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trip to TN

Sunday we got back from a 6 day trip to TN… and man, I am exhausted!

So exhausted, in fact, that Sunday night when Ryder woke up to eat at 1:00 am I put the formula in a bottle and went to shake it up without putting the top back on and it went EVERYWHERE. It was very funny… Andy wasn’t laughing as hard as me though.

Andy had a business trip in Memphis and since our hometown is only an hour away from there I decided to go along to have some help with the girls. We had a great but stressful time and it was definitely hard to leave.

It was perfect timing for us to go too- my sister, Tasha, came into town for the week as well! So Tasha, Telena, and I all went shopping on Wednesday afternoon and it was wonderful. We hadn’t been together and spent time together like that in over a year. I’m so mad because I forgot to get a “sister picture”. Oh well.

Anyways! Here are the pictures from the trip:

Cousins Ryder and Clayton- only two months apart! Ryder was impressed with his size, can’t you tell??

She was mad that Clayton was stealing her “current family favorite” (check out the shirts!) role! Poor Clayton is going to have a rough time being between my two girls!

We had these grand plans of taking Clayton and Ryder’s pictures together and them being so so cute. Well. Clearly this did not happen. One day we were all at my parents house and all afternoon it was a chain affect of crying babies. Ryder would cry, then Clayton, then Rory… and it happened over and over. It was a tad overwhelming.

Tasha and Ryder

Telena and Ryder

Josh (my bro-in-law) and Ryder

Telena, Josh and Ryder

Then on Thursday I drove back to Memphis to pick Andy up and then we drove to the TN River where Andy’s parents live. On Friday we took Rory out on the boat for the first time. You will see that she absolutely loved it. Andy’s sweet grandparents were able to come up to meet Ryder and see us and we were so glad!

Sunset on the river

Marlyce, Steve, Ryder, and Rory

Austin and Ryder

Papaw, Mamaw, and Ryder

And here are the pictures from the boat ride- think she liked it?!

The wind was her favorite part! She looked like she was mimicking the movie Titanic a little, ha!

Then we decided to try and get a picture with me and Rory…. it went so well.

Rory learned to drive the boat.

And she got to play on the beach/in the water just a little.

Basically, she loved everything about the river! We had a great time!

Then on Saturday we were back at my parents house. My Aunt Brenda and Uncle Frank came to see us! Jacy had been at church camp all week so she finally got home and I was so glad to spend some time with her.

Rory and Jacy

Jacy and Ryder

Mom, Jacy, Aunt Brenda, Ryder and Jacks

Down the street from my parents is a new little park area, so Dad and I took them there for a minute. It was so hot though so we didn’t stay long. Rory loved it though!

Jacy and Rory

Okay, little side note: the above picture is so crazy to me because I can’t get over how grown up Jacy is now. Especially because of this picture of us back in the day- I was 15 and she was Rory’s age:

And now she’s taller than me! So sad.

Anyways! Back to the trip!

Rory and the dog she wouldn’t leave alone

Riley and Rory (these R’s are getting ridiculous!)

Just Jacks

And then Rory drove us all back (with Papa’s help) to Mimi and Papa’s house

Whew! I’m worn out just recapping the whole thing!

We had a great time though! But I will say, its so nice to get back home and into a routine again!

welcome home

Today we finally got to come home. And oh how sweet it was to get home to my sweet Rory! I will tell the whole story about the week and labor, etc, sometime soon. For now, I am just going to upload all the highlight pictures from birth until today when we came home. Enjoy!

Family Pictures

We had the privilege of getting Jennifer Cook of Lifestyles Photography to take our pictures. She did such an amazing job and I can’t be more thrilled with how they turned out. I love that we have forever documented our little family of three before it officially becomes four. Enjoy the pictures!


There is just something about ‘newness’ to me.

A new baby.

(and meeting the new nephew and cousin for the first time)

A new brotherly bond and love.

A new son.

A new ‘normal’ to a family.


Again, there is just something to me about all things new that I crave.

Which brings me to our new adventure…

Welcome to our new home.

We are officially under contract!

We are officially crazy for moving AGAIN!

We are officially EXCITED!

So the whole ‘to be continued’ thing from the other day was this:

We found a house in SE Oklahoma only ELEVEN MINUTES (vs. the hour he now drives) to Andy’s work!

That means I will have my sweet husband with me for at least 2 extra hours per day- and sometimes he will be able to come home for lunch!

I am so blessed and so thankful for this new adventure.

Now everyone say a prayer that our house rents quickly and that I don’t lose my mind in the process of moving again!

14th time is a charm, right?!





Joseph Clayton Therrell

May 3, 2011 – 11:39 am

6lbs 14oz, 19 1/2 inches long

Tasha and Clayton are doing great!

Most of you know, but Tasha has been on bed rest for 4+ months so this baby was a LONG awaited child. I am so thankful that God protected him and Tasha and that he was born on time and in perfect health. He definitely has heard our prayers over the last few months!

Its so hard to be away and not run over to the hospital and hold that sweet baby! Being an aunt is one of my favorite roles in life. I cannot wait to meet little Clayton!

And I’m pretty sure Landon is going to be the best big brother ever!

Welcome to our crazy family, Clayton!



weekend projects and stuff

Well we had a super busy and fun weekend around here! It was Andy’s Friday off so we have enjoyed three long days together. It was like a little mini-staycation!

Friday morning we got our pictures taken. It was so much better than I expected. Jennifer, the photographer, was so patient and encouraged breaks for Rory during the shoot. Hopefully the family pictures turned out great too. I just wanted to document a time that it was just the three of us before Ryder was born.

The rest of the day we just played and cleaned around the house.

Someone explain to me why we even buy actual toys…??? Her favorite thing from the Easter Bunny is this bucket.

