1d953f9ece4433089345

I went and grabbed Ryder from school and headed home to paint!

Here are the cabinets before I started:

IMG_4527 IMG_4528 IMG_4526After sanding:

IMG_4539 IMG_4531

The first coat when on pretty patchy and thin so I was very nervous thinking, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” (I have tried rotating this picture a million times but IT IS NOT ROTATING. Sigh.)IMG_4543Luckily, it didn’t stay that way! I painted three solid coats on every surface of the cabinets and that seemed like the perfect amount for them. I painted the doors on the ground and then carefully inserted the drawers and painted the fronts of them. (AGAIN, WON’T ROTATE, KILL ME NOW.)


Right at the end of this project I may or may not have had a moment of clumsiness and well…. this is what happens.

IMG_4551Because it is a bathroom and the surfaces will get wet, I HAD to put on a couple of coats of polyurethane. I did two coats on the sink cabinets and three on the tub cabinets. *I first let the cabinets dry for 24 hours before applying polyurethane.

I truly cannot believe what a difference just the cabinets make. I plan to paint the walls a light grey and have some storage solutions and pretty things to go up on the wall. Hopefully I will get that done this weekend and be able to show you the finished master next week!

This project cost me $35 dollars: I bought the paint ($18-20), a brush and tarp to lay down because I was out. I should have skipped buying the brush because I bought a “cabinet roller” from Lowe’s thinking that would save time. Turns out, in my opinion, paint does not go on well with those. So I scrapped that idea quickly and got my trusty ol’ brush out. So the project could have cost me only $25.

As far as time frame goes…. y’all, I decided to do this at 8:00am, researched on pinterest until probably 1o:00am, sanded and cleaned every surface and taped off edges, went to lowe’s, picked Ryder up at 12:30, came home and painted the first coat (always takes the longest), picked Rory up from school at 2:30, finished and had the cabinets back together by the time Andy got home from work at 5:30. So half a day for a major bathroom change! Side note: I didn’t inform Andy I was doing this project so he came home to a surprise! ha!

I mean…. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS AND HALF A DAY FOR NEW CABINETS. You cannot beat that! I am so glad I stepped out of that fear/comfort zone and went for it. I think it makes the bathroom a million times better already! Can’t wait to show you the finished room!

Apparently I had painters tape over a spot and well, that will need some touch up paint!

bathcabinet3 bathcabinet4 bathcabinets1 IMG_0485 IMG_0487 IMG_0490


I hope you enjoyed this Fixer Friday! I would love to see your fixer so use the #fixerfriday hashtag and I will be searching for yours!

Selfishly I am loving this new series on the blog because it has gotten me so inspired to go ahead with the projects I’ve had in my mind for the house. It is amazing what a can of paint and branching out of the box can do!


(I also linked this post up with The Shabby Nest: Frugal Friday – I LOVE reading this blog and especially browsing the links on Friday!)


Fixer Fridays : China Cabinet Edition

I’m excited to start a new series on the blog today called “Fixer Fridays”.

Here’s the deal. I love to fix things up. Give me the nastiest piece of furniture and I will find a way for it to be revived. Show me a house that looks like a dump and I don’t see the bad, I see the good.

When Andy and I were looking for houses I really, REALLY, really wanted a fixer upper. We looked at a couple of “fixers” and I loved all of them. Unfortunately, I am also very practical and knew that with Andy’s work schedule and our budget currently it just wasn’t in the cards for me to get that fixer. So now my plan is to keep at it and eventually buy a cute little fixer that I can transform and then rent out. Compromise.

There are so many reasons why I love our new house, one of them being that there are some definite fixer things in the house. Our kitchen isn’t my favorite. Definitely functional and great bones, but the aesthetics and layout aren’t my favorite. There are a few other things with cosmetic changes coming their way.

Today I am going to show you the first furniture fixer I have done since moving to Cleveland. One issue with the kitchen is the lack of storage. I needed a place to hide small appliances and also something pretty in the room. When I lived in Savannah a precious lady sold me this china cabinet for $35. And it is the best $35 I’ve ever spent probably.


The first step in redoing furniture is cleaning it. I always get a swiffer duster and dust the piece of furniture. Then I go in with a broom and clean the bottom of it to be sure there are no bugs. (I once bought a piece infested with spiders and I can’t even tell you what kind of nightmare that was.)


The next step is sanding. I hate to sand, but you just gotta do it. I get my electric sander and buff all the “shine” off the piece of furniture. 99% of the time I don’t need to do more than a very light sanding to rough up the piece so the paint with grab onto it better. Once you are done sanding, take that duster you used earlier and get all the extra dirt the sander kicks up off of the furniture.


Now it is time to paint! Tape off anything you don’t want paint on and get to it! I personally always use a brush to paint, but some use small rollers. The style I usually paint my pieces is an antique look where it isn’t perfect and looks aged so the brush works better with this technique. On this piece I did three coats, but most of the time two is enough. The paint I used was paint and primer together – Behr from Home Depot. I don’t know the color, but it is just white. I’ve used this quart of paint on 5 projects now. FIVE! IMG_4125 IMG_4188

After the paint dries it is time to rough that bad boy up! My favorite part of the process is this part. Sometimes I will look at a piece of furniture freshly painted and think, “oh man…. is this gonna work?!” because I HATE the way it looks sometimes before I rough it up.

To rough up the edges and give it the antique look I take a piece of sand paper and rub it on all the edges that would naturally wear down- like the corners and edges of the furniture. Some furniture and looks you want to achieve require the use of stain. I just rub the stain onto the furniture along the edges and then rub off with a clean rag until the desired amount is on the piece. The piece I’m showing you today I didn’t feel the need to use stain. Next time I do I will document that part and show you!

IMG_4189 IMG_4190

Once you’ve sanded it the edges and make it your desired amount of “dirty”, you are done! Again, some pieces you may want to put some stain on the edges. If it is a piece of furniture you will be eating on you’ll need to polyurethane. I did my dining room table and added stain and polyurethane and that post can be found here.

So here is the piece before:

FullSizeRenderAnd after:

IMG_4291It took me about 3 days from start to finish but I didn’t work in long time frames. If I would have had 4 hours without interruption I could have done it all in that time.

I hope you enjoyed this Fixer Friday and that you are inspired to buy something ugly and make it beautiful!

IMG_4259 IMG_4262 FullSizeRender IMG_4268 IMG_4260I’m so glad to be able to have something to hide ugly small appliances and also display my beautiful china that Andy’s mom gave to me!

I made a tiny video of the living, dining, and kitchen today. It was pouring down rain so sorry about the lighting!


Happy Fixer Friday!




bless this house

Today we bought a house.


A beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a gorgeous deck and back yard for the girls to play in.

Rory has a chandelier in her new room and a wall of mirrors to dance in front of. What could suite her better?! Ryder’s room has the perfect nook to create worlds in with her vivid imagination.

Andy and Ryder went to get the power and water turned on while Rory and I went to the new house to unload a few things.

But most importantly I needed some time to bless our house.

I know a lot of denominations have priests or pastors to come bless the house and I think that is wonderful.

For me, I just knew that it needed to be just me. My heart. My words. Just time for me to bless the house.

I walked through each room of the house and touched every wall.

“Lord. Bless this house.”

My words were soft and genuine. The more I walked and said those words, the harder the tears fell and the louder my cry was.

“Please, oh Lord. Bless this house.”

I got to the front door and put both hands on it as tears started flowing hard down my face.

“Lord, bless this house and everyone who walks through this door.”

I started thanking God for every opportunity we have had to lead us to this house: married young, college, first job and move to Louisiana, pregnant with my first baby and the big move to Texas, all those sleepless nights and two babies, Ryder’s surgery, Rory’s ear tubes and night terrors, our decision to move to TN, moving into our dream house in Savannah, two very hard years and being broken over things I could not change, Andy’s surprise phone call for a new  job, moving to East TN, nine beautiful months in a tiny apartment, and finally home in a gorgeous neighborhood and a beautiful house.

“Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us here. Thank you for every single hard thing we have endured along the way. Thank you for every single victory. Thank you for Andy’s job and his work ethic. Thank you for letting me be the ‘manager’ of this home. Thank you for this gift. Lord, let me lead well here. Let me create a joyful atmosphere for my family. Let the laughter and love run rampant in this home.”

I walked upstairs and saw Rory dancing in her room. Such joy on her face. The tears fell harder.

I went into Ryder’s room and touched every wall.

“Lord, bless this house.”

Then I literally fell to my knees. Put my face on the ground. Sobbing. Tears of joy and thankfulness.

“Lord, thank you. Thank you for Ryder. Thank you for saving her. Thank you for every single hard and terrible thing she has endured and that we have had to go through to get her where she is now. Thank you, Jesus, for Ryder. My joyful, precious baby. Lord, if there is anything evil and not of you in this room GET IT OUT. Anything that is not of you is not allowed in this room. Lord, help Ryder to feel safe in this room. Let her sleep well in this room. Please dear Jesus, let this be the room she grows in her desire for you. Lord, let this be the room we pray together in. Let this be the room she that she asks for her Salvation in You in. Let this be the room that she grows in her relationship with You. Let this be the room she finds her confidence in through You. Oh Jesus, bless this room. Bless this room.”

Rory is no longer in her room so I take the opportunity to go into her room. The tears fall even harder. I have fought for Ryder’s health, but I’ve fought harder for Rory in every single way. Again, I fall to my knees and choke back sobs.

“Jesus, oh Jesus. Bless this room. Thank you for my gorgeous, smart, precious Rory. Lord, thank you for her life. Thank you for every hard thing we have endured with her in her life. Thank you for every single time you made me fight for her. Thank you for her tenacious and strong-willed spirit. Thank you for her charm and witty nature. Oh, Jesus, bless this room. If there is anything in this room that is not of You, make it leave NOW. If there is anything that could cause harm to Rory, get it out. Help Rory to feel safe in this room. Help her to finally sleep well in this room. Please, oh Lord, let her sleep. Oh, Jesus, let this be the room she gives her heart to you in. Let this be the room we pray together in and that she asks you for Salvation. Lord, let this be the room that she flourishes in. Let this be the room she discovers and explores who she is in You. Let this be the room where her mischievous spirit is warped into wanting knowledge in good things. Lord bless this room. Oh, God, bless this room.”

I walk downstairs to go into the master bedroom to pray and find the most beautiful sight on earth.

There she is, my tender-hearted Rory, on her knees in the middle of the room. She has tears on her face. And then I hear it.

“Jesus, bless this room. Thank you for this room for mom and dad. Help them to be happy in this room. Help them to sleep in this room. Help them to feel safe in this room. Thank you for the two closets and the bathroom just for them. Thank you for the tub mommy can relax in. Lord, bless daddy and mommy’s room.”

I’m not sure if I have ever cried such tears in my life. Tears of joy, thankfulness, and pure love.

Rory watched me bless the house and she blessed me the most by going to my room and blessing it for me.

Then she asked me if we could go bless the bedroom Papa, Mimi, Gigi and Grandpa would stay in.

“Lord, let this room have my Papa, Mimi, Grandpa and Gigi in it all the time. Let them come to my house and love coming here. Let them sleep good in this room. Let me have slumber parties with them. Let this be happy. Let us always have friends and family in it. Thank for for this room. Bless this room, Jesus. Amen.”

I could not have asked for a more perfect day blessing my house with my precious Rory.

“Oh, Jesus, bless our house.”


friday links & loves

I wish I had some fun things to tell you today, but quite frankly, this week has been a blur and a bit blah.

I don’t know if I mentioned it on the blog, but Jersey (the dog) somehow messed her back all up. Bulging discs, fractures, etc. She spent most of last week at the vet on meds and just resting. Since being home she’s been on two medicines. One being prednisone. Do you remember me talking about how Ryder was ‘roided out a few months ago? Well imagine a tiny little dog that way.

It has not been fun, okay?

On Tuesday night a perfect storm ensued inside of my home and it was one of those nights where TIFFANY BROKE DOWN. Jersey woke up SEVERAL times needing to pee or drink water thanks to the medicine (this is something she never does) and therefore the girls woke up because I was up with the dog.

Want to know what is worse than waking up with kids all the time? Waking up with a dog that wakes up the kids.

Guess who was totally unaffected by the chaos all night long………. #ilovemyhusband

On Wednesday morning I “woke up” (if you count 30 minutes of total sleep waking up) and Andy knew right away that mama was TIRED and ON THE EDGE. I didn’t even say a word. I just clearly looked rough. That is when the heavens opened and Andy said to the girls, “get your shoes on, I’m taking you to school today.” Then he told me to climb back in bed. AND THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE ABSOLUTE EPITOME OF ROMANCE. That is not a joke. I felt so completely loved right there in that moment of, “go climb back in bed”. So I did and I slept for 2 hours and felt so much better.

I would have slept longer but you all know that the lady upstairs would never allow for that.

My friend Emily sent me a link to a YouTube video this week and I have laughed nonstop over it. If you want to know what I’m dealing with (minus the diarrhea I have to hear constantly above me) you need to watch this video.

Which leads me to telling y’all that we have a little over 5 weeks left until we close on our house. HALLELUJAH.

I would like to apologize for anyone who follows me on Pinterest because clearly I’m pinning ideas for the new house LIKE A MAD WOMAN. I will follow through with approximately two and a half of these ideas, but it is the thought that counts.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for the new house and the ones I want to implement in some way:

1- Giant Floor Pillows : We have a big family room in the new house and I really want to make a few of these floor pillows for the girls. I think they would be perfect for the space and I plan on getting some fun fabric to bring lots of color into the room.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.01.04 AM2- My dad would never admit this, but he is very creative and makes beautiful furniture. He has committed to making my sisters and I a piece of furniture for our homes and I decided to have him make me a kitchen island. He’s making my sisters tables but I already have one and desperately need an island in the new kitchen (that I plan to completely rip out …. eventually). So I’ve been pinning island ideas for him. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.09.23 AM3- The Coffee Bar. I am absolutely sure that I will be implementing a coffee/tea bar into our new house. We have very limited counter space right now in the kitchen and the keurig takes up so much room. So I plan to have a small coffee bar. And I can’t stinking wait. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.13.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.17.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.18.13 AM

4- The girls’ rooms. I have pinned too many things to count to inspire me for the girls’ rooms. They will be separated again because Ryder loves to sleep and Rory doesn’t. ha! I think Rory’s room should be fun and have elements of adventure and physical things she can do (i.e.: rockwall) and Ryder’s should have things that will encourage and inspire her imagination to run wild. I cannot wait to makeover their rooms.

A girl version of this amazing room. Can you even imagine Rory’s delight in that rockfall and the reading area under the bed?!

528a7f62697ab02204006670._w.540_s.fit_And when I saw this picture I immediately thought that Ryder would LOVE THIS ROOM.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.27.13 AM5- And on a totally random note, I have seen this shirt blow up all over pinterest. I saw it several months ago and a friend of mine actually sent it to me saying, “This is so you.” I couldn’t decide if I loved that my friends far and wide know this about me or if I should be ashamed. I’m a little of both. But I’m pretty sure it needs to be a shirt that I own… if only just for a disclaimer. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.38.55 AM

So there you have it. A random Friday post of things I’m loving as I perfect my hobby of pinning things on pinterest that I may or may not follow through with. Only time and the urge to binge watch Gossip Girl/Friends/One Tree Hill on Netflix will tell.

Rory’s first soccer game is tomorrow. We are all so stinkin’ excited! Have a great weekend!




dining table redo

I know, I know. It has been a while since I have posted and all of you have been staring at your screens just waiting to hear from me.

Or something like that.

Well, things have been interesting (?) around here this week. This weekend everyone kind of came down with a sinus infection/cold. Rory was NOT SLEEPING. Like revert back to the old days when she would be up ALL NIGHT LONG.

Then antibiotics happened and everything was becoming so much better and BAM! antibiotics caused *ahem* poop issues.

So I’ve been up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers and diaper rashes and AY YI YI – is this my life?! Do I really blog about poop like every time now?!

Pretty much.

Thank the good Lord above that all seems to be settling down in that area.

Let us move on.

I will now switch over and try and pretend to be a “real blogger”.

Last week I worked my stinkin’ butt off to get my childhood dining room table done in time for a dinner party of sorts we were having on Sunday night. I posted a quick before/after picture and had SO MANY people tell me they wanted a detailed post about how to do their own tables. So, today I will do just that!

tablebeforeafterWhen I say worked my butt off, I mean that LITERALLY. I was so sore from all the squatting going on that I could barely even sit on the toilet, much less get up from it.

Re-doing furniture = lots of squats = workout!

My butt is perkier this week, for sure.

This was a tricky project for me, I will be honest. Not as far as the work goes, but mentally.

As I said before, this was the dining room table I grew up eating almost every meal on. Memories flooded my mind and heart as I worked on this project.

Dinners as a family- my two older sisters and I sitting with our parents on any given night and holding hands (whether we wanted to or not) and bowing our heads to pray over our meal… taking our first bite and reciting the same thing every single night, “Mom, you make the bestest food!” and my mom (acting shocked every single night) saying, “Well, you just made my day!” in her most endearing southern drawl… the occasional fight between sisters (meaning the older ones, never me- HA!), but mainly an abundance of laughter because anyone who knows the McIntire clan knows that laughter is ALWAYS in abundance… tears from hard days at school and work… chocolate gravy and biscuits on many, many, many Christmas mornings… I could go on for days at the amazing memories I have surrounding this table.

So when I started this project I was nervous. I wanted to get it right, do it perfectly.

The table started out looking like this:

IMG_6986 IMG_7071

IMG_7074I searched on Pinterest to try and find inspiration for what I wanted to do with this table. This is the table that I kept reverting back to as my inspiration.

54b971bd20c7b87cfb04e229017c51b3(source: The Cozy Cape)

The table is older, so it was worn down quite a bit. I started out sanding the top part down to strip it as much as possible. I sanded for about an hour. Thankfully it was already stripped so much from years of use!

photo copy 9The stain I used was MinWax Woodfinish in Dark Walnut. I wanted something darker but not black, but Dark Walnut was as dark without being Ebony they had at my Lowe’s. So, that meant just putting on extra coats to get the color I wanted.

I used two staining sponges they have at the store right near the cans of stain and used that to stain the table top. The key to staining is to do long, even strokes with the grain of the wood. I let the stain sit 10-15 minutes after applying it, and then wiped it off with a clean lint free cloth. This was by far the most tedious part of the project, but oh so worth it! I did about six-eight coats of stain because I knew I wanted it really dark.

photo copy 6

photo copy 5The staining definitely took me two-three days to get perfect. After it was completely dry we put on three light coats of polyacrylic. I used this instead of polyurethane because it doesn’t smell as strong and it isn’t as tacky and it also dries faster.

Between coats of stain, I worked on the chairs and the bottom/stand of the table. This part was so much easier than I expected it to be.

I got a primer and paint in one and used that so I didn’t have to sand this part of the table. I applied two coats of paint on the bottom of the table and the chairs (note: Andy helped me with the chairs!). The coats were NOT perfect. I didn’t want them or need them to be. Here is the bottom of the table after the first light coat of paint:

photo copy 8Now- to antique it! After you get the desired coverage on your piece and the paint dries, just take some sandpaper and rub the edges that would be naturally worn down over time. Again, none of this is an exact science. You can make it however “worn” you want!

After I sanded down the edges, I took the same stain I used on the top of the table and put some on a clean, lint free cloth (I used one of Andy’s old undershirts). I just took the cloth that had stain on it and rubbed it along the sanded down edges and then wiped it off immediately with a clean cloth. I did this over and over until I got the desired look. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this part with my “real” camera and just did it with my phone so the picture isn’t great.

photo copy 10

I did this same process with the chairs after they were painted and dry. Once the stain was completely dry on top, we reassembled the table and painted the bottom lip of the table white and distressed/antiqued it too.

Then the table was done!

IMG_7098IMG_7095I am absolutely IN LOVE with how the table turned out. I am so excited for all the many, many more memories to be made here on this table with my own family. And I’m so thankful I get to make those on a table that some of my favorite memories of how I grew up were made on.

chair makeovers

So, since moving into the new house, I’ve been racking up quite a few projects. I have six large pieces to paint and have six more chairs to recover left to do on this project list.

The past two days I have been working on my breakfast nook table and my barstools.

My neighbor, Jenilyn, was wanting a new table so she asked if I wanted her old one. I LOVE the table and the color she used to distress it. The only thing I needed to do was recover the chairs.

As for the barstools, I just got the cheapest ones I could find, which happened to be for $20 a piece at Walmart. Hint: Barstools are EXPENSIVE. They looked fine as they were but I wanted them to look better and to be more unique.

Here is the before of the breakfast table chairs:




Barstools- Before:




All I did on this project was unscrew the seat of the chairs and take off the old fabric. Then I put one thin layer of batting over the cushion. Then I got my fabric and started stapling! I am no expert on such things and my chairs are FAR FROM perfect, but just pull it tight and make your way around the cushion and it’ll work out… even if you have to pull some staples and try again!

I can’t believe what a difference these two small changes have made to the living areas. I’m going to do our “formal” dining table chairs in the yellow and white fabric. I have leftover fabric for each materials so I’m going to my mom is going to make some throw pillows for the living room.

While I was trying to do all of these projects, which the bulk got done while the girls were at school, I had two little heifers constantly getting into things and making a mess.

Basically, they know how to take advantage of their momma when she is doing things around the house or has a project for once.


Why, yes, Ryder DID unroll an entire NEW roll of toilet paper while I put a load of laundry on. Rory actually had nothing to do with this mess, but decided she might as well go potty and take advantage of the toilet paper.

Also. That is, OF COURSE, our last roll so now I’m having to use that mess for the rest of the day.

‘Tis my life.

Rory has been working hard on tracing her name. She’s such a little smarty pants.


She can spell her name too, which she can thank her momma for pretty much giving her the easiest name EVER to spell! ha! I’m so proud of my big girl!

Happy Wednesday!

Living Room Update

We had such a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I can’t remember us having a long holiday weekend where we got to stay home and do whatever we wanted to do. It was so nice and we are definitely planning on doing it again! Andy and I took naps when Rory napped (so rare), we watched a bunch of Netflix (tv series and movies), and just did some stuff around the house. It was AMAZING.

Mainly, we painted the living room! I’m so happy with it! Because our room was a white/pink/weird color, our couch looked dingy all the time no matter how much I cleaned it. Now it pops off the wall and looks much better!

Before pics:


we painted the hallway too, and changed out the light

And yes, we still have that stinkin’ wallpaper in the entry way. It was my plan to take it down and paint that too, but unfortunately it has at least 2 layers of wallpaper. AND our living room walls are textured but they didn’t texture the entry way. Weird, right?

So what’d we do?

  • painted the living room/hall
  • changed out all the lights and the fan

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a gallon (or several gallons!) of paint can do? And the same goes for updating the lighting. It makes a world of difference!

we have a winner!

Alright folks- we have a winner!!!!!!!!!


(winner was selected by a random number generator or

Go visit my sweet friend Amber on her blog- you’ll love it. Its one of my very favorite blogs to read. And like the last winner, Emily Taylor, Amber is also pregnant…. so many this is a trend?! 🙂

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions! I loved every single one. I’m definitely going to keep up with the pics of Rory and will bring in some crafts and recipes more since you’ve asked! I love getting to share our life through this blog.

In other news, we’re busy painting as I type. Well…. Andy is anyway.

And he has a helper…

I’d say those are the two cutest painters I’ve ever seen! 🙂

bathroom makeover!

Well I finally, finally, finally can say we are 99.9% done with our bathroom! Its been a LONG tedious makeover, but we love the results! There are a couple of little things we’d like to do, but overall its done!

Let me refresh your memory of our master bathroom before:

We are selling all of the old fixtures and decor in our yard sale this weekend, so here is the only picture I have of all the gold hideousness that was in our bathroom.

And now! Our newly updated bathroom!!!

So what did we do?

  • stripped two-four layers of wallpaper/border (border = the four layers)
  • painted the walls and added a border wall covering thats really pretty and textured (because we couldn’t get all of the former border off. it was an awful experience.)
  • updated all the light fixtures
  • switched out all the knobs
  • put in a new shower door
  • updated the towel holders

I’m so glad its all over so that we can enjoy our bathroom again! We lived in a mess for so long, and now its just lovely and clean!