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Monday again?

I feel like this weekend just flew by… how is it Monday again already?

Friday night Andy’s parents came to town. We went out to eat and watched a movie at home. On Saturday we all went golfing in the morning. We went out to lunch and then came back and played some card games and took naps. Er… well Rory and I did! ha! After dinner they kept Rory so Andy and I could go out to a movie. We had such a great time getting to go out by ourselves!

On Sunday after church we went shopping in McKinney with some friends from church. We had so much fun! I can’t even tell all of you how wonderful it has been the past few months making friends with our Sunday School class.

At Babies R Us we got Rory a new car seat. The carrier we have only goes up to 22 lbs so we knew we’d have to get one soon seeing as she’s at least 18 lbs now. My friend, Julie, had a coupon for 20% off so we decided to go ahead and get one. We put Rory in the model one at the store and she squealed in delight- very loudly! (She did the same with her new lion toy that hasn’t left her side since we got home with it.) Its so fun to see her reactions to new things. Anyways. You can see for yourselves what she thought of the new seat.

Big girl seat! I even have my own cup holder!

Every night this weekend we have heard Rory wake up and start talking and kicking her legs around. She used to do that and then eventually cry for us to come get her if she woke up. Well this weekend she would wake up and talk and play for a bit, then put herself back to sleep. My big girl!

Well today I put her in bed asleep and about 15 minutes later I hear her belly laughing. In my head I say “what in the world?!” and went into her room.

You guys are SO funny!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!
Are you for real, bunny?! Thats an amazing story!

What Mom?! I'm just having fun with my friends!

How she managed to roll over, turn herself all the way around and scoot herself all the way down to the opposite end of the crib, I will never know. But it was so darn cute! She was having a blast. I sat in her room and watched her play for a good 15 minutes. She’s now sound asleep back on the other end of the crib.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

This picture is of my Granddaddy and Grandmother’s house in Pleasant Ridge. My home. My heart. The house where they raised their children and where their grandchildren grew up playing and getting into “trouble”. Many, many 4th of July’s happened there. This picture, to me, is the essence of America. There wasn’t a single person on earth with more pride for his country than my Granddaddy. Today is one of those days where I miss him and long to see him and to hug him.

At church this morning we sang at least 6 patriotic songs, and it was beautiful. It pulled on my heart strings to see all those older men in their flag shirts singing with pride about their love for our wonderful country. I got so choked up I had to stop singing. I was filled with pride for my country and also sadness of missing my sweet Granddaddy. But most of all I wish more than anything they both could be here to meet my Rory.

So in honor of all of those who have served our country, especially my Granddaddy, Rory wore Red, White, and Blue all weekend.

Happy 1st 4th of July, Rory!

I hope that we can instill love for your country like our grandparents and parents did in us.

week in Arkansas

Did y’all miss me?!

are you excited that I’m back?! because I obviously am!

I made my first road trip alone with Rory and let me just say it’ll be the last for a looong while if I can help it! Its just way too hard to drive 6+ hours with a baby all by myself.

Not to mention the fact that I had TWO- yes, TWO- flat tires on the way back. So a 6-7 hour trip ended up being 12 hours.


Andy was out of town all week for work and so I decided to go to Tasha’s house while he was gone.

Rory and I had so much fun. Tasha has a pool and Rory loved it. She’s going to be a water baby for sure! My parents, Telena, and my Uncle James and family came to their house and we had such a great time.

Rory loved her Uncle James and Aunt Cindy

(who, by the way, are making their debut on the blog!)

she also LOVED her cousins, Jessi and Eli

and my baby always gets comments on how “tan” she looks (she got her dad’s skin tone) but can we not agree that next to them and their beautiful skin she looks like THE whitest baby on earth?! 🙂

Landon and Rory were the best of friends the whole time.

Landon would say things like “you don’t say”, “what’s the matter”, etc in a baby voice to her. So so so cute.

He also said when she was fussing the day we were leaving, “I know I’m sorry you have to go all the way back to Texas”

Broke my little heart.

they watched Disney together in the mornings

is this not the sweetest picture on earth?

quick funny conversation between Landon and my dad/Papa

Landon: Papa, did you bring your swimming suit?

Papa: No I didn’t buddy.

Landon: Well you can just wear Mimi’s swimming suit then.



me and my Papa are two peas in a pod

I loved swimming with “Lena”

and now I would like you all to be warned that these next photos will get you out of the foul mood you may be in or brighten the bad day you may be having…

because they are simply adorable.

make sure you pay attention to her hands in these pics. she’s so proper and cute.

this next picture gets me every single time. she’s just not going to be bothered by the camera in her face, is she?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Andy,

I couldn’t ask for a better father to my sweet Rory.

She already absolutely adores you and when you walk through the room she watches you and smiles.

You’ve stolen her heart, like you did mine, and I can’t wait to see all the fun you will have together.

My own dad was my biggest pal growing up and my biggest hero (and he still is!).

Seeing you with Rory reminds me of how wonderful my dad is and I am so proud she will have a father just as amazing.

I love you so much and so does Rory and we are both so thankful for you!

Rory loves being silly with her Daddy more than anything!

could she look anymore like her daddy?! 🙂

This is a pic of Rory’s card she gave Andy. She wrote “Love You Daddy! Love, Rory”, can’t you tell???

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Its hard to believe that SIX years ago we were at the church getting married! What a wonderful/crazy day it was! I only wish I would have had time to enjoy it more.