Friday night we got a babysitter for Rory and went on a date. Our date consisted of going to eat, to Home Depot, and to Kroger. It was fantastic! ha! No seriously it really was a wonderful night. We are determined to get Amy to babysit as many nights as possible before the baby is born because after that it’ll be a long while.

Saturday I went to a brunch for our new pastor’s wife. It was so good to get some girl time in that morning. While I was gone, Andy started painting Ryder’s room. It was completely painted by late Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to finish it and show y’all! While he painted I worked on Rory’s “new” room.

Andy and Rory were inseparable all weekend long. She “helped” him do the last of the big projects for our house- changing out all the door knobs!

She followed him around all weekend and they had the best time together. This morning she was devastated when he left for work. She got her backpack and ran to the door and yelled “go daddy!” to me over and over. Poor thing! I wanted him to stay home too!

On Sunday we were bad and skipped church. I was feeling so tired and sore from being on my feet all day Saturday and it was storming really bad so we just stayed home. We really had the best day in our pj’s at the house though.

I worked literally all day almost on my next new adventure… couponing!

I just want to save enough money where I can justify and not feel guilty for keeping Rory in Mother’s Day Out. (Side note: Andy does not want me to pull her, its just hard for me to justify it since I will pay full price now.)

So we clipped coupons…

and I sorted them into categories…

and then filed them into my super organized, wonderful binder!

This couponing thing is serious business, y’all! I hope I do well at it so I can help save some money since I won’t be working!

The last thing we did this weekend was buy Rory a new “lifelike” baby doll. The ones she had were definitely not real looking at all. I got one that even makes baby noises.

See… with her old baby dolls every time I would hold and love on it she’d grab it, throw it down and yell “nooooo”. And then she’d promptly get into my lap.

So I figured I should start working on her and trying my hardest to prepare her. I know nothing will prepare her but at least I can say I tried!

Its honestly such a hard time because I am getting so so so excited about Ryder being here. And yet I am so so so sad that Rory’s world is about to be rocked. Its just one of those things I go back and forth on emotionally. Ya know.. ’cause I’m way pregnant and hormonal. ha!


Have a great week!


pumpkin carvin’

Yesterday was such a fun day! After church and a long nap (for all three of us!) we went outside in the gorgeous weather and carved pumpkins! Rory played in her excersaucer and watched us as we carved and she enjoyed being outside so much!

I took a bunch of pictures and didn’t realize until I put them on my computer that it zoomed in on the pumpkin instead of her face- ugh! So she’s a little blurry since she is in the background of her pumpkin. Its just what happens when you have a 2 minute span of time to take pictures before she’s tired of it. The pics are still cute though!

Her pumpkin we made to supposedly look like her- notice the two front teeth!- but it ended up looking a little mean, ha!

I carved Rory’s pumpkin and Andy carved the other two. I think he did a good job!

And because I think these are hilarious and for some reason never get old, here is our family doing a “monster rap” for your pleasure…

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Papa & Mimi’s Visit

We had a wonderful time this week with my Mom and Dad here. Rory had a blast getting so much attention 24/7. By the time they left she was saying “Papa” over and over. As soon as they walked in the door she hugged them and loved on them. Her age now is so sweet because her personality has come out so strong and she’s so much more social than the last time she saw them in July. Rory would look at my parents to make sure they were watching her at all times and she’d do this little fake laugh at them. What a mess!

It was really hard to say goodbye this morning to them, but at least the holidays are soon so it won’t be as long between visits! I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures from the week/weekend and let y’all enjoy! They will speak for themselves as far as Rory hamming it up for the grandparents goes! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Today is my sweet husband’s 26th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Andy! I hope your first birthday as a Dad is wonderful!

Rory has missed you all morning and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday when you get home from work!

You are such a wonderful father! Rory just adores you and there is no denying that she’s a total Daddy’s girl!

I am so proud of you and so thankful for all you do for our little family!

Hope today is the best birthday ever! We love you!

(P.S. Check out The Man Life-Andy posted something new yesterday!)

Monday morning blues & weekend fun.

I’m not the only one who feels the “Monday blues” anymore. As if it weren’t apparent before, now its official: Rory is a Daddy’s girl for sure! This morning Andy went into her room to check on her before he left and she opened her eyes and just squealed with excitement. He picked her up and she laughed and hugged him and was so happy. Well he leaned her towards me so I could take her and she turned around and rejected me and clung to Andy. Then she cried as if someone had slapped her when he left. It broke her heart for her Daddy to leave. I think it broke Andy’s heart too! There is nothing sweeter than the adoration between a dad and daughter.

On Saturday I had a conference in Dallas to go to for the Mother’s Day out job. It was really great and gave me a boost of confidence that I needed! I got a lot of great ideas too, so thats always a plus! Now I have to finish planning for the fall semester. I’m excited to get started with this new adventure.

We met our Sunday School class in Dallas Saturday night at the Stonebriar Mall. We shopped some and then met up at Dave and Buster’s to eat and play games. We had such a wonderful time!

Fun fact about our class: There are six engineers. SIX. And at this table there are seven, and we were missing one. I’m destined to be surrounded by them, I think. ha!

Rory just watched everything and was so good. She fell asleep pretty much the whole time in all that noise. She’s so sweet.

Andy got really addicted to some games though. He swiped his card over and over. Can’t take him anywhere!

We got home and Rory woke up ready to play! So needless to say, it was a rough night- and I had woken up Saturday morning at 5 am. On Sunday my sweet friend, Rachel, from church called and asked if she could babysit Rory for us so we could relax. It was so nice to spend time with Andy alone after a rough night! Thank you so much, Rachel!

Even though we were up all night with the stinker, it was totally worth the fellowship and fun with our friends! I am so thankful for our class!