Here we are on our anniversary trip last year in Dallas

Just two lovebirds with no responsibilities other than a job and keeping up a home.

Now we’re a family of three and oh how life has changed!

Last night we went to dinner with friends and I kept looking over at Andy and we would wink at eachother and smile. Sitting next to him makes my heart swell up with pride. All I could think was: HE is MY man! He’s winking at ME!

I want to be sitting next to him for the rest of my life winking and smiling. I’m so thankful for him and the man he has become. We have grown up together in a lot of ways because we were married so young. Thank you God for allowing us to grow together instead of apart. I love him more everyday. He is my soul mate, my partner in crime, my very best friend.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Memorial Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Andy and I decided Memorial weekend would be a great weekend to try and make it to TN for the first time since Rory was born. He had off Friday and Monday so it wouldn’t be too bad driving the 7 or so hours. I wish SO BADLY we could have had longer so that I could have seen everyone and that they could have met Rory. Its hard to plan around families on holidays too!

On Friday we went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house to see them! We had such a great time visiting with them and Andy’s family!

I love my Mamaw and Papaw! They couldn’t keep their hands off of me and I smiled and smiled at them!

My Great-Mimi was there too! She’s so funny!

I got lots of spoiling from my Grandpa and Grandma too, of course!

My Uncle Austin is so funny! He wears tshirts my size and colors that I like! HA HA! He loves me so much- who would’ve thought?! ha!

Then we went over to Jodi’s house on Friday afternoon for just a minute! I got to meet Barker, Jodi and Michael Carter!

Michael didn’t quite know what to think of me…

He kept taking my picture- ha!

I just wanted to eat my dress! Isn’t Michael cute though? Too bad it will never work out between us because he’s an Ole Miss/Bama person and I am obviously a STATE girl! 🙂

Then I FINALLY got to meet my cousin Landon!

I got to meet Uncle Patrick too but silly Mommy didn’t get a picture!

Oh man, Friday wore me out! Aunt Tasha is the best snuggler!

On Saturday a bunch of my Mimi’s family came to their house to come see me!

Don’t I look cute in my big flower bow that my Grandma made me?! All I want to do is eat my clothes these days!

I got to meet my Aunt Nita and Uncle Frank AND see Aunt Brenda again!

I finally got to meet my cousin Cade too! He’s so sweet to me!

My cousin Elizabeth and Jacy tried to teach me how to play the DS. My Daddy says that I’m a natural.

You think my cousin Jacks likes me?! I think I got my mischievousness from him!

Jacks and Landon are so funny!

Then we took pictures with all of Mimi and Papa’s grandchildren! There are six of us now!

(From left- Landon, Jacks, Jacy holding Rory, Riley and Cade)

I don’t think my cousin Jacy loves me at all- do you????

On Sunday I went to Papa’s church for the first time! I loved getting to meet everyone there!

After church we took some pictures outside. As you can tell I was so tired.

We hung out around Mimi and Papa’s on Sunday! We just were lazy and played. It was so nice! I’m sporting my Memorial Day outfit- “Red White and Blue Cutie!”

On Monday morning we packed up to go back home to Texas! First we stopped by Starbucks and I got to meet Lauren and Josh!

Lar Lar! (Mommy says Lar Lar is going to be mad at Mommy for posting this pic. Mommy says “oh well”. ha!)


Jackson and I like to have long talks in the car.


Remember: Freedom is NOT free! Thank you so much to all of our military and their families. And to all of our fallen soldiers- your sacrifice keeps us free and I will be forever thankful. God bless all of our military and their families!

Weekend Update

Did y’all watch Saturday Night Live? Amazing. Love Betty White.

We had a fantastic weekend in the Harris house! All of Andy’s projects for the annual outage were completed on Friday night so he was able to stay home all weekend. MIRACLE! Or actually my husband is just amazing at his job and planned well enough that he wouldn’t have last minute jobs!

Andy- thank you so much for all of your hard work and providing for our family. You are such an amazing husband and father and I am so proud of you!

Telling Dad something…

Rory loves just hanging out with her Daddy!

The three of us hung out all weekend. It was perfect! On Saturday we went to the Paris Art and Craft show, Hobby Lobby and on a great lunch date. It was so gorgeous outside and cool.

Rory wore her Happiness is Mommy tshirt for Mother’s Day weekend!

And here are some cute pics I took of just Rory this weekend in her Lady Bug overalls. She gets so hot and sweaty though so after a little bit she got fussy and we took the overalls off and she was very happy!

Now, honestly, if you aren’t smiling back and giggling at this picture something is wrong with you.

Did I mention she no longer wants to wear socks and kicks them off constantly!?!

Have a great Monday!

Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

What a wonderful day! Andy didn’t have to work after all! He gave me a WONDERFUL gift- a spa day! Mani/Pedi and massage! You have no idea how excited I am about this!

Today I am feeling beyond blessed to be a mother. Some of you know this, most of you don’t, but since I was 15 I’ve had doctors telling me it’d be hard if not impossible for me to ever have a child.

God has blessed me so much.

For all of you women out there who struggle with the weight and heartbreak of infertility- I know today is so hard for you. I’m saying a very special prayer for you today. I hope you can feel God’s wonderful arms of comfort around you on this day of reminder to your empty arms.

Some moments are all smiles…

some aren’t so pretty…

but all are abundantly full of love…

Rory girl- this first Mother’s Day has been so special for me. I can’t express to you how blessed I am that God chose me to be your mother. I love you with all of my heart. Your sweet face brightens every single day.

Love you sweet baby girl